A Tale of Two Houses

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: They lived next door and each had a yen for the other, though neither knew. Then life began to treat them differently. Jeremy Wilcox came into his inheritance, after passing the bar and getting set for his life. Carolyn Sherman and her Mom, Melinda, were beset by financial problems that Carolyn's Dad, Fred, had left for them, when he died. Then: a little voyeurism and a spectacular coming together.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   .


The houses were on neighboring lots. They were both older victorians. They were both in fairly good condition, though the one on the right was being worked on, a little at a time by the owner.

The people who lived in the houses, living, at that time, very different lives, knew each other. They had been neighbors for a while.

On the right was Jeremy Wilcox. He was, at the time, 27 years old. He stood 6'2", rather tall like the men in his family, and kept himself around 200 lbs. He had short, dark hair, that was wavy and naturally curly. Jeremy Wilcox was a good looking young man.

For Jeremy things were not just going well, that would have been an understatement. For Jeremy, things were fantastic.

He was finished with school, at last! (At least that's what he said to himself.) He had passed the Bar exam and was now a lawyer. He had been offered a job by an old friend of his Dad's and had accepted the offer.

Growing up, Jeremy had been the very apple of his Dad and his Uncle Vince's eye. He was their special boy, and they both had an active hand in his growth and education.

Both Jeremy's Dad, Wayne, and his Uncle Vince had been successful business men. They worked together; they diversified, and they prospered.

The unfortunate part of the tale of Jeremy's Dad and Uncle was that they both suffered from the very same heart problems. Those heart problems took both of them, one at a time, fairly early in life: Jeremy's Dad was 57, and his Uncle Vince was 62.

Their deaths from heart disease was not totally a surprise to either of the, for both were doctoring for a while for such problems.

They also decided, early on, that they would need to take care of Jeremy's future, in case their own future was to be cut short. That's the way that they were. They made plans.

Those plans called for Jeremy to have his inheritance from his Dad and his Uncle, when he arrived at the age of 27. They both thought that such an age would herald maturity for Jeremy, and in that they were right.

It was one of the major pains, actually one of a series of pains in Jeremy's life that he suffered the loss, over a three year period of his sainted Momma, then his Dad and finally his Uncle Vince.

Vince hadn't been married. For him it had always been the family, especially Jeremy.

Jeremy had now passed his 27th birthday. His future seemed open and bright ahead of him. He was a lawyer and had gotten a job and he'd recently had a meeting with Mr. Caruso, the lawyer entrusted with the working out of the financial plans that both Jeremy's Dad and his Uncle Vince had for him.

They'd never really been secretive about those plans, either. They'd told Jeremy, when he was out of High School and preparing for college that they had made plans for his future. They'd also told him that those plans would come to fruition, when Jeremy passed his 27th birthday.

It is to Jeremy's credit that he never let the thought of those plans impact his living or his outlook in a negative way. He always had in the back of his mind the thought that among other goals for his life, he wanted to live in a way that would make his Dad and his Uncle Vince proud.

He anticipated the meeting with Matt Caruso, as he moved into his middle 20's but none of his thinking prepared him for the way that the accounts, set up for him by his Dad and Uncle Vince, had prospered.

He was still in a little bit of shock, as he thought of it. During the course of that meeting, Matt Caruso had gone over with Jeremy the accounts, investments and annuities that were being held for Jeremy. It amounted to, these days, over 9 million dollars.

Jeremy was fairly 'blown away' by the knowledge, and had even asked Matt to give him a number of days to simply internalize that kind of information.

When they made a further appointment, and he went back to talk to Matt, the lawyer had gotten ready for him a credit card that would draw on a huge liquid account.

Jeremy didn't have words, when the transaction was finished. He simply stood there and hugged Matt, who had been a long time best friend to both Wayne and Vince.

"Make them proud," Matt had said. "I know that you've already done that but just keep on."

"Thank you, Uncle Matt," Jeremy said, using the words that he'd always used with this special man.

