Former Joy Girl

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: We were new constables sent to the far heliopause station. Those we replaced were suspected of being crooked. My partner looked younger than me and was very pretty. She was also a former joy girl and a very good constable. From weapon and drug smugglers to slavers it was our job to find and bring them to justice.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cream Pie   .

I glanced at my new partner before I pulled my weapon and moved across the corridor. The whisper from the backup team told me they were set and I touched my badge to the lock and nodded. Phred went through the door as it slid aside, "CONSTABLES!"

I followed her and went left while she went right, "hands in the air!"

I was young for a constable but Phred looked even younger. Men shoved their hands up ... well most of them. Two spun and ran for the hall and I aimed and fired. The one in the back fell while spasming and the one in front of him stumble and then fell as Phred shot him. I growled, "hands up!"

The two constables that were our back up came down the hall and we started to put everyone in restraints. We were the last group of constables serving arrest warrants before going to new assignments. I searched two of the men before I pulled them to face the wall. They were protesting that they were protected and we could not do this.

One of the other constables moved to a low table where a large bale of drugs sat. He glanced at the men and shook his head before pulling a collapsing evidence bag out. I watched as he put the bale in and sealed and registered it. I grinned as Phred yanked the prisoners towards the door and cuffed one when he whined, "shut the hell up."

The station constable office was crowded with others processing prisoners in and we had to wait. Once we had the men in cells we went to the changing area where we had left bags. I checked the time and waited for Phred before I headed for the skip shuttle. She glanced at me, "you did not have to wait."

I snorted, "you are my partner."

She shook her head, "just because I am a female..."

I grinned, "because I do not want to share a seat with a gassy guy for several hours."

She chuckled, "there is that."

Once we boarded the shuttle and put our large bags away we sat together and I leaned back and relaxed. Phred cleared her throat and I opened my eyes and looked at her, "yes?"

She smiled, "you do know we are sharing quarters on Helio?"

I blinked, "what?"

She shook her head, "smuggler interdiction teams are housed in the new expansion and have to share quarters."

I closed my eyes, "this just keeps getting better."

She bumped my shoulder, "relax I do not bite."

I smiled but did not open my eyes, "tempting thought."

She laughed and then sighed, "Jack there is something you should know."

I turned my head and looked at her as the warning chime for departure went off. She looked at me seriously, "I was a joy girl."

I blinked and then shook my head, "it must not have been very long or you would have a record which means you would not be a constable."

She looked down, "five years and I told them during full disclosure."

I looked at her before leaning back, "then you are golden."

She touched my arm, "thanks."

I smiled but did not say anything and fell asleep. Smuggler interdiction teams were not new but all new teams were being sent out while the old teams were brought back. The gossip was they were dirty and the constable commissioner wanted all of them truth scanned. Helio was a large customs station beyond the heliopause.

A lot of systems and governments were building them because of the increased traffic. This way inspectors or in our case constables could check incoming ships and cargo for prohibited items. Of course there was also the check of incoming personal for any on a criminally wanted list.

Warships patrolled the system for ships that might try to sneak in. The only traffic in or out had to go past Helio's station. It even had six cruisers assigned to it that rotated going out on patrols. I woke to the arrival warning chime and glanced at Phred. I blinked at her open blouse and reached over to rub the erect pink nipple, "hey?"

She shifted and opened her eyes before looking down and grinning. I looked back as others were waking up and pulled my comp to check the station map to the expansion. I looked at our arrival gate and finally put it away. She smiled, "I will follow you."

I nodded and watched the shuttle docking screen as we moved into the station. Once the chime sounded to announce the shuttle was docked we stood. We were not the only ones and listened for our names and accepted our bags as they were passed to us. Finally we started moving and walked off the shuttle and into the customs area of the station.

For us it only took a touch of our badges before we were walking away. A station mag walk took us to the center of the station and then a station tram took us out to the expansion. A slim constable met us and handed us a bio lock code. She grinned and told us how to find our quarters and I led the way.

I entered the code and then placed my hand on the bio scan plate. The door opened and I moved to let Phred register before we went in. I looked at the station clock on the wall and headed for the hall, "looks like we might get a full night of sleep."

She picked the room on the left and I got the one on the right. I looked at the large bed as I set my bags down and started to strip, "home sweet home."

I went to wash and when I came back Phred was naked and on my bed. I grinned as I hung up the towel and crossed to shut the light off. When I slipped into bed she turned and reached for me and pulled. I went with it and moved over her and let her guide my cock before I pushed into her.

She shifted as I buried my cock and settled and put her arms around me, "I do miss the sex."

I chuckled as I gave her a kiss and then pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. I used long strokes and pressed into her with each one. A couple of minutes and she shuddered and her pussy tightened and squeezed, "mmmm!"

I kept fucking her as she wrapped her legs around me. She squirmed as I began to grind and then she jerked and spasmed, "yyyeeessss!"

