Agnes Delivers

by Midsummerman

Copyright© 2015 by Midsummerman

Sex Story: Mistress Agnes Fairchild is a pillar of the covert dominant women's society in Victorian London, a good friend and associate of Mistress Ella Hempleton, owner of Arachne House of correction for males. Agnes provides a service which allows her to indulge her dominance to the extreme, where the only way to correct certain males is a permanent solution. This spin-off from 'Ella's House' shows how her services are utilised in the disposal of a rapist, and the triumphal awakening of his victim

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Snuff   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The newspapers told how the gallant policeman had cornered the Pimlico Rapist after a tip off, and how the knife wielding villain had gone into the Thames following a tussle; his body swept away conveniently down to the estuary by the flood tide, serving him the justice he avoided from the law.

P C Barnett had received the highest commendation for his bravery in bringing the rapist to a swift end; chancing on him in the act in an alleyway close to the embankment, his poor victim, Millie Barber, having the strength and foresight to remain conscious and witness the constable give chase. The reality of the outcome was far from what the papers had been led to believe by the statement of the unknowing rape victim and the word of a pillar of society.

Barnett was no stranger to the society led by one Ella Hempleton, and despite the robust masculine nature of his employment, loved uto serve the women and was always seeking to earn favour from Ella's associates. Securing a rapist was an opportunity too good to pass. He had caught the male quite easily, despite he fearing the severe penalty of the rope at Newgate he faced; he had stumbled shorty after bolting down an alley which opened onto the misty side of the Thames. It was as though he were tired of running. When subdued he was amazed to be met and transported by a hansom cab, the driver of which winked at the constable with a knowing grin, the policeman then blowing his whistle for assistance before leaving in the cab with him.

He was delivered not to Bow Street or the like, but through the gates of an institution which he would learn was Arachne House. The cuffed male was met not by burly police officers, but by stern women who held him on his knees while Barnett advised of his crime. His grave expression was tinged with a perverse pleasure, the reward for which would be ample.

'This beast is a rapist. One for Madam Agnes Fairchild. I am sure she is ready for a hanging.' The bewildered male was dragged into a treatment room by several more women, his cock erecting in the strange and foreboding atmosphere as he was stripped. They did not smile as had the constable. The Head Matron choosing a thick rattan and showing it to the squirming rapist who, now naked and strapped to a bench, began to protest.

'Please ... Madam ... I... ' One of the nurses almost raised a smile as he was gagged smartly with a leather strop, he would be allowed no comment and no mercy would be shown him. Matron flexed the rattan as she turned to Barnett, his cock stiffening as he surveyed the magnificent woman whose sadism with the cane he had sampled most willingly, unlike the nervous and fearful wretch whose fate was now sealed.

'Thank you Barnett, Ms Hempleton and Ms Fairchild will know of your gallant capture, and of the risk you have taken; I too will not forget the impudence on your face, I shall have you explain later in private. You must return to the scene swiftly to secure your plot, and seek the wellbeing of his victim.' The constable's cock peaked rigid as he dropped to his knees and kissed the stern woman's plain black boots, astounding the bound rapist who now squirmed in fear. Matron flexed the cane with a steely look as the constable quickly worshipped her boots, a smiling and equally severe nurse lifting his gagged head by his hair to witness the power of womanhood, a power he would soon worship albeit briefly, having earned the right to know it in the basest of circumstances in their eyes. The Matron surveyed the quivering flesh as the constable moved to make his exit.

'Oh yes, he will hang most pleasingly, displayed expertly by Mistress Fairchild. Hanging and castration await him ... after he has been broken and prepared sufficiently.' Barnett left reluctantly, as the nurses bustled eagerly to acquire their own canes, and the whooshing sound of cuts to flesh filled the room he departed. His mind was now filled with the Matron's promise, but he had to cover his tracks. The cab made all haste southward, and the grinning cabbie accepted his enlarged tip with the usual pleased wink.

