A Startling Beginning

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: It happened, began in church. Connie brought her mentally handicapped daughter Virginia, Ginny to church. During the service there was an embarrassing incident that involved the man sitting behind them, Matt Womack, to whom Ginny seemed to take a particular shine. But that was only the beginning; love came later.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

In Church:

It was Matt's, Matt Womack's, Sunday in church. He didn't go every Sunday but went fairly often, and today was his day. His lifestyle, at 41 years, was pretty much settled, especially after the death of his Mom and Dad a number of years previously. He lived a solitary and quiet life but wasn't a complainer about it. His business was doing well and so was he, as a result.

He remembered, and idly mused on the fact, as he went to church, that he'd seen a very pretty, kind of short dark haired woman there now and again. She always had a dark haired girl, who seemed to be early teens or so, in a wheel chair, that she brought.

The girl was sometimes quite calm and sometimes a bit disruptive, by never very. As a matter of fact, Matt was always pretty impressed with the way that the woman took care of the young girl in the wheel chair. She always took her to the altar for a blessing, during the holy communion. Matt liked that; he thought it was a wonderful gesture.

Today, when he got to his seat, he was on the end of the aisle. He was over sitting in one of the side sections, and after he'd been seated there a bit, the woman came in.

Today she pushed the girl in the wheel chair to the side, the side where Matt was sitting and they ended up just a row in front of him.

Once they got into place, the girl in the chair looked up at Matt and got a huge grin on her face. The grin never left her face for an instant.

Matt was struck by that and smiled back at her. When he smiled, the grin that split her face got huge, and she began to make little floppy kinds of hand gestures.

It was at that point that the woman turned to look at him. Now she too was smiling, especially at the way that her daughter —- that's who Matt thought the girl was —- was just grinning at Matt.

"Hi," Matt said.

He got a very soft: "Hi," in return from the dark haired woman and the girl in the wheel chair never ceased to beam at him. He didn't understand it but knew that he enjoyed it.

The service progressed and Matt was aware of how composed the girl in the chair was. She would now and then look at him, and every time that she did, she got a huge grin on her face. She also periodically made kind of compulsive movements, as though she had no real control but she was never really disruptive.

The service went on, and it seemed that Matt's singing voice also made the girl smile. He made sure that he smiled back at her on those occasions.

He noticed, in addition, that the woman made sure never to not be in contact with the girl. She let her hand linger on the girl's shoulder, stroked her cheek and just seemed to be constantly reassuring her daughter.

They came to the time in the service for the passing of the peace. It was a general kind of movement then among the people attending, with people moving around a bit to greet friends and acquaintances.

The woman turned to Matt and exchanged the peace with him. It was not so much a handshake between them as it was him getting to hold her hand for a moment, a fleeing moment. He liked the feel of her soft hand but thrust that thought away into the back of his mind immediately.

("Matt, you're in church!" he said to himself right then.)

The general movement of the people seemed to stir the girl in the wheel chair and she began to move around, flailing her arms just a little bit. Her mother moved immediately to calm her down by whispering to her and touching her.

It seemed to work. The woman had her back to Matt and was bending over her daughter in the chair.

For that Sunday, the woman, Constance Corriero, a lovely 36 year old, was wearing a kind of a knit dress kind of garment. It had tails and a hem that was at various lengths. The hem kind of went up and down in waves like around the bottom of the garment. She wore, beneath that, a pair of navy blue opaque pantyhose.

As the girl was finally calming down from the hustle and bustle of the peace sharing, she made one last uncontrolled arm gesture.

It had the effect of getting caught in one of the 'tails' of the dress and pulled the dress actually up to her Mom's waist.

Matt was struck as though hit on the head by a hammer. For that fleeting number of seconds, the woman's dress was hauled up, by her daughter's gesture, to her waist, exposing her butt, encased in the navy blue of the pantyhose.

Matt simply stared; he stared. He could see the sheen of her skin beneath the upper part of the pantyhose, showing that she was not wearing panties under the pantyhose.

