Media Planning

by James Anderton

Copyright© 2015 by James Anderton

Fiction Sex Story: Date rape can't be used to make friends, surely not?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Humiliation   Gang Bang   .

The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex.If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, do not read any further.


My name is Sir Graham Stoddart. I'm 40 years old, good looking (allegedly) and very very rich. Oh, and I'm a psychopath.

Not, you understand a Jack the Ripper, or a Dexter, with an uncontrollable urge to kill. I'm a real psycho. I have absolutely NO empathy with people. I really don't care about other people. I don't understand their feelings, sympathy, love, pity or any other of the social attributes. As a result, from a very early age, I learned to act out, or mimic what I knew to be the essential graces. I am, in short, an unfeeling charmer.

I own a sizeable chunk of the Dwyer Valley, and intend to own more.

Media Planning

A long term project needs a long term perspective. When a rich person moves into a town, particularly if he buys the towns main industry, there is a tide of suspicion which needs dealing with. Especially if the suspicions are well founded. Gossip is the biggest influence in opinion forming, but TV, Radio, and Newspapers follow closely behind.

After a few months study and experience, I had a clear view of the local media. The TV station was run by a young, rampant left-wing journalist who would never see me as a good thing. He had to go, but I could probably buy him out.

The radio station was run by an equally young guy, but his only interest was pumping out 24hr music interspersed with a mere 5 minutes an hour of news. He could wait.

The newspaper was a different proposition. The owner and editor was a 55 year old who fancied himself for a Pulitzer prize. There was no chance he would sell, and at the first whiff of scandal he would be on my back. I set my security detail Lewis to do a full profile.

"I'm sorry, boss. There's not very much to go on. Harvey Armstrong, the editor has no vices that I can find. He hardly ever drinks, he doesn't smoke, never gambles. Jake (our tame nerd) has been through his phone records and internet history. There's nothing there. We've looked at the wife as well. She's much younger than him, early thirties, and a right goody two-shoes with an unblemished past and present. The only thing that's unusual is that she goes across to Grayson every couple of months with her best friend Abigail. We're sure they're not gay. They stay in separate rooms in a local hotel, and they go to an upmarket nightclub.

They drink, flirt, dance, but never put out. I think they just need to enjoy themselves, and having studied Harvey for a while, I think I understand."

"Well, we need some sort of leverage. We need to either discredit him, or maybe we could get his wife firmly on our side.

"You could always try the date rape scam, it worked last time."

"Yeah, but that woman was on her own, this time there would be two of them."

"Maybe, but this time they're more than 200 miles from home. The odds would definitely be in your favour."

The date-rape scam is a way of making a woman eternally grateful. Woman gets raped, turns to man for sympathy, Rapist gets beaten up, Man gets grateful woman. There are loads of problems - unreliable rapist, ungrateful woman, turning to the wrong man for sympathy, and so on. Is the risk worth it? It certainly wouldn't be the preferred option.

"OK Lewis, let me think about it, and I'll see if I can come up with something. In the meantime, see if you can find some other angle."

"hi, Lewis, still no progress?"

"Sorry boss, I can't find anything new. so the DR scam seems to be the only option to doing nothing, or killing Harvey, of course. I've talked to Hank in London, and he can put a European team together, They can be here next weekend.

"OK, lets do it. There's one change from last time, though."

"Whats that Boss."

"These ladies are both really attractive. I need long-term leverage, so I'm gonna join in.


Date rape drugs are supposed to have a number of different functions. Sleepers, Leg openers, memory suppressants, their advocates all claim to have the 'real thing'. The truth is its all about mixing and timing. Do it well, she starts to talk, gets disoriented, puts out, and forgets. Do it badly, and...

I was never a great fan of nightclubs but I love music, so standing next to the lovely Beth Armstrong at the bar of Lindy's in Grayson was no penance. She was a full head shorter than me, so even though she had her back to me, I could watch the scene develop over her shoulder. A small group of businessmen were in town, and the girls were a major focus for their attention. The girls were sticking to form, gracefully accepting invitations to dance from several of the men, but equally gracefully returning to their station at the bar when any attention looked like turning serious. Eventually, the pack began to disperse, leaving one guy keeping the girls attention. Abigail was clearly the focus of his attention leaving Beth slowly becoming disconnected from the conversation. The Barman slipped a couple of drops of clear liquid into the girls' next drink, as he'd been paid to do. It was designed to loosen the girls up, make them less defensive and allow conversations to progress. It worked a treat. Abigail slowly became more attentive to the words of her suitor, making Beth's isolation even more obvious. It was time for me to step in. All it took was the traditional elbow nudge with a small spillage of drink down my shirt. She half turned with a look of concern and met my gaze with a frank, but friendly stare.

