The Gathering

by Friskee_cpl

Copyright© 2015 by Friskee_cpl

Fiction Sex Story: Sharon meets a stranger in a bar who takes her to a special club where almost anything goes.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

This is a collaborative writing effort between ourselves and a man called Mark, or Yoder. As always, if slut wife behaviour offends, please don't read this story.

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Sharon flipped the phone onto her bed and turned to the hotel window. Two nights in Melbourne and apart from a few of her contemporaries, she knew no one. Twelve stories below, the good people of the city shuffled home.

Her phone beeped once more alerting her to a message from her husband Marcus, who was alone at home.

'Go ahead', the message read, 'I told you to cut loose without me.'

Sharon always loved playing with Marcus there, it gave her safety and security.

'I sent you Mark's contact details, call him, '

Sharon flipped through her messages and hovered above his phone number.

'But we've never met him, are you sure he's ok?'

Just as Sharon was texting, a message came through from Mark... 'Boo' was all it said.

Sharon immediately called Marcus, "He just sent me a message and all it said was Boo,"

Marcus laughed and said. "Well baby, 'Boo' him back. He's probably not sure it's you ... and is just being cautious to start with."

Sharon could feel that welcome surge of excitement as she realised that maybe this two day conference on salinity may not be as dry as forecast. In fact little did she realise that within an hour she would be screaming like a dirty little fuck slut ... Her business suit would be ruined, her stockings torn and her cunt being well used and dripping with cum.

With some trepidation she typed Boo into the phone and pressed the arrow. Suddenly, it rang.

"Oh my God," she said when she realised it was Mark.

Mark said, "Hummm I normally don't get that sort of reaction from women, I hope that's a good sign ... I'm told you're a bit of a wild woman ... so I'm hoping to hear many more 'Oh my God's tonight... ?'"

"Ha," Sharon said impressed by his demeanour and deep voice, not so much by his corny lines, "Shall we meet then?"

"I'm thinking we should meet for a drink, Sharon," Mark said. "I am just around the corner from your hotel, want to meet now perhaps?"

Sharon gazed at herself in the mirror and knew what was about to happen. Marcus had organised a little treat for her and she knew she'd be safe. Quickly she stripped naked and stood in front of the mirror. With her long dark curly hair cascading off her shoulder, her petite body lit by the dying light of the sun, she took an image of her naked self and sent it to the both of them with the words, 'here goes' underneath.

Marcus, admired the picture and thought about what he had organised, he was just about to send a "have fun" text then thought he would add something to prepare Sharon for the evening. "Baby, go with the flow, don't worry xo"

Sharon was beginning to feel excited as she started preparing herself. But when she saw Marcus's last text she had a pang of trepidation as well as excitement. Then she thought, 'I trust him, I'm sure I will be fine.'

The next text that came through was from Mark. 'I'll meet you in the bar in 10 minutes, see you soon.'

Sharon panicked a little as she hadn't decided what to wear and she was now under pressure to get ready and head down to the bar to meet Mark. Not wanting to miss out she simply redressed in her work suit. A new Sportscraft suit with a short skirt and blazer, a white shirt and bra, stockings, knickers. Nothing to draw attention to herself, she just wanted to look ordinary.

With a rumbling stomach she descended to the ground floor and exited out onto Little Bourke Street. The wine bar was crowded with the after work drinkers, mostly men. Some turned towards her, others ignored her completely. One though, his phone in his hand and a wide smile across his face, hopped up off his chair and headed straight to her.

He took another glance at the naked image on the phone and introduced himself.

"I figured you were Mark," she said and kissed him, unexpectedly for Mark, fully on the lips.

Mark felt his passion rise as Sharon performed one of her favourite tricks on new punters, the big wet kiss. She always judged them on their response. Mark passed by being honest and stating that he really didn't expect that.

"Now you can buy me a drink," she said, "Champagne, not sparkling wine, the real deal."

"Just a glass," Mark winked at her, "Or shall I get a bottle?"