Jeremy took himself out to dinner that night and simply tried to give himself time to think about it. It was difficult to get his mind around all of it.

In addition to his work, beginning work as a lawyer, Jeremy was a health devotee. The shortened lives of those men whom he'd loved, was a message to him.

He converted one of the various second floor rooms to a workout room for himself. He stocked it with an elliptical machine and a setup for free weights. He worked out regularly and seriously. He also had checkups frequently, working with the cardiologist who'd been a doctor for his Dad and Uncle Vince.


And, truth to tell, he'd also heard rumors about the next door neighbors.

In another proud old victorian, next door, Carolyn Sherman lived with her Mom, Melinda. Carolyn had not been married, she'd been dedicated to taking care of her Dad, in his final illness and, since then, it'd been her and her Mom living alone.

The house and its inhabitants had a different story from the good fortune that was such a factor at Jeremy Wilcox's next door.

After the rather recent death of Melinda's husband, Carolyn's Dad, Fred, they unfortunately learned that Fred's many business ventures were almost completely a bust.

He wasn't good with money management. He wasn't prudent in investing. He wasn't a dab hand at business in any sense of the word. But he never let on, not wanting to worry the women at home.

In that he succeeded, until he was finally gone and the horrible reality was broken to Carolyn and Melinda by their lawyer.

There was simply no money. Carolyn had been devoted, during the past number of years to taking care of her Dad and then also, after he'd gone, her Mom.

She was, at the time, 42 years old. She wasn't too tall, merely a normal 5'4". She tended to be 'zaftig', as the Germans would say. That is, she had inherited her Mom's tendency to be big in the bust, 37c, and had a lovely rounded butt, which she was convinced was too big. (It wasn't.)

She had worked, in the past, in an office but had left that to take care of her folks, as they were getting up in age.

The shock of their situation was only apparent, after Fred's death. It was then that they learned how terrible their situation was.

They sat many nights, after that revelation had been made and literally cried about it.

Both families had lived in these houses for many, many years, and the relations between the families had always been excellent.

As a matter of fact, Carolyn had been Jeremy's babysitter in earlier days.


There was also at work, at that precise time, two factors that would become important in the not too distant future.

Carolyn had rather inadvertently notice, one evening, Jeremy working out in his 'workout' room, upstairs in his house. That room was right across from her bedroom.

On that initial occasion, Carolyn was surprised to glance out of the window, when she was getting something from her room, and see Jeremy.

He was in his workout room, dressed only in a pair of brief workout shorts and a tee shirt. He was lifting weights, doing some curls with the weights.

She put her knuckle to her mouth to prevent her crying out. The sight was wonderful.

Carolyn had for years, since he'd grown and matured, had a thing for Jeremy. She'd paid so much attention to taking care of her folks that she had only limited experience with men. She wasn't a virgin but she didn't have any kind of whirlwind social life.

And there she stood, back in the shadows of her room, and watched Jeremy Wilcox work out.

She sighed at the sight of his muscular chest and arms. She noticed that he was sweating and that made her heart race.

Carolyn Sherman had a mental thing, a secret mental thing for sweaty men, and now seeing a sweaty, strong and beautiful Jeremy Wilcox was being more of a treat for her than she could remember.

She continued to watch, in the shadows of her room, until he was finished with his workout. Then, as her gaze was riveted on him across the way, he took off the tee shirt and wiped his sweaty face with it. Carolyn almost fainted, when he did that. It was such a delicious sight for her.

She made a mental note of the time that he did his workout, so that, in the days ahead, she'd be there to watch him workout. It was her secret, and one of her true joys. It was a fairly guilty pleasure for her. As the weather got a little hotter, he began to wear only the workout shorts for his weight lifting. This pleased Carolyn's voyeuristic impulses even more. She was there almost every day, at least every time that he'd be doing the regular weight lifting. A few times, as she watched, and he finished, he even took his workout shorts off, as well as his tee shirt. Then, with Carolyn almost panting, he walked from the room wearing only his jock strap. Carolyn's eyes were glued to the room across the way.