"Seems you're friend has struck lucky."

She smiled up at me. "Seems so"

I waved over to the barman. "Same again, and another of whatever the lady is drinking. Oh, and top up these guys as well."

I watched over her shoulder as he slipped a couple of drops of liquid 2 into both girls' tipples. Five minutes of flirty conversation, and I could see the second drug was beginning to have the desired effect. As the light drowsiness took hold, she looked across at Abigail and mouthed that it was time to go.

Abigail leaned across and whispered in her ear just loud enough to be heard.

"You go on up. Hank and I are just finishing off, Ill be up in a minute."

Beth slid off her stool, and stumbled into me. I acted unprepared and staggered a little before catching her elbow and steering her clear of the bar.

"I think I'd better see you up", I said in my most cooperative tone.

"I don't think so. It wouldn't be appropriate. I'm a married woman".

"Tell you what. Let me walk you to your door, just to make sure your safe, and I'll carry on this seduction in the Hotel breakfast room tomorrow morning. Say 10.00am"

"You're a charmer, but OK Breakfast it is."

By the time we got out of the lift, Beth was fully under my control, leaning into me for support and holding my hand with an ever strengthening grip. I eased her along the corridor to her door, took her key out of her small purse and let us both into her suite. I had arranged for her and Abigail to be upgraded into the best suite in the hotel. Adjacent bedrooms with an interlocking door. Essential for the later parts of the plan.

I knew I had an hour of fun in front of me before the rest of the plan took shape, so I wasted no time.

Do I get a kiss before I go?

"Mmm, no I don't think so."

I took her waist and lifted her up so that her face was inches from mine.

"Thats a shame, I was looking forward to tasting those lips". I whispered into her face.

"Just one, then you have to leave."

She leaned into me, offering herself. fully committed to a long, lingering kiss. She tried to pull away, but the drug had done its work. I gave her a slight pull, and she returned, giving a long sensuous kiss as passionate as the first. I felt the softness of her breasts pushing at my chest as she tried to avoid falling, so I slowly lowered her to the sofa. As she slipped backwards, struggling for balance, I knelt between her splayed knees and planted a firm kiss directly on her crotch. Both hands reached to pull me away, but as she did so, I slipped her lacy pants aside and inserted my tongue as far as it would go into her dampening slit.The hands on the sides of my head suddenly took on a life of their own. Instead of pulling me away, she began to pull my head towards her groin, at the same time as she tried to move it from side to side to increase the pressure on her clit. She began to moan, begging me to stop, then to carry on, then to move my tongue, until suddenly she went deadly quiet. She shuddered and moaned louder as her climax forced trickles of moisture down her slit onto my already we chin. I slipped my trousers down, raised myself off my knees, lined up with her slit and pushed gently all the way up her juicy cunt. Her hips pushed back at me as we started to move together slowly increasing pace until we were going at it like rabbits. I slammed my balls against her arse as the pace increased and her legs began to drum on the back of mine as she built to another ripper of a climax. I came, spurting my seed into the warm velvet pulsing tube. As we lay getting our breath back, I reached over for our drinks. It was time for drug dose 3. We both heard the outer door to the next-door bedroom open.

Beth started sobbing gently. "I shouldn't have done this. Abigail mustn't find you here."

The sounds next door made it plain that Abigail was not alone. "Shh I muttered. Let me take your mind off her. I lowered my mouth back onto hers, cutting off any noise she might make. I felt my dick stir as her warmth stirred its interest for a second time. Pushing it back home proved easier that one might expect. This time the lovemaking was a much more languid affair, wonderfully suited to my hidden agenda. As we came to our joint climaxes, we stayed in each others arms for a few minutes until I slid off her and feigned sleep. I knew what was coming.

I heard the activity next door becoming more boisterous. The door opened and a voice I recognised a Hank said "Hey. What have we here?

I felt hands grab Beth and drag her off the bed. Despite the drugs in her system, I heard as she struggled ineffectually against her adversary who pulled her through to the next room.

There was nothing left for me to do, so I went to sleep as planned.

In the morning, it was clear that the girls had had a hard time. I woke up with my arm draped over the prone body of Beth. She was still knocked out, but her face was puffed, dried semen caked her hair and face, and stains between her legs showed that she had been well and truly reamed front and back. She stirred as Abigail staggered in from next door, and I pretended to wake.

Abigail was distraught.