Barnett could see many torches through the misty gloom, and ran with his hardest effort a hundred yards or so in the opposite direction, descended the first convenient stone steps down to the swirling Thames and stepped carefully down to his thighs in the chill brown water before ascending again. He then ran toward the lights and greeted his fellow officers, a large band now swarming about the alleyways. A fat sergeant wrinkled his walrus like moustache at the wet state of the constable.

'Where the hell have you been Barnett - bloody Essex and back?' The gasping constable, had his story ready; the image of the stern Matron in the back of his mind, watching over him to ensure he made it a convincing one.

'Might as well have been sarge ... he ducked and dived for a good half mile, then the idiot tried to jump from one lighter to another ... went in, tried to get him out, then he was gone. Went back up to the embankment and tried to keep track; saw him a couple of times, up for air and flailing, then he went under for good after five minutes or so.' The sergeant swallowed the tale hook line and sinker; convenient too, no accommodation required, less paperwork.

'Serve the bastard right. Drowning in the Thames much more suitable than a nice clean rope.' Barnett's cock rose in his damp trousers as he thought how much the rapist would have preferred the tale to be true; the hanging he faced would be no swift and clinical drop to a quick dispatch, he would know the full pleasure of the rope, and would be begging to endure it following his preparation by the ladies of Arachne House.

Barnett then sought out the woman who had been attacked; he was guided by others to a house near the alley where a doctor looked over her. The doctor was shown the constable who had intervened as he covered the sedated woman with a blanket and left her with a nurse. He pulled Barnett to one side.

'Miss Barber was infiltrated, but the rapist did not reach his total pleasure, thanks to you. She is in shock, but not as traumatised as some women would have been; did you apprehend the villain?' Barnett looked over to the woman who lay back and gave him a gentle smile.

'No, I did not, but he will not trouble any women anymore; he has been taken to hell.' The doctor gaped as the sergeant arrived behind him and held the doctors arm as Barnett moved toward the woman.

'The Thames has him; no place for a swim at high tide, we won't see him again, unless it's in Kent or Essex maybe!' Barnett approached the woman and was astounded by her calmness; she was forthright about her experience, more so when the nurse departed for a moment after the constable had related upon the attacker's demise.

'I'm glad that he's gone, but feel cheated that he has escaped the public spectacle of being known, humiliated, and justly punished; I would have appreciated the benefit of being outside Newgate when he was hanged.' Barnett sensed that this was a formidable woman, and one who may indeed benefit from the truth in more ways than one.

'Let me take all your details, he may have err ... survived, you never know, and besides, I would like to have the women of a benevolent society visit you, to make sure you are recovered.' She looked at him in a puzzled way, sensing something might not be the way it seemed, groaning slightly as she moved from the exertions she had encountered; she felt more and more hatred for her assailaint.

'I'll do so, as long as they are not from any religious foundation?' Barnett almost smirked, quickly checking himself due to the gravity of the situation.

'Oh, the ladies concerned are far removed from any given religion.'

Agnes Fairchild was already nicely aroused when she arrived at Arachne House. She had dressed in jet black silks and satins to attend the object of her desire, two stern female assistants accompanied her and were dressed in like fashion as they strode eagerly from the cab. Hanging males was what she lived for, mock hangings were practiced on willing and submissive males frequently, courtesy of her quickly erected gallows which were an eternal attraction at society ladies dinner parties; the 'Master' of the house, tried by women, found guilty by women, and suspended on the rope in submissive ecstasy until they passed out. Quite often 'the condemned' would be unaware of the proceedings until led leashed by the cruel Mistress to watch the inviting scaffold erected; they would then be subjected to the women's pleasure, teased cruelly about having reached the end of their use as a pet, and not knowing the truth they would sometimes beg for mercy, heightening the arousal and spite of the women wonderfully.

The males were taken to the epitome of submissive ecstasy, stripped naked, tightly bound, gagged to prevent their pitiful pleas, and butt plugged to prevent defecation; those unaware of the proceedings provided the greatest pleasure for the women, hoods were never used, and the trussed male's face would show his divine realisation that he was truly hanged as the trap dropped. He would in turn be treated to the deep sadistic pleasure shown on those women's faces as he danced for their enjoyment. Many would delight the women by spending spontaneously on the rope, immersed in utter submission.

