Ginny and the Egyptian Toilet Man

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Ginny Shield was just coming out of the grayness that was her life, after the death of her lovely Mom. She went, at her friend Harriet's insistence, to Harriet's anniversary 'do'. She met there Horus Carmichael, proclaiming him on the spot: 'One of the Toilet Carmichaels', referring to his business. They had a pleasant talk but a number of days later, when he picked her up in the rain, as she was out for her walk, their relationship exploded and the romance was born.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Petting   .


That's precisely where she was going, and Ginny Shields, Virginia Shields, that is, didn't like them at all. But Harriet, her friend Dr Harriet Giddons had really insisted. As a matter of fact, Harriet had been worrying about Ginny, who'd been reclusive ever since the death of her Mom. Ginny had taken a great deal of time to care for her aging, and ultimately, dying Mom. It was a return of the love that Ginny had always had from that lovely women. But since then, Ginny was in a kind of funk; it was just work and nothing else for her. Harriet, being a friend, knew that and had prodded Ginny into coming to her and Carl's anniversary 'do'. Ginny had finally relented and agreed to come.

Harriet greeted Ginny that evening with enthusiasm: "It's so nice to see you getting out," Harriet had said.

"Yes, thanks to you," Ginny responded, realizing that it was indeed good for her to get out. She was now thankful that Harriet had insisted.

"You just leave me to it," Ginny said, "I know that you have hostess things to do. I'll be fine."

Ginny had wandered among the people and spoke briefly to a number of people that she knew.

During the course of the time that she was there, she did notice one solitary man, who was drinking a drink and not really talking to anyone. That got her interest. Ginny was nothing, if not a curious woman, at such times.

She went to him and introduced herself. He actually reddened in the face, once she went to him.

She found out that he was Horus Carmichael.

"You mean of the 'toilet Carmichaels'?" she asked, putting her hand over her mouth to giggle into it, after she asked the question.

(Horus was the owner of a major business that dealt with bathroom fixtures.)

He reddened again but just grinned at her.

"The very same," he said to her.

That was actually almost the total extent of their interchange. Ginny wasn't very much at home at such a party and Horus was naturally shy. The meeting, however, did remain in his mind.


She wondered, as she struggled along, if he'd drive this way today. She smiled a rueful smile and said: "probably not, since it's maybe the one day that I need him." Then she amended that: "And no 'maybes' about it."

It had begun to rain, a regular cloud burst and Ginny, was wet down to her foundation. The only plus that she could come up with was that the rain was warm that morning.

Then he was indeed there. He pulled into the curb and parked his lovely silver gray Mercedes and rolled down a window.

She just gave him a kind of baleful look and he said softly: "Come, let's get you home."

"Yes, thank you," she said, and when she'd gotten into the car she added: "Never expected this rain."

"No," he said, "Seemed to come out of nowhere."

"Sorry for getting your car all wet," she ventured.

"No, don't say it," he said, smiling, "We're just going to take care of what's needed here."

"Yes, thank you," she said, leaning back and simply appreciating the plushness of his lovely car. She told him that also. He smiled.

Ginny remembered meeting Horus —— she called him, to herself, 'the Egyptian Man because of his name —— at that party at the's Giddons' home, where, in the course of the evening, she met Horus Carmichael.

At the time, she'd wondered about his name and he provided the explanation that his parents had been, in their younger days, amateur Egyptologists, and so, when he was born, he'd been named Horus, after the Egyptian god.

Ginny had giggled about that and said: "First time I ever met a god."

He had, right then, joined her laugh, though he had colored a bit red in the face at her comment. It caused her to apologize but he'd simply put up and hand and said that it was fine.

She had him written down, after meeting him and talking with him for just a time, as a sensitive man.

He was that. He colored easily, and wasn't really that comfortable with women. He was, Horus Carmichael was a classic 'momma's boy'. As a matter of fact, he spent some of his time taking care of his now ailing Momma, Marjorie.

