The Camp Endurance Family Relocation Center

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2015 by Smiley Smith

Science Fiction Sex Story: This is the story of the migration south in the United States during the Sa'arm invasion during the fourteenth year of the Sa'arm Era. This story is set on Earth in 'The Swarm Cycle Universe' created by Thinking Horndog

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Spanking   Harem   .

My name is Ken Griffin. I am a 36 year-old man who has a 8.1 CAP score.

I started out in Billings, Montana, the day the Sa'arm attacked it. I had been supervising several women's shelters for the state of Montana in the city of Billings. It was a good job for a retired Marine captain. I was not disabled, but my tour in Iraq, and the damage I had, made enlisting or being conscripted into the EDF impossible. Walking a few hundred yards I could do comfortably. Walking ten miles though was out of the question.

In July of the fourteenth year of the Swarm era, the Sa'arm had landed in Manitoba and were headed south. What possessed them to land there is anybody's guess. They are not cold weather creatures and, even in July, Manitoba is cold.

I was working in the office in early August, when the air raid sirens sounded. We tuned the TV to the Civil Defense Channel for information. We were ordered to evacuate immediately to Cheyenne. The office staff either left or immediately called their rides. I decided to wait for all my employees to depart before departing myself. I was the boss and I felt it my responsibility to see to it all my employees were safe. We were down to four female office staff an hour later, still waiting. The ladies, Denise, Jo Anne, Elaine and Janice called their rides again, but there was no answer. We waited.

The office I worked in was in a convenient location between the five shelters I ran. We had planned ahead and the shelters themselves each had a winterized bus that would take anyone in the shelters to their assigned evacuation camp. The driver was a staff member I trusted to get the job done. The security people at the shelters were instructed to make sure all residents of the shelter boarded the bus with their children and stayed on the bus. The security people were chosen to travel with the women and their families and protect them so I was not worried about those people.

My remaining staff members though were a completely different issue. They were single, no children, and were counting on their boyfriends to evacuate them. Having met all of them, and discussed the situation with them, covertly, I knew that there was a good chance that some of them would not make it. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of rides that actually arrived.

After waiting two more hours for the ladies' rides to come, I decided they were not coming. I had not realized how bad it really was. We would later surmise that the rides were caught in the looting and rioting in the center of the city. Why there was rioting I will never understand but a large number of people were already running from the Sa'arm and I had the feeling many were less than sane at this point. My guess was their rides were dead or on evacuation buses. I ordered the four ladies into my 4x4 and told them I was not taking no for an answer.

I fully intended to knock them out and carry them to the 4x4 if I had to. I don't believe in hurting people unless I have to. This was a case where either they came with me or they died. Fortunately they were already scared enough and I did not have to make the threat. They seemed grateful that I took them.

It immediately became apparent that getting to the camp I was ordered to was going to be next to impossible. Soon the local main arteries were packed with disabled cars. Most had just ran out of gas. I could get around almost any obstruction with my 4x4 but it was slow going. The Army took to driving bulldozers down the main arteries to kept the roads clear. Where live people were encountered they were packed into buses and sent down the road. Most people had not planned well and were dead before the EDF buses got to them.

The truck I had was designed to travel eight hundred highway miles without refueling. I had it modified to double the fuel capacity by adding additional fuel tanks. It was set up to work in forty degrees below zero weather. I wanted to make sure if I had to flee to Canada to avoid the Sa'arm I could. The truck had the capacity for eight passengers. I had stockpiled food for eight people for seven days in one of the compartments. Water was not a problem in Montana most of the year. You could find it by melting snow or lakes and rivers if you needed to.

Going to Cheyenne meant heading east on I90, then south on I25.

Yes, I know, how convenient for me that there were four females stuck in the office that day. It was a coincidence but no one ever believes it. Trust me, if you had been with me the first four hundred miles, you would have wondered if I had lost my mind. The first hour, all they could talk about were the abandoned cars in the streets. Personally I hoped that the people had been picked up by the buses that occasionally were seen doing so, but I had my doubts. My ladies wanted to go back. They wanted to look for their people. "No" was a response that they figured that they would wear me down on.

That was until we ran into an Earth Defense Force (EDF) guard unit blocking the road that led to Interstate 90. They told us to go to another highway entrance two miles away. The road was clear to there. There were looters and rioters in the streets the way we were headed. "Sir, if you go that way you will end up dead. The ladies if they are lucky they will end up gang raped and dead."