He also noticed that the pantyhose ran right up to her waist and were captured in the crack of the woman's butt.

Matt admitted to himself that the sight was totally, completely grand. He couldn't and didn't force his eyes away from the sight. He stared.

Quickly enough the woman swept her hand around her back and pushed the hem of her dress back down.

It was almost as though Matt were holding his breath up to that point and only breathed easily, once the woman had straightened her skirt.

But the image was burned into his mind. He knew that he wouldn't get rid of that image very quickly, if at all.

At that point, he warned himself again that he was in church, and, as before with the feel of her hand in his, he filed the image of her blue clad butt cheeks into the back of his mind, only to be thought about later.

He went back to paying attention to the part of the service where they were at, and now and again, he exchanged a smile with the young girl, who again seemed to be calm.

When the service ended, the girl turned her attention again to Matt. She seemed to sense that she could now make some noise again, and as she looked at Matt, with another grin on her face, she made some throat noises.

He looked down at her and smiled, saying a soft 'Hi'.

She responded with a similar noise to him. It was then that her Mom turned to face Matt. He was sure that his face was red, when he had a quick mental replay of the girl raising her Mom's hem to her waist and showing him the wonderful sight of the butt cheeks, encased in blue material.

"She likes you," the woman said simply.

"How wonderful," he said. He stumbled a bit and said: "I'm Matt, Matt Womack."

She said that her name was Connie Corriero and this was her daughter Virginia, Ginny.

Then he had the pleasure of having Connie Corriero's soft hand in his again. As before, it was not really quite a hand shake but rather let him hold her hand for just a moment.

"Pleased to meet you, Connie," he said, still holding her hand.

Then he turned and said: "Hi, Ginny."

She grinned at him and said a kind of similar word to his 'Hi' greeting.

"She is so well behaved," he said.

"Thank you," Connie said. "She gets excited by parts of the service. The exchange of the peace and all."

He tried not to let his reaction to that statement show on his face.

"Yes, I guess she does," he said, wondering then if this pretty Connie Corriero knew that he'd been spying on her pantyhose clad butt a bit ago. He hoped not.

They turned into the aisle then, which eventually led them through the door to greet the pastor, who was waiting there. He had an effusive greeting for Ginny and a very cordial one for Connie.

"Hey, Matt," he said to Matt, when it was Matt's turn.

Matt went out and was pleased by the fact that Connie was parked in the same part of the back lots as he was. She had an SUV parked in one of the special parking spots, where she stopped and transferred Ginny's chair into the back of the SUV, with an automated plate to help in the process.

She was walking back around the back of the car, when he passed her.

"You do so well with her," he said.

She stopped and said: "It's not always that easy. It helped today a great deal that she took such a shine to you."

"My pleasure," he said.

Then she surprised him: "Sorry that she was lifting my skirt that way during the passing of the peace."

He got extremely red in the face and said: "That's totally okay."

She said nothing further but she kind of grinned at him getting so red faced about it.

"Enjoy your day," he said, as he turned to go away.

"You too," she said, and just then Ginny was making noises and he looked and realized that it was for him that the noises were meant.

"I've got a friend," he said.

"Seems so," she said, turning to get into the SUV.

"She knew," he said to himself, in an almost accusatory voice.

But he got a quick answer too: "The sight, that sight was grand, just grand."

He meant it too, and let the little scene, from the passing of the peace, run through his mind again a time or two. He stared, mentally, at the loveliness of her pantyhose encased butt cheeks and found it stimulating both times.

"Back off a bit, mister," he said to himself but still grinned at the replay of the scene.


A pattern was quickly set for them. Matt continued to sit in the same part of the church, and Connie brought Ginny and always sat where Ginny could see Matt. It seemed to make a great deal of difference to Ginny.

After one particular Sunday, when Matt was home with a cold, Connie told him the next week, when he asked, that Ginny was much more nervous, when he wasn't there.

