The Night Nurse

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2015 by raplucknett

Sexy Nurse Story: I have a very lovely nurse to take care of me.

Caution: This Sexy Nurse Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Petting   Doctor/Nurse   .

My nurse's name was Kim.

Having been hospitalized a few times over the years, I was convinced that all the "sexy nurse" stereotypes were not true at all. Most nurses were nice, helpful, but always in a hurry. They generally just took care of business. In my experience, the hospital situation never lent itself to anything sexy.

Except for Kim. She was a pretty girl in her mid-thirties, maybe five years younger than me. I don't know what it was about her, but I couldn't keep from looking her up and down as she came in several times to check on me. I was only staying at the hospital for one night, after a fairly minor knee surgery. Except for my sore knee, I was feeling pretty good after the operation. After a few visits from Kim to see how I was doing, I soon found myself looking forward to the next time she would come in to my private room.

I made the mistake of allowing myself to fantasize about her, wondering what she looked like underneath those generic hospital scrubs. Bored with the TV in my room, I closed my eyes and thought about Kim's friendly eyes, pretty smile, and nice firm ass. I hated seeing her leave my room, but I loved admiring her tight little ass as she walked away! And whenever she would bend over to check my pulse and temperature, her V-neck top showed me just enough to make me wish I could see more. She was so firm, so round...

Damn, I was lying there getting a hard-on just from thinking about her. The hospital didn't seem to be the right place to do anything about it by myself, so I tried to just ignore my hardening cock. I tossed and turned a bit under the sheets, but only succeeded in making myself even more uncomfortable. Now I had that stupid hospital gown wadded up around my waist and under my back. It was then that Kim walked in and told me she was coming to check on me one last time.

"I'll be getting off work at midnight, Bill" she said. "And you'll be going home in the morning, so I just thought I'd check on you one more time this evening. Are you comfortable enough to fall asleep?" Naturally, she was only wondering if my knee hurt too much.

I replied that my knee seemed OK, but the hospital gown wasn't something I was used to sleeping in. She laughed, saying most patients felt that way.

"I was really just wondering if there was any painful swelling in your knee, Bill. Mind if I take a look?" I told her to go ahead and check out my knee, but that my clothes were all twisted around and I wasn't very well covered up.

She giggled a little and said, "Well, Bill like I said – mind if I take a look? If there's any swelling, I'll try to make you feel more comfortable." She blushed a little and I realized that her choice of the word "swelling" was an intentional tease. She took my speechless stare as a "yes" and pulled the sheet all the way off me. I wasn't fully erect, but my cock was definitely swollen, pulsing, growing as she watched.

"Well" she said matter-of-factly, "I don't see any swelling in the knee – but you definitely do have a swelling problem there!" Her laugh was so goddam sexy it made my cock jump. "I can tell you're the kind of guy who doesn't usually wear clothes in bed, right?" I nodded dumbly, breathless as she reached behind my neck and untied the string holding the gown in place. Her sexy body was inches from my face, and my cock really started to rise.

"Let's just get rid of this thing altogether" she said, untying the other knots behind my back and tossing the garment aside. I was now totally naked, cock sticking straight up, pulsating with my pounding heart. I was on display, and Kim left me in agony for thirty seconds as she just stared and enjoyed the show; she gave me just enough of a wicked grin to make my cock even harder. Her fingertips teased me as she ran her hands lightly through my chest hair, watching my cock jerk involuntarily.

"I know what you're thinking, Bill," she laughed. "But you know, lots of patients have fantasies about nurses. So, don't be embarrassed." She pulled the sheets back over me. My hard cock started to relax as I began to realize that nothing was going to happen after all. I couldn't help staring at her body as she leaned over me. I could see just a hint of the beautiful lacy bra she was wearing, and I was dying to see more.

"You really do have a problem there, Bill," she continued, giving me that sexy smile. She felt my forehead and said I felt a little too warm. "Since I'm a medical professional, I could help with that if you want me to. Like I said, I get off work at midnight. Maybe I could come back then and check your vital signs one more time?" God, I was breathless with anticipation, afraid to believe she meant what I hopedshe meant.

She hesitated, then murmured "oh, fuck it!", and abruptly pulled back the sheet and wrapped her fingers tightly around my cock, squeezing it to full throbbing erection in an instant.

"Goddam" she whispered hoarsely, "that is a fucking nice cock you have there". She let go with her hand and leaned forward, her lips parted, and swallowed my cock in one deep, wet gulp. She sucked hungrily on it for a few seconds and pulled away breathlessly, leaving a string of saliva that ran down onto her chin and dripped onto her chest.