He had inherited, and ran his father's toilet and bath fixture manufacturing business. He'd already joined his Dad in the business right out of college. He seemed to have a good head for business from a very early age and was a full participating partner for his dad from his earliest time in the business on.

Truth to tell, her fairly outrageous attitude, including the comment about the 'Toilet Carmichaels' had attracted Horus in a way that was almost incomprehensible to him. Her grinning, laughing, giggling persona was like a tonic for him. Of course, he never said such a thing to her at all. That was for him merely to think about.

And they had met again. Horus noticed, one day on his way to work ——he always went the same way——her walking and stopped to offer her a ride.

"Horus!" she said, and he smiled.

Then she laughed and said: "I almost said 'the Toilet Man' or maybe 'the Egyptian Toilet Man'." It ended with her laughing outright. It also made him grin.

She'd held up a hand then and said: "I apologize; I'll behave myself in the future."

"Not sure I'm asking you to do that!" he said.

"Be careful, Mr Egyptian!" she'd said then with a grin.

"But may I offer a ride?" he asked.

"Oh, no," she said, "This is how I get my exercise. I always walk. I have a circuit that is about 4 miles and do it several times a week. It's lovely. But thank you, thank you for the offer."

He smiled at her and they waved, as he drove away.

"I like that Egyptian Toilet Man," she said.

They saw each other many times, after that, though in the future their meeting was confined to a wave, as he drove by. She always gave him a broad grin and a wave.

One day, he even went out on a limb and had, for her, a cappuccino. She was truly pleased.

They sat then in his car, at the curb and drank their cappuccinos.

"Aren't you a bit late today?" she asked.

"Yes, my Mom had a kind of spell this morning but she settled down now, and I'm off to work," he explained.

They talked then just a bit about his taking care of his Mom. This was something that she could readily understand, since she'd done the very same thing for her Mom for years.

As a matter of fact, Ginny Shields, now 45 yrs old, had already rued, a bit, the fact that life had passed her by. But the love that she'd gotten from her Dad, now long gone, and her wonderful Momma had simply made her determined to be there with care as long as Momma needed it. Her Mom was now gone also, for the past eight months.

In that situation, with him, with Horus, talking about taking care of her Mom, Ginny found herself explaining that to him, how she'd done the same for her Mom, and also how much she missed that lovely lady.

"She was my special person," Ginny said, tears coming now. This led, of course, to another apology on her part and it also led, once again, to his telling her that no apology was necessary at all. He would have, he realized, put his arms around her to comfort her, had he been a bit more 'forward', at the thought of it. But the inclination, at least, was there.

The care of his Mom was talking a good part of Horus' energy these days. He was now 48 and had been a 'Momma's Boy' as long as he could remember. There was total adulation for him, where his Mom was concerned but precious little ability in dealing with other women. He wasn't a 'lady's man' in any sense of the term except in his own mind.

His opinion of Ginny Shields, and her bubbly, wonderful personality was something that was only for him, never for anyone else.

But the truth of that was that his Mom was beginning to truly fade, and he knew that bad times were certainly in the future about that.

But now, right now, thanks be to the rain, he had Ginny Shields in the car and he was as close to 7th heaven as he ever could remember.

(It should perhaps be said, admitted, that neither Horus or Ginny were among the 'young and beautiful'. Horus, at 48 certainly took care of himself. His father's early life heart attack had taught him that much. He was pretty regular at his exercises and watched his diet. It kept him trim, and he had graying, curly dark hair that he'd inherited from his Momma. He was, all in all, a good looking, though 'aging' man.