"A bottle should do the trick," Sharon knew just how horny she gets when champagne is on offer. As she brushed her hair back she noticed a few men in the corner checking her out. She smiled and nodded before doing what everyone does, and pretended to look at something important on her phone. Mark strolled back to the table with a bottle of Moet and two champagne glasses.

The first three glasses that Sharon threw down, barely hit the sides. At some time her right foot became wedged up against his left and she began to rub her foot around his.

"So tell me Mark," she whispered, "What are you into?"

Mark cocked his eyebrow and contemplated his reply, being a little reserved he didn't want to scare this gorgeous woman off by saying something too outrageous. He took a moment to look at her, admire her, and savour her as he drank her in. The fitted suit looked amazing, sensually accentuating her feminine shape without being overt. Her white shirt unbuttoned enough to show a glimpse of her cleavage before being hidden by the cut of her jacket.

He knew she was following his eyes as he mentally undressed her. Mark licked his lips provocatively, leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Perhaps I should show you..." he said teasingly as a big cheeky smile spread wide across his face, "lets just say that I love adventure. How about you Sharon? What do you like?"

Sharon glanced around the room before leaning forward and whispering "Cocks, I love lots of cocks fucking into me."

Mark instantly had an erection so intense that he had to rearrange himself. "Did Marcus tell you I'm here for two nights?" she continued, "I don't want to waste either of them."

Despite the plying of alcohol, Mark suddenly found his voice dry, he was struck by just how easy this was playing out.

"Well," he said as he eyed off her cleavage, "Marcus sent me an address of a club he'd found. It's a group called The Gathering."

Sharon felt her nipples harden at the idea of going to a club. This time it was Mark who leaned forward and whispered. "Problem is it's thirty minutes away, and I want to fuck you right now. I want to slam my hard cock into your wet cunt and cum down your throat like the dirty slut that you are."

Sharon's heart skipped a beat at his dirty talk and she wanted to slap him, or at least his cock, across her lips. Quickly she looked around the pub, looking desperately for a place to fuck.

She said to Mark, "I've got to go to the toilet."

With that she stood and walked past the bar, towards the the toilets. Half way there she turned back to glance at Mark and found that he had read her queue and was a few metres behind her. He had that unmistakable look of lust in his eyes. Sharon felt that familiar feeling of her own lust, she knew that she would be ready for him.

She entered the women's toilets and found the first cubicle, she held the door slightly open waiting for Mark to join her. Literally a moment later, he was in the cubicle with her, one hand reaching up her leg to her sopping wet cunt, fingers parting her lips and entering her easily. His mouth clamped onto hers, his hunger evident as their tongues lashed frantically in a lust fueled dance.

Mark, satisfied that she wanted his cock, dropped his pants, turned her around to face the cistern, and lifted her skirt, he then rubbed his glans between her moist flaps to lubricate it before finding her fuck hole and driving into her. He lifted one leg and reached around to her breasts, her tight top was restricting access, so he just ripped open her jacket sending her buttons flying.

Mark was actually surprised at himself, it had been a long time since he was so fully fueled with lust that he had behaved this way. A thread of doubt entered his mind, but then he heard Sharon say, "Fuck me baby, fuck me" and he knew that he was ok.

His cock was on fire, the glans pumping deep into this dirty slut's fuck hole. He could feel the hardness of her cervix as his shaft bottomed out. He felt Sharon's hand between her legs rubbing her clit then grabbing his balls and giving them a light squeeze.

Sharon's moans increased as he found her right nipple and pinched it. He then grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back gently. Sharon's back arched enabling Mark's cock to drive home even deeper, every thrust was taking him a step closer to his orgasm. But he wanted her to cum first, so he slowed down and controlled his breathing whilst working a good rhythm. Sharon let out a wail... "don't stop, right there, that's it right there, don't stop..." A moment later her voice quivered in a moan, her cunt clenched around Mark's cock as her climax gripped through her body. This was enough for Mark to relax and a few pumps later he made his final thrust, burying his meat into her womb. His cock releasing its load of hot semen into his new cum slut ... splat, splat, splat, splat ... four large ropes of cum erupting right onto her cervix, painting it white with his goo.

