A Challenging Life

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: Short story about a disabled man who had a life full of challenges.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Violent   Military  

January 20th 2015 Castle Texas hospice facility room 2323

Andy Ripley a young man who was born with Spina Bifida and must use a wheelchair to get around.

Is sitting with his Grandpa Fred Ripley a retired Baptist minister and factory worker who is dying of congestive heart failure, shortly after lunch Grandpa called Andy very close to his bedside.

Andy pushed his wheelchair over to the bed as close as he could, after taking a few sips from his water glass grandpa began to speak. "Andy I want you to have my S&W Model 10 so that you will always remember me."

Andy looked at his Grandpa and he said to the sweet old man that he loved very much.

"Grandpa are you sure that you want me to have your Model 10 it's your most cherished possession aside from your bible of course."

Grandpa took a few more sips from his water glass then he replied. "Yes I am sure that I want you to have my Model 10 it's over there in the top drawer of my nightstand."

So Andy pushed his wheelchair over to the nightstand and he opened the top drawer, then he picked up the Model 10 and after making sure that it was unloaded. He carefully put it into the backpack that he always carried on his wheelchair. Then he returned to his Grandpa's bedside and continued to visit with him.

when visiting hours where over with Andy left the hospice facility, then he got into his Ford F-150 and he drove home, when he reached home Andy got out of his truck and he admired the little white house where he had lived since 1990 after the death of his parents.

When he finished looking at the house Andy went inside locked the Model 10 in the safe had a light supper took a hot shower and shaved then he went straight to bed. The next day January 21st 2015 Andy got up dressed had breakfast then he returned to the hospice facility to continue visiting his grandpa.

3 days later on January 24, 2015 Fred Ripley Devout Christian, retired minister, husband, father and grandpa to Mister Andy Ripley died he was this sweet old man 6 months away from his 92nd birthday.

Over the next couple of days Andy was busy planning his grandpa's funeral arrangements and trying to grieve at the same time. Two nights later on January 27th 2015 it was time for Grandpa's visitation Andy dressed as neatly as he could then he grabbed his keys got in the truck and he drove to the funeral home.

When he arrived Andy parked the truck got out of it and pushed his wheelchair inside and straight to the viewing room. Andy parked his wheelchair as close to grandpa's casket as he could. Then he locked his brakes and quietly sat there with his beloved grandpa and he cried his eyes out, periodically wiping them with a blue handkerchief.

30 minutes later the rest of the family arrived at the funeral home to pay their respects, toward the end of the visitation Andy's uncle Dennis who is the meanest man on planet earth. Looked at Andy and he said to him in a very bitter and insensitive tone of voice.

"Andy the funeral director wants to close the viewing room very soon."

His uncle's bitter insensitive words made Andy angry very angry, Andy wanted to tell his uncle what he truly thought about him.

But Mr. Andy Ripley looked down at his grandpa's handsome face and he decided to hold his tongue.

When the visitation ended Andy got back into his truck drove home and he got some badly needed sleep because the next day was his grandpa's funeral.

The next day January 28th 2015 Andy got up dressed had breakfast then he got back in the truck.

After the short drive to the funeral home the young man parked his truck, straightened his tie, and pushed his wheelchair into the building and then straight to the viewing room.

Andy sat as close to the casket of his beloved Grandpa as he possibly could. He sat their quietly crying and grieving over the loss of his grandpa.

An hour later the family arrived for the funeral service Pastor Jeff brooks gave a very heartfelt and beautiful eulogy, then one by one the relatives passed by the casket to say their final goodbye.

Andy was the last person in line to say goodbye when the pallbearers came into the room to close the casket Andy politely asked them to wait in the hallway since he was not done saying goodbye to his grandpa.

An hour later Andy finished his goodbye the pallbearers came into the room closed the casket lid and they solemnly placed the casket into the hearse.

Then one by one the various family members got into their vehicles and they drove out to the cemetery for the graveside services.

Andy got into his truck and he drove out to the cemetery, when he arrived he parked his truck and made his way over to the area where the graveside services where going to take place.

When the graveside services where completed everybody left the cemetery but not Andy he stayed there and watched the cemetery workers, lower the casket into the grave, put the vault into place, and fill in the grave, when they finished filling it in they left.

Andy said one more prayer and as he was preparing to leave he heard a male voice with a strong yet surprisingly gentle Louisiana accent say quietly.

"He was good man a very good man and he will be missed."

Andy turned to his left and he saw his grandpa's lawyer/friend Mr. Cash Cajun standing next to him, Andy wiped his eyes then he said to him.

"Mr. Cajun I am sorry I did not see you standing there as you can see I have a lot on my mind." Mr. Cajun looked at Andy and he said to Andy

"It's alright I understand your grandpa was a very good man and he was loved by everybody in this town."

"If I may change the subject for a moment please meet me in my office tomorrow morning I need to talk to you regarding your grandpa's estate."

Then he handed Andy one of his business cards and he quietly left the cemetery. Andy said one final prayer then he returned to his truck, drove home and had lunch.

The next morning January 29th 2015 Andy dragged his grief filled behind out of his bed, took a shower shaved had breakfast grabbed his fanny pack and john Deere ball cap and drove to the meeting with Mr. Cash Cajun attorney at law.

When he got into town Andy parked the truck in a disabled parking place, got out of the truck and pushed himself inside of the office building once he was inside Andy approached the receptionists desk, removed his cap and he said to her.