They took time to talk to one another after each service and Ginny stayed pretty calm, continuously grinning at Matt.

The issue of that Sunday, when Ginny had raised her Mom's skirt was never alluded to again, but it also never left Matt's mind for an instant.

(It should maybe be said that Matt was a 'bottom' man. He enjoyed the views that he had periodically of women's bottoms quite the most. Certainly he liked nice breasts and good looking legs but women's bottoms were what really 'rang his bell', so to speak, and in that vein Connie's bottom looked to be fairly a national treasure. That's what he thought at least.)

He screwed up his courage and one Sunday, a number of weeks after the incident with the skirt raising, Matt asked if he might take them to brunch.

"Is that possible?" he asked. "I mean, I don't know exactly what kind of limitations she has, you know."

"Oh," Connie said, "It's a lovely offer but once I've got her out of church, she's kind of at the limit of her ability to stay calm. Once I get her home, she calms down and we're fine but going out for brunch would not be the best, maybe."

"I see," he said, trying to hide his disappointment.

But she wasn't finished: "But could you come and join us for brunch at our place?"

His face brightened and he said a quick 'yes' to that.

"I just hope that I'm not being a problem for you."

"No, of course not," she said.

They went to Connie and Ginny's small house, with Matt following them.

Once inside the house, with Ginny still grinning at Matt, they went to the kitchen and Connie fixed some brunch for them.

It was eggs and bacon for them. The eggs were a favorite of Ginny's. She made happy faces, when she saw them, scrambled, brought to the table.

She was then making some almost frantic gestures with her hands.

Connie turned to Matt and said: "She knows that she'll be fed now. She seems to want you to feed her."

"Love to," he said, and they sat and talked, while he ate and also fed Ginny.

Toward the end of the meal, it was obvious that Ginny was getting tired.

"It's time for her nap," Connie said.

At that point, as Connie was wheeling her away from the kitchen, after a clean up for her. Ginny was making hand gestures at Matt.

He was aware and knew what she wanted. He went to her and kissed her cheek, then put his hand on the side of her cheek and said softly: "Sleep well, Ginny love."

When he straightened up, he noticed Connie looking at him with the sheen of tears in her eyes.

"Be right back," Connie said. "Please wait."

"Yes," he said, and sat and sipped a cup of coffee to wait.

She came back, and as soon as they were together in the kitchen, she fairly streamed into his arms.

She was holding on to him and he was aware of the pressure of her thighs against his, her breasts pressing against his chest.

She raised her head and said something that Matt was totally unprepared for: "You saw my ass." Connie said. "She showed it to you, those few weeks ago."

"Yes, I did," he said.

She made a kind of cooing noise in her throat then.

"Haven't gotten the sight out of my mind for more than ten seconds since then."

"Good," she said to him and, lifting her head, kissed her. Then she said: "Wait."

He waited with an anticipation now that was all consuming. She returned quickly only now all he could initially do was stare at her.

She was wearing only a pair of navy blue pantyhose. They were stretched over her magnificent ass, as they had been a few weeks ago. He could tell by the sheen of her skin beneath the fabric of the pantyhose that she wasn't wearing panties.

"Oh, you siren," he said softly and she, with a broad smile entered his arms.

"Now you get to touch my ass," she said. "I know you wanted to then but couldn't but now you can."

"Oh, yes," he groaned, realizing that he was as hard, in his erection, as he could ever remember.

She apparently realized it too, because, as they hugged, and kissed again, she began to giggle a bit.

"Feels like you're excited," she said softly. "Bet you're big and tasty too," she went on with a smile.

He gave her a grin, and then:"Yes, yes, excited. Don't remember being this excited before." he admitted, still a bit overcome by the sheer physical presence of her.

She giggled again.

"Hands on my ass, please," she said. "I don't want you to lose your way."

"Then keep helping me out like that," he said.

"Oh, I will," she said, her lips against his, as they were kissing.