Having experienced it once, there was an unending request list from male's and Mistress's alike, to have them suffer the same fate again, and the two males chosen to perform the erection of the gallows were passed on to Agnes in willing slavery, having known the pleasure of the noose. They were earning the right along with those who by mutual consent of Mistress and slave, the gallows would serve its full purpose on rare and treasured occasions. The two males chosen to erect the scaffold were selected from those deeply submissive individuals fostered by Arachne House, those who had been subjected to and had experienced mock hangings in Mistress Fairchild's lusty experiments, and on their feelings made known, that they professed their lust to be extinguished permanently, worked their passage by expertly erecting the very apparatus which would consume them in total submission to womanhood. They knelt obediently either side of the divine platform; the only males allowed to view each and every performance, they would view many performances until a smiling Agnes would introduce two new males who had practiced erecting a second gallows in private.

A week later, watched by the feminine household of Mistress Fairchild and a selection of delighted female guests, the two males would erect both sets of gallows for the last time, and would confirm their desire to be dispatched upon them at the feet of their Mistress below the noose. Mistress Agnes would have the greatest pleasure in affirming her permission to allow them to hang on her gallows for the appeasement of womanhood, on their begging to be dispatched by her hand upon the gallows they had erected. The more sadistic of the invited guests would stand close to hear their begging, then watch in a spiteful state of arousal as the two males were quickly trussed and gagged by eager maids chosen from the household. Bound and naked, the males quivered in total submission on the traps, noosed and unhooded to afford both they and the women maximum pleasure as they received the reward of their labours. Their cocks erect in superb humiliation, they were inspected by the dominant female guests, taunted about having less than a few minutes to live, then dispatched by the hand of the severely dominant Mistress Agnes Fairchild.

To great applause the traps would drop away, and the males would dance and jerk in ecstasy as they endured a deliciously slow strangulation, hanged by a dominant woman. The females would gather close to watch their facial expressions as they suffered on the ropes, the males always spending their last while conscious, a humiliating death at the hands of women so thoroughly enjoying their fate, the epitome of submissive pleasure. These spectacles however, paled into insignificance when compared with those oh so rare events, one of which Agnes was now preparing.

A smiling Hope led Agnes to see her deserving victim, her cunt slipping sweetly in full arousal in her silk underwear; having the male know for the first time that she was the woman who would hang him was always an exquisite thrill. The two paused at the door of a treatment room, with the stern maids in tow. Agnes licked her lips.

'How is he taking to his fate, I trust he is constantly reminded that he is to know the rope?' Hope grinned and squeezed the cane she carried, flexing it.

'Oh, he is being made to pay every day on his journey to castration and hanging; he'll be broken to the required level and is made aware he has not long to live most regularly; you'll see that his progression goes well, and that he is providing much enjoyment for all staff members involved.'

Agnes sneered with deep satisfaction as she saw the rapist for the first time; naked and leashed, he wriggled on the floor at the feet of a severe matron, wrists tightly bound behind his back while one of the younger nurses delighted in thrashing him. Her face beamed with sadistic pleasure as she cut his striped flesh, and Agnes was delighted to see the male's cock was keenly erect, his balls displayed tight below a harsh scrotal ring, his anus held wide as it clenched at a deliciously large anal plug. Hope lifted her chin back haughtily, grinning with pride as the male's cock boned rigid on detecting her supreme presence. The maid continued to whip him as Hope noticed Agnes smile at his excited genitalia; the redhead taking immediate advantage of the situation to taunt the male.

'Yes Mistress Agnes, the rapist remains a slave to his own balls till he is ready to hang. As you know, most rapists we deal with are emasculated immediately and exported to face a short life of sadistic slavery at the hands of African or Oriental women. This rapist will use his each day, the semen whipped from him as he learns submission. He will retain his seed for a three day period before he is awarded the pleasure of the rope, we will all take great pleasure in seeing them used for the last time and removed from him as he enjoys the justice of the noose.' Hope's cunt bulged as she nodded at the panting nurse, allowing the excited girl to reclaim her breath as the bound male was inspected. Hope's arousal increased as she lifted the thrashed male's head from the boots of the matron, and had him face the superbly dominant woman in black silks. His cock peaked and dribbled pre-cum as he sensed that this equally formidable woman was of some significance. Hope savoured the moment.