Of course, she spoke to herself time and again about not being that way but it was the moth to the flame kind of thing for her. Watching him was one of the joys of her life.

For his part, Jeremy had also always had a thing for Carolyn Sherman. It was one of the kind of crushes that he'd obtained during his adolescence and it had never diminished.

He never knew what to do about that. He never thought that he could do anything about that. He kept it to himself and gave himself a kind of nudge every time that Carolyn was around and he saw her.

He had no idea that he was the object of her desire, and her lovely voyeur times, as he did his workouts in that room.

The next significant movement in the lives of these people, living next door to one another, came as a result of a meeting between Jeremy and Matt Caruso.

They were having a regular meeting about Jeremy's holdings, when Matt mentioned: "I hear that the house next door to you is going up for sale."

"Really?" he said, shocked at that news.

"Yes," Matt said. "From my information, they are having a terrible time, since Fred's death, and might have to sell to get themselves out of a kind of financial hole."

"Can you find out about that for me?" Jeremy asked.

"Sure," Matt said.

Jeremy also decided to look into that situation for himself. They would spend time talking to one another now and then, when Carolyn and her Mom were out on the back porch.

At such times, Jeremy would wander over to the fence and talk to them. He did notice, at such times, how much Carolyn seemed pleased to see him.

It was a Tuesday and dinner was over. He'd already had dinner and had cleaned up. He decided to go out back and enjoy the soft warmth of the evening.

He notice, much to his joy, that Carolyn and her Mom were out on the back patio, sitting and enjoying the evening also.

"Hey," he said, as he came toward the fence.

"Hi," Carolyn said brightly.

"Who is it, dear?" he Mom asked.

"It's Jeremy from next door," Carolyn explained.

"Oh, yes, the lovely neighbor,"Melinda said.

"Why, thank you," Jeremy said back.

"Step over," Carolyn said, and he did indeed join them, sitting in the extra chair on their patio.

"How are you feeling, Mrs. Sherman?" he asked, as he sat.

"Well, pretty good this evening,"Melinda said. "I have my ups and downs these days but it's so lovely today, and my Chickie is taking such good care of me."

"Momma," Carolyn said but she and her Mom both laughed.

"Yes, it is a lovely evening," he said, lost in thought about trying to figure out how exactly to try to broach the subject of their house.

After only a little bit, Melinda Sherman said that she thought she'd go in.

Jeremy rose at that point but Carolyn said: "If you want to sit a bit, I'll be right back, after I get her settled."

"Oh, that would be nice," he answered, and sat back down.

Carolyn went into the house with her Mom and got her settled for the evening and then she went back out to the patio.

It was difficult these days for Carolyn to be with or near Jeremy and not reflect on watching him, with few clothes on, after doing his weight lifting. It was a constant mental picture that she carried in her head these days.

"So, how are things?" Jeremy asked, trying to sound innocuous.

"Oh, Jeremy," Carolyn said, sighing. "Not very good, I'm afraid."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," he said.

She put her hand on his and said: "Thank you."

"I don't want to pry," he said next.

"Oh, I know it's not prying," she said. "Maybe it will help if I simply talk about it."

He nodded his head and she went ahead with her tale.

She told him about the continuous plans her Father had had for making money. She talked about the schemes, and the failures, the extent of which she and her Mom really had no idea, until he was gone and they had had a meeting with their lawyer.

"Things were simply much worse than we imagined," she said shaking her head. "I mean almost no money left, and me not working now, trying to take care of Momma and all. It's grim. I'm afraid that we're even considering giving up the house to raise money and pay off what is owed."

"I'm so sorry to hear that," he said.

She put her hand on top of his then and said: "You're being so nice, Jeremy, to let me ramble on like this."

"I'm happy to at least be able to do that," he answered.

"Being such a friend," she said, still shaking her head. "I just want Momma to not have worries at this time in her life. That's my goal."

He nodded that he understood.

"I simply need to do some serious thinking about it but selling the house is one of the real possibilities."