Then his hands were indeed sliding downwards and enclosing around those twin ass cheeks that had dominated his thinking, ever since Ginny had raised her Mom's dress that day in church with a swift movement of her arm.

"How about if I do this?" she asked, sweeping the blue fabric down so that it rested now, the pantyhose rested now beneath the swell of her ass cheeks. "How about this?" she asked again.

"Oh shit," he said and she grinned. "Yes," she cooed at him. "Use the dirty words, all the dirty words."

He followed an overwhelming urge then; he pulled out his phone and took her picture. It set her giggling.

"Lovely," she declared, bending a bit to give him a clearer picture of her butt.

"Now this way," she said, skinning the pantyhose down and off and standing gloriously naked for him and his camera. She shot her arms up in the air and grinned at him for the photo. Then she moved in his direction.

"This is so nice," she said, "So nice; me completely naked, tits and ass hanging out and you with your clothes on and that big bulge in the front of your pants. May I have it? May I?"

"Yes," he said quietly and held her and kissed her, taking possession of her ass cheeks again, getting more noises from her."

"You smell so nice," he whispered to her.

"My bath oil," she said.

"No, not only bath oil," was his reply. "It's you, the way that you smell; that's what it is."

She was kissing him again then.

"You are all contrasts too," he said next. "Lovely black hair and white, white skin. Large white breasts..."

"Tits, call them tits," she urged.

"Large white tits and gorgeous large, brown nipples," he said then, with his hand following his words down her body, tweaking the nipples, pulling at them a bit and giving them just a bit of a pinch, which was getting a little noise and jump from her. "Yes, small pinches," she whispered, "Small pinches for me."

"Gorgeous plane of your white stomach down to the prettiest patch of pussy hair that I've ever seen," he said. "And an ass to build an empire on."

"Love the way you talk about me," she whispered to him.

Then she was urging him again: "Give it to me; may I? May I have it? You dressed with your cock out and taking me. I want it everywhere: pussy, then ass, then mouth. That's what I want, and I promise, promise that next time it's your time."

"Yes," he said, his voice strained with the passion, "Next time! I want a next time."

She was next to and almost up against the wall. She was anticipating now that he was going to get himself out and take her.

He fooled her a bit. He chuckled and reached under her and began to put a long finger into the crack of her butt, getting a wail from her. He fooled around with the finger in her butt crack and put pressure on her, getting her up on her toes then. He pushed again and the finger entered her from behind.

"Oh," she sighed, "Your finger in my butt hole; love that."

He chuckled again and then he took his other hand and forced possessed her entire pussy mound with the hand, pushing one errant finger into her pussy. She was fairly beyond words with that.

"Got you, Connie, beautiful Connie," he said into her ear. "Got you."

"Got me," she said, "Captive, willing, wanting anything and everything."

He wiggled with both fingers, raising her again on her toes and getting a kind of wail from her.

"Yes, yes," she breathed at him, "Fingers in my ass and in my pussy; how grand it is."

Then he was more than ready. "Now," he said.

"Now," she repeated.

He pushed her upper body forward so that she was leaning against the kitchen wall again and pulled her hips toward himself, bending her from the waist.

"Fantastic ass," he whispered to her, making her hum. "I'd hate myself," he whispered then, "If I didn't do this at least once."

"What," she asked, looking around at him and wondering.

She was watching him, as he reached back and slapped her ass; the sound was sharp and her reaction immediate.

"Ass slapping too," she said avidly. "I've got myself a keeper."

He reached his hand down and unzipped his pants. Her hand was right there with his.

When he took his erection out, she grabbed it with her hand.

"Lovely and big; big and fat; I knew it," she said, fairly in triumph. 'Now, now," she urged.

Then he slipped into her, with her softly wailing a kind of new triumph. He began to move with her then, straightening up so that now he had her toes only touching the ground, and had her almost dangling from his erection.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned. "Fucking me; this man, this gorgeous man is fucking me."

He moved then, getting a suppressed squeal from her and was lodged then in her ass. Each movement was heralded by her sighs, comments and noises.