'This is Mistress Agnes Fairchild. She is the woman who will ensure you know you know the penalty for your basest of male acts in the ultimate moments of your life; this is the woman who will hang you.' Though the male had guessed the significance of the mature and elegant woman, he gasped at Hope's words as his leash was choked tight by the redhead, his cock bobbing erect and delighting the sadistic pleasure of the women, as he viewed the woman who would snuff him out, slowly and painfully. Hope kept the leash nice and tight as his cock dribbled on knowing the woman who would end his life; the strict and cruelly thorough regime exacted upon him having broken his spirit and moulded his mind toward the desire for submission.

'You'll kiss her feet and beg her to hang you, then you'll come for her, when we have had a little satisfaction from you.' Agnes' cunt tingled with cruel excitement as she viewed the male who would suffer on her gallows at her feet; her mind already beginning to expertly gauge his doomed stature for the appropriate rope on which he would dance for their pleasure. She grinned as he looked up at her with pathetic yet eager eyes. His balls and anus tingled as the females gathered around to hear his humiliating request. The male's sense of erotic capitulation was brought to the fore as he pondered his foreboding yet sexually appealing situation; the magnificent mature woman in black held him in awe, he had not been broken completely by the treatment and still feared for his life, but the orgasms he suffered under the whip made him yearn for more punishment. The thought that this woman was to hang him made him yearn to come. Hope whipped his arse with her cane.

'Beg! Beg to be hanged! I want to hear sincerity in your voice, I want to hear your defeat and admission that you deserve just and permanent punishment.' Hope sneered as she pulled the leash tighter, having him think hard on his fate. His eyes took in Agnes' stern feminine form and her glaring eyes as she crossed her arms dominantly.

'I beg ... beg to be hanged on your gallows Mistress.' The women laughed cruelly as he begged for death; no confession or plea was necessary, he had earned the right and would hang. One of Agnes' assistants stepped forward and placed a black bag next to the cowering male. Agnes beamed with satisfaction.

'We shall have you on a bench now; I want your neck to have an idea of what you will enjoy in a few short days.' Hope tugged the cowering rapist to a padded bench as Agnes followed with the ominous bag. She was in her element now.

'Strap him tightly at the ankles knees and chest; allow him some movement around the torso, I want to see him come when good and ready.' The condemned rapist offered no resistance to the grinning nurses as he was strapped to the bench, any spirit with respect to escape having been whipped from him. The stern Matron pressed and fingered the tight anal plug when he was secured, making his erect cock lubricate the leather below him as his anus clenched at it in submission. Matron purred as Hope lifted his head so that he may see everything clearly.

'Don't worry my boy, you shall know the pleasure of the whip shortly, and you'll come for us most exquisitely.' The male had had plenty of occasion to rue the way he had treated women, and the treatment of these women had shown him the correct feelings he should have in engendering a yearning for submission to their power, but as Hope held his head high and he studied the mature elegant dominance of Agnes he wanted to come more than ever. This was the woman who would hang him, and the divine sense of total defeat to womanhood immersed his very soul in submission as she opened the bag, then turned to him with a broad smile as she unbuttoned her long black skirt. He was already close to coming as his eyes were transfixed by her long legs and broad thighs, her cunt expressed in its wetness through black silk underwear.

'You'll know my scent; you'll keep it in your memory and will think long and hard on it as you hang.' Matron and the other women grinned cruelly as the rapist's face was held to Agnes' hot cunt, watching him rub his cock against the leather as he took in her spice; he had forced his manhood into many before, but would never do so again, now he would worship womanhood as he should. Agnes continued to moisten as she enjoyed her dominance over him, Hope enjoying every moment as his nose was held into Agnes' excited cleft, watching him snort and sniff as he squirmed in the tight bondage. Agnes sighed and nodded to the grinning women.