The EDF made sure I knew what I was doing with my vehicle and that it could handle the driving conditions. They were impressed. They recommended that I get behind one of the evacuation buses and to follow it at least until we cleared the evacuation area.

The arguments ceased and were replaced by whimpers and sobs ... for ... the ... next ... three ... hours...

The radio networks were broadcasting doom and gloom as the Sa'arm advanced. There were reports from news crews monitoring the Sa'arm advance as they approached Billings. Occasionally you would hear explosions and screams and the report would be cut off. As the Sa'arm advanced into suburbs there were news reports of massive slaughter of men, women and children.

When the Sa'arm entering Billings was reported, I had to stop the truck before Janice jumped out disregarding how fast we were traveling. She wanted to go back to help her family. Fortunately she was wearing high heels and could not outrun me. She fought me and I ended up knocking her out. I carried her back to the truck and secured her to the seat using a couple of ace bandages from the first aid kit. It was already too late if they were still there.

When she came to she demanded to be released. I said, "Not until you promise not to try anything that stupid again. It is too late to help your family if they are still in Billings. All you would do is end up eaten, if you were lucky. Of course you might end up being picked up by some of the locals and have to play hide the wiener for a couple of days, before they killed you."

I was a little surprised that none of the other ladies tried to stop me from tying her up. No one said anything.

It took about an hour but soon it was obvious that Janice was rethinking what she had tried and with the other ladies help, came to realize I was right.

Janice said, "Mr Griffin, please untie me. I'll behave. I will not try to run again. You are right."

I replied, "You had better not. The next time I catch you I'll spank your bare ass crimson before I secure you to the chair again.

"Ladies release her." They did.

Janice said, "Thank you for stopping me. What a stupid thing to try! You should spank me anyway, I deserve it!"

The road was remarkably clear once we left Billings. Gas was provided by the EDF guard, as long as you were on the evacuation route and kept moving. I kept the tanks topped off. The ladies and I traded off driving as we continued south. I90 actually turns south for a while before it runs into I25. Eventually we took I25 south towards Cheyenne and Denver. The camp we had been ordered to was on the south side of Cheyenne.

We arrived at the camp and were assigned a place to park and a tent. I took the distributor cap with me when we went to find a place to eat. I did not want someone stealing the truck. The camp was a disorganized mess but it was obvious everyone was trying to do their best. It was about 50 degrees. None of the tents were set up. Their were a few men and several women at one tent trying to set it up. As we ate the tent collapsed three times. They had no idea what they were doing wrong or why it was not working. Obviously there were no directions.

After we were done eating, I said to the ladies, "Come on, let's help."

I walked over to them and said, "It looks like you could use a hand."

"Damn straight!", one guy said with an English accent. I demonstrated how to set up the tent. It was easy if you knew what went where. These were military size tents and slept up to ten people, not the small pup tents kids or boy scouts sleep in. Once they had the stakes and in the right places, and the poles in the right holes, everything worked easy.

The people we helped then helped us with our tent. Soon we were done, so I started helping others. There were several different size tents. My ladies were going ahead to the next tent to get everything set up so that when I arrived with the other men who were helping we just had to do the grunt work. There were an incredible number of women involved, many helped with the grunt work. There were at least twenty-five tents in the immediate vicinity that had no men. Eventually most of the tents in my immediate area where set up.

It should not have surprised me, but you could see people were really desperate to get into the tents. The tents had heaters supplied with them that worked with power generators in the camps. Women who had perfect manicures were out there hammering stakes into the ground. There were men and women with blisters on their hands from working with ropes, tools and such that they were not used to. They all wanted to have privacy, warmth and they all wanted to sleep relatively safely.

We'd been at it about three hours when men from a EDF guard unit showed up to start setting up the tents. They had not expected us to be so industrious. We even had the cots set up. Trust me setting up an army cot the first time can be a challenge if you've never seen one before.

A lieutenant came over to me and said, "Sir, would you mind coming with me? My captain would like to speak to you."

I followed the lieutenant. The captain introduced himself, "Captain Ken Woodson, I command the 23rd Regiment of the Earth Defense Force".

I introduced myself. "Ken Griffin, sir."

"I watched you set up the tents for these people. You seem to have experience leading people and to be knowledgeable about how this equipment works."