Ginny Shields, night nurse at the local medical center in the ER, was certainly a match. She was a bit on the short side, 5'5" with fading mixed blond and dark hair. She had it kind of short and feathered at this point. She was a bit, just a tiny bit heavy about the hips and the mid section, just a tiny, tiny bit. This was overcome, however, by her fairly large breasts. She also had a lovely, lovely rounded butt. Ginny looked her age, she knew that but she was a stunner nevertheless. She was at that age, when women are the most beautiful. As she got along in age, she'd eschewed an active social life in favor of simply being there and taking care of her Momma. It was nightly tv for them, pleasant girl type movies and the like. Her Momma, in those last times, had a series of tv shows that were favorites and gave her pleasure. Ginny always watched those shows with Momma, right to near the end.)

"Okay," Horus said, "It's home for you."

"Yes, thank you," Ginny responded.

"You need to get out of those wet clothes," he said.

She put her hand up to her mouth and giggled at the thought and what he, in innocence, had said.

He stammered then, and she giggled. "I didn't mean that!" he said, coloring.

"It was rude of me to giggle," she said, grinning full out at him. That grin encouraged him and he traded her grin for grin.

He didn't, of course, know where she lived, and so, she directed him. It as a newish apartment complex, where she had an apartment.

She even explained to him that she'd sold the house, after her Mom had died.

"It was too much," she said, "The memories and all were overwhelming. I just decided to get a place that had no association but as my living place."

"I can understand that," he said.

When they got there, she asked him if he'd like to have a cup of coffee, adding: "I don't want to get you in trouble with your boss."

He chuckled and said: "I am the boss."

"Goodie, ' she said "Coffee it is then."

They went to her apartment and she said that she'd only be a minute, while she changed. She was aware of him there all the while, as she went into the bedroom to change.


He stood in the living room simply looking around and, as he did, his attention was drawn to some movement in the hall way. In fact, it was a full length mirror on the bathroom door.

He looked, and once he realized what he was seeing, he was rooted to the spot. He had a veritable 'deer in the headlights' moment right then.

In the mirror, which, from his angle, reflected the bedroom, he could see her walking around. As he watched, constitutionally unable to take his eyes away, in the bedroom, Ginny Shields took her wet clothes off, put them in the hamper and stood there totally naked, getting a clean pair of panties.

"Ohhhhhh," he said to himself softly, with mental flashes of both joy and guilt at the same time.

She pulled the clean panties, pink ones, up and snugged them to her waist.

That's when she saw him, in the mirror, watching her.

As soon as she glanced at him, he colored a bright red and turned away, berating himself.

He had, however, not accounted for Ginny Shields. She came immediately out of the bedroom, still dressed only in her panties and went to him.

He stood there, positively dumb struck, as she came toward him, with her 'everything' moving and kind of swaying and pulled him into her arms.

"Ohhh," he groaned again. "I apologize..."

But that's as far as he got before she kissed him. It felt, in that lovely moment, as though he was being 'reeled in', He also realized that he loved the feeling.

"This is your treat," she whispered into his lips directly, "your treat, Mr. Egyptian Toilet Man, for rescuing me. My lovely Peeker, Just your treat."

He was almost frozen in place, with his arms around her and it was up to her to take his right hand and propel it downward until it came to rest on her panty covered butt cheek.

He sighed and she grinned at him.

Then she 'upped the ante'. She moved her hands and pushed her panties down until they were resting below the swell of her butt cheeks. She pushed his hand back onto her butt cheeks then.

"Play, Horus," she said to him softly.

He was captured, caught and did what he was told. For many minutes, Horus Carmichael had his hands on Ginny Shield's lovely, lovely butt cheeks, playing with them. He was making silent noises all the while, as though propelled into an unexpected territory that he was reluctant to leave.

She finally stretched up to kiss him, using her tongue on him, sliding it into his mouth, with her arms around his neck and her large breasts pressing against him, and his hands still in possession of her butt cheeks.

He said then softly, not even realizing that he was saying it: "You have a wonderful ass."

She giggled.

"I'll get dressed now," she said.

"Yes," he answered, breathlessly, "Dressed."

"Coffee's in the kitchen," she said to him.

"Yes, in the kitchen," he echoed as though an automaton. She giggled.