"Oh Beth, I'm so sorry! I didn't know they would behave like that."

She stood there in the same state as Beth. Tears pouring down her face, deep sobs wracking her body. I got out of bed, Put my arm round her shoulder and pulled her, naked, against my chest. Behind me I heard an piteous scream. Beth was sat up in bed, Her hands clenched together against her mouth stifling sob after sob.

I sat them down, made them coffee and listened attentively as the described their ordeal. The guy Abigail was talking to when we left, had drugged her, carried her into her room and raped her, before calling his three mates to join him. Abigail described how they terrorised and abused her before coming through and forcing Beth to join them. Leaving Beth back in my bed was, apparently, their idea of playing a joke on me. I listened, cajoled and sympathised until there was nothing more to be said.

They both showered and dressed, and headed sheepishly for the door. I took my leave of them.

"Look girls, you need to report this to the police. You go, I will settle the hotel bill, and if you need me as a witness, call me."

I handed Beth my card, and closed the door behind them, knowing full well that the Grayson police would never hear of their traumatic night.


Beth was round at Abigail's when the doorbell rang. A small unmarked brown envelope lay on the porch floor. A small thumb drive fell out as Abigail struggled to open the envelope. She stuck her head out of the door and peered up and down the street. There was no-one in sight. Beth was equally puzzled when Abigail produced the drive.

"What's that about Abi?"

"I don't know - lets have a look."

She pushed the USB connector into its slot and double clicked the icon. A powerpoint presentation filled the screen. A welcome message was followed by an embedded video. A highly recognisable face appeared. A White version of Munch's Scream surrounded by the usual Monk's cowl appeared on the screen.

"Hello Ladies, this is your conscience speaking. What follows is a record of our wonderful night of passion in Grayson. It should make interesting viewing for your husbands. Our proposition is simple. You will pay us $20 thousand (10K each) and we will give you the original film and leave you alone.If you don't they will be made public. Your choice. These are your payment instructions. He started to give his instructions, but the girls were already lookingg at the vide icon..."

Abi pressed play on the attached file, and looked on aghast as a video of their night of horror unfolded before them. Someone had done a really professional editing job because there was no hint of coercion anywhere in the short piece of film they watched. Beth burst into tears, whilst Abi paced up and down, breathing heavily, thinking "where the hell will I get $10k."

They sat and cried together for ages completely at a loss as to what to do next. "I wonder if they've called Graham? said Beth.

"Who the hell is Graham? said Abi fractiously.

"He's the guy I was with" muttered Beth. "He said if we need him we should call.

"How will he be able to help? We know nothing about him. We don't even know where he lives, what he does or even if he's real" In any case, how do we find him?"

"I think I have his card."

The Video

The first video was impressive. I had never realised how much a really good cameraman could alter perception. Mike Levine was the best. He was an Englishman who had made his name in what was called "Gonzo" Porn. He had a unique ability to approach perfectly normal girls and talk them into stripping, blowjobs, vaginal and even anal sex. The thing that made him special though, was that he could take basic pictures with a hand-held camera, and make it indistinguishable from a Hollywood epic.

The session in the nightclub was really impressive. My approach to Beth was shown as a classical pick-up. Beth was clearly bowled over, and basically laid it on a plate for me. Abigail's pick up if anything was even more impressive.He showed all Abi's responses to Hank as proactive, giving the impression that she was picking him up. The cuddles in the lift, the peck on the cheek at the door, the whole thing had the look of a mutual one-night stand.

He showed the whole of my session with Beth, in one take. A high voltage seduction, leaving no doubt that Beth was as much a driver as I was. When the break came, the second act started as Hank ripped the clothes of a clearly cooperating Abigail. His long thrusts up her cunt were shown in close detail, interspersed with looks of sheer pleasure on Abi' face. I was surprised to see that Abi had answered the door to let in Hanks mates, but even so, as they brushed past her into the room, her acquiescence appeared to be willing. If she did protest, it had been cut out. At that point, it became a standard gangbang fuck film. She was helped on to the bed, still showing no resistance as her clothes were pulled off. The big black guy stuck his dick into her face as she felt before him. As she leaned forward to suck it, she appeared to part her own buttocks, encouraging Hank to ram his pecker up her arsehole. After half an hour of fucking and sucking, including Abigail apparently encouraging and enjoying double penetration, it was time to introduce Beth into the action. Somehow he managed to find ten or fifteen seconds of her being pulled off the bed, which made it look as though she was willing. She was led across from her apartment, pushed face down onto the bed and anally reamed by the shorter guy.

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