Her voice faded with the words being repeated over and over: "He's in my ass ... in my ass ... in my..."

They worked together on it then. He clung to her with each hand possessing a breast. They were in movement with each other. He came first and then she slid into an all-encompassing orgasm with him.

She moved first then, and was on her knees in front of him. She took his deflating erection into her mouth, her eyes scanning his, as she did and she sucked on him, bringing him to life again.

This time, however, she kept doing her oral magic on him, letting him flood her mouth.

When he was finished, she rose and said quietly: "May we kiss? I don't know if..."

He cut her off, sealing her lips with his, tasting himself in the process.

"Oh," she sighed into his shoulder, "This is what you're like, and I haven't even gotten your clothes off to take a picture of you for me. I want you around all the time."

They embraced for a long, long minute. He was simply swept away by the circumstance of it, with him still totally dressed and her completely naked. They sat then, she was still naked, and seeming to enjoy being naked with him. He got a towel for her to sit on, as they talked.

She told him about her husband leaving shortly after they knew that Ginny was 'special', and subsequently being killed in a motorcycle accident and that then her parents, as a result, set up a trust fund for her and Ginny.

"It pretty much takes care of us," she explained. "Though I do work from home here," she went on. "I keep and update medical records for a few groups of doctors. It's work that I like and keeps me busy and helps me and Ginny out."

"I am simply awed by the way that you care for her," he said.

"Of course," was her answer, "She's my baby."

"How able is she?" he asked.

"Oh, fairly these days," she said. "The toilet training was and at times is still a challenge but we manage.It was so much easier, once we got past that hurdle."

"I'm sure that it was," he said.

"Please tell me about you," she said, and chuckled. "After all, I've kind of picked you up from church and got a chance to have all sorts of great, and sexy things done to me but hardly know you. How bad is that?" She was giggling, as she finished.

So then it was his turn. He told her that he owned a manufacturing company, G.& O. LTD, which he had from his Dad, who, along with his Mom was gone now. He paused then and said quietly:"I still miss those people." She held his hand then.

"Yes, ' she said softly, "My Momma and Dad are gone too. They loved Ginny so."

They were both quiet then for a moment.

He went on then to tell her that he'd inherited the family home, when his parents died. "It's a huge, old but well built victorian, which I've had rehabbed during the past five years. It's been that long that they've been gone."

It was just then that they heard some noise from the bedroom, where Ginny was.

"I have to get her now," Connie said. "I'll put her on the toilet now too, if you can wait a few more minutes. I know she'll be happy to see you."

"Sure," he said, and waited, as Connie got Ginny up, and to the toilet.

When she wheeled Ginny into the room, Ginny's face broke out in a huge smile, when she saw him. She made happy noises and shot her arms out for him.

He smiled at her and went to give her a hug, letting her enfold him with her arms, and kissing her cheek.

"Hi, Ginny," he said, after the cheek kiss, and she was making noises back at him, as if to return his greeting.

"I'll feed her now," Connie said, "She's always hungry when she gets up from her nap."

He left a bit after that. He told her that he had to stop by his plant and see to a few things yet that day.

He got a hug from Ginny and kissed her cheek, and then it was a hug from Connie, who'd put on a pair of running pants and a tee shirt, when she went to get Ginny up.


The entire event continually pressed itself on Matt's mind. He also realized that things had indeed changed for him through the visit that he'd made to Connie and Ginny's small house.

The first and uppermost thought in his mind had been, to tell the truth, that view of Connie's butt in those navy blue pantyhose. That had changed.

There were in fact several things that had caused the change for Matt Womack. The obvious adoration, that he wasn't really sure he understood, of Ginny for him was one such factor. Connie too had become a different kind of person in his mind. It's certainly true that the view of her pantyhose covered butt still lingered prominently in his mind but he saw her in a broader context now. He saw her as the adoring, caring Mother. He saw her as the person who took such good care of her 'special' daughter.