'Six strokes while he knows my cunt Matron, I'll have him know how he should enjoy the scent of a woman.' Hope held his head high and tight into Agnes' moist arousal as he bucked and groaned under the fearsome strokes awarded him by the stout Matron, her face grimacing with pleasure as each stroke was served with her utmost strength, the divine sound of the cutting of the air making his cock weep pre-cum and his anus clench tight at the plug as the rod bit into his flesh. After the fourth stroke he cried out pitifully and felt Agnes' cunt bulge as she pressed her hot cleft to his face, expressing her sadistic pleasure at the sound. After the fifth and sixth, he rubbed his cock uncontrollably, yearning to come as he sampled the dominant woman's spice. The woman laughed as Agnes stepped away and the Matron held his buttocks firm, denying his orgasm. Agnes grinned.

'Oh you'll not come yet. I've further pleasures for you before you spend for me. Now that I've heard the pain in your voice, I have something to prevent that; I fear you may cry out and beg for mercy when whipped in sight of my gallows, and we'll have no pleas. You will hang and will be shown no mercy, and you'll lose your balls before you die.' He watched as she bent, keeping her legs straight and displaying her magnificently rounded arse and taut broad thighs to pick something from the bag. Hope smiled wickedly as she felt the rapist buck again on being released by the Matron. His eyes fixed on the cock-gag which Agnes now displayed to him.

'Of course, you shall wear a ball-gag when you hang, but this is a special occasion; today you will get as close to a final fuck as you will in this lifetime.' The women laughed as the rapist took the rear nub of the cock in his mouth and panted frantically through his nose as Agnes' slender fingers buckled it tight. He looked down the length of the thick black phallus to the wet cleft in the silky underwear before him as she did so, and felt Hope release the leash about his neck. His balls tingled, aching to come as the mature woman bent once more to display her superb arse, then turned with a triumphant smile to the condemned man again.

His cock pulsed close to spending as he was shown a silky white noose on a length of rope; the women delighting in his wide eyes as he viewed it. Agnes hung it before those eyes.

'Oh yes, today you'll get a good feel of just what it will be like; you'll come while noosed now, and you'll do so again on the gallows.' The women laughed again as Agnes slowly slipped the delicious noose over the cock-gag, over his head, and eased the slipknot tight as it grasped his neck, making him buck and yearn to shoot at the promise it brought of his own hanging. Hope's cunt dribbled as she lifted his head by the rope, the noose squeezing tight about his neck, as he snorted through his nose and watched Agnes ease her black silky underwear down to reveal her superbly moist cunt. Matron handed the cane to one of the more severe nurses, who took it eagerly, after she had received a nod from Agnes; the woman who would hang him slipped a finger through her slippery labia as she looked into the rapist's eyes.

'There is one more thing. Just in case you thought your submission to womanhood was unique, you shall know that all males are below women.' The women laughed as Matron walked from the room and re-emerged. She ginned with pride as she led a burly male in on all fours, naked and gagged, he wore a thin leather harness which cut into his flesh, and displayed a tail from sufficiently large butt plug. The rapist could see he was under the absoluw te control of the supreme Matron. He gasped and the women applauded as he recognised the face as that of the policeman who had brought him there; it was Barnett, submissive and owned by a woman. Agnes grinned at the rapist.

'Yes, this is the lowly male who delivered you to us. He will not be allowed to see you hang, but will be rewarded today for his service to womanhood. Matron will allow her pet to masturbate as he watches you punished; of course, he will then be punished by Matron for his lewd display. All males must know their place.' The rapist watched in awe as the officer of the law, so confident and imposing in daily life, was paraded like a lamb before the nurses he had once been so officious with, in utter submission. His former stance with the nurses was not lost on them as they taunted him with their superiority; the rapist could not help but notice the owned policeman's cock bone as the nurses lifted their skirts and had him sniff at their arseholes like a dog, as the Matron barked her order for him to show his respect. Barnett's thick cock stood rigid to display the acute pleasure being humiliated gave him; the nurses pulling their arse cheeks wide apart to ensure he enjoyed the sweet tang of their sticky puckers. The Matron had no need to prompt or supervise him, he knew his place below all women, and the nurses took full retribution in having him know it.