By this time, Jeremy was having a difficult time. He smelled how Carolyn smelled and loved the smell of her. His mind was acting over time with thoughts of her, that he kept trying to push away from himself. They were thoughts of what she'd look like only wearing a pair of panties, or even naked.

He mentally chided himself for where his mind was wandering. Finally, as they sat and talked a bit, he made his decision.

"Carolyn," he said, "I'm going to go in and do my weight training before I turn in. I guess I'll say 'good night'."

"Yes," she said, getting up, "It'll be good night."

But before he walked away, she pulled him into a hug. "Thank you for being so nice tonight," she said.

He was enchanted, absolutely enchanted by the feel of her up against him. He could feel the pressure of her breasts against his chest and was afraid that he was going to be sporting an erection in no time, so that he pulled away, after a bit.

Of course, Carolyn was having the same kinds of thoughts, as she pressed herself against him in the hug. She thought that she felt the bare stirring of an erection, as they were hugging but kept that information for herself, for later.

The very thought, the notion that he was going to go inside and lift weights was weighing upon her mind, from the instant that he said it.

She went inside immediately, and up to her bedroom. Her Mom was already, by then, in bed. She stopped in the bathroom only briefly and took off her clothes, putting on a robe over her pale violet 'granny' panties.

He wasn't in the room yet, she noticed. She sat in the corner of her room and waited. She didn't have to wait long.

Jeremy intended, as a matter of fact, to do the weights tonight because he was stirred up by having spent the time with Carolyn.

He recalled all of it: the touch of her hand, when she was talking to him, the way she smelled, so fresh, springlike and lovely, the pressure of her breasts and thighs against him, as they hugged. All of, those thoughts, and the reflections of the way it had felt, all combined to give him an erection.

He moved into the room for his weights, as, across the way, Carolyn waited. She sat with the folds of the robe pushed away from her lap, and idly stroked a hand across the panty covered plane of her belly. She was breathing in an irregular fashion.

Then he entered the room. The moonlight was bright and he didn't put on a light in the room. This was much later than his usual, normal time of lifting.

He'd given in to his excited feelings and put on only a jock strap for his lifting.

"Oh, look at him," Carolyn said to herself, chewing on her knuckle in her mouth. "Look at him, look at him!" It came out of her mouth, softly, like a mantra.

He stood in the moonlight and did his lifting.

Carolyn wished, absolutely wished that she might have a picture of him that way. It would be maybe enough for her.

He was working out his frustration and was not able to get the thoughts of his lovely neighbor out of his mind. His erection had grown and was pressing, standing up, against the binding of his jock strap.

She saw that; she noticed, and her hand went now lower down, off of the plane of her belly and between her out-spread thighs, coiling around and through the hair of her pussy.

The moon was shining his way and he wouldn't have been able to see her, even if he knew she was there.

He worked. He was sweating. His erection never let up and was standing up there against the jock strap.

She loved the sight of him. Even the clandestine nature of it was turning her on just then, as she silently played with herself, having moved the gusset of her panties out of the way, so as to give her finger some room to roam around amid the pubic hair.

It was delightful.

Then he seemed to be finished. He put the bar down -- he'd been doing curls with it -- and, as his voyeur next door watched, pushed his jock down and off.

It was all that Carolyn could do to keep from crying out.

As she stared, he stood there in the moonlight. His thoughts were riotous with the remembrance of how she felt plastered against him, and he began to play with himself.

It was almost more than Carolyn could fairly stand. Now her panties were down and off and she played with herself in earnest.

She watched him jerking off. She took in the sight of how muscular he was, how sweaty he seemed to be. It thrilled her. He held his hand out and, when he was finally ready, came into his hand.

The thing that she didn't hear, couldn't hear was his whispering of her name, as he shot a load into his hand.

He filled his hand with it and then, his eyes closed, simply rubbed it all over himself, as his next door voyeur was shaking from the effect of her own self induced orgasm, with thoughts of being there, when he reached his climax and holding onto his surging member or maybe kneeling and letting him...

