The Disabled Police Detective-the Snowstorm

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: Short story about a disabled police detective who is out on a special volunteer assignment during a snowstorm shortly before christmas 2014

Tags: Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace  

Winter 2014 December 20th 2014 5 days before Christmas

Police detective Andy Ironside Ripley a member of the Farmhouse Indiana Police department's special division.

Is off duty and doing his best to stay warm because the small city of Farmhouse Indiana is being pounded by a snow storm the kind of snowstorm that happens once maybe twice in a lifetime midway through supper his phone rings.

RING!!! RING!!! He quickly answers it "Hello? Yes sir I will be there as soon as I can goodbye sir." After hanging up his phone he changed his clothes strapped on his service revolver and holster put on his Rothco M1965 field jacket gloves and hat.

Last but not least he put his Wallet keys Police ID and pocket knife into his jacket pockets. Then he locked up his house and headed for the police station. When he reached his destination he parked his truck.

Got into his wheelchair and he went inside the police station once he was inside the police station he saw boss and several of his fellow officers and detectives in the police departments war room.

Andy went into the war room looked at his boss and his fellow lawmen and he said politely. "Sir what in the world is going on?"

Police chief Robert Randolph took a few sips from his 10th cup of coffee then he said to his very best detective.

"Andy we have a very unusual problem that concerns the Christmas toy drive the department has every year."

"Do to the heavy snow storm we can't get the toys delivered to the orphanage."

"None of our heavy duty vehicles are capable of getting through the heavy snow and this storm will not be stopping anytime soon so the orphans may not get any toys for Christmas.

"And unfortunately your fellow lawmen god bless them have not come up with any useful solutions."

"If you have any ideas on how to solve this problem I would love to hear them." Andy quickly gathered his thoughts then he began to speak.

"Sir my ford f-150 pickup truck has heavy duty tires and a roomy truck bed on it and it can get through the snow."

"I will deliver the toys to the orphanage I realize this might be a suicide mission but I am confident I can get the job done."

The police chief thought about Andy's suggestion for a few moments then he said to his best detective

"Andy you are right it is a suicide mission but if you can get is done you have my permission to do it."

"Alright gentleman let's get down to the basement and get those boxes up here so they can get them into detective Ripley's truck lets go."

So they divided into 2 teams the 1st team got onto the elevator and went down to the basement and started loaded boxes of toys onto the elevator.

The 2nd team stayed on the top floor and they unloaded the boxes from the elevator and formed a bucket brigade so they could get Andy's truck loaded as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Once the first load was in Andy's truck he headed for the orphanage. When he reached it Pastor Jeff brooks helped Andy unloaded the first batch of boxes. Once they were unloaded Andy returned to the police station for the next load.

Andy made the run a grand total of 20 times once all the boxes of toys where delivered Andy and pastor brooks took the toys out of the boxes and placed them under the Christmas tree.

Once that was completely done the two men shook hands and the young detective headed back to the police station.

Midway back to the station Andy got a call on his radio that said that the food pantry was running low on food.

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