I replied, "Yes, I was a Captain in the U.S. Marines. My truck was hit by an IED. I've a replacement hip and two knees. There is also a six inch titanium pipe where part of my right femur used to be. I get around fine short distances and you'd never know it, but marching anywhere is out of the question."

The Captain replied, "I see, that is why you are not serving in the EDF. Billings, Montana is not a hotbed of Confederacy extractions either.

"How would you like a job here? I need a civilian to manage this area of the camp. The civilian we hired did not make it."

I made the mistake of volunteering to help. Once they verified my credentials I was assigned to control my section of the camp. It was mostly a logistics job, get the food and water where it was needed. Get families back together where possible. Find the missing daughter who had gone off with a missing son. We had a bulldozer and we flattened more area for tents. Stuff like that.

When I was appointed manager of my section of the camp I was given an office with staff area. It had seven or eight desks. I assigned each of my ladies desks and tasks to oversee. It was not all that different than what they did in Billings. The ladies knew how to get the EDF soldiers to help them get the job done. I did not ask how they did it. It turned out an occasional flirt helped but nothing more than that was ever needed.

I also acquired two female secretaries/office assistants that handled the typical office related things. They also fielded simple questions and solved simple problems for the people in the camp who asked for help. They busted their butts for me and the people who needed help.

There was a big billboard that laid down the rules as you entered the camp. Screw up and you were either expelled or shot. Not many people screwed up. Most who did were very young and we let their parents deal with it.

Looters, thieves and other serious criminals were not tolerated. The area was under martial law and when caught they were shot, no questions asked.

About every two weeks the camp was packed up and moved about two hundred miles south as the Sa'arm grew close to it. Every time it moved I ended up with more responsibility in the camp. The civilians in charge of the camp often lived nearby and if the camp moved those people would go home to get their families. This often meant that those people were directed to other camps. Many times they did not come back.

After the fourth move I was in charge of the entire camp. About a week after the move we had everything working when an EDF sergeant came to me and said he had orders to bring me to his general. I went of course.

The general was a burly no nonsense man and came straight to the point. They needed someone to build a refugee camp east of Mathis, Texas and he wanted me to do it.

The general knew my CAP score and said, "Sir, you are a civilian. I can't order you around. I can conscript you but I do not want to do that. The Confederacy is watching you and wants to extract you. They have agreed to wait until after you complete the camp in Mathis, if I can convince you to do it. The Confederacy has agreed to supply anything you need to set that camp up, except manpower. That you will need to get locally. We estimate it will take five years to finish the camp."

He handed me a specification sheet for the camp. It was obviously more than a camp, it was more like a major city.

"You want a camp that can house and feed ten million people permanently?"

"We are calling it a camp to get people to settle there. They need them to at least think it is temporary. It is unlikely that they will have anything to go back to. There is a good chance that the EDF is going to destroy anything it can to prevent the Sa'arm from using or eating it.

"I can guarantee your extraction, when you are done, if you accept the job."

I had some conditions. First, I wanted the four ladies that came with me to Cheyenne to come with me to Mathis. They were the reasons for my success and I said so.

"Done. As long as they agree."

Second, I wanted two additional ladies who had busted their tails for me since Cheyenne to come also.

"Done. As long as they agree."

We had already moved the Cheyenne camp three times. I asked, "Is the camp going to be safe there?"

The general answered. "I don't know. With the Sa'arm in South America, and the Sa'arm from Manitoba moving south at an alarming speed right now, approximately 100 miles a week, it's hard to know for sure. I can't discuss specifics. I believe the Sa'arm in the south not to be a threat. The ones in the north though are spreading themselves too thin. We are hurting them but they seem to be ignoring it and pushing forward anyway. I expect their advance to be slowed if not stopped soon.

"In any case though, if the Sa'arm make it that far south, North America will be lost, and probably the rest of the planet too. There will be nowhere else to run.

"I have been told that if things get 'that bad' the Confederacy has plans for a last extraction. The purpose will be to pick up as many of the EDF men and women who are qualified sponsors who want to go. The restriction on extracting serving military will be lifted and everyone who wants to go will be allowed to be extracted. If this happens I cannot guarantee it but you should be extracted then. The Confederacy people I talk to say that there will be no problem there.

"The location of the camp is where we plan on making our last stand in North America, if it gets that bad."

"Then I agree." Waiting for an extraction, like I had the past fourteen years, did not seem like a good idea. Even in five years, a guaranteed extraction was worth two in the bush.