Barnett was allowed to kneel facing the bench, and Matron handed his leash to a pleased nurse who pulled it tight; she would have the satisfaction of taunting him as he masturbated. The women sneered at him while he openly played with his cock, as he watched his Mistress approach the male he had condemned to death at their hands. The rapist's cock now boned as two nurses brought in a high chair, designed to sit at bench level, with stirrups which Agnes ascended into, straddling on her knees to show her magnificent arse. Hope made sure the noose was pulled chokingly tight as the dominant executrix spread her magnificent thighs and displayed her mature cunt and arsehole in all their glory. She smiled wickedly as she eased backward, then sighed with pleasure as the cock gag slipped into her moist cunt, and the rapist's nose was enveloped by her globular white cheeks, his nose sniffing wildly at the tang of her anus as it was brought to it.

Noosed, bound and defeated, the rapist's cock pulsed with submissive pleasure as the Matron readied her cane. He would come in total submission as he serviced the cunt and sniffed at the arsehole of the woman who would hang him. Barnett wanked hard as he watched the supreme woman arch her back and display the excitement of her hard nipples through the fabric of her tight blouse; she was in her element and her face bore a satisfied look of triumphant dominance as the male she would have the pleasure of hanging was humiliated and shown his place. She eased right back, taking the cock gag deep into her cunt, right up to the hilt and allowing the doomed male to sniff hard at her arsehole.

'You'll come while sampling the noose and knowing the scent of my excitement at seeing you dispatched on my gallows. Of course, it can't replicate the pleasure of being hanged, but it will keep you in mind of it, and you'll remember my scent when I have the pleasure of releasing the trap from below your feet.'

Hope's cunt tingled with sadistic pleasure as she kept the noose tight but allowed his neck to enjoy both the feel of the rope and a little movement, as he slipped the cock gag in and out of Agnes' wet cunt, sniffing in submission as Matron began to thrash him. The women looked on with contented smiles as the stern Matron placed one hand on hip and cut the air with her cane, bringing it hard down on the rapist's buttocks, the rod submerging into his already striped and bruised flesh, making him squirm and buck in his bondage. He was being made to pay dearly for his brutality and the women had conditioned him well; the fear and pain he felt initially were still there, but he had been taught submission and his cock pulsed with the carnal pleasure of defeat as the cane brought further tuition. Now noosed and caned, his mind lusted to know the ultimate capitulation to womanhood, and his balls soon heralded an orgasm of total defeat as he sniffed at the arsehole and serviced the cunt of the woman whom he knew would provide his humiliating end.

Her delight in his cruel torment was displayed to the full, the mature woman relishing every moment of being pleasured by yet another male who would satisfy her sadistic lust on the gallows; her ecstasy magnified by having him know it would be she who orchestrated his execution, and now he was made to worship her cunt in thanks. She moaned in a triumphant heaven as Hope sneered while indulging in her own satisfaction on keeping the noose tight and guiding the cock gag in and out, whilst Matron thrashed the doomed male's flesh lustily, knowing her own pet masturbated in anticipation of receiving the same punishment shortly.

As the rapist's tears of pain mingled with the juices of the dominant woman's cunt, his cock throbbed and slipped on the padding below him, erect and willing in the pleasure of utter submission under the cane, and as Agnes moaned in a victorious orgasm his cock pulsed into a divinely defeated orgasm of his own. The acute carnal pleasure warped through his body, seemingly accentuated by the cuts applied so venomously by Matron as he snorted at the rich scent of Agnes's arsehole, bringing a torrent of hot semen from him. Hope squeezed the slipknot tight to ensure the rapist was reminded of its promise and laughed along with the Matron, their cruel derision increasing his humiliation, making him spend thoroughly as Agnes lifted her head high and sighed with satisfaction on hearing him come for her.