She looked at my saliva-coated dick and the wet spots on her top and said, "I just wanted to give us both something to think about as I finish my shift. If that swelling problem persists, I'll be glad to take care of it for you later tonight. See you at midnight, Bill!" She wiped her chin, pulled the sheet over me, and hurried out of the room.

I had no idea what was going to happen, but my cock throbbed as I lay there thinking about it. I was in agony for a while, but eventually my heart stopped pounding and my cock relaxed when somebody brought in my evening meal. After eating, I realized I had been awake for nearly twenty hours. I found something boring on TV and soon fell asleep.

I awoke with a start – the TV was still on, and I could see that it was a few minutes past midnight. I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV; the room was totally dark. I heard voices outside my door. I heard someone saying "goodnight", then there was silence. My door opened and all I could see was a shapely female silhouette. Then the door closed and I could hear the sound of the door being locked.

"Hi there, Bill" came the familiar sound of Kim's voice. "I'll bet you were wondering if I'd really show up!" She flipped on a small night light around the corner, and the room was filled with a dim light. I could see that she was no longer in her hospital scrubs. Kim was wearing her "civilian" clothes, and looked fantastic just wearing jeans and a loose-fitting blouse that buttoned down the front.

"Well, Bill" she said as she walked toward me. "I hope you've been resting well these past few hours – I may keep you up for a while!" She smiled and came over and sat beside me, asking how my knee was doing. I replied that it hurt some, especially if I tried to move. Kim put her hand on my forehead, saying I still felt a little warm.

"Don't worry, Bill" she said. "You don't need to move at all. I'm going to take good care of you, and I'll do all the work!" She stood up and unbuttoned her jeans, turning away from me as she did so. I stared at her shapely ass as she giggled and pulled her jeans down, wiggling out of them and letting them drop to the floor. She turned to face me as she stepped out of her jeans, and I could see how tight and sexy her legs were. My cock began to really get hard.

She sat back down on the bed next to me and leaned over to kiss me. Her lips were so soft and sensual. As her tongue darted out to tease at my lips, her hand slid under the sheets and found its way to the base of my cock. Her fingers slowly wrapped themselves around my throbbing hard shaft and held it in a firm grip. Her hand began a slight movement, barely pumping up and down, maddeningly slow ... what a heavenly torture!

"Touch me, Bill", she whispered. "Don't you want to touch me?" She kissed me deeply as her hand increased its pumping motion, moving in agonizingly slow but insistent strokes. Her pace quickened even more as my fingers went to work on the buttons of her blouse. Soon her top was open, revealing those tantalizing curves I had been fantasizing about.

I anxiously fumbled with the clasps at the front of her bra, my hands trembling as if I were a nervous high school kid. I managed to unhook her bra, letting her gorgeous breasts fall free. Kim groaned as she leaned forward and pressed her warm flesh to my mouth. I sucked hungrily at her hardened nipples; she was pumping so fucking hard now on my cock.

Suddenly she stood up, tossing away her clothes and stripping off her panties. Her pussy was smooth and her nipples jutted out so perfectly. I pulled away the sheets and watched her beautiful naked body as she reached down and continued to jerk faster and faster up and down on my shaft, now working with both hands.

"I want you to taste my pussy now, Bill" she said. "I've been wet for you all day, and I can't stop thinking about how wonderful that big cock felt in my mouth. I've been dying for another taste of that nice, hot swollen dick. Won't you tell me how good my pussy tastes? Please, Bill?" She crawled up on top of me and quickly wiggled her way into a perfect sixty-nine position. She spread her legs wide on either side of my chest, and thrust that beautiful ass and steaming wet pussy right in front of my face.

"Just put your tongue in me, baby, I'll do all the work" she said, and started grinding her ass and pussy down across my face. I stuck out my tongue and she actually fucked herself on my mouth and tongue. She was gushing wet, and my hands ran over her gorgeous ass as I just tried to hang on.

I could feel Kim's tongue snaking its way over the head of my cock, and I could feel a stream of saliva run down the shaft and onto my balls. Her hand was still jacking me off, and soon I could feel my balls tighten as her drooling wetness coated my shaft. She could tell, from the way my lubed up shaft pulsed in her hands, that I was already going to cum.

"Hmmm, that's so good", she moaned. "You're so excited, Bill! I'm so glad you're enjoying this, baby. Please don't hold back, now – let it cum for me, Bill, let it cum!" Her hands slid underneath my ass as her mouth opened wide, her tongue lapping madly at the swollen head of my cock. I could hear her breathless moaning as she lowered her head, engulfing my cock, her cries becoming muffled as her mouth was filled with hot throbbing dick.

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