1st Cav Trooper

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: When the Spiders invaded the colony they sent the First Calvary regiment. It was an ancient term the empire still used to identify units that were quick response. It was also because we also used fast lift transports to ride into battle. Now we had to take the fight to the Spiders and take the planet back.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was new to the unit and fresh out of advanced training. 1st Cav was a quick strike force and we were on a distant colony world. The spiders had invaded and we had been to late to stop them. We were here to take the planet back and kill the spiders. Of course this was not the first time we had faced them and I doubt it would be the last.

This time they had altered their warriors so they could fly. Think of an ant colony or more likely a colony of bees. With the spiders it was more like hornets or wasps though. Besides rail weapons the leaders had sonic lances and they all had ceramic matrix fighting knives. They had also developed webs with spider mines that searched for anything caught.

The area on the planet was evergreens with a lot of fern type bushes. The grass was strange because it reminded me of feathers. The spiders had sixteen huge fiber nests above ground while they dug in. Think of the nests as combat control centers and you would be very close.

My company was leading the battalion and we were going in first. The transport twisted and turned before it dropped over the trees and into the closest clearing to the nest we were after. Even as the lead transport touched down people were spilling out. I was in the door as ours dropped and jumped and stumbled at the weight of my pack.

I charged the tri barrel minigun as I moved towards the treeline and the rest of my squad followed. I knelt after a dozen paces and waited as I scanned the forest. The squad leader moved ahead and the alpha team spread out in a wedge before passing him. I stood as my team leader moved up and gestured.

We were not even halfway when the sat scan warned us. The platoon leader yelled and we hit the ground and moved up on line. I searched for targets and a second later thousands of rail rounds screamed out of the forest. Hundreds of flying spiders appeared and I sprayed them using controlled bursts.

I was not the only one and within moments they turned to flee. Those alive that is and we began to leap frog and bound to the edge of the trees. We were barely in position as the next company arrived and the spiders attacked again. Heat from their rounds streaked blue and green through the trees.

I fired into the enemy as they flew towards us and tried to ignore the forest shredding around me. I emptied one ammo box and dumped it as I reached to my left hip for a full one. I slotted it in and charged the weapon before I shifted and began to fire again. The flying spiders dropped and died as fast as they appeared.

By the time the last company was down the whole forest floor was littered with dead spiders. Any wounded we had were sent out on evac transports as the whole battalion got ready to move and advance. I switched out the two empty ammo boxes for full ones from my pack. I also moved forward and collected knives and sonic lances from the fallen enemy.

One of the other companies took the lead and we fell to the rear so I had plenty of time to collect what I wanted. The corporal hissed and I looked at her. She gestured and I moved back and the private to my other side chuckled, "get your souvenirs later."

I grinned as the next company started through ours, "call it research."

The corporal was corporal Ivy Malory and my team leader. The private was private first class Brinna Alexander. I was actually the only male in our fire team which was why I was carrying the tri barrel. The last member of the team was private first class Holly Flint. Finally we stood and fell into a wide wedge formation as we followed the rest of the battalion.

Each time the lead company hit the enemy they took cover and the company behind swept around. It was afternoon before we were the sweepers and I had sonic lances stuffed anywhere I could. The lead company hit the inner defenses around the nest and we swung to the left. One of the things I had found and never heard about before was a type of force knife.

We hit a web minefield and I hissed as the corporal walked into one. She froze and I started moving as I reached for one of the force knives. Our regular knife would take to long and the spider mine would reach her by then. I switched it on as she growled, "Private..."

I swiped over her head and to the left and down to the ground. The force knife went right through the web and I move to the right and cut from the ground up and over her head. I switched it off and pulled her back and away from the broken web. The spider mine was not far as we slipped behind a tree and she leaned out and shot it.

It imploded and sucked in more than just the web. I handed her the force knife and moved back towards my position. We ended up leading the company through and slicing the webs along the way. The company went on line and we attacked and explosions ripped into the huge mass that was the nest.

The hard part was when we entered it and had to find our way through and into the middle. We had two companies follow and spread out once they were inside. Fighting inside the nest was violent and the spiders attacked us when and where they could. An hour and it was over with the spider commander suiciding before we could capture him.

We set up a defensive perimeter and had supplies and ammo dropped. I was with the corporal and went to get the two bot pods to make our positions. The bots dug down and built the front up before setting up the camo screen and the shield. I set my pack in and behind my position before I went to grab a fifteen liter container of water for the team.

I set it down as Brinna and Holly came to fill their bladders and drink. We ate rations and cleaned weapons and I was careful as I examined the force knife and then one of the lances. I had studied chemical and nanite engineering and these were a good if crude example. I looked up after putting them away and it was growing dark.

The corporal pulled out a ground tarp and gestured me out of the hole. She spread it until it took the shape of the hole and then activated the ridged sensor. She grinned and began to undress, "strip private."

She did not have to ask me twice and I quickly stripped as she moved into the hole and laid back. I was careful moving into the hole in the twilight and was tempted to lick her pussy. She pulled me down between her legs instead and reached between us for my large and thick cock. I lifted to help her and then slowly pushed and sank into her.

She grunted as I buried my cock and settled on her. She wiggled and tilted her hips, "damn you have a monster."

I grinned as I humped and jabbed and pressed and she clutched me and shuddered, "ooohhhh!"

After a couple of minutes I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used deep grinding thrusts and she hugged me while her slippery pussy kept squeezing. She sighed and moaned quietly as I continued to fuck her. After a few minutes she jerked and shuddered hard and pressed her mouth against my shoulder, "mmmm!"

