My Ex Wife

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2015 by Linda Jean

Fantasy Sex Story: This is a nasty little story about a couple who broke up and were invited to the wedding of their daughter. He brings along his current girlfriend who is as nasty as I am. They catch the soon son in law with their daughter AND a big dog. This story has lots of sex. Cheating, K-9, voyeurism and more. If you want a dirty, nasy story, this is for you.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   Wife Watching   Masturbation   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   .

I found a very interesting story and I have tried to find the writer but I could not locate him/her. I took the premise he/she wrote about and made it into a story that flowed. I cannot take credit for this, as I said I just made it "flow". You know my writing, I always write from my point of view, not a man's view. As I said, I liked the premise of this story, so here it is.

First let me set the circumstances for this story. My current girlfriend and I are flying in for my daughter's wedding. Along with my ex and her husband. Well, after we get there her husband (my ex's) apologizes but he has to leave unexpectedly for business. Now we are all staying at my daughter's place. What happened over the three days that we were there I will never forget.

Did I mention that my girl's soon to be new husband and his mastiff lived there as well? The plan was for us to stay and watch their dog while they went on the honeymoon for three days. My daughter's mother wanted to stay and help watch the place as well, and we all could catch up on old times. I used a saved up 2 weeks vacation to enjoy Washington State and see the sights, since that was my first time being there.

Our first night there was just sitting around drinking and catching up on old times. My daughter said that she was getting tired and was going to bed. We said goodnight to them and moved to the kitchen to keep the noise down.

My girlfriend kissed me and went to bed, leaving my ex-wife and me in the kitchen. It did not take long before our sex lives become the topic of discussion. She began to tell me how her new husband is a little kinky when in town, but he travels for work a lot and is always on the road.

She asked me how my sex life was going and I told her just fine. As we kept drinking my Ex kept getting more graphic. About midnight, when she got up to go to the bathroom, she leaned over and gave me a kiss. She caught me off guard, as she would never do that when we had been married.

She came back from the bathroom she quickly grabbed my hand, and with the other motioned for me to be very quiet and come with her. As she held my wrist I followed her down the hallway. She stopped outside the master bedroom where the door was ajar. We could look inside the bedroom and what I saw almost made me fall over.

I saw my daughter tied to an antique table with her pussy pointed at the door and the big mastiff was licking her pussy like no tomorrow. I moved to rush into the bedroom when my Ex held me back. I then heard my daughter say, "Thank you master."

Well my shock and surprise turned to curiosity. I was frozen to that spot. As we stood there, her mother took hold of my cock. She began squeezing it and playing with it as it began to grow harder. She was able to begin to slowly stroke it and jack me off.

We then saw our soon to be son-in-law in front of our daughter with the biggest cock that I had ever seen. It looked like it was a good foot long and looked almost the size of a small can.

It was then that Judy (my Ex) leaned over and whispered in my ear, "God I would love some of that action." I was so ready to climax. I looked down and Judy was rubbing herself through her clothes. I was so close and I know my Ex, so I knew she was close to climaxing herself.

I tugged at her arm to move away and we went back to the kitchen. When we got back there, without saying a word, Judy yanked down her pants and I did the same. She bent over the island counter and said, "Fuck ME. Hurry up and FUCK ME!"

Well I could not get my cock in her fast enough (for her or I). Judy came instantly, and came again right when I came. We stayed there catching our breath and I finally pulled back and reached for my pants. Judy did the same and said, "We'll talk in the morning about this." And she quickly left the kitchen for bed.

When I got to my bedroom, my sweetheart was asleep. I laid down and quickly fell asleep myself. I woke up with a sensation of a blowjob and realized that my girlfriend was giving me one. Now she is a wonderful cocksucker and loves making me come.

When I get close, sometimes she keeps sucking; and other times she just pulls back and jerks me while pumping my cock like a machine, watching me explode all over my belly. This time was one of those. I came with my cock in her hand, as she had her excited sexy look on her face. She then asked, as I was beginning to relax, "Which girl in the house did you fuck last night? Because it wasn't me, I had to use a dildo."

I gave her my best straight face and said, "Why would you ask such a question?"