The rapist's senses exploded in abject pleasure as Agnes arched her back and Hope held his his face hard into the taut arse cheeks of the dominant woman, his flesh burning as the song of the cane through the air continued, its harsh impact making him buck and spend while his nose took in the delicious womanly tang of his executioner's anus. His balls pumped jet after jet as he wallowed in the humiliation of utter defeat, strangled by the mock noose, making him lust for the genuine item it represented and to be hanged by the woman whose scent drew the endless stream of semen from him. As he grunted in the ecstasy of complete submission, the nurses taunted and laughed at Barnett as he groaned loud and long, shooting his mess across the floor as he watched his Mistress cane the male whose fate he had assured into total submission, his own neck strangled by the leash which was pulled tight by the sneering young nurse as he knelt naked and humiliated. The nurses laughed as his plentiful come matched that of the true victim, Barnett looking jealously on and knowing he would soon feel the cane applied to his flesh by his harsh Mistress, he dreamed of being in the rapist's position, sentenced to be hanged by Agnes, as his rigid cock shot loops of white cream to the floor in his own submission.

The women looked on in satisfaction as the Matron held the cane hard against the rapist's striped and tortured cheeks while he squirmed in his own mess, and Agnes eased herself down. The rapist looked on, drained and awestruck as he tried to come to terms with what was happening to him as the nurses brought Barnett over to exchange places. Agnes and her assistants simply grinned contentedly as the rapist was unstrapped and made to kneel and witness the whimpering Barnett being strapped down. The rapist's cock began to rise again as he watched the mature woman replace her skirt as though nothing had happened while Hope stood over him with her cane, and replaced his leash.

'The next time you see her, you'll know the true price of your crime. That time cannot come quick enough for me.' His anus tingled as it clenched at the plug, his cock already erecting again as he cowered in obedient submission at the feet of the severe redhead; he was broken and in utter defeat, he longed to see the magnificent woman who now departed for that final time more than Hope could know, his submission to her would be total. As Barnett's howls accompanied the song of Matron's cane while Agnes left the room, she thought of the one final treat she had for the rapist, before he knew the pleasures which awaited him on her well-used gallows.

Millie Barber stood proud and confident behind the counter of the dressmaker's shop she worked at, despite the trauma of her recent ordeal. Her mind drifted back to it on occasion, and she gritted her teeth in anger, clenching her fists with a hatred for the male who had served her such an injustice. She had experienced such a moment when the bell rang as two elegant and mature women entered the shop. Ella and Agnes smiled softly at each other on viewing the prim shapely woman, her brown hair tight in a severe bun above brown eyes and high cheek bones, full breasts accentuated by a tight corset; it was easy to see why she had attracted the base carnal lust of the rapist. Millie noticed their interest in her, rather than any of the wares on display and her mind went back to her talk with Barnett as they approached her, casually glancing to ensure no-one else was within earshot. Ms Barber took a deep breath and lifted her chin.

'You must be the ladies that PC Barnett spoke of; I thank you for your concern, but if you've come to offer me some form of counselling, I think I'm coping just fine.' Ella put her hand on Millie's and squeezed it gently, both women could feel the anger in her tone, which pleased them immediately; she would be positive with their news.

'Oh no, of course we would be happy to offer support if you required it, but we can offer much more than that. I am Ella Hempleton, I own an establishment called Arachne House; it caters for the err... 'reformation' of homeless males, many of whom are 'educated' to serve their true purpose in life. This is Agnes Fairchild, she is an associate of mine who ensures that those deserving of it are served with the correct justice.' She smiled wickedly at Millie and allowed her to guess at their purpose. Ms Barber began to look intrigued, then Agnes broke the silence.

'What are your feelings with respect to the male who defiled you? We only have Barnett's interpretation on your thoughts shortly after the incident; what would your stance be, had he been captured?' Millie withdrew her hand from Ella's and clenched both hands to the edge of the counter.

'Oh I would want to see more than reformation, I should want to see him confess, be tried, and duly executed. As I told the constable, I would be outside the prison at the moment he was dispatched; nothing would have given me more satisfaction!' She was bemused to see the satisfied smiles which greeted the sincerity of her response. Ella licked her lips.

'What if he were somehow 'brought back to life' and dealt with by women alone; not tried and clinically dispatched by males in privacy at Wandsworth?' Millie's cunt tingled as the puzzling conversation she had had with Barnett suddenly began to make more sense, her breasts rose as she took in a deep breath, but Agnes added more before she could respond.