The thoughts were glorious. The thoughts were wonderful. He had as hard an orgasm as he ever remembered, thinking of the feel and the smell of her in his arms.

She, for her part, was simply overcome by it the power of it. Her very being was filled with the sight of him, naked in the moonlight. Working, grunting, sweating, as he did his lifting and then with the unexpected sight of him lowering that jock strap, down off of the lovely, lovely swell of his ass cheeks and off, exposing to her hidden gaze the size and readiness of his erection.

She had, right then, to put a hand up to her mouth to not give herself away.

She sat there then, watching as he had rubbed the stickiness of it on himself, all over his chest and stomach. She watched the wilting of his lovely erection and was as much in lust with her neighbor as she ever had been before.

He left the room, after that and she herself went to the bathroom in the hallway and took an evening shower.

"Ohhhh, she moaned to herself, as she replayed the incident that she'd watched from across the way. In her mind she could feel him, taste him, touch him, be the receptacle of his surging, spurting erection. It pleased her beyond what she might even have imagined.

She checked on her Momma one last time and then went to bed, gazing across to the workout room one last time, before settling in.

Then to the night, to the spirits who patrolled at night, to angels and beings she whispered the words that were so important for her right then: "Jeremy Wilcox, I love you. I truly do."

They were the words on her mind and on her lips, as she sank into sleep that night.


Carolyn fought the feelings of shame that had been overcoming her these days, after a session of watching Jeremy. She tried to force from her mind the thought of holding him, while he was sweaty and simply soaking him in.

There was even a small voice in a remote part of her mind that told her that maybe their selling the house and moving away would be a good thing, getting her away from her 'perversion'. She pushed the thought simply away from her, whenever it tried to appear or race across her mind.

That day was a Thursday and he normally didn't do any lifting on Thursdays. She got her Momma settled in after a while in the evening and allowed herself a long, hot bath.

After the bath, she walked into her bedroom, going for a nightgown and a pair of panties for bed.

It had been a frustrating day for Jeremy. A number of things had not worked out for him. They were, none of them, major or significant, only enough to cast a pall over the entire day.

He had a very light supper, promising himself that he'd eat more later but he was determined to go and do some lifting in his workout room to work off the frustration.

He wore, that night for the workout, only his shorts and a jock strap. The shorts were called 'onion skins'. They were exceedingly thin and had overlapping panels, that showed, when he moved around, his butt cheeks and jock strap.

He was even working on himself these days to not allow the sight and the imagined smell of Carolyn Sherman to dominate his thinking and produce his constant erections.

He simply felt that he needed to have some discipline about it.

That's when it happened.

He entered the room to do his workout with the weights. But then he noticed a light on across the way. Their timings, it seemed, had never so completely crossed and corresponded as they did that night.

Her back was to him but she was naked. She was butt naked. She was bare-assed naked. These were the thoughts that were racing across his mind, as he watched her, watched the twitch and sway of her butt cheeks and, as she turned to the side, the swing of her magnificent breasts.

He was a man stuck in place, rooted to the spot, unable to move, even if he wanted to.

She turned then and saw him. Her instincts took over, and despite her hours of watching him and playing with herself, when the sight of him in a jock or out of it became too much for her, she put her hand up to her mouth and gasped.

She turned and grabbed for a robe and he headed immediately down the stairs and out his back door. He intended to apologize to her right then.

He was at her back door and knocking immediately. She knew, of course who it was. She went to the door, having put on a yellow silk robe.

In her haste she didn't take into account the thinness of the robe, or the fact that her nipples pressed against the silk fabric as though they were on parade, or the obvious push of her fluffy pubic hair against the yellow fabric.

She opened the door and he was apologizing immediately. He had not put anything on, in his haste, and was wearing his workout shorts and the jock. There was still a patina of sweat on him too.

"I'm so sorry!" he began.

But for Carolyn Sherman, right then and there a kind of a dam broke. She grabbed him, pulling him into the shadow of the back porch, where they couldn't be seen.