She kept stroking my now 'going limp' cock and said, "I know you fucked someone last night besides me because your cock tastes just like pussy and you had crusted cum on your dick and pubic hair. So you either fucked your ex or you fucked your daughter. You did one of them before coming to bed. The very least you could have done was come get me, so I could join in and eat her."

I smiled and said, "You are nasty, and that is why I love you baby. We need to get ready for the wedding." Changing the subject, or at least trying to.

My girlfriend said, "Sure honey, we'll talk tonight." But as she leaned forward to kiss my dick she said, "Don't go using this thing without me, I don't want to miss any fun; you know that."

We got dressed and everyone went to the wedding. It was a small wedding, just the family and a very few friends. Later that night, after we'd all returned back to the house, we were sitting around having some drinks while relaxing and just talking about the day. Needless to say, with all the champagne and the drinks from the reception, no one was feeling any pain.

My girlfriend excused herself, got up and left for the bedroom. After a little time passed Lisa returned, she had changed into a very sexy baby-doll outfit. (One that I had no idea she even owned.) When my girlfriend returned, Judy said, "What a great idea, I'm going to get into something much comfortable and accessible myself." And she left the room.

When Judy returned she was wearing only a men's long sleeve shirt, even without any panties. I leaned over to my girlfriend and whispered in her ear, "About this morning, remember your question about last night? Well, when Judy has been drinking she gets really turned on and extremely sexy. She can also become very submissive when she is drunk and will do anything when told.

I pulled back and saw that mischievous smile on Lisa's face. She leaned into my ear and whispered back to me, "Like mother like daughter, I bet." We just sat around talking about the wedding and life. Then my girlfriend shifted the topic to sex.

I knew it was coming, I just knew I would not be the one to bring it up. I just waited for Lisa or Judy to do that. Lisa said, taking a drink, "Do you think the kids are fucking right now?" My ex took a drink, raising her eyebrows and almost looked like she was about to blush. My girlfriend noticed, as I did too, and got more and more graphic. She asked Judy, "Did you see the cock on that stud your daughter married? Do you think she can swallow the whole thing, without choking?"

Judy said, "Yea, he's a monster." I watched as my Ex kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. That told me that the alcohol and sex talk were beginning to have an effect on her. Lisa said, "I would bet you a thousand dollars that when he fucks her, he makes her eye balls pop out." Both Judy and Lisa laughed. Then Judy said, "Oh no, I won't bet you that, he's the size of a fucking horse."

Lisa took another drink and said, laughing, "She better use a jar of Vaseline if she ever lets him do her up her ass."

Judy said, "Oh my God I would love to feel a cock that big in my ass. I have never, ever had one that big in my whole life. I wonder what it feels like to get fucked with a cock like that?"

Lisa said, "It is un-fucking believable. You feel stuffed, and when he comes inside you, it is an internal bath. Not as good as getting your pussy eaten, nothing is like that, but then men have no idea how to do that anyway. Do they honey?"

There was no question in my mind, Judy was there, she was hot and she was horny. Lisa seemed to know it as well. They were sitting across from me on the large sofa; I sat on the love seat.

Lisa put down her drink on the coffee table, turned and, without any warning, leaned over to Judy and kissed my Ex on the mouth. I watched, as I have watched Lisa in the past make love to another woman, so tender and so hot. I sort of expected Judy to react; but instead of pulling away as I expected, my ex starts kissing her back with passion. I could hear her moan.

Judy, still holding her glass, put her arm around Lisa. With the other empty hand, she brought it to Lisa's face and caressed her as they kept kissing. Lisa unbuttoned Judy's shirt and began caressing my ex's breast and her nipples. Lisa broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want to come as hard as your daughter did last night baby?"

I saw Judy nod her head and say, "Yes." I could not help but wonder if Lisa had heard the kids; or maybe even seen them as we had.

I saw Lisa move her free hand down to Judy's crotch. Her legs were open, giving my girlfriend more than enough room to play with my ex's clit. Lisa worked her gently at first; when she knew Judy was getting close and just about to climax, Lisa stopped.

She kissed and pecked at Judy's lips as she looked at me and said, "Tell me Judy, did you like fucking Kevin last night? It looked like you did? Don't you think you should make it up to me for fucking my boyfriend without permission?"