"Got you, Horus the Egyptian Toilet Man," she said, as she moved away, swaying her panty covered hips for his pleasure.

"You do," he said, watching her go and then going to the kitchen for his cup of coffee.

He sat there and waited for her to come. She was pleasantly dressed in a pair of running pants and a tee shirt, when she came back into the kitchen.

"I didn't mean that," he began but she put a finger to his lips to silence him.

"Simply a treat for both of us," she said. He agreed. "And something to think about, Horus."

"Yes," he said, shaking his head in agreement, "Something to think about."

They had coffee and he told her, in an embarrassed voice, that he had to go to work.

"Yes," she said, hugging him, "It's time for me to go to bed now."

"Bed?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "Night duty at the University Hospital ER, and then my morning walk before crashing."

"I see," he said. "Well, I'll say 'good night to you."

He walked toward the door, with her accompanying him. At the door, as though he had taken the time to screw up his courage, he said: "May I take you to dinner?"

"Oh, I'd like that," she answered. "When?"

"You tell me when," he said. "I mean with your night duty schedule and all."

"I have Friday night off," she said. "How is that for you?"

"Fine," he said, smiling now, once he'd gotten over the personal difficult, almost fright, of asking her out.

She noticed his being ill at ease and thought it charming. She hugged him then.

"Thanks for the rescue," she said, "And the playing afterwards."

"Oh, yes," he mused, "The playing. That was marvelous. what a sight."

"Glad you liked it my Egyptian Horus," she said to him hugging him one last time and brushing his lips with hers quickly.

It sent him off positively in a state. Horus Carmichael was a very good businessman. He was certainly not at a loss with any part of the business that he'd taken over from his father but he was certainly no dab hand with the ladies.

It was something about him that Ginny almost instinctively understood and it made her smile.

Instead of crashing right away, she sat and had another cup of decaf. She simply wanted to think about what had happened.

His obvious embarrassment at having spied her naked and in her panties was a treat for her. That much she knew and admitted. It made her giggle a little.

"He was so cute, with his red face," she said. "Spying on this old babe."

She was humming then and went on: "And he asked me to dinner. Nifty," was her conclusion.

She undressed then and said to herself, as she snuggled into bed, naked now again: "Too bad I don't know his number; I'd call him and tell him that I'm naked and ready."

She laughed to herself and said: "Horus, my Egyptian Toilet Man doesn't stand a chance."


She did work that night. There was a lull in the activity of the ER and she went to Harriet Giddons to talk about it.

"Harriet," she said, finding the ER doctor in the break-room. They were the only two there just then. "Got a moment?"

"Sure," Harriet said, "What's up?"

"Need to tell you what happened earlier in the week," Ginny began.

She told the story then: the meeting of Horus at their anniversary do; how she enjoyed talking with him; and then his encountering her, when she was running and offering a ride; the time that he met her, while she was out for her walk with coffees, and this past incident, when it was raining.

Harriet's hand went to her mouth to suppress her loud laughter, when Ginny told the part about his having seen her inadvertently in the mirror, while she was both naked and then wearing only panties.

""That's fantastic," Harriet said.

"I thought so," Ginny replied. "What do you know about him? He did ask me to dinner on Friday."

Harriet went on then to talk, first, about his business and how he had a reputation for being good at business.

"It seems to be flourishing," Harriet concluded.

Then she went on to talk about his care for his Mother.

"I'm afraid that she's not in very good shape. She has a number of ailments, mostly due to age. He has help in now and then but know that he does most of the caring by himself," she said. "And I'm afraid that it's going to get much worse and probably soon for him. Her prognosis is not very good and she is in her middle 80's. She is, these days, so frail and thin."

"I certainly know how that is," Ginny replied.

"I know you do," Harriet said then. "You were a true blessing to your Mom, in those circumstances."

"Thank you," Ginny said.

"Only the truth," Harriet responded.

Then she went on with a grin: "So, are you after him?"

Ginny giggled and said: "You know, I think that I am. He seems like a gem."