Like lightning, she shrugged off her robe and, now naked, grabbed him into a hug and was kissing him, mouth open, tongue working, as though tomorrow was threatening not to come for them, and they only had an eternal now.

He gave a lower throat groan and waded, for his part, into the kiss that she was giving.

Her hands swept down and was pushing, pushing at the waistband of his shorts.

He helped and together they got his shorts and his jock off. Neither of them spoke at first.

Then she put her mouth against his upper chest and was suctioning in the sweaty patina of him.

"Damn you!" she moaned, "You wonderful, beautiful, muscular, sweaty man! You fucking marvel of a man! You sexy jock strap wearing, strong, tasty man! Damn you, damn you, I've got you at last!"

"Yes, yes," he moaned, "Here and now, with you bare-assed naked, butt naked, wonderfully naked. Yes, damn, damn, damn."

Then they were both naked and he was lifting her up and almost slamming her down on his up-standing erection, fitting it into her, with her sighing and still suctioning him with her lips and tongue, taking in the saltiness of him, and the glory of it.

She clung to him, as he ran a hand down and played with her ass cheeks. the other hand, with her arms around his neck, sought out and grasped a nipple.

"Pinch, pinch, please!" she said, her voice hoarse.

He did. He slightly pinched the nipple and had her cumming then. Her orgasm broke over her a moment or two before his. They staggered then and were leaning against the house, as they moved in the final bit of this dance of love making.

It was more than she expected; it was more than she'd been able to hope for; it was more than anything she ever thought would finally happen. And, when it was accomplished, and they were still entwined and almost stuck together, she put her head on his shoulder and cried.

He held her then and cooed words to her that were soft and filled the night for the two of them: "Oh, love, love, love; Oh sweet, sweet Carolyn. The sight of your ass fills my world."

This made her giggle.


it took her a bit to calm down. It was, perhaps, the unexpectedness of the encounter, with all the pent up desire that her watching him all those times built. It was powerful and fairly earth shaking.

"We need to talk a little," she said.

"Yes," he agreed.

"Can we talk here at our house?" she asked. "I need to listen for Momma."

"Of course," he said, "I'll be right back."

He returned and was wearing now a tee shirt and running pants. She still had her robe on, as she waited for him inside.

He stopped at the door and said a soft: "Oh, no, I don't think so, or nothing will be said. I will just begin to rip and tear again, if you're dressed that way and so close to being bare assed naked here once more."

She giggle and went to change. As she left the room, she turned her head and said to him, with a giggle: "Bare assed naked," accompanying the words by lifting the robe up and letting him watch the twitch of her naked ass cheeks, while she walked away.

He grinned at her but the grin froze on his face, as she, once she was out of that room, simply then took the robe off and walked away totally naked with her ass cheeks shaking at him.

He groaned but never took his eyes off of her.

She came back and was now dressed, similar to him, in running pants and a tee shirt. He noticed that she hadn't indeed put on a bra and the sight of her, with her breasts pressing against the tee shirt was, again, stimulating.

He mentioned that and she smiled at him. "Want to keep your interest up," she said.

"Got that for sure," he admitted.

Then there was a brief silence and he decided that he'd plunge in and begin their talk. He wanted to, since he thought that he had so much to lose. He wasn't just sure that the coming together of that night was much more than a happenstance. For him it was pretty nearly the world but he was afraid that for her it was other than that, maybe a chance to screw a younger man. He just didn't know but was now determined to at least speak his mind.

"Okay, Chickie," he said, using an old and favorite name for her, that he'd used, when she baby sat him, "Let me talk here."

She nodded her head and smiled at what he'd called her.

With a soft smile, he walked then out onto the limb that he was so afraid was going to break under his weight or at least the weight of what he had to say.

"Carolyn," he said, "I guess that I've loved you forever."

She gave him a surprised glance then but he held up his hand and said: "Let me say all of this or I'll never have the courage again."

She nodded.

"It's always been there; always," he admitted. "I spent so much time, as I went through adolescence and my teen years trying to do anything, think up any device to be able to catch you with your clothes off. It was a constant challenge for me. It was my never achieved goal and desire."

