Mom and Tom

by Shoeslayer

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Sex Story: Son comforts a sad and angry Mom, writes stories for her and they get intimate, The old man takes up drinking gets nasty and is "offed" by a guy from New Jersey and after that, well everyone is doing fine.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Incest   .

Mom and Dad always had a great thing going, Or so I thought, I dropped in one morning for coffee and Biscotti and Mom was looking pretty sullen as if she would be spending the rest of her life alone and depressed.

I saw her the day before the big bankers convention and Mom was looking quite hot, a floral skirt, ruffled v neck blouse, a nice string of pearls, her patent black dress heels were sparkling and yet she was given more complements by other men, her husband did not trouble himself to pay his wife a complement, thusly she felt sad, forlorn and quite angry and I could well understand her hurt.

"So Mom, if I am right, Dad said all the right things before you married and now it's like he pays you a complement as if it is coming out of his eyes?"

She looked at me over the tops of her her gold colored half-rounds, her mouth agape and her chin resting on her right hand. I knew she was a bit surprised I hit the nail on the head.

"Exactly, Tom. But he had no problem telling the other wives how good they looked, Oh yes I heard him talking at the bouffet table, really giving them the eye."

"Ya know Mom, it is just the way things worked out but I know I could be a much better husband than Dad could, any day of the week, the way you keep the house and cook, the way you keep your looks.

Did you ever get the idea that he expects you to always look good, therefore does not have to tell you you look good ... and basicly you feel taken for granted?"

"Tom, he acts like such a big shot because he is a boardmember for the bank and he did tell me I always had to look good just in case there was some big thing going on and wives would need to be present."

"So he wants you as a trophy wife? to show you off yet never say how good you look?"

"You really pick up on things, you know that Tom."

"Does he ever say something nice if you cook his favorite dinner?"

"Get this Tom, I did his favorite stuffed porkchops and stringbeans with ham hocks and all I got was, That wasn't half bad."

"I never thought I'd be calling my father a butthole."

"Tom, you really feel that way about him?

"Yeah I do, maybe it is because I don't have a lovely woman like he does and he does not have the brains to appreciate you, Hell if you were my wife, you would never feel the way you do now."

"Thanks Tom, at least I know that you really appreciate my cooking."

"Those are nice reading glasses Mom, you look so nice and rather hot, how long have you been wearing them?"

"About a year now."

"Same as you have now?"

"Sometimes these or my gold ovals or silver half-squares or a few others."

"Did Dad ever say how nice you look in them?"

"He said, 'Your getting older when you need reading glasses."

"One thing to be said for dad, He has all the charm of a toilet."

"Tom, I am starting to think that life without him could be rather nice, what do you think?

"A blow drier in the tub? I know this guy who could make it look like an accident, and yeah he's from Jersy, three thousand, a thousand down and you'd have to be at least a couple hundred miles away, buy some gas so as to establish a so called time line, that way the police can say

"She was out in Westchester, New york and bought gas at a mobile station, from here thats a four hour drive..."

"No ... well not right now anyways."

"Those women he was giving his eye to, I know he would not make a remark like that to them."

"Sometimes Tom, I just feel like letting myself go, get fat and not care, heck he won't care but he will say something that is not nice.

"Did you ask 'Why was he dishing out complements about the other women at the bouffet table?"

"I thought about it but he would come up with some cock and bull story that he had to and frankly I did not think it was worth the bother, you know him, he'd start to rant and rave about things having nothing to do with any of this."


"Mom, that is how he planned it, say what he wants and get away with it, putting up a smoke screen, so you feel it's not worth the bother.

"You know a lot Tom, about how I feel and I do appreciate that. Nice to know someone likes the time and trouble I put into looking good."

I know I should not ask, Mom but does he do a good job with other things?"

Mom knew what I meant.

"Things could always be better, he is not romantic about it, thats for sure. Just get it done or business as usual and he rolls over and goes to sleep."

"So he does not make you long for him at all?"

"I am doing my wifely service, with no thanks or anything.

"Well Mom, were I lucky to have a woman like you, sleep would be the last thing on my mind."

Mom looked up at me and smiled.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying ... Tom?"