It changed the equation for him totally.

The passion that he'd discovered with her, during the visit, only enhanced the total impression that he'd received and, by now, cherished.

These thoughts kept parading through his mind now and again during the work week and he was always pleased to entertain them.

It was Wednesday. Things were humming at the plant and going very well for him. His secretary buzzed him on the intercom and gave him the message: "Boss, a Ms Corriero and her daughter are here to see you."

"Ms Corriero?" he said, surprised and pleased.

He went to the door and was greeted immediately by the happy look on Ginny's face, when she spotted him.

He grinned back at her. He went to her and bent to let her hug him and then kissed her cheek, while reaching out for Connie's hand, as he did.

Then he was hugging Connie.

"You feel so wonderful," he said into Connie's ear, getting a grin from her in response. Then it was: "Thank you for coming and bringing her to visit me. This is a true treat for me."

"It's our outing for today," Connie said, "And I thought that she'd enjoy it as much as I do."

"Welcome to G & O," he said to her, getting a quick, soft kiss from her in greeting.

He personally took them on the grand tour of the place. Ginny was excited by all of the hustle and bustle of the place and the manufacturing process that they were witnessing.

Matt was right there with them for the whole tour and held Ginny's hand for much of it. He had one handle of the wheel chair and Connie was at the other one.

Once the tour was finished, he took them to the cafeteria, where he got lunch for the three of them. Ginny looked around, as she ate and made her happy noises. Now and again she reached out and stroked either her Momma's or Matt's face with her hand.

He walked them to the door of the plant, when lunch was finished.

"Can you come to dinner?" she asked.

"Love to, when?" he responded.

"Tonight, tomorrow?" she asked.

"I really have to work late tonight," he said. "It's the end of the month and special reports are due and to be digested but tomorrow works for me well."

"Good," she said, smiling. "It's going to be Matt's turn."

"Oh, that sounds exciting," he said, bending to her.

She kissed him and stroked his face with her hand.

"I'm falling for you," she said.

"Beautiful Connie, Mother of our Ginny," he responded, "That's the best news of the day."

He was exactly on time the next night. He dressed casually, since he didn't really know how to dress. As soon, however, as Connie opened the door, he got a hint about the evening.

She stood there smiling, while he only stared at her.

She was wearing a pair of pantyhose like leggings. They were navy blue and were sheer enough to see the patina of her skin beneath the fabric of the hose.

In addition, she wore a 'v-neck' tee shirt. But a quick glance showed Matt that she wore neither a bra nor panties. Her nipples were pressing against the fabric of the tee shirt, and she was showing nice cleavage in the 'v-neck' of the tee shirt.

Also, her pubic hair was pressing against the fabric of the leggings in the front.

He caught himself saying, almost to himself: "You're not wearing..."

"No, I'm not, Mr Womack," she said, "Know what that means?"

"What?" he said, his voice rather faint from the sight he was staring at.

"You're in trouble," she said, softly.

"Oh, yes," he replied, "Trouble."

She grinned at him and then she was hugging him and lifting her face for a kiss.

As they kissed, before he could make any kind of move, her hands were down and moving around his butt.

"Tonight it's your ass in trouble," she said to him softly.

"Enchantress," he said to her.

"Every inch of me," she admitted, "Every crack, every nipple, every pussy hair."

It left him grinning.

"Is my special person here," he asked.

"She is," Connie said, lightening up, "She's waiting for you. I told her that you were coming and she certainly understood that little bit of information."

They went, hand in hand, into the kitchen, where Ginny was seated. She broke into almost uncontrollable smiles and grins, as soon as she saw Matt.

He was all smiles for her too.

Ginny extended an arm for a hug from Matt. He went to her and, leaning down, did hug her and kiss her cheek, while she made happy noises to him and to her Momma.

Connie watched the interaction with a large smile on her face.

"You are so good for her," Connie said.

"Because she's an angel," Matt answered, and then Connie joined the hugging that was still going on between him and Ginny.