Sharon slowly opened her eyes and blinked quickly, clearing her vision. She released Mark's balls and slid her fingers along its length as he withdrew. She felt him shiver as his glans ran along her swollen cunt lips. The buttons from her suit were scattered on the floor and for a moment she was worried about her suit, but Mark distracted her with a simple question.

"Enough?" he asked.

Sharon pushed his hand away from the back of her head and standing up straight, turned towards him. His cock was still 75% hard and as she tugged it gently she said, "What was the name of that club again?"

"The Gathering," Mark stuttered in excitement, "Do you want to go?"

"Well," Sharon spun the lock on the toilet door and pulled the door open, "You go get me another drink, call a cab, and we'll see."

Buckling his belt as he went, Mark tore out the door and headed straight to the bar. As soon as he got there he called Marcus.

"Mate," Mark said, "You were right, we just fucked in the ladies."

Marcus laughed at Mark's enthusiasm. "And did you mention the club?" he asked.

"I didn't have to, she asked if we were going there."

"Of course she did," Marcus knew his wife all too well. "Well you've got the address, it's an old warehouse in Footscray this month. Should be one or two other sluts there getting banged, she'll love all the cocks. You do have your disease free status confirmed don't you?"

Mark looked over to see Sharon exiting the hallway near the toilets, somehow she'd managed to redress the damage to her suit by leaving it open, her white top pulled out of her skirt. Still elegant, but a little rough around the edges.

"Yep, yep" Mark said, "Gotta go, she's coming back."

"Remember her motto, 'two in the pink is better than one in the stink.' Marcus said.

Mark laughed as he pressed the red bar, disconnecting the call.

"I take it that was Marcus, not the cab?"

"Umm, how did you know?"

Sharon just shook her head, "Men!" she exclaimed.

The barman arrived with a couple of cocktails. Mark grabbed them, held his elbow out for Sharon to link her arm into and proceeded to a booth in a dark corner of the bar.

Mark's cock was still semi erect and he could feel the lust juices of him and Sharon in his jocks. He smiled at the feelings.

Pouring the drinks, Mark leaned into Sharon and said "that was incredible, you're amazing, I hope you're ready for more fun tonight?"

"I can't wait babe, tell me all about it..." Sharon said...

"Well, after some of the thing that Marcus told me about you, I'm sure you're going to fit in very well, provided you like lots of cock and cum." Mark said teasingly.

With that he raised his glass for cheers and then both gulped down their drinks before heading out to the taxi rank out the front of the hotel.

Mark gave the address, to the driver, a semi industrial area of Footscray. Then he settled back to enjoy the ride with Sharon.

After a couple of minutes, Sharon said, look at this. She grabbed Mark's hand and put it between her legs. He soon found her crotch drenched in carnal juices. So he scooped up the cum that had just gushed out of her. He raised his hand to Sharon's nose for a sniff then did the same. Sharon grabbed his hand and licked his fingers, gulping down the juices smiling like a cheshire cat and saying yummmmm...

Mark was impressed, and instantly knew that Sharon would indeed enjoy the night ahead.

Soon enough the taxi arrived, Mark paid then led the way through the old warehouse complex. He wrapped an arm around Sharon's waist as a show of support. Mark knew that she would be a little worried because the area was isolated and quite scary. Down a dark alley way, then finally a nondescript graffitied door. Mark knocked, the door opened and the large security guard said tickets and STI all clear please. Mark dived into his pocket and produced two tickets. Then showed his phone with his all clear. Sharon did the same.

"All good" said the guard, "enjoy your night, guys"

Mark led Sharon into a change room that was just a wooden frame with sheets, and some lockers. Mark stripped to his jocks and Sharon stripped down to her stockings, suspenders, heels and sexy bra. She was commando of course and Mark thought that it was probably a good idea as lost underwear was a common occurrence at other Gatherings.