The general said, "Good. The Confederacy has authorized you two additional concubines when the time comes for your extraction, so keep an eye out for candidates."

I suddenly realized that the general was assuming I intended to take the six ladies on my staff as concubines when I was extracted. That was understandable. What shocked me was I had been too busy even to consider it. I no idea what their CAP scores were. Later I would find out that the general did and he knew they were under 6.5. It would have surprised me to learn that since I thought they all would qualify as sponsors.

None of the ladies had asked my score, though nowadays no one asked anyone else. For that matter no one told anyone else. It was just too dangerous with Earth First around.

Traveling a year earlier with four women in my 4x4 would have been very dangerous. Earth First was known to jump to the wrong conclusions. It was happening less lately because men traveling with multiple women, when most of the male population was conscripted, was pretty normal. In the war zone Earth First had few members and were not a popular group of people anyway.

None of the ladies were lookers. In fact none of them would probably be classified as grade B material. They were all in their late teens and early twenties. I know that looks don't mean squat in a relationship. My best girlfriends in the past were not model material. They were often overweight. I had continued dating, after the President's announcement, but I never really found the right person for me.

As far as my current coworkers went, it never even occurred to me that they would be concubine candidates. It never even occurred to me that they were hoping to be concubines if I were to be extracted. It never occurred to me that I was protecting them as if they were my concubine candidates. I thought of them more as daughters I was protecting. I treated them openly as coworkers who knew how to do a job I needed done.

I returned to my office/tent, to start packing and to ask the ladies to come with me to Mathis. I sat at my desk thinking. I was suddenly aware that life was passing me by and that I when I was gone I would leave nothing to show for it. I resolved to do something about that.

Right then, Denise, one of my ladies, knocked on the door, I told her to come in and sit down.

I asked, "What can I do for you Denise?"

"Oh, you were just sitting there since you came back from seeing the general. I was just checking to make sure you are alright."

"I'm fine, but talking to the general gave me pause about something in my behavior that I had never realized."

Denise replied, "I don't want to pry, but do you want to discuss it? We are very alone out here. We need to stick together."

I sighed and said, "You know, we've been traveling together ever since we evacuated Billings. Yet I don't even know your CAP score. It used to be taboo to even bring up personal items like this in the workplace."

She smiled and said, "5.4 and I thought you'd never ask. Aggression is not my strong suit. If I may, what is your CAP score?"


"Wow! That's high! You get six concubines!"

"If I ever get picked up."

"True. That is always a problem."

"Denise, I have been asked to move to Mathis, Texas and build a huge refugee center there. We are going to have to move down there eventually when then Sa'arm get closer. I have accepted the job.

"As part of the deal, I asked that all four of you be allowed to come with me. That was also agreed to.

"So the first thing I need to know is if you will come with me to Mathis."

"Yes! Of course!"

"Of course?"

"Jeez!! You men can be so dense.

"Do you realize how long all of us in the office have been wondering about your CAP score?

"We like you. You've been protecting us for ages, not only since the evacuation. We know that! You've treated us with respect, to the point that all of us wish that you'd tone it down a bit. Yet you've never asked us for even a hug or for that matter given us one.

"This is the Sa'arm Era and they have invaded us. Almost none of us women have extractable scores. We are scared to death of the Sa'arm and almost everyone in the area wants off the planet. Men without extraction scores make passes at us every day.

"We know you are not gay, but really, are we that ugly that you don't want to even try?"

"No! You are not ugly at all. I am just..."

"Do you realize how many mistakes we made there for a while just to see if we could get you mad and threaten to spank us? Are you not interested in that? It seems like every male who has a secretary, receptionist or assistant is looking for the slightest excuse for taking her over their knee. Are our butts too fat?"

"No I did not. I just fixed the errors, I thought I was pushing too hard. No your butts are not! I..."

"Now we find out you have an 8.1. You can take us to the stars but you have not even made a pass at us. The killer is we know you have not made a pass at anyone else either.

"What the hell are you waiting for?"

Now there was a good question, one I had no answer for. I had been too absorbed in what I was doing to realize that I was allowing the fun part of life to pass me by.

I could tell though that the more we talked the more upset Denise was becoming. She was venting frustration at the person she was frustrated with. She was really working herself up. If she thought about it she'd back down, because I was the last person she wanted mad at her.

