The Disabled Police Detective-the Protective Custody Assignment

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: the 3rd and final story in a series about a disabled police detective. who is on a protective custody assignment

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Workplace  

Andy Ironside Ripley a member of the farmhouse Indiana police department's special division. Is eating lunch in his private office when the buzzer on his desk buzzed loudly which Indicated.

That his boss police Chief Robert Randolph needed to speak to him so he quickly finished his sandwich drank some coffee then he left his office and reported to the chief's office.

When he reached his destination he entered the chief's office then he said "You wanted to see me sir"?

The boss cleared his throat then he said to his best detective "Andy I have another protective custody assignment for you."

"U.S. Army Sergeant first class Jennifer Davidson is on leave from her unit at fort Leonard wood Missouri and while she was out for a run this morning. She witnessed a bloody murder."

"Your assignment is to take her into protective custody and keep her safe and sound until the killers are caught and brought to trial."

"Here is a copy of her service record please read it then report to interrogation room 4 she is waiting for you there."

Andy opened the file folder and he began to read her service record and he was impressed very impressed. So impressed in fact he read the record twice when he finished the second reading he noticed the service picture that was in the file.

And he was struck by how beautiful Sergeant First Class Jennifer Davidson was especially her eyes they were the most beautiful pair of eyes he had ever seen on a woman's face in his life.

They were mesmerizing he found himself falling in love with those eyes.

So he quickly closed the folder and handed it back to the chief then he headed to interrogation room number 4.

When he got their he opened the door and he got a really good look of Sergeant first class Jennifer Davidson and her eyes.

And again he was mesmerized by her beautiful eyes they were so beautiful Andy nearly had a heart attack so he closed the door.

For a full 10 minutes he unable to open the door it was if he was completely and utterly paralyzed by this woman's beauty.

Then he finally forced himself to open the interrogation room door and got into the room. Then he cleared his throat and he said to her

"Miss Davidson my name is detective Ripley please grab your things and follow me."

So she picked up her things and followed Andy out to a waiting vehicle once Jennifer was safely in the vehicle Andy put his wheelchair into the back.

Then he got into the driver's seat started it up and they headed to a secluded safe house.

When they finally reach the safe house Andy parks the vehicle and they go inside.

Once they are safely inside Andy locks the door behind him then the young detective cooks supper and after saying grace they eat.

When they finish eating they watch a movie and then they go to bed.

The next morning Andy wakes up grabs some clean clothes and his shaving kit and he takes a shower and shaves.

Then he gets dressed puts his service revolver and chest holster onto his body then he goes to the bedroom.

Where Jennifer is sleeping so that he can ask her what she wants to eat for breakfast but he is extremely hesitant to wake her up.

So looked so angelic so beautiful and so peaceful but the young Indiana lawman knew that she had to eat.

So he touched her shoulder and when she opened her eyes and he said to her

"Jennifer what would you like to eat for breakfast?" after wiping her eyes for several minutes she replied.

"If it's not too much trouble may I please have scrambled eggs toast and black coffee?"

Andy replied to her question

"yes you may and it's no trouble at all."

Then he returned to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

While Andy was making breakfast Jennifer grabbed some clean clothes then she went to the bathroom and she took a shower and she shaved.

When she was done she put on clean clothes cleaned up the bathroom and she put her laundry in the washing machine.

While it was washing they set the table and after saying grace they ate their morning meal.

When they finished eating breakfast they did the dishes together and when they were done with that task Jennifer put her clothes in the dryer.

While they were drying the young couple enjoyed the pretty Midwestern sunshine.

When it was time for lunch Andy cooked up a very nice lunch for the two of them.

Eight months after the protective custody assignment started the safe house phone rang loudly RING!!! Andy left the breakfast table and he answered the ringing telephone.

10 minutes later the young detective finished the phone call went back to the table took a few sips from his coffee then he said to Jennifer

"That was the police chief on the phone and he had some good news for you."

"Then men who committed the murder that you witnessed have been caught they are in jail and are awaiting trial. Their trial is in 4 weeks."

When he finished talking they resumed eating breakfast. 4 weeks later it was time for the trial.

The young couple got up early got cleaned up got dressed ate a filling and healthy breakfast. Then they got into their vehicle and headed for the courthouse.

When they arrived at the courthouse Andy parked the vehicle got into his wheelchair and after locking the vehicle they went into the courthouse.

After getting through courthouse security they went into the courtroom where the trial was going to be held.

After finding a place to sit Jennifer and Andy parked his wheelchair next to her and he gently reassured her that everything would be alright and that she was safe and sound.

When it was time for her to give her testimony Jennifer walked to the front of the courtroom was sworn in then she sat down in the witness stand.

And she proceeded to give an accurate and honest testimony when she was done with her testimony the beautiful U.S Army sergeant first class returned to her seat next to Andy.

After a very lengthy murder trial the bad guys were sentenced to very lengthy prison terms.

