The Librarian and Her Disabled Brother

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: short story about a librarian and her disabled younger brother.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Fiction   School  

Summer 2015 town of whiskey Illinois Miss Chloe Marie a 30 year old librarian is taking a walk with her 8 year old brother Mike Marie who was born with Spina bifida and must wear small leg braces and use a wheelchair to get around.

When they finish their walk they return to their parents' house where mike lives and where Chloe is staying during her vacation and she sees her luggage and several moving boxes all over the driveway.

She spots an envelope on one of the boxes she opens the envelope and begins to read the letter. Its contents made her incredibly angry.

When she is done reading it she hands it to mike and he reads it despite that fact he is only 8 years old he understands most of it.

When mike is done reading it he hands it back to his sister and he said to her sadly.

"I have been a bad boy."

Chloe looks at her brother and she says to him

"Mike you have Not I repeat Not a bad boy."

"Our parents are just cruel and mean and I am taking you home with me and I am going to give you the care and love that they are refusing to give you."

When they were done talking Chloe put her little brother into her truck then she put his wheelchair into the truck bed.

Once that was done she put all of the moving boxes and luggage into her truck once everything was loaded she closed the tailgate got into the truck and they headed for Texas.

When they finally arrived back in Castle Texas they were both beyond the point of exhaustion. But before they went to sleep they had a few more things to do.

First she got mikes wheelchair out of the truck bed then they worked together to get all of the stuff unloaded and into her house.

Once it was all unloaded they took the stuff into the house unpacked and put away then Chloe gave her brother a bath put clean jammies onto him and last but not least she fed him supper. Once all that was done she put him to bed.

Once her brother's needs where taken care of she went upstairs and she went to bed and the two siblings slept very well.

Over the next several days Chloe did several things first she got her guest room setup and turned it into mikes room.

Second she got a care routine established so that she could give him the best care possible.

Third she tried to locate a babysitter for mike because he was way too young to stay home by himself.

The day she was scheduled to return to work they were eating breakfast when mike looked at his sister and he said to her.

"Chloe what are we going to do today?"

Chloe took a few sips from her coffee cup then she replied.

"Well mike I have to go back to work today and since I was unable to locate a babysitter for you I will have to take you to work with me."

After breakfast they did the dishes then they made two sack lunches then Chloe got mike into her truck then she got into the driver's seat and they headed for the Castle Texas Library where Chloe worked.

When they got their Chloe parked the truck got mikes wheelchair out of the truck bed then she got him into it. After locking up the truck they went inside and after getting through the door Chloe said to her little brother.

"Mike welcome to the Castle Texas Library the biggest library in the town of Castle Texas." Mikes young

Eyes lit up like 2 Christmas tree lights he had never seen so many books in his life. Chloe pushed him through the library and he picked up several books that he wanted to read once he had the books in his hands.

Chloe pushed Mike over to one of the library's many tables he sat the books down onto the table and he began to read.

Meanwhile Chloe put their two lunches into the lunch room refrigerator and then she began to work. She was in the middle of breaking down some boxes and putting them into the recycling bin when her

Boss Miss Emily Franklin the owner of the library walked into the back room and she said loudly "Chloe my office now!"

Chloe followed the boss into her office and after sitting down at her desk Miss Emily began to speak. "Chloe why did you bring a little boy in a wheelchair into my library"?

Chloe did very her best to defend herself.

"That little boy is my brother Mike and I recently became his caregiver he is out of school for summer vacation and I was unable to find a babysitter for him, so I brought him to the library with me."

"He is very well behaved loves to read and will not cause any trouble."

Miss Emily thought about what Chloe had just told her then she said.

"Chloe during summer vacation and school holidays you can bring your brother to work with you now go back to work."

When they finished talking Chloe left the boss's office and she returned to work at lunch time they opened their sack lunches and ate lunch at the end of the day they went home.

Over the next 2 years Chloe did her best to give her brother Mike the best care in the world.

Then in late May 2017 shortly after Mikes 10th birthday Chloe was in the library's back room breaking down some boxes.

When she heard a loud BOOM!!! So she left the back room and she stepped into the library's lobby and she saw her brother on the floor and she saw that his wheelchair had exploded.

And all of the pieces were scattered all over the place

"You have got to be kidding me that is the 4th time this week that chair has fallen apart and it's a brand new wheelchair for crying out loud."

After making sure she had her Leatherman Super tool 300 in her pocket.

she rushed over to her brother she picked him up and placed him into a nearby chair Chloe gathered up all of pieces then she removed her Leatherman Super tool 300 from her pocket.

And then the beautiful librarian used the pliers and the various screwdrivers on her Leatherman to reassemble her brother's wheelchair.

Piece by piece bolt by bolt and screw by screw once it was fully reassembled Chloe helped her brother back into his wheelchair.

Mike looked at her kissed her cheek and he said "Thank you".

Chloe Replied "Your welcome Mike"

3 years later Chloe would face a challenge that would put ALL of her caregiver skills to the ultimate test.

August 2020 at the age of 13 Mike entered 8th grade or as Chloe would later call it.

"The School year from hell"

Mike was so excited to start the new school year but then he met his new Math teacher Mrs. Samantha Marshland.

The minute she met mike she hated him and she told him that regularly when he had trouble with the work and asked for help she refused to give it to him.

When his fellow math students made fun of him and he complained to her about the teasing and the bullying.

She allowed them to continue teasing and bullying him she even joined in on the bullying and teasing.

Sometimes mike would come home from school in tears Chloe went down to the school several times to complain.

But it did not help the school officials would not do anything to stop the abuse that Mrs. Marshland was inflicting on her brother.

The thing that broke the camel's back was when Mrs. Marshland refused to allow Mike to bring his water bottle to class.

He needed to drink water regularly throughout the day so that he would not get urinary tract infections Or UTI for short.

When Mike got home from school and told her about this latest round of abuse Chloe got Mike settled at home and told him to get started on his homework.

Once that was taken care of Chloe got into her ford-150 and she drove down to the school during the drive down their Chloe was angry incredibly angry.

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