I cared about all six of the women I worked closest with. I needed to let them know.

I said, "So if there was a pickup today, and I asked you to come with me as a concubine, with all that that implies, you would agree to come?"

"Of course!"

"Okay then. You can count on it."

"What?!!? It can't be all that easy!"

"Its not. I need you to hang on a second, get a grip and calm down. You're right, I've been an idiot and I apologize. I need to do this with all six of you at the same time or there will be more confusion and hurt feelings."

I pushed the intercom button on my desk and asked Jo Anne, Elaine, Janice, Mary Beth and Susan to join me in my office By the time they were in the room Denise had tears in her eyes. I did not understand why, yet.

I should have had them all sit down. They were standing in front of my desk. They were glancing nervously at each other especially at the crying Denise.

"Ladies, I have some news. For a change it is good news. I want you all to be part of it and the first to hear about it. Denise has already found out about some of it but she has pointed out that I have really been dense the past few months and need to express some things.

"First I want to apologize for that denseness. I was too busy doing the task at hand to see the big picture. You are all beautiful people inside and out. You deserve to be treated better.

"Now, the situation has just changed. I have been asked to build a huge refugee camp in the Mathis, Texas, area.

"As a condition of accepting the job I have requested, and been granted, permission to take the six of you with me to Mathis if you agree. Denise has already agreed.

"A big piece of information you all should know is that my CAP score is 8.1. I need to know what your CAP scores are. Please hand me your cards." All six fished them out of their bras.

I put my 8.1 on the desk and said, "Go ahead, look at it."

Jo Anne was 5.7, Elaine 6.1, Janice 5.9, Mary Beth 5.8 and Susan 6.3. I looked at Denise's card and it was the expected 5.4.

I think they were beginning to get where this was going but wanted to be sure.

"Okay, I need to first know if you will come with me to Mathis and help build that camp.

"Jo Anne?"

"Yes Sir. I will!"


"Yes Sir. I will!"


"Yes Sir. I will!"

"Mary Beth?"

"Yes Sir. I will!"


"Yes Sir. I will!"

"Good thank you."

The 'Sir' thing was not anything I had insisted on before. I did not think I was being intimidating. I'd later ask about it. It turned out that there were actually concubine acceptance courses on the internet. One of the items taught was that, when a concubine wanted to be selected by a man, to address the man as 'Sir', if she did want to be accepted call him 'Asshole'.

"Now the next piece of information Denise does not know yet. When this job is complete, the Confederacy has guaranteed my extraction. I will be leaving with eight concubines.

"I want you six to be among them. Will you agree to that?"

Susan and Janice fainted. Elaine and Mary Beth were teetering I had Elaine and Mary Beth sit and put their heads between their legs. Denise and I put Susan and Janice back in their chairs with their heads between their legs. Jo Anne was turning a little green so I had her put her head between her legs too. About ten minutes later no one was worse for wear.

"Sorry I did not see that one coming.

"I assume you all want to come?"

There were six crisp answers of, "Yes Sir!", with beautiful smiles on their faces.

By now, fourteen years into the Sa'arm Era, everyone knew what becoming a concubine meant. You were your sponsor's sex toy. You were a baby factory. The sponsor had life or death power over you. A concubine did what she or he was told to do, no matter what it was.

On Earth though, things were not all that cut and dry. I decided to lay down some guide lines: 1) No Sex during your period. Tell me! 2) Sex whenever else I wanted it. 3) Corporal punishment would be used as correction when I decided it. 4) Spanking as foreplay when ever I desired it. 5) They were to come to me whenever there was a question they could not answer or a problem they could not handle. 6) They were not to allow anyone else to punish them or to have sex with them. That did not mean that if someone tried to rape them and they felt they could not prevent it that they had to fight it. They were to cooperate and live through it. I would never hold it against them or love them less for it. Heck they could even enjoy the sensations, it did not make me love them less. Nerve ending are nerve endings. Of course I'd have the guy shot when he was caught. 7) No children until after we are extracted.

I then asked if they had any questions.

Janice asked, "When do we leave for Mathis?"

"Tomorrow at 10 am."

"Oh no! I have to pack!" and all six ladies fled the room.

It took me five minutes to pack. Eight pairs of socks, two pair of trousers, 8 white collared shirts, four knit shirts, 8 pair of underwear, two pair of dress shoes, one pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, a spring/fall jacket, a light winter coat and a arctic winter coat. Most of that I picked up in Cheyenne. I packed it all in a duffel bag, added some toiletries and was packed.