They walked out to the warehouse hand in hand, Sharon of course held Mark tight as she was nervous. It took a couple of minutes for their eyes to adjust to the darkened room, but only seconds to hear the distinct sound of fucking.

Sharon stopped in her tracks as she saw the twenty or so naked men standing around a room where there were two other women, all in varying states of undress, being fucked, fondled or both. One of the men, his thick cock bobbing tantalisingly in front of him, came quickly towards them.

"Sorry love," he said, "You're not meant to be undressed like that, and your mate," he said to Mark, "no undies."

Looking confused Sharon and Mark looked at each other but it was Sharon who spoke first.

"Why do I have to be dressed?" she said, "I want to fuck right now."

"Fuck, I admire your enthusiasm," he said, "But this is a clothed female, naked male themed night."

"CFNM" Mark said in a sudden moment of realisation. "It said that on the ticket, but I ignored it."

"Let's go," Sharon said, "I need to fuck these delicious thick cocks."

The pair spun on their heels and headed straight back to the change room where Sharon quickly threw her suit back on. She dug her panties out of her bag and slid the damp cloth back on.

When Mark dropped his Bonds, his cock uncurled and Sharon licked her lips. "You can't go out there with only a semi-hard cock," she said and with that dropped to her knees.

Mark was not expecting the enthusiasm with which Sharon devoured his cock. The pleasure instantaneous and electric. Within seconds he was hard as steel and his left leg started shaking. Sharon looked up at him from her position and smiled wickedly. Mark grabbed her hand and helped her to stand, saying, "I think I'm ready, what do you think" Sharon "Uh-humed" and almost skipped as they walked towards the group...

The "host" greeted them again saying "Now that's much better guys. Ok love, so you feel the need for seed", he said with a chuckle. "Right this way then"

He took Sharon by the hand and walked her to a stack of pallets which were piled about a metre high. There was a blanket draped over them to protect against splinters. He helped Sharon up onto the pallets as some of the guys that had been occupied with the other women peeled off and approached Sharon.

Sharon felt a pang of lust drive through her body as she looked at the erect cocks heading her way.

The host said "Ok guys lets show our guest just how we fuck sluts here at the gathering" "mate" the host said to Mark. "you head over to Tiffany or Lisa, take your pick, we'll entertain your lady for you."

Sharon laid back and a second later Sharon had two cocks vying for her oral attentions, whilst she felt her legs being parted and her panties pulled to one side.

The guy between her legs said "Hey boys look at this sexy cunt, looks like she has already been nutted tonight" as he saw the cum soaked panties and the remnants of Marks seed around her labia. "Fuck I love sluts" he groaned as he lined his 9" cock up and rammed it home in one pump.

Sharon cried in cock-muffled ecstasy as her cunt yielded to him. Hands began tearing at her blouse as men began searching for her tender, excited nipples. The guy fucking her began rubbing her swollen clit as he slid his cock into her moist hole. One of the men fucking her mouth pulled his cock out and offered his ball bag to her and she licked the tightening sack as he pulled on his cock.

"What a great fucking slut," he said "She's a great find."

Sharon had one cock in each hand, two taking turns in her mouth, one in her cunt and hands squeezing and pinching her tits and massaging her clit. The orgasm she had when the guy fucking her exploded in her cunt was so intense that when her pussy contracted, he could barely get his cock back in again.

"Oh fuck yeah," she groaned, "More, fuck me some more."

"No worries love," one of them said and took his place between her legs. A long stream of white masculine effluvia oozed out of her well fucked hole and his cock slid easily in. "Hell yeah, this is a great cunt." Her panties were rubbing against his ball bag, a kink he enjoyed.

Sharon leant upwards and watched the cock sliding into her hole. There was one guy wanking as he held onto her leg and licked her stockings. Another was rubbing his dick on her skirt.

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