She giggled then.

He let out a long breath, and went on: "And then tonight, I looked over and there you were. The world's loveliest ass with the world's most beautiful face and all those tits and nipples. I'm sorry that I'm being almost vulgar here but it's the way that it needs to be said."

She nodded and smiled.

"I berated myself immediately for spying on you and went immediately to apologize. I never, ever expected the reception that I had. I believe, really and truly that if I were to die after that episode, I would have certainly been loved."

She put her hand to her mouth to hold back her reaction to what he was saying.

"Carolyn, Chickie," he said then, "Forgive me if this isn't what you want to hear but your beauty fills my world. It always has. I have that vision of your naked ass before my mind's eye constantly. I can bring up the smell of you and it enchants me every time, just every time."

She moved a hand then to wipe a tear from her eye. He too moved his hand and wiped a tear that was streaming down her cheek. She put her hand on top of his, as he did.

"This is more like a confession, than a talk, I realize but it's what I needed to say to you," he said, finishing up.

"I'll be right back," she said then. "Please don't go anywhere."

"I"m not moving," he answered, "I'll be here waiting for you."

She was gone only a few minutes and when she came back, she was once again wearing only the yellow robe.

"Oh, damn!" he swore. "Damn, damn, damn!"

She was smiling at him then, and said: "Now me."

She drew in a deep breath and began to talk to him from her point of view.

"I've been watching you," she said, noting the surprised look on his face.

She nodded and said: "Yes, I have. I've noted when you go to your workout room to lift weights, and I sit in the shadows of my room and watch you, noting what you're wearing and how sweaty you get. I have!"

"And you've looked delicious: strong, muscular, sweaty ... oh dear; it stirs me just thinking about it."

"I've noted the times when you'd take off your tee shirt to wipe your face, when you were done. Or, when you lifted your arms and I could see the outline of your butt cheeks and your jock. I've noted every one of those times. I saw you that one day, when you wore only a jock to lift. The sweat was streaming off of you and I loved that." She hesitated then, and needed to make that issue clear: "It's my thing with you, Jeremy," she admitted. "I love, love, love you sweaty. It turns me on; it makes it for me; it almost reduces me to a simpering, slutty woman by itself."

He gave her another surprised look, as she was saying this.

"And that night," she said next, "You took your jock off and jerked off, and it filled all of the corners of my world."

"When I went to bed that night, after I watched you jerked off, in the dark I told you how much I loved you."

The smile then, that he gave her was radiant.

She took a deep breath and went hurrying on: "You see, I didn't expect you to be lifting tonight; I kind of have your schedule down and was surprised, when you turned and we saw each other. I didn't know what to do but to cover up, and then you came to me and it was a chance that I couldn't, wouldn't let go by for me."

They sat there for a bit and simply looked at one another. Jeremy was once again reacting to the simple, sexy yellow robe that she was wearing.

"There's more," he said softly.

"Yes, I know," she agreed.

"Well, let me," he said. He thought for only a minute or two and spoke up.

"I never thought in all my lifetime of processing information that I'd have any kind of chance with you. Not really."

She smiled at that.

"I always cautioned myself to not put myself forward at all," he went on. "You were that far above me. That's what I always thought. And, really, whenever I thought of a woman's beauty, beauty in any form, you were my touchstone. That was the simple truth of it. I was always resigned, and steeling myself more and more to understand that in my life there would not ever be a time for you and for me, together, I mean."

He smiled at her then.

"And when I came here to apologize for gazing at you, staring at you, when you were naked..."

He paused and she said, with a giggle: "Bare assed naked."

"Exactly!" he chimed in, "When I came over here to apologize and you kind of waded into me, it was more than I ever hoped for."

"Ohhhhh," she said.

"Yes, I understand," she said next. "The more that I watched you, and I've been watching you work out for almost a month now..."

She blushed at that and he grinned.

"But the more that I watched you, the more I got the message that you were young, and gorgeous and so much more that I could ever expect or deserve. It was a constant message to myself. I've been afraid that I'm too old for you and too fat," she admitted. "That's how it's been for me."