Her pussy clenched as I continued to bury my cock as deep as I could. It was several minutes before I grunted and groaned. I shoved into her and held her while pumping a torrent of cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy kept squeezing and clenching. When I was done I hesitated before I began to fuck her again.

She grinned and gave me a kiss as she lifted her hips and squeezed her pussy. I fucked her pussy until she was sloppy and then helped her out of the hole to dress. Brinna chuckled and whispered just load enough for us to hear, "I get him in the morning."

Holly laughed, "and I get him tomorrow night."

I blushed as Ivy laughed and moved back into the hole, "once we are back at the fire base we can all take turns."

I grinned as I joined her in the hole, "you three will be leaking a lot of cum."

They all chuckled as I looked up through the trees and relaxed. I frowned when I saw the glint and then realized it was moving, "incoming!"

I pulled Ivy back and down as I knelt in the hole. Strong sonic lances and lasers stabbed out of a hundred spheres as they stopped and floated over the battalion. Everything around the positions was ripped apart and our position shields flared when they were hit. Trees fell and people were yelling or screaming.

I shifted and growled, "fuck this!"

I turned with my tri barrel and aimed before I fired. One sphere vanish in the burst of rounds and I shifted and fired at another. Ivy growled, "open fire on the spheres!"

A few moments and the order was passed and then everyone started firing up into the air. The artillery spheres died quickly and then we were left with the forest shattered around us. We took turns napping and watching through the night. As the sun rose Ivy stretched from the long shallow trench behind our position.

I smiled as I glanced back, "another beautiful day to blow shit up."

Holly laughed and Brinna giggled as Ivy snorted and sat up, "Brinna you are up for Kris. I am going to get our rations. Holly keep your eyes open."

She walked away as Brinna moved from her fighting position next to ours. I climbed out and checked the tarp Ivy had put in her shallow trench. I stripped on one side while Brinna undressed on the other. She grinned and gestured, "on your back private."

I chuckled as I laid down, "oh goody I get to see and play with your breasts."

Holly laughed as Brinna grinned and straddled me. She wiggled down my cock and pulled my hands to her breasts. She started to rock as I began to knead and her pussy tightened. She shivered while twisting and rolling her hips, "I love sex first thing in the morning."

I grinned as I rubbed her nipples, "and I love sex whenever."

Holly laughed and Brinna grinned and bounced. She started to rub and grind her pussy on me and it was not long before she grunted and shuddered hard. Her pussy was massaging my cock as sergeant Boske walked by, "you have an hour so take your time private."

I hesitated as Brinna jerked and her pussy clenched, "thanks sergeant."

I grinned at her and she wiggled and shoved onto my cock, "I should get at least three loads in an hour."

I laughed as Holly snickered and Brinna began to thrust back and forth and roll her hips harder. I groaned a few minutes later while she was shaking and panting. She shoved down as I slowly arched my back before I began to pump a geyser of cum. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy tightened and clenched, "aaaahhhh!"

I pulled her down and hugged her while I finished spewing sperm in her. She wiggled and squirmed as her pussy constantly squeezed. When I relaxed she grinned and gave me a kiss, "that is one."

She shifted and I went with her until she was under me and then I began to fuck her firmly. She did not get three loads of sperm, she got four. We packed up and filled in the holes before loading the bots into their pods and taking them to the company lift point. Our walk out was not easy or relaxing.

When we reached the clearing I did manage to find and collect a dozen more force knives. The transports came in right on time and we were lifted out and away. When we climbed off the transports back at the base I followed Ivy as Brinna and Holly fell in behind me. First we had to clean all the equipment before we were off.

The third marine regiment was hitting another nest while we recovered and prepped for the next one. I set my pack in the team pod and stripped before going to shower. I was not the only one and did not waste time. I slipped my robe on after I got back and went back to looking at the sonic lances.

I turned to pull out a nanite engineering travel kit. I went back and forth as I designed a pistol using the spider lance nano technology. Their tech was different and crude but stronger than ours. I was able to increase the lance range to over fifty meters. I also magnified the strength until it was more than ten times stronger.

I made sure the pistol would also accept the spider lance charges and since everything was refined the power cost was cut in half. I put two lances in the material chamber and sealed it before I switched it on. I sat back with a sigh and was jerked onto my back before Holly straddled me, "about time private."

I struggled to open the robe and then move her enough to let her impale her pussy. I shifted on the narrow bunk until she was under me and buried my cock. I grinned as I humped and pressed and then pulled back and began to fuck her. She shifted and squirmed as she lifted her hips, "mmmm!"

I continued to fuck her and grind as her pussy became slippery. Several minutes later I was using firm thrusts and she was struggling and bucking. She hugged me while her pussy constantly tightened, "fffuuucccckkkkk!"

Ivy rubbed my butt as she sat on the edge of the narrow bunk. I kept fucking Holly as she wiggled and squirmed and finally shoved into her. She gasped and tightened her hold as I pressed into her and began to pump sperm, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She jerked and spasmed as I spewed and spurted until I was done. Brinna laughed, "get dressed so we can go eat and then he can fuck all of us."

I pulled out and moved off the bunk, "you better hope your implant does not break."

They laughed as they helped Holly up and we got dressed. We ate and checked in with sergeant Boske before I was pulled into our pod. I woke to the banging on our pod and shifted under Brinna. She wiggled and lifted her head to look at the door before nudging Ivy. She shifted away and got out of the bunk, "we are tying two bunks together next time."

Holly chuckled as she climbed out the other side, "at least he is a good bed warmer."

Brianna gave me a kiss before she moved off the bunk and I was able to get up. We went to shower and then get dressed. It was still early as we loaded our packs and checked weapons. I checked the sonic lance pistol in the travel kit before I took it out. I added a few spider power charges before I followed the others out.

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