"Excuse me ma-am but my name is Andy Ripley and I have a meeting with Mr. Cajun regarding my grandpa's estate."

The receptionist looked through the appointment book on her desk and she said "Ah yes Mr. Ripley I have found your appointment. Mr. Cajun is in a meeting with another client, please find a place to sit and I will let him know you're here."

Andy found a place to park his wheelchair, locked the brakes, and patiently waited for his appointment with the attorney. 15 minutes later Mr. Cajun came out of his private office shook Andy's hand then they went into his private office and got down to busy.

"Andy your grandpa was a very dear man and he will be greatly missed. I was proud to have been his friend/shooting/hunting/fishing buddy/attorney. Now according to his last will and testament, he has left you his entire estate the house the land and the entire contents of the house."

"Here is a file folder that contains some documents, a death letter, and couple more of my business cards. Your grandpa told me if you ever have any legal problems that I am to help you and not to charge you for my services."

"Do you have any questions? Or concerns?" Andy cleared his throat took a drink of water then he began to speak carefully "Mr. Cajun why did my grandpa leave me his estate? I am just an ordinary young man who loved his grandpa very much, there is absolutely nothing special about me at all."

The attorney took a few sips from his coffee then he began to speak "Andy your grandpa loved you very much and you where his favorite grandchild and he wanted to make sure that you were taken care of, that is why he left you his entire estate."

When Mr. Cajun finished speaking the two men shook hands then Andy left the lawyers office got back into his blue ford f-150 and he drove home. When he got home Andy went into the house, he laid the folder on the table, poured a cup of coffee, and then he opened the folder, and looked through all of the documents.

As he went through them Andy found the envelope that contained the death letter and a task list. Andy put these two documents aside. Then he put the rest of the paperwork back into the file folder and closed it up.

Then the young man grabbed the death letter, cut open the envelope with the large cutting blade of his Tinker Swiss Army Knife, and he began to read the letter very slowly.

"Dear Andy, if you're reading this letter it means that I have died from my congestive heart failure. But I don't want you to worry about me. Because I am safe and sound in heaven with grandma and will wait for you at the pearly gates."

"Please take care of the house, the land, and my gun and knife collection make sure to clean the guns every Wednesday and clean them after every range session. Also I want you to remember everything that you grandma and I told you when we were raising you."

"Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke or chew tobacco don't have pre-marital sex, go to church every Sunday, say your prayers regularly, and last but not least if you meet a nice girl become friends with her with her first then ask her out on a date."

"Also when you meet her family and her friends be nice to them even if they are mean to you."

Sincerely Grandpa

When Andy finished the letter he put it back into the envelope, and then put the envelope back into the file folder. When that was done he put the folder into the safe.

When he finished that task Andy grabbed the task list off the table, got in the truck and he began to get them done one at a time.

When they were all done Andy went home had supper and went straight to bed.

Two days later on the Morning of February 2nd Andy returned to his job at Wal-Mart the same job he had held since he was 16 years old back in June 2001, over the next 3 years Andy did the only thing he could do to handle his grief over his grandpa's death.

He worked, when over time was available he volunteered, when people where needed for the grave yard shift Andy signed up. When there where unpleasant tasks to be done Andy did them, very early on the morning of Wednesday January 24th 2018 the 3 year anniversary of grandpa's death Mr. Andy Ripley would face a challenge that would nearly cost him his life.

Early on that Wednesday Morning Andy arrived at work and as he was getting his wheelchair out of the truck bed he noticed some dark storm clouds in the Texas sky and he said to himself "It likes a storm is coming and it looks like it is going to be a big one."

Once the wheelchair was out of the truck Andy got into it and went into the store. Where he was met by his boss Mr. George Robinson after clearing his throat the boss began to speak.

"Andy there is a major storm coming and I am assigning you some addition duties to perform." I need you to bring in every single shopping cart that is outside and put it into the store's cart corral, before the storm gets here."

When the boss was done talking he left Andy alone the young man put his john Deere baseball cap was on his head, then he retrieved his shopping cart retrieval tool from the main pocket of his fanny pack. This tool is nothing more than a blue dog leash with a blue dog collar attached to it, and a carabineer attached to the other end. He attached the carabineer to his wheelchair seatbelt and ran outside.

Andy brought in large batches off shopping carts over and over again he had just brought in another large batch when the storm finally started to erupt. He was about to go back outside when his boss approached him and he said to the young man.

"Andy do you have all of the shopping carts inside of the store, and inside the stores cart corral?" Andy looked his boss straight in the eye and he said to him. "No sir I don't there are two still out there in the parking lot."

"One of them is in the Far East corner of the parking lot. The other one is in the far west corner of the parking lot and in my humble opinion it would be suicide to go out there in that storm to get them. But it is my duty to out there to get them and I will do my duty."

When Andy was finished speaking the young man made sure his cap was still on his head then he ran back out into the storm. He went out to the Far East corner of the parking lot, found the cart and hooked the tool up to it, and he brought it inside without a problem.

Then he went back out found the cart in the far west corner of the parking lot. He hooked up the tool and he began the journey back inside of the store. He had gone 2 maybe 3 feet from the corner when Mother Nature turned up the storms fury. The Lightning got brighter the thunder got louder the rain got heavier and colder.

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