"Yes," Harriet said. "So, what's your plan?"

They both giggled then.

"If only Horus the Egyptian Toilet Man knew that we were conspiring," Ginny giggled.

"What?" Harriet asked with a laugh.

"It's what I call him," Ginny said, grinning.

"Lovely," was Harriet's conclusion. "Well, what I think is that you should wear something fetching, downright sexy. That's what I think."

"I think that I can still manage fetching or sexy," Ginny said.

"Ginny Shields," Harriet said, leaning over and kissing her cheek, "You are positively a goddess and I bet, due to that fortuitous accident, that Horus, the Egyptian Toilet Man, knows that."

Ginny giggled then and said: "I turned, after putting on undies, and he was looking at me as though he were rooted to the floor."

They both got giggling about that.

"He's such a grand guy," Harriet said. "Long time friend of my Carl's and fairly a genius at business."

"Well, I've got a business proposal for him," Ginny laughed.

"Be gentle with him," Harriet said, grinning.

"I promise to be as gentle with him as the situation allows," Ginny quipped.

"He's a gonner!" Harriet said.

Just then an ambulance rolled in and they both went back work.

The succeeding time period was a time of reflection for both Ginny and Horus.

In her case, it was all anticipation, thinking about what she'd wear and making such plans.

For Horus Carmichael, though, it was a kind of time of nerves and a constant playback of him seeing her in her panties, and then naked at her apartment. It was a picture, an image that never, ever went out of his mind, not for an instant.

It pleased him. It stirred him up. It caused him to redden in the face, whenever he thought of it. It was a constant kind of sexual turn on for him. It left him not sure at all what he might or should expect from her this coming Friday.

Ginny followed Harriet's suggestion and went, that Friday, for something that was sensual, sexy.

She chose a straight A-line skirt that was tight enough to emphasize her butt. She moved around in front of her mirror and liked what she was seeing.

"This will do," she said to herself, liking the way she looked in the mirror. "Can even see the outline of my panties." She giggled.

She thought about that and continued: "After all, he's already seen the real, live me." That caused her to giggle again.

As shocking as all of this seemed to Horus Carmichael, it was being a kind of renewal of life interest for Ginny Shields. It made her up-beat and really alive. The anticipation of it alone was a turn on for her. It was certainly pushing her out and beyond the grayness that had enveloped her, after the death of her wonderful Mom.

As a matter of fact, she took time, during that week, as it passed, at night, especially, to talk to her Mom about it. It was a satisfying exercise for her, and she felt that she'd truly been heard.

She shook her head then and brought her attention out of the clouds long enough to finish dressing, putting on a camisole over a lacy bra and a light pink, transparent blouse.

"All finished!" she said to herself. "Horus, here I come."

Horus, though nervous, was certainly on time. It was a virtue of his, and part of his politeness. She appreciated that.

Horus was nothing, if not straight forward, and was determined to deal with his nervousness with her, right off that evening. It was a decision that he'd made.

She greeted him at the door with a hug and a grin.

"Hi, Horus," she said, "How's my Egyptian Toilet Man?"

He reddened and said a quick: "Fine."

She grinned then and said: "I'll try to keep my clothes on tonight."

He got red in the face and they stood there for a little bit, as she finished getting ready and he figured that he had to say it, bring it up then or he'd lose his nerve and his chance.

"Um, Ginny," he began.

She turned to him and said a soft: "Yes?"

"I wanted to say to you, to kind of explain..." he started, bucking up he courage to say what needed to be said.

"You see," he went on, "Apart from my Mom, I've never been too comfortable around women."

She nodded her head and was listening closely. She really didn't know where he was going with this.

"I just want you to know how much I enjoy being with you, and I promise to try extra hard not to make a fool of myself, with my backward ways."

"Oh," she said, and then she replied to him: "And I promise, Horus, to stop teasing you."