They both sat and paid attention to Ginny, whom they fed first. She was having scrambled eggs, a favorite of hers. Connie included a kind of green, veggie drink for Ginny, which Matt fed her, holding the cup and putting the straw into her mouth.

They spent a nice amount of time with Ginny, and then she was about ready for bed.

"Do you mind if I give her a quick bath," Connie asked.

"Not at all," Matt said. "Just let me know, when she's ready for a 'good night' kiss and hug from me."

It didn't take a very long amount of time, and eventually Connie called for him to come, indicating that she had Ginny in bed and her nightgown on.

Ginny gave him a delighted look, when he entered her small bedroom.

Even as he went into the small room to bid Ginny 'good night' Matt was already thinking of a plan in his mind. He knew that he'd have to mull it over but was beginning then, and had been thinking of it for a short amount of time, to consider asking the two of them, Connie and Ginny to come and live with him in his large victorian. He realized too that he liked the idea very much, and that some work would need to be done. He was determined to get on with that work immediately.

He was hugging her then and listening to her happy chatter. He kissed her forehead and then her cheek.

"God bless you, Ginny love," he said to her.

She mimicked his words and said them back to him. It left Connie standing there with tears shining in her eyes, as she watched the interplay between her Ginny and Matt.

Then Connie spent some time with her and got Ginny settled down for the night.

As she finished, Matt stepped out of the room and waited. Connie came out in just a little bit and went directly into his arms.

"You are so marvelous with her," he said. "It lightens me and my world every time I see the way that you interact with her."

"You wonderful man," Connie said. "Treating my sweetie, my Ginny so well, and she loves you so much."

She clung to him then, while he savored the feel of her up against him.

"You're mine now," she said.

"Yes," he agreed.

"Do you remember those sweet, dirty things that you did to me last week?" she asked softly.

"Yes," he said, "Those things have been parading through my mind for the whole week. Has kept me pretty much erect all week long."

She giggled. "Goodie," she said. "Well, I want you to know that I'm going to pay those things back in spades tonight. How about that, cowboy."

"Cowboy?" he said, smirking, "You must have me mixed up with some other boyfriend. I'm not a cowboy; I'm a business man, a manufacturer."

"And you're getting into deeper and deeper trouble right now, cowboy," she said giving him an almost feral grin.

"Oops," he said. "Okay, I'll behave."

"All you really have to do, cowboy, is obey," she said.

"I am fully prepared to do that," he said.

"Good," she replied, "The first thing that I want is you naked, right now."

"Naked it is," he said, grinning and beginning by taking his shirt off.

She took the shirt, once it was off and walked ahead of him into her bedroom, which was bigger than Ginny's but not really by very much.

He was still staring at the wiggle of her butt cheeks beneath the thin fabric of the leggings.

"Enchantress!" he said to her again.

"Okay, cowboy, see anything you like?" she asked.

"Lots," was his comment.

"Come on now," she said next, "Clothes off."

"Doing it; doing it right now," he said, and slipped off his loafers and socks.

She took those also and held out her hand. He knew what she wanted and then undid the belt at his waist and then unbuttoned his slacks, taking them down and off.

"Everything?" he asked.

She grinned and said: "Everything. Last week it was you dressed and me naked; this week it's you naked and me almost dressed."

"You dressed like an enchantress," he corrected.

That got him a kiss from her. When the kiss was finished she whispered into his ear: "Naked! Now!"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said. "Naked now."

He slipped his bvds down and off and handed them to her too. She put her hand over her mouth and giggled at the sight of his erection, standing up straight and tall.

"Now you just follow me," she said, grabbing him by the erection and leading him to the bed. He was grinning.

She sat him there and then said: "One little adjustment to make."

He simply watched as she wet a wash cloth in the bathroom and returned with it, wetting the front of her 'v necked' tee shirt. It rendered the material transparent and showed off her large breasts and hard nipples. She grinned at him.

"Why is it that I feel like I'm in lots of trouble?" he said.