She bucked and twisted and struggled as I continued to bury my cock. When she calmed down I grinned and fucked her hard suddenly. She stiffened as her pussy clenched and then she was off to the races again. She screamed and bucked and thrashed around while clutching me. I shoved into her and started to rub and hump and press.

She was panting when she sagged to the bed a minute later. I laughed as I began to fuck her very wet and slippery pussy hard again. She twisted and jerked while hugging me tight, "YES!"

I kept it up while she struggled again and then I shoved into her and held her while gushing cum. She jerked when she felt the warm sperm and tilted her hips, "aaahhhh!"

When I was done I relaxed and she shuddered and then grinned and rolled while pulling me. She sat up and leaned on my chest as she started to rock, "my turn."

I reached for her breasts and rubbed her nipples, "okay."

I woke to the morning chime and glanced at Phred half on me. I reached down and rubbed her butt, "hey?"

She grumbled and I grinned, "time to arrest the bad guys."

She lifted her head and looked at me before looking around, "sounds good to me."

She rolled away and off the bed and walked out naked. I stretched before I moved off the bed and headed for my fresher. After going to the bathroom I took a shower and then got dressed and made the bed. I left and found Phred waiting and she shook her head. I grinned as I headed for the door, "I had to make the bed. Someone helped mess it up last night."

She smiled as she followed, "so what are we doing today?"

I glanced at her as she slipped up beside me, "I believe we are scheduled for a few cargo ship custom inspections."

She groaned and I snorted, "you will live."

I looked at her, "just remember you are the one doing the inspection. Do not let the crew direct or help."

She looked at me and I sighed, "I grew up on a freighter. If one of the crew is smuggling they will try to help you and direct you away from their goods. They will pretend and be very polite and helpful and even show you to something small sometimes."

She nodded and we headed to the station constable center. From there we joined another team going out to a waiting cargo ship. The first four went smoothly but as soon as I stepped into the next one I knew we had something. There were six constables in the three inspection teams and I turned to the other five and gestured.

Phred nodded and followed as I moved towards the crewman that was with the captain. I pulled my weapon and gestured, "turn around and put your hands on your head."

The captain stiffened, "you can not..."

Phred pulled her weapon and pointed it at him as I growled, "this is a known and wanted smuggler. Step back and turn around now."

The other man went from a fake smile to a sneer. I spun him around and pushed him to the bulkhead as Phred started to search the captain and the rest of the constables spread out and moved into the ship corridor beyond the airlock. I put the man in restraints and yanked him back, "I will lock this one up and come back."

Phred stepped back from the captain, "copy."

I shoved the man who shifted and started to kick. I moved to the side and hit him in the middle of the back, "not a chance slick."

Once through the airlock of our patrol craft I pushed him to the side and out of sight. I removed the restraints, "what are you doing here Ace?"

He turned and rubbed his wrists, "working. The whole crew is dirty. The cargo reads as a lab mutagen for plague research but it is weapons and drugs."

I looked towards the airlock, "stay here."

I moved back through the airlock as the captain glared at me. I gestured, "you knew he was wanted?"

He snorted, "no."

I shook my head, "I do not believe you."

I spun him and pushed him into the bulkhead as Phred caught one hand and started to put restraints on. He struggled and kicked and she pulled the wrist with the restraint up and he yelled and cursed. She moved around as I pressed him into the wall and pulled his other arm back. I put the restraint on and yanked him to the deck, "keep it up and I will stun you."

He glared, "I will have your badge."

I shook my head and bent to pull him to the side and used a plastic tie to secure him to a handle on the wall. I stood and moved out of the airlock and murmured into my throat mike, "this is a hot ship. They are smuggling guns and drugs."

The other constables did not respond but the way they stood shifted and changed. I changed the comm freq as I led Phred towards the bridge, "interdiction control this is interdiction team four. We have a hot ship with weapons and drugs. Notify fleet and send back up."

"Copy team four."

If we think or know a ship is hot, meaning smuggling we seized it and hold it until the crew is in restraints and secure. After that it would be moved to the station by a fleet crew and boarded by more constables. Several teams would go through it looking for traps and contraband. The ship would be impounded and the cargo destroyed.

Two of the other constables from our teams would head to engineering and two would begin searching for crew and restraining them. Phred and I were going to the bridge to seize control and put the bridge crew in restraints. When I stepped into the bridge hatch I knew they had found out. One was wiping the nav system and another was purging the ship mainframe.

I pulled my weapon and fired as Phred slid to the side and shot a man lifting a burner. Both men spasmed and fell and the rest of the crew threw up their hands. I moved to the captain's chair while Phred covered me and entered a command. The lights flickered and I gestured to one of the men, "turn and back to the hatch."

One by one I had them move to Phred and let her search and restrain them. The command I had entered was to reboot the system using the last mainframe backup which should have been at midnight. Thirty minutes and a destroyer was beside the ship and fleet marines were aboard. We returned to our patrol ship and had the crew move it.

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