Judy looked puzzled for a moment, and then said, "Yes."

Lisa, looking at me, said, "Yes what?"

Judy kissed her cheek, working her way to Lisa's mouth, and said, "Yes mistress. Please, what can I do to make it up to you? I'll do anything you want, anything. Just tell me please."

My mind was racing, I guess her new husband had found and used her submissiveness training her to be a submissive bitch when she was in heat.

I was also surprised at what I was seeing in my girlfriend. I was seeing a side of her that I did not know was there, but I sure was enjoying it; the way she took charge of my ex-wife.

Lisa told Judy to stand up and take off her shirt, which she did. Lisa then told Judy to kneel down and take her bottoms off of her.

As I watched my ex, kneeling in front of my girlfriend and tugging her panties off, Lisa smiled at me while lifting her ass so Judy could complete her task.

Lisa then tells Judy, "Now, go over there and remove all of my boyfriends clothes. If his cock isn't rock hard, make it so; if it is, get it wet so he can fuck me."

Judy crawled over to me and undressed me. I already had a nice hard on, so Judy just began to suck it and get it nice and wet.

Lisa said, "That looks good baby. Now come over here with him. I want you to guide his dick into me, you give it one last good suck before you insert in me dear." Judy lead me to Lisa, she leaned in to suck me a little more, getting me covered in her saliva. She leaned back and, still holding my cock, my Ex guided my hard cock to the entrance of my girlfriend's pussy. She kept hold of my cock as I slowly entered my girlfriend.

I pushed all the way inside her when Lisa said, "We're not wet enough. Pull out Kevin; Judy needs to make me wetter. I'm not wet enough." Then turning to Judy, who was kneeling there watching us, she said, "When he pulls out, get down there and eat my pussy baby. Get mommy nice and wet, get me ready for your ex-husband's cock."

Judy looked at her and said, "Oh mistress, I have never done that before. Do I have to?"

Lisa said, "Tonight my dear, you are going to experience a lot of firsts. Now, get down there and eat me honey. No talking back. You know you have always wanted to eat pussy, now you get your chance.'

I pulled out and moved out of the way. I watched as Judy slowly moved her face to Lisa's crotch; Judy leaned forward and began to eat Lisa's pussy. I saw that Judy was masturbating as she licked my girlfriend's open gash.

Lisa said. "Yea, baby. Lick mommy, lick that hole, get your tongue in there. Now suck that clit honey. Use your fingers in me as you suck it."

Judy used her free hand to stick two fingers in Lisa.

Then I heard Lisa's say, "Yea baby, like that. Oh that feels good. More fingers, I want more fingers. Use your hands and stretch my pussy, work them in and out as you suck that clit honey."

I saw Judy stop masturbating and bring her other hand up to work my girlfriend's hole. She had three fingers from each hand sawing in and out of Lisa, driving my sweetheart crazy with lust.

Lisa yelled out, "WORK THAT CUNT BITCH! Work that cunt, eat me sweetheart, get that cunt baby. Your gonna make mommy come honey, keep it up. Baby keep it uppppppPPP! OHHHHH MYYYYY GGGGOOOODDDDDD NOWWWWWWWW!"

By this time I've had a hardon that could have bent steel. As Lisa reached her orgasm, she held Judy's face to her crotch as her body convulsed in climax. They stayed there like that for a bit before Lisa said, "Get up baby, finish your drink; you are going to have some fun tonight."

Judy took her drink and gulped it down while looking at me. When she put the glass down, Lisa said, "Go over there and suck my boyfriend off baby. We made him all hard so make him soft dear suck his cock and bring me all of his come in your mouth. I want you to do something with it for me."

Judy came to me and began sucking my cock. Now my ex-wife always loved sucking my cock, and it would always get her hotter than anything else that I knew of. I heard Lisa say to her, "Oh no, stop playing with yourself. I have a special thing for you dear; just suck his cock."

Judy brought up both of her hands to me. With one she cupped and massaged my balls; while with the other she held onto my cock, jerking it fast as she made love to it with her mouth. I was close and I said, "I'm close, get ready bitch, get ready."

Lisa said, "Don't swallow it baby. Just let him come in your month, but don't swallow it dear."

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