I felt that she took me words as I meant, that were Mom and I able to 'get it on' sleep would be the last thing on my mind.

There comes a time when one has to take that big riisk and say exactly what they feel even though they know the possible outcome and I was going to do just that.

"Mom ... I have noticed you a lot lately and I know you have been very sad as well and since I feel dad really does not in any way appreciate you the way I do, well I wish you were my woman."

She smiled at me in a sweet way when she said, Tom, that is a very sweet and loving offer, one I might just take you up on."

I had no idea Mom knew I loved the way she looks in her various styles of half- glasses, I have really enjoyed looking at her and having fantasies about her doing things with her glasses and beaded chains down there.

"You know Tom, a woman can find it very exciting when a man likes her things."

I had an idea what she meant but wanted to know for sure.

"What sort of things ... Mom?"

"Oh I would say my many pair of half-glasses and their beaded chains."

"Well Mom, you are right, I have had fantasies of you doing some very nice things down there with your half-glasses at the end of your nose, the sweet reflections of a lamp seen in your glasses, the way your beaded chain sways as you give me the best head ever, rubbing a pair of your sexy glasses on my balls with the beaded chain wrapped around me, Then I take those glasses and rub them over your nipples or labia and run the beads past your love lips and send you to a place called 'Orgamic heights."

Mom looked at me with a look that ranged between wild, totally unbeleivable and shocked.

"TOM" said mom in what I thought was a voice of severeness. "You should be a writer.Do you actually think about these things?"

"yeah Mom I do, I know you are my Mom but frankly after two thousan'years of evolution, man still has feelings for a woman no matter who she is."

"Tell you what mom, I will keep all your half-glasses sparkling clean for you, how's that sound?"

"And I'll give you a pair of my half-glasses, beads too, how does that sound? I want you to start writing stories, I bet your stories could get me wet and if that happens, well who knows what could happen after?"

I had to get going, but before I left, Mom gave me a nice pair of gold ovals with a purple glass beaded neck chain and told me to wear them as I write some hot stories for her.Mom was very loving, she had them in a bra with a purple bow on it. She gave me her new email address and told me to send the stories to her.

That night I gave thought to a few things and had questions as well.

Why is Dad such an un appreciative butthole and could Mom be happy with me as her lover? I had a few more questions about dad but felt that the title

"Butthole" explained everything. I am thinking about this very nice pair of gold oval style glasses Mom just gave me wrapped up in her smooth silky lacie white bra and I knew she wanted me to do things with it. Mom loved that I understand her, much more so than her husband. It had to be rather sad for her to come to the conclusion that life could be a lot nicer, without her husband and I wanted to be the guy who made her life nicer.

I went out and got some fried chicken from a local grocery, along with some tater salad and beer, this was supper and then I started to work on a story for Mom. The story is about a guy who writes stories and when visiting Mom, she tells him about a story she was reading but found parts very boring, he tells her to check out a certain website and she comes upon her son's stories and did not know it till she read about him in his bio. I was halfway through the story and enjoying looking through Moms gold ovals when the phone rang

"Oh hello Mom.

"I just had some fried chicken and tater salad and a cold beer.

"Actually I am Mom, half-way through it already, Yeah I am wearing them now, they are nice. No I have not done anything else with them. You want me to do something right now? like what? You want me to wrap the beads of the glasses around me and you want to tell me to beat off all over them over the phone? is this phone sex? uh huh it is, so I am getting into phone sex with Mom? Give me a minute to drop my pants. yeah um ready.I am wrapping the beads around me and touching myself and your glasses are so nice and smooth and sexy."

"You want me to check my e-mail? now?"

I did and here is a letter from Mom, with pics included, my mind is racing, what could these pics be I am wondering.

"Holey Smokes Mom!"

Here are half a dozen pics of mom in the nude, her glasses hanging across her large lovely breasts, she has a pair of half-square glasses at the end of her nose and the beads hanging from them but the picture I liked the most was her lying on the bed with a patent black heel at her muff and a pair of glasses sitting on that heel with her purple beads hanging from her black half-squares and heading down into her pussy.

"I like the pic of your heel and glasses the best ... Mom

"You want me to start doing this as I look at your pictures?

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