Now you would think that people who had been traveling as refuges for almost a few months would have almost nothing to bring. You've never traveled with women. I had to limit it to two suitcases, that they could carry. What they wanted to bring would not have fit into the helicopters. Most of it was gifts from people passing though or living in the camp.

I used Denise's difficulty in getting down to two suitcases as a reason to demonstrate my spanking technique. Denise said, "I can't possibly get this down to less than five suitcases. We are going to need more transportation."

I realized this was more than just them being stubborn when she winked at one of the ladies. Then they were all saying the same thing. I reiterated that two suit cases were the maximum. She continued to insist on more.

I grabbed her arm and yanked her over my knee. I started spanking her jean clad bottom with my hand. She was giggling in between swats enjoying the sensations. I realized this was part of the game. So I unbuttoned her jeans and yanked them down. I then continued spanking.

I asked her, "Are you willing to get down to two suit cases?"

She said, "No and you can't make me!", still giggling.

I pulled down her panties and continued spanking. She continued to refuse but I could see she was losing her resolve.

Janice said, "Maybe this will help," and handed me her hairbrush.

Denise promised to get down to two suit cases after five swats with the hairbrush.

I said, "You should know that once you agree to comply you can count on however many swats I feel is necessary to allow the lesson to sink in on a permanent basis!"

I gave her ten more swats and played with her pussy a bit before letting her up.

Once I let her up Elaine said, "Now it's my turn!", and jumped over my knee.

Janice said, "Hey! Wait!! You can't just stop there! You need to go the rest of the way!"

"What do you mean?"

Janice said, "Just look a Denise!! She needs you in her. She needs you to take her completely! She wants you in her!"

I looked at Denise, I had never seen such a lustful look on a woman before. Denise nodded her head. I looked at Elaine and said, "Sorry honey this is going to have to wait!" I swatted Elaine's butt once. "I'll come back for you later."

Elaine got up, smiled at me, and said, "I'll be waiting, make sure you save some for me."

I went to Denise, who was standing a few feet away rubbing her butt, hugged and kissed her. I picked her up, tossed her over my shoulder and took her to my bed in the rear of the tent.

I swatted her butt a few times on the way saying, "I want to keep you in the mood!"

She laughed and said, "That will not be a problem!"

Diane is a screamer, as the entire tent can attest to.

Later that evening after Denise and I were done, I went over to Elaine's bed and said, "Hi there, how are you doing?"

She looked at me, smiled and said, "I am ready if you are!"

"That's what I want to talk to you about. It is very late we have a big day tomorrow. I am pretty exhausted. I want to do this right. How about we wait until we are settled in in Mathis?"

Elaine replied, "Sure, I am very tired too. I was hoping you would put it off."

I gave her hug and kiss. "See you tomorrow then!"

I went to the remaining four ladies. They were all prepared to be spanked for earlier, but they understood and agreed to wait. I gave them each a hug and a kiss.

I went back to bed with Denise. She was still sleeping.

In the morning when I awoke, Denise had left the bed and made for the latrine.

Before we left, I asked several staff members to pack the remainder of the ladies stuff into crates, and ship it to Mathis after we left. I knew there was a good chance that the freight would never make it so I did not tell the ladies.

At 10 A.M. we boarded three helicopters and flew to Mathis.

The flight to Mathis was one of the more harrowing experiences I've ever had. The helos never got above two hundred feet ... and mostly stayed below one hundred feet. The reason was that every so often some local yahoo lit off a stinger missile at them. They never knew if it was Earth First, some other organization, some isolated or shot down Sa'arm or even a trigger happy EDF member. By staying as low as they did people on the ground never saw them coming until it was too late to react.

The only time the helos got over two hundred feet was for inflight refueling. That was another experience I could have done without.

Once we arrived in Mathis we were trucked over to the proposed site of the camp and dropped off at a small army camp about a mile away. The first thing we did was requisition (sounds better than seized) a local office building that was abandoned. We set up shop there. Our quarters were on the third floor.

Initially I found it truly amazing how everyone cooperated. Every piece of equipment we could find for building the camp in Mathis and the surrounding area, was at the camp in a week. Construction in the area was nonexistent and the workers that were left, that had not been conscripted, needed to eat. Most of the workers were women.