"You are, cowboy," she assured him. "Now on the bed lying on your stomach please."

He complied then, simply giving in to what she wanted.

"One question," she asked then. "Do you want your hands tied?"

The very thought hit him like a blow to the head.

"Hands tied?" he said, more to himself than to her. He lifted his head then and grinned at her and said: "I might like that. I sense that this is going to be a totally new experience."

"Yes, a part of it is," she assured him. "I do want you to know that we'll end with you loving me anyway. But I'll get to play a bit."

"Yes," he said, "Play. So, hands tied."

She tied his hands behind him and then, with his hands bound, grabbed him by the shoulder and kissed him. The kiss was wet and deep and communicated to each of them the feelings that they were experiencing.

"Okay, cowboy," she said, getting a chuckle from him, "On your stomach."

He went to the bed to comply and she helped him get onto the bed on his stomach.

"Magnificent," she said to him, running her hands up and down the pillows of his butt cheeks. He sighed.

She pushed his thighs apart and then lowered her head. The next thing he felt was her tongue rasping over his balls.

"Ohhhh," he sighed.

"Like?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," he answered.

Then she moved a bit and had his balls in her mouth, sucking on them. His reaction was even stronger this time. When she finished that, she said: "Okay, it's time, cowboy."

"Yes," he said, "I want to be your cowboy."

She rustled around a bit, apparently gathering things. He simply lay his head on the pillow and let her do what she wanted. He vividly remembered the previous week, when he did what had been on his mind. Now he was determined to give her the same chance.

She was soon ready and pried his butt cheeks apart.

He sucked in his breath loudly, when he felt her press a finger against his puckered hole and push the finger inside.

"Aaaaaaaa," he sighed, as she moved the finger around a bit.

Then she jabbed another finger into him, getting a similar response from him.

"Ohhhhhhh," he wailed. "Didn't even think this feeling was possible."

"It is, cowboy," she said, pulling both fingers from the lodgment.

He gave an involuntary cry, as she removed her fingers.

But she gave him no rest. Immediately he felt the bullet like head of a fairly small vibrator, which she pushed now into him, where her fingers had abandoned him.

He cried out again and then even more so, as she turned the vibrator on. It had him sweating now and moving a bit on the bed.

"Let's get you up on your side," she said, working with him to get him on his side.

She leaned down then and kissed him.

"Okay?" she asked.

"Yes," he said softly, still reacting to the humming and vibrating machine she'd pushed into him.

"I can do this because I love you," she said into his face.

"I love you too," he said. "Do this to me."

She reached over him and brought a kind of small red machine. It had a large rounded head on it, and when she turned it on, it too vibrated.

She held the machine then to the underside of the head of his erection. He gave a kind of gagging cry and began to cum all over immediately. It left him sighing, and her grinning.

She set aside the small red vibrator and got the other vibrator and turned it off, setting it on the night stand. She also untied his hands then.

She bent over him and began to slowly to lick the cum from the front of him, where much of it had gone. When she had a mouth full of it, she turned him onto his back and, lowering her face, simply emptied her mouth into his.

He took it and then sent half of it back into her mouth. Then she took off her 'v-necked' tee shirt and the leggings and lay down pressed against him.

She reached down then and grasped his softening erection. He responded, as she played with him.

"Love me now," she said to him.

He moved and lay on top of her, entering her easily. She was completely ready.

"Loving my Connie now," he said, "Loving our Ginny's Momma now. Loving her now."

It was almost, in their loving, as if they were two different people now. For them it was time for a soft kind of love, for love making. The fury of the other was past, and stored away for any future time, when they might want to call it back up for themselves. Now it was time for soft loving, with kissing, and nipple licking, and small hands grasping his butt cheeks, as he led her into the love making. That's what it was time for.

He stayed over that night. In the morning his being there in the kitchen, when she was brought in was a huge treat for Ginny, who saw him and stretched out her arms to him and began to make her happy noises, upon seeing him.

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