Bananas Changed My Step-sister

by Tony Sorrentino

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotic Sex Story: My shameful use of bananas to break my step-sister into kinky things changed her forever.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Hairy   .

After the episode with the bananas, my step-sister began to change right in front of my eyes. I had created a sex-crazed monster with my urges of lust and there was no turning back the clock. At first, I was a bit disturbed at the inappropriateness of diddling my sister but the fact she was a virtual stranger and the daughter of my mom's new husband mollified me into taking the spoils of her pretty and definitely joyful pussy whenever possible.

We were in her bedroom which was a bit more secluded than mine and further away from our newly married parents. I took her by the hand and led her to the edge of the bed with the playing pandas cover. She sat down right on top of a laughing panda with her ass right on his happy face. I pulled her to the edge of the bed with her legs slightly spread open exposing her similar panda decorated panties. I knew she had a thing for the rare animals but it almost bordered on the obsessive.

Her delicious mouth-watering mound of paradise was no longer hidden from my lust-filled eyes.

"Pretend I am one of your pandas, little sister."

I crooned huskily into her ear as I sank to my knees in front of her bringing my smiling face up into her heated crotch. She studied the ceiling and pretended she was alone. At least until my lips touched her soft and yielding mound. After that, she was a blur of quivering female flesh still defended by the cotton pandas covering her private parts.

Kneeling in between her slightly raised legs, I inserted my trembling fingers inside the elastic tops of her youthful panties. They were too young for her because she was really a young fully grown woman with urges of a nubile nature. I gently pulled her panties down along her thighs allowing my fingertips to roam with no restraint. I was careful not to scratch her delicate skin because I was in need a good manicure to trim my nails.

She watched me intently with great interest now and I could see the anticipation in her less than shy eyes. I noticed that she did not hesitate to lift her pretty ass off the bed so I would be able to slide her panties down with little difficulty. It was a sure sign that she was more than willing to continue this little tableau no matter how hot and heavy it became.

I took them down slowly and quietly but we had no fear because the sounds of our parents rutting like wild beasts in the forest filled the small house with enough sound to wake our long dead grandparents from their peaceful slumber. My mom was beginning her litany of the Saints which took forever and she always used it as a tool to slow their foreplay down enough for her juices to come into play.

I had my step-sister's panties down far enough that her mouth-watering cunt was completely exposed to my full view. She had a lot more hair than the girls I had already given my seeds to but it looked so inviting and puffy that I was sorely tempted to bury my face in it and taste her special scent. Her panties were still in my hand and I absent-mindedly brought them up to my nostrils and inhaled her front slit and back door odors with great happiness finding them so stimulating that my shaft was lifting up and down like it was lifting weights in a gym.

The sly little minx went back on her elbows and watched me. She was completely naked from the waist down and her virginal cunt stared at me with a look of submission and open invitation. The lips of her pretty slit were noticeably prominent and appeared to be waiting for my next move. The simple fact was I was not too well acquainted with female geography but even I was able to identify her swollen clit peeking out at me in all its majesty from the confines of her slightly open slit.

My step-sister started to squirm with pleasure as soon as my fingers touched her slightly wet clit. I felt the slickness of her female folds and the soft wetness of her fluffy mound. I brought my lips down to the vision of paradise and traced a line from her trembling belly button to the top of her hairy mound. The triangle of curly hair felt a little crispy like it was bored and tired of being ignored. I allowed my demanding tongue to touch the outer lips of her womanhood and she moaned with her hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds of her joy.

Slowly, I ran my tongue along her delicious slit always ending at the sensitive area of her clit which I gave special attention to. I licked her virginal inner thighs tasting the lines of juice already descending from her inner core. I could taste the devastating rightness of the tantalizing fragrance of her sex. Shamelessly, I licked the juices from the dampened hair covering her pussy and enjoyed the fresh taste of her young girl female juices. I realized that this was a special girl. She was my only step-sister whom I had only just met and that we had a special bond that ordinary males and females did not have. I was happy that I had not stood on protocol and merely kissed her on her forehead in a prim and proper way. I knew it was not considered good form to be this close with one's own step-sister but it seemed right at that very moment.

I felt that she was the one who was truly in control because her joy from my demanding tongue was evidenced in her muffled squeals and groans of pleasure with each new area claimed in our union. She had both of the hands on the back of my head guiding me into her preferred territory forcing me deeper and deeper into her welcoming void.

My tongue was happy to oblige by thrusting ever deeper into her open wetness and shuddering flesh.

My devious fingers gently pulled her swollen lips apart and she sighed as my tongue lapped vigorously inside her tight open hole. I could feel her wetness all over my face and it dripped like sticky goo from the bottom of my chin up into the visible crack of her ass slightly raised from the sheets. I licked without pause at her slit and then concentrated on her clitoris with my lips and tongue as I allowed my fingers to spread her cheeks and test the tightness of her rear door. The touch of my greedy fingers at her rear portal threw my confused sister into a terrible orgasm that almost threatened to throw us both off of her bed and onto the carpet below.

Fortunately, our parents were in the homestretch downstairs in the master bedroom and we could hear the posts of my mom's bed banging into the wall in an accelerating tattoo that was almost drowned out by her shouts of joy at being fully stretched and in focused anticipation of a flood of my new step-father's spunk. I hoped we did not have any little baby brothers or sisters coming anytime soon because there were no more bedrooms and it would likely mean more chores for me to perform.

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