After they were taken away the Judge dismissed the courtroom. Jennifer and Andy left the courtroom then they left the courthouse got back into their vehicle and returned to the safe house.

So Jennifer could collect her things once they were back at the safe house Andy helped Jennifer collect and pack her things.

Then they went back to the motel where she was staying during her leave from the Army.

When they got to the motel Andy parked the vehicle the young couple got out together and they went up to her room.

When they arrived at her room they went into it and they completed a second round of unpacking.

Then Andy went to the door reached for the door knob and was about to turn it and leave the room.

But instead of doing that he turned around looked into her mesmerizing and seductive eyes and he asked her.

"Jennifer would you like to go out to a movie on Friday night?"

Jennifer thought about Andy's question for a few moments then she said to him.

"Andy you're a very sweet man but I am a chronic heartbreaker I have broken the heart of every man that I have ever dated and if we go out on a date. I will break your heart as well."

Andy replied

"Jennifer all I am asking for is one movie date. If you have a terrible time we can go our separate ways and you will never here from me again."

Jennifer looked at Andy again and she said

"Ok Andy one movie date I will see you Friday night in the hotel lobby."

After getting their date plans put together Andy left the motel got back into the vehicle and then he returned to the police station.

When Friday night rolled around Andy got home as fast as he could once he was at home he got thoroughly cleaned up changed into his date clothes locked up his house and got into his truck.

After starting up the old Ford F-150 he drove to the Motel to pick Jennifer up for their movie date.

When he arrived at the motel got out of the truck went inside and he asked him to ring Jennifer's room.

So he picked up the front desk phone and he rang Jennifer's motel room and let her know that her date was here to pick her up.

While Jennifer was in her room getting ready Andy waited in the lobby for her.

30 minutes later she finally came into the lobby looking absolutely gorgeous

"I am so sorry I took so long Andy. I had a hard time finding something to wear I hope that I look alright."

Andy looked at his beautiful date and he said to her "You look beautiful very beautiful."

After the small talk they went out to Andy's truck. He opened the passenger side door for her and she got into the seat and put on her seatbelt.

Andy went around the truck to the driver's side got into the seat put on his seatbelt and off they were to the movies.

After some light traffic they arrived at the movie theatre.

After safely parking the truck Andy got out of the driver's seat got into his wheelchair and he opened the passenger door for Jennifer.

She unhooked her seatbelt and got out of her seat after closing the door Andy locked up the truck.

Then they went the short distance from the parking lot to the theatre's front door.

When the young couple reached door Andy did the gentlemanly thing and he opened the door for his date.

After she went through the door Andy followed her through it.

After they got into the theatres lobby they studied the marquee and after some back and forth discussion.

They decided to watch a comedy movie.

After getting the movie tickets and their favorite movie snacks they went into the movie theatre where their comedy movie was going to be shown.

A couple of hours later the movie ended and they left the theatre.

Got back into Andy's truck and he drove Jennifer back to her motel when he got her back to her Motel they said goodnight and she went up to her room.

Andy went home and he got some sleep and he dreamed about the lovely.

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jennifer Davidson

Over the next two years Andy Ironside Ripley and Jennifer Elizabeth Davidson got to know each other really well.

When Jennifer got leave from the Army she would travel to Indiana to visit Andy when he had vacation he would visit her.

When she was unable to get any leave Andy would burn up the roads between Missouri and Indiana so he could see his beloved Jennifer.

When they were not physical together they wrote letters and they talked on the phone.

And despite all of the ups and downs that occurred in their dating relationship. They gradually fell in love.

Then one day in the late spring of 2017 Andy was in his office at the police station when he had an epiphany a really loud epiphany.

"I love Miss Jennifer Elizabeth Davidson and if I don't ask her to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me."

I am going to lose her and I don't want to lose her."

So at the end of the day Andy paid a visit to his boss.

"Excuse me sir I don't want to bother you but I have a question. How much vacation time do I have?"

The chief looked at his records and he said to his very best detective

"Andy you have quite a bit of vacation time. Why are you asking?"

Andy swallowed hard then he said to the chief

"Sir I have finally decided to propose to my girlfriend Jennifer."

"But she was recently transferred to Fort Bragg in North Carolina so I need a few days off from work to go see her."

"So that I can propose to her may I have a few days off to go see her please?"

The police chief looked at his very best detective and he said to him

"Yes you may have some time off to go see her."

After meeting with his boss Andy left the police station got into his truck and he drove to the bank.

When he reached the bank he went inside and he withdrew some money from his savings account.

Once he had the money in his hands he drove to the best jewelry store in the town of farmhouse Indiana.

To look for and possibly buy an engagement ring for his beloved Jennifer who he loved very much

When he reached the store he went inside where he was met by one of the stores employees

"May I help you sir?"

Andy replied

"Yes as a matter of fact you can help me I'm looking for an engagement for my girlfriend."

But it can't be just any engagement ring it has be the perfect ring."

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