The Disabled Spy-north Korea

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Action/Adventure Story: next story in a series about a spy in a wheelchair. This mission takes place in North Korea

Tags: Ma/Fa   Violent   Workplace  

CIA Agent Mike Taylor and CIA Agent Grace Allen members of the CIA Special division are on assignment in Korea and waiting to talk to their boss.

After a very long nerve racking wait they are allowed to see their boss, after some small talk he begins the mission briefing. "Agent Taylor Agent Allen there is a top secret North Korean army base deep in the heart of North Korea."

"Agent Allen your objective to use your computer skills to break into the base's computer system and steal all their secrets, Agent Taylor because of your excellent marksmanship skills your objective is to keep her safe."

"Now if you don't have any questions of concerns about your mission you are dismissed." After they were dismissed from the boss's office they returned to their living quarters after two more addition days of training.

It was time for the mission so they got up dressed had breakfast then they returned to their quarters and grabbed their mission gear. Once they had all their gear together the two agents worked their way out to the helicopter pad.

When they reached the pad they boarded a C-47 Chinook helicopter which was their ride for the mission. After they crew got mikes wheelchair strapped down the crew finished their preparations the ramp was raised and they pilots reeved up the engines.

And they slowly got the chopper off of the pad and they headed for enemy territory. After a very boring chopper ride the chinook began to descend onto the landing zone. Just before it hit the landing zone Mike retrieved his night vision googles from his pack.

Then he put them onto his head and turned them on when the chopper finally hit the landing zone the ramp was lowered and with Grace beside him Mike headed for the safe house. After a one thousand yard run they made it to their destination.

Then they went inside and Grace setup her laptop and began her part of the mission. Mike went outside and he began his guard duty mission. With his M1 Carbine and S&W Model 625.45 caliber revolver he knew that he was capable of fending off any and all attacks from the North Korea's.

The first 2 days and 2 nights of the mission went smoothly very smoothly. But on day 3 of their mission something very bad happened. Mike was on the safe house's porch watch the North Korea soldiers walk around their base when he heard a scream.

AH!!! So he raced inside of the safe house and he saw Grace sitting in front of her computer screaming like a wild animal. After taking a few moments to settle down she said to him. "Mike the laptop I was issued has died and I need a replacement so that I can continue the mission."

Mike took a few moments to process what Grace had just said to him then he replied. "Grace call the base and ask them to send a replacement laptop. I will go out to the landing zone and pick it up." Grace opened her backpack and she used her issued satellite phone to call the base for the replacement laptop.

While Grace was on the phone Mike took off all of his gear accept for the chest holster that held his service revolver. After she finished her call Mike checked the load in his S&W 625 one more time then they said goodbye.

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