' ... And what if you were to witness his execution, in the company of other women, all completely satisfied to see the correct punishment served?' Millie now grasped Ella's black gloved hand again, her anticipation growing.

'I would give anything to see that, but he drowned ... the police and the papers said so ... it's just that PC Barnett ... he puzzled me.' Agnes grinned with satisfaction.

'Barnett is in our service as well as the laws, he knows his place amongst women and will beg your forgiveness for keeping you in the dark for so long; you see, he delivered the rapist to us, and he is being reformed at Arachne House.' Ms Barber sighed as though experiencing some miracle.

'Reformed?' Agnes laughed at her purposely provocative quip.

'Yes, reformed in readiness for execution; he is to be punished, have his masculinity neutered both physically and mentally ... then hanged.' Ms Barber's cunt moistened as she gritted her teeth and squeezed Ella's hand tight.

'And I am to witness this?' Ella placed her other hand atop the excited woman's.

'If it pleases you of course, and so much more; how would you like to see his reformation at Arachne house, we would be most pleased if you played an active part in his preparation?' Ms Barber picked her coat from behind the counter and strode across the length of the shop to a bemused manageress, whose jaw dropped on being told her assistant would be leaving for the day.

The conversation that Ella and Agnes had with Millie in the cab proved to be most revealing and of great interest to the two women. Millie had always found relationships with males very difficult, hindered by what she saw as their pomposity and preoccupation with trying to control her, something she could not live with. Though she found males very attractive, she had not yet met what she would consider to be the right one, though being attractive she was never short of interested suitors. Ella looked at Ms Barber's blue and grey outfit, and used this as an excuse to have her see how things could be for her.

'I think you should wear something a little more fitting when you meet our condemned man; I have some black silks you can wear to Arachne House, you are much the same shape as I, and you'll feel so much more the part too.' Agnes grinned to herself as she thought of how Millie would embrace the society.

'That is a wonderful dress mind you, do you mind me asking where you obtained it from?' Millie blushed ever so slightly.

'Oh, I made it myself; I do more than assist customers at Harding & Jones, I make costumes whenever I am allowed the chance.' She was taken aback as Agnes clapped her hands and looked knowingly at Ella, who calmed the intrigued woman immediately.

'I think we are going to become very good friends; how would you like to become a partner in a drapery and outfitters shop, just off Bond Street? I take it you don't mind making theatrical costume, and err ... costumes for special requirements?' Millie's jaw dropped.

'Me ... a partner in a business? ... but you have only just met me ... how can you have any confidence in me?' Ella simply leaned forward and touched her dress.

'You come wearing your own recommendation, you are a woman, and you have earned the right through your experience. You will also meet the person I acquired the business from when we arrive; they will be so glad to see you.' Millie was further bemused by the strange smirk that Agnes gave her.

'You'll see how life should be; we believe women should be, let's say 'independent.'

Millie was taken aback by Ella's grandiose house as they walked up the steps to the door, but nothing could prepare her for what greeted her inside. The two women smiled at her as Hattie opened the door and they walked in. There naked and leashed, on his knees was Gray, the proud ginger housemaid marshalling him with her cane. Ella gave him a sneer and pointed to Millie's feet.

'What are you waiting for? Show our guest how a male greets a woman in this house.' Gray's cock poked erect as he quickly bowed to Millie's feet and kissed her shoes several times; Millie's cunt tingled with a pleasure she had not known before as the women smiled and Hattie rubbed her cane across his bare arse. Ella continued.

'This is Gray, he is my pet and the former owner of the drapery shop. Tell Miss Millie Barber how you felt when I came to your shop Gray.'

'I saw your spurs under your skirt and wanted to be yours Mistress.' Hattie and Agnes laughed, Ella was ready with the next question.

'And what happened to you and your shop?'

'You dominated me Mistress, and gave my shop to women.'

'And what do you own now?'

''Nothing Mistress'

'And who owns you and all your property?'

'You do Mistress'

'And are you content with that, dominated and owned by a woman?'

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