The Derelict Station

by Marduk

Copyright© 2015 by Marduk

Sex Story: A chance meeting in the box car of a train leads a cyclist onto a sexual adventure - read on

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Mother   Niece   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

The landscape flashed by. The box car wasn't that comfortable, but it did accommodate his bike for he knew from past experience that a bike in a passengers section of a train didn't mix. 'Should reach my destination around lunch time', he muttered. 'The map said that the old rain line, now converted into a cycle track should take two and a bit hour to do the entire circle. The rail line doesn't do the circle but it picks up a bike track that does the return'. A quick gander at his watch told him that there was over an hour to go and they had one more station before his stop. 'May have a bit of a snooze', he muttered as he took up the entire seat, being the only individual in the box car for a 'cat nap'.

The sudden jarring of the car nearly rolled him off the seat. 'Shit I must have fallen asleep'. The train was stopped. 'Must have reached the last stop before I get off' he muttered as he picked up his helmet that had rolled onto the floor. It was then that the sliding door of the car opened and a woman pushing a bike entered. Women were always his interest, not that he was a 'ladies' man', far from it; his past experience with women was proof of that, but that didn't mean he didn't appreciate them or if the opportunity arose would ever knock them back, no matter how attractive they were and this woman was not attractive. In fact she lost out on all what he termed his recognization of 'his type of woman'. She had tits, but just, she was thin, not a skeleton but certainly not the plump and cuddling women that he loved. She also wasn't dressed as a cyclists and her bike was one of the very early 'woman's bike' that existed decades ago. The only upmarket accessory that she had was a helmet. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt, not the type of dress cyclists now wore. "I'll help you with that", he said as the bike had to be lifted onto the bicycle hook. She gave a grunt and sat down opposite him. Engaging women into a conversation could be difficult if there was no starting point and this woman didn't seem that interest, but she had a bike so there was an opening for a conversation. "Are you heading anywhere in particular?" he asked. The woman just stared back and the expression on her face was not encouraging. All he could do was accept the situation and shut-up.

For her part she really didn't know how to respond. She came from a violent family; her mother had been repeatedly bashed by her father and sexually abused by his brother. She had come to fear men finding herself many times in a situation where she had to perform sexual acts, especially with her Uncle, her mother's abuser, if she wanted assistance and many times was forced to suck his cock. She learnt quickly that her mouth could calm a situation and even though her mother was shocked at what she did, she was at least grateful for having his cock sucked satisfied the Uncle and her mother was spared another broken rib.

"My name is June", she suddenly said. Her voice coming so suddenly gave him a bit of a shock for he was expecting a very silent trip. "Rick" he replied. "I'm getting off at the next station for I'm planning to ride the old rail line, the map says the return trip takes a bit over two hours and there is a return train at six this evening. I should cover the distance and be back for the return in plenty of time", he said. From her initial comment she didn't enlarge or comment on his aims, again her mind was in a state of confusion. She had been told, no it had been drummed into her by her abusive uncle that if a man did something for her, he wanted to be rewarded and 'that you little cunt is where your mouth or that hairy crack between your thighs comes into play' and generally her uncle would force her to perform, either by sucking or fucking. "You helped me with the bike", she snapped. "Do you want to fuck me or do you want me to suck your cock". He almost fell off the seat.

"I ... I'm not asking for anything Miss. I helped you with the bike for to put it up on the hook can be a bit difficult and as we have a distance to go and as you were riding a bike I thought it would be a way to start a conversion".

"My Uncle told me that men always want something in return for a favour. He told me many times that I was obliged to either fuck or suck, that is the reason I asked what you favoured", she replied but with a touch of acid in her voice. "I am not your Uncle Miss. I helped because you could have found it difficult. However, if you want a fuck or would like to suck my cock I'm not going to say no. Out of the two I do like a suck and to empty a load into a woman's mouth I find a real delight". Again silence. He had no idea of what she was thinking but suddenly she got up, lifted her skirt and snapped. "Sure you don't want my cunt, my Uncle told me many times that any man would like to slam their cock up my hairy cunt". He just gave a grunt for she wore no panties and the growth at her groin was a mini forest.

"Fuck!" was really all he could come up as a reply.

"Well?" she asked. "We don't have all fucking day, what is it my cunt or my mouth".

"Your ... your mouth", he replied with a stammer. He stood up and dropped his riding shorts, his cock jumped free; she lowered herself and grabbed his balls and pulled him forward, opened her mouth and began to suck. His only comment was a long gasp of delight for fuck she knew how to suck. Having his cock sucked was not new and as her mouth slobbered over his length and her grip on his balls sent spasm of either pain or delight he remembered the first girl that had taken his cock into her mouth.

He had gone to the picture and in those days, long before technology had bought in television or modern gadget, people went to the pictures and this evening the theatre was packed. The lights had gone out when a girl sat beside him. Maybe it was the way she positioned her legs that they rubbed against his or maybe it was her closeness that made him rub her leg. She didn't pull away, just the opposite so it wasn't long before he was holding her hand giving it a squeeze which she returned for really in a crowded theatre there was nothing more he could do, although just for a second he put her hand on his groin and for a split second enjoyed the squeeze. It was when the light came on for the interval that he realised that she was not attractive, but that didn't bother him. She accepted his suggestion of a drink and when the show was over the offer of a ride home, naturally the long way around. There on a side road, with his trousers down, her tits bare her head buried into his groin he experienced a thrill that he had never encountered before, the slow sucking of a woman's mouth on his throbbing cock. He blew but so great was the delight that he pushed her head hard into his groin and held it till she had drained his nuts. Her comment although more of a gargle was "Did you enjoy that?" it was a question that deserved one answer. He picked her up each morning to take her to work but on a gravel road, just out of town she daily sucked him dry, till one morning he stopped her, got out of the car, pulled her out, bent her over, ripped down her panties and fucked, filling her completely and it was then his turn to ask "Did you enjoy that?"

Whether she did he didn't find out for shortly later she left her job and moved away. Now this woman was giving him a very similar pleasure. He blew, filling her mouth. She shuddered but he held her and only when his balls were empty released her. She pulled away and accepted his hanky. He didn't want it to end for if she fucked as well as she sucked this was one cunt he really wanted to experience. "When we reach the destination for the train goes no further what are you doing?" he asked.


"Would you like to ride with me for a ride is more enjoyable if you have a companion" he stated. For a minute and for the first time a grin passed her lips. "You are the first bloke that has every invited me for something that didn't involve me accommodating a cock. Sure I'll ride with you. I know the track you will be taking and I live by myself so I have ample time".

The ride was pleasant and despite her ancient bike she kept pace with him and it was only if there was a bit of a climb did she get behind for her machine didn't have gears. They reached a sort of junction for originally it had been a rail turning point and the track going off into the bush still had the rail lines in place, now very much covered in grass and weeds. "I noticed that track on the map and was considering exploring it", he said. "That is why I bought this bike along instead of my racing one for its tyres would not be suitable for any off track workout. Do you know where they lead?" he asked as he dismounted and had a drink.

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