"Oh, no, no," was his instant reply. That made her smile at him, as she took in the importance of what he was saying to her.

He laughed then. "What a pair we are."

She joined him in the laugh and agreed with what he'd said. "Yes, what a pair."

"I have to say that that was the most exciting sexual encounter that I've ever had," she said next.

"Oh, yes," he agreed, "It was so far beyond any expectation for me that I am still astounded by it all."

"Seemed to work out for us," she said.

"I guess," was his comment. "But just to be sure, maybe we should try again?"

She giggled. "Next you'll be telling me to take my robe off."

He got a huge grin on his face then. "Do it," he said, and she did. She took the robe off and stood there, in the dark now, under the stars totally naked.

"That's the way I want you," he said to her.

"Then here I am," she answered.

They were hugging then. The night was quiet. The crickets were chirping, providing the only noise. He had his hands now sliding down the back of her, feeling the muscles of her back and descending to the pillows of her butt cheeks.

"Oh, shit," he said, then excused his language, which made her giggle, "The beauty and perfection of your ass is a wonder."

He leaned back and looked at her.

"I hope you don't mind my saying that," he said.

"No," she countered, "Talk about my ass; I love that talk."

"The beauty of it," he repeated. "The firmness, and yet the way it wiggles, when I do this."

(When he'd said that, he jounced a butt cheek in either one of his hands, making them wiggle around and bob up and down. It made her giggle.)

"Your ass is a wonder!" he went on. "Kissable, biteable, jounceable cheeks that I love."

She was giggling again then.

"Makes me want to stick something between them," he said next with a grin.

She grinned in reply. "Yes," she said, breathlessly, "Anything."

"You are in so much trouble now, my love," he said.

"Who me?" she asked with fake innocence.

"You," he affirmed.

"But you know what I want to do the most with those ass cheeks?" he asked then.

"Not unless you tell me," she said softly.

"This," he replied, and was turning her around. She made throat noises immediately, as soon as she realized his intention in kneeling behind her.

She felt, first of all, his lips on her ass cheeks, kissing their way across the cheeks. Then she squealed, as he pried the cheeks apart and was kissing between the cheeks and down into the crevice.

He stopped long enough to say: "I've wanted to do this forever."

Then, as he continued to kiss and lick at her butt, he reached around and had his two hands buried in her pubic hair, seeking out her center. Then he had her quivering and moaning.

"Slutty did you say?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered out of breath almost.

"Only for me, though," he said then.

"Yes, only for you," she agreed.

He switched her then, getting a surprised noise from her, as he spun her around, and then had his lips buried in her pubic hair, seeking and moving around, tongue active and lips seeking.

"Oh, never before;" she crooned, "Not ever, not anytime, not any where with anyone."

"Good," he said, talking into the curls of her pubic bush.

"But right now," she said at last.

And then she became inarticulate. He had his tongue buried in her pussy and his fingers stuffed inside her butt hole and she was shaking and keening and barely keeping her noise down, as he raked her into an orgasm that simply shook her to her soul.

She reeled away from him then, only to sink to her knees and claw at his running pants. He wore nothing under the running pants and she had his erection deep in her mouth in a matter of moments.

"Won't last," he said, his voice already showing the storm that was coming for him.

"Don't," she said. "You're slutty woman is sucking you off now."

"Yes, yes," he keened, "Slutty woman."

Then he burst out with the word: "Now!" and simply gave in to the surge of the orgasm she was giving him.


They were in each other's arms then, and whispering.

"Now?" he asked.

"Oh, I have to go in to Momma," she said. "Sorry."

"Don't say it," he said, "I understand. This is only the first for us."

"Yes, it is," she said. "There are still things that you need to do to me."

He chuckled. "I guess there are."

She put her robe back on and they kissed. As she clung to him, she said: "I can say it now and know how nice it is to say it: I love you, Jeremy."

"I love you too, my Chickie." he answered.

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