It also helped, as I witnessed later, that anyone caught doing anything that was not entirely cooperative was sent on the next bus to the front without a weapon or training. Martial Law was a bitch and the central US and Canada was under it.

The day after we moved into our new quarters it was time to address the spanking issue with the remainder of the ladies. We agreed that everyone had one night alone with me. I insisted that Elaine go first, the other ladies drew straws. The order of the last four were Janice, Mary Beth, Jo Anne and Susan.

The ladies insisted that I spank them all the same way. Nobody remembered the counts on the hand swats over the jeans, panties or on the bare butt so it was decided the twenty-five on the jeans, twenty-five on the panties and fifty on the bare butt was the minimum count. I could give them however many I wanted after that if I felt it necessary to produce the same effect. I remembered the counts on the hair bush, but Elaine insisted that be left completely up to me, she said her boyfriend spanked her that way all the time and I'd need to do more to get the right effect.

Elaine was over my knee the second I said it was time. She clearly saw this as an erotic experience. As I started spanking her I could see a wet spot on jeans. After the first twenty-five swats, I pulled down her jeans and a bigger wet spot showed on her panties. Twenty-five swats later her panties came down ... I took off my trousers to prevent them from getting soaked. By the time I had administered the fifty hand swats she was dripping on the floor. I stuffed a finger in for the heck of it and she jumped a foot in the air as she had a spasm from an orgasm. Once she recovered I started with the hairbrush. After the first few she said, "Harder please". Who was I to argue? This was play and was only hitting her about a third strength. I hit her about twice as hard. I gave her the fifteen count that Denise had but she was not complaining yet. I dropped my aim a little lower to the tops of her thighs. That immediately had her squirming. After about five she started saying "Okay! Okay! Two bags!". I kept going ten more swats to "make sure she got the message". "I get it Ouch! I get it Ouch!...", she was assuring me during the entire last ten swats.

The other four ladies went one at a time the next four nights. They were less enthusiastic about the hairbrush and the spankings went like Denise's. Each lady was unique in bed and we had a lot of fun.

After that the women of my household developed several interesting behaviors. They continued to show teamwork in every endeavor, including nightly sex. First, they settled on a sleeping schedule with me. As far as I could tell two of them would appear totally randomly in my bedroom every night. Second, about every third day someone would come to me with the hairbrush and say, "I've been a bad girl, please spank me." She would then relate what she did to earn the spanking. Third, about once a week someone, usually Elaine, would show up with a heavy strap saying, "I've been a very bad girl, please spank me." Finally, about once a month each girl would talk back to me, give me a hard time and earn a session with a cane or birch. There was always a sex session afterword. It was pretty clear they did most of it on purpose.

After a few months of it, when I noticed the pattern, I asked them what was up. Denise explained it to me, "When we get to the Confederacy, you are going to have to dominate us. If you don't the other men will not respect you. We want to make sure both we and you are ready when we arrive. Further, while most women would not agree, we all find that the sex afterwords is always better with good spanking. We also want to keep it interesting. Sex every night gets to be routine. Spicing it up with spankings and random acts will keep you interested in us!"

I decided that they knew what their needs were and as long as my needs were met I was not going to make them change.

The Confederacy had cut off the Sa'arm in space and blockaded the Earth. You could see huge structures orbiting the Earth at this point from the ground. We were told these were orbital defense systems. They were small pinpricks of light in the sky but somehow they were reassuring.

We started setting up the camp immediately. It was named Camp Endurance by people higher up the food chain than I. I have no idea why.

If you've ever been in Texas the one thing that is obvious is that it is as flat as a pancake, possibly flatter. It made for easy building but you had to plan for drainage and some pretty strong storms. Tornadoes and hurricanes were common occurrences.

When I say refugee camp, most people think in terms of tent cities. Indeed that was what the one in Cheyenne was. Here though we were building more like a military camp with long barracks and mess halls. They wanted to be able to feed and maintain 10,000,000 people in the camp. It would be a long time before anyone went 'home'.

Fortunately, the Confederacy was a big help. They sent us three industrial size replicators. We were told that if the red light on top of the system turned on, that we should get as far away as we could from the system since it was self destructing. That would have meant that the Sa'arm were just about on top of us and it was time to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good-bye. The replicators allowed us to put in whatever raw materials we had and an AI on the moon would build us whatever we wanted. It was amazing how fast a prefabricated housing unit could be produced.

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