"Oh, no," he said quickly. "It's the kind of thing that I think I need; I mean the teasing. It kind of brings me out and makes it at least a bit easier for me to try to be, you know, at home and not all tense and waiting for disaster all the time."

She was affected by what he'd said and the way he was obviously working hard to speak to her. She went to him then and put her arms around him.

"Then I don't have to keep my clothes on all the time tonight?" she asked.

He grinned at her, his thoughts fleeting back for a nano-second to seeing her without her clothes. It was enough; the grin broke through and he said: "Probably not." He was smiling at her, when he said it.

She kissed him then. "You're just wonderful, Horus Carmichael, just wonderful!"

The kiss was soft, and expressive and got, after just a few seconds, more and more passionate.

"And you've seen me naked," she whispered into his ear.

"I have," he said with unfeigned glee.

She mirrored his wide grin and then went on: "And I haven't seen you naked yet."

"No," he admitted.

"I said 'yet'," she said.

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied, "I heard."

"Good, Horus, my Egyptian Toilet Man, as long as we're on the same page," she concluded.

"I want you to be at home with me," she said next, with a hug and another kiss.

"It's certainly what I want," he told her. Another kiss!

"Ready for dinner?" he asked.

"Yes, hungry," she admitted.

"How about Paul's Steak Place?" he asked. "I don't know if you have any diet restrictions or anything like that."

"None whatsoever," she said. "Paul's sounds great to me."

Their dinner was low key. Ginny realized very clearly how much he was working at being at ease with her. She tried her level best to make it easy for him. After a while, it should be said, it was working very well.

They settled into telling about themselves and how their lives had come along.

They both noted the coincidence of caring for their Mom's.

"There just never seemed to be time for a man, for romance," she said, at home point, holding his hand as she did.

"I don't mean that I've always been celibate or anything like that," she explained. "But with my nursing and taking care of Momma, the time just didn't seem to be there."

She looked at him and smiled; he was giving her total attention.

"Thought I'd been missed," she said softly.

"Don't think so," he responded, and she smiled at him and bent to kiss the back of his hand.

He told her then about his own continuing problems with his Mom, and her care.

"It's been complicated, what with the business and all," he indicated, "And so I know what you're talking about, when you say how much time it takes."

He thought a moment and then, with a smile went on: "Of course, that's only made more difficult by my tendency to put my foot in my mouth, where women are concerned, if I get the courage to say anything at all."

"Hey," she interjected, "You're doing wonderfully."

"Yes, but it's you," he said. "You're making it so easy for me."

"I'm glad," she responded and kissed the back of his hand again.

"There's so much about you that I like," he said, with, for him, great courage.

"Oh, thank you," she said, "Tell me about that. Spoil me."

He smiled at her gentle jibing at him.

"Can't ... don't want to ... won't dismiss that picture of you in your..." he seemed to run out of gas just then but she helped him out: "My panties?"

"Yes," he said, seeming to be grateful for the rescue, "That picture of you in your panties and without them."

She gave him a wide smile.

"Perfection!" he said softly. "It almost did me in that I was in the very presence of perfection."

"You lovely, lovely man!" she said softly. "That's who you are, you are a lovely, lovely man." She hesitated only a few seconds, while kissing the back of his hand and then said: "You're my lovely, lovely man."

It made him smile, and he picked up her hand then and put kisses on the ends of her fingers, while she beamed at him.

"Your Mom tonight?" she asked.

"She's been fine lately," he answered. "She can stay by herself a little bit, when I'm out like this. I do have someone who checks in on her during the day, when I'm at work."

"Good," she replied.

"Coffee?" he asked, as by then they'd come to the end of their meal.

"How about if I make us coffee at home?" she asked.

"Great idea," he said, and called the waiter to pay for the check.

"May I help pay?" she asked.

"Oh, of course not," he said. "I get to go out with a beautiful lady and It's mine to pay."

She grinned at him. "You talk so nice to me," she said.

"Well, it's you and that makes it easy," was his reply.

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