From Prison to Paradise


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Sex Story: Curt was a city boy with who was been told he had to go to Texas to help out his Aunt on her Horse Breeding Ranch. Curt is no Boy Scout, he does not like outdoor type work, so he is totally unsuited for working on a ranch of any kind. But after being at the ranch a few weeks of seeing the horses do what they were doing, his Aunt began allowing Curt to breed her. Later on he met the girl next door, as she brought a few pleasant surprises of her own. Join Curt as he turns a Prison into Paradise.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Lactation   Pregnancy   .

“No mama I really don’t want to.” I said.

“You are not being asked, as your Aunt Gail has lost both her husband, and son in that horrible traffic accident, and she needs your help badly. Family always helps family have your Dad and I always said this to you?” Mom asked me.

“I don’t know anything about working on a horse ranch, and I can’t even ride a horse. I am kinda scared of horses.” I said.

“Well you got all summer to learn to ride, and ride well. So get packed, your plane leaves in the morning.” Mom said.

I was mad as hell they had no right to force this shit upon me, as I wasn’t at all qualified to be much more than a flunky on my Aunt’s ranch. But I did as I was told; with money as tight as it was around here, it would also ease the family budget here at home.

Now would be the time to speak about me, my name Curtis Mathayus Grey, I go by Curt as I don’t want be called TV all the time, as in Curtis Mathis. Though the only time I hear Curtis is if I make my mom upset like I have now, as I have outgrown the silly nickname because of my current size. I surely didn’t want to leave town to move in with her little sister smelling horse by products daily, as in horse apples, and horse piss burning my nose all day. At my size at 6’4” and 265 pounds, all of those pound are muscles, with black hair and blue eyes. So I am considered to be perfect person in our small family to help out at the ranch.

I did the High school football thing and was proud that I had played, but I had no real interest in going any farther playing the game. As last year a teammate and a friend of mine got hurt and was trying to recover just to be able to walk again. Tom was trying to walk, but he was very weak and it looks right now as though it may not get to much better for him. But as luck would have it his family was comfortably well off as his father was a business owner. The only work that I could get steady so far since graduating high school was the local temporary service jobs from several agencies. From my parents point of view I was helping a family member in need as well as helping both my parents and lastly me. While I may have been helping to pay bills I was still a drain on the family finances. And I liked my Aunt Gail way too much for my own good.

I was on the first plane headed to some hole in the wall in Texas, some place I truly didn’t want to be. It wasn’t that I was lazy or didn’t want to help, but I had a mad crush on my mom’s little sister since I began to notice that girls were nice to look at. Plus I am a city boy through and through had no use for country living. A world without cable TV, the Internet, and my few friends, was going to feel a real dark place to me. Plus if you add any of the girls that I wished I had the nerve to speak any words that might somehow flow out of my always tightly closed mouth, while still sounding like they were actually a part of the known English language. I’m am no Boy Scout type of guy, and I surely ain’t the outdoors type, as roughing it outside to me was talking junk out with my friends in the front yard after dark.

My plane had just landed, I hope to get back home with my fragile dignity still somehow intact, as my hidden lust for my Aunt was something I don’t expect to be able to hide from her, for very long. Looking at my Aunt was like looking at Jennifer Aniston, only she wasn’t an actress, she worked hard on the ranch daily meaning, she had more muscles on her frame than her actress twin. She had also worked hard out at the ranch with my Uncle and my cousin before they were killed by trucker asleep at the wheel, seven months long ago.

I had just made my very first mistake in the great state of Texas as I had gathered up my bags and sat outside of the Airport. I just should have waited for my running just a little bit late Aunt Gail in air-conditioned comfort; I was waiting for my Aunt Gail Grey-Marsh. Man it was so hot out here I just really wanting to melt into the pavement, the sign above my head proudly stated that was only 98 degrees, and I was in the shade. All this heat alone was telling me that I needed to be living someplace that was not anywhere near around here. To me all I was missing was the shoulder pads and the helmet to feel at home in all this heat. That I was missing two a day practices from football I was beginning to think that all this heat was making me sick to be missing that version of hell that all football players know, remember, and will never forget.

My Aunt Gail pulled up not too long after I got outside of the Airport in a brand spanking new dark blue Ford King Ranch, crew cab, 1-Ton dually. I stood up and turned to start grabbing my gear as Aunt Gail helped me, as we put my gear in the back seat. To break the ice, I asked as we got in the truck I if Aunt Gail would please turn the heat down outside as it was just a little too hot around here. Well that broke the ice right away as she started laughing complete with tears, an Airport cop came by and told her we had to move. She had got some control back, until she looked at me and started all over again. “Curt this is just Texas; you put on the heat along with the rest of your clothes every day, each morning.” Aunt Gail said.

After a few more minutes we pulled off headed for the ranch. On the edge of town she stopped and got some lunch as we were still about an hour and a half away from the ranch. On the way to the ranch we made small talk catching up with each about things since we last saw each other at the funeral. Aunt Gail let me know that the Trucking Company settled with her nicely, and combined with the other Insurance policy she was set for life. Aunt Gail said that she enjoyed the ranch as she was hands on working every day. But asked for me personally as a way to help both of us out, as she needed a worker, and I needed a job. Aunt Gail was explaining what my duties would be what I would be paid and so forth. Letting me know we would get some help from other ranchers as needed if we needed it, but we were on our own for the most part.

She also told me about a 1-ton pickup truck sized dump truck that she had. I would be loading up to take the manure to area farms as they all used it for their compost piles for their gardens. While it wasn’t a way to get rich it did add to the bottom line, and it was a way to get rid of the manure off of the ranch. I was going to be learning how to milk cows also; as well as feeding and brushing the horses. Aunt Gail said to drop the Aunt part as we would be working so closely together. As we neared the ranch, Gail stopped by the ranch next door to get her daughter Lucy. At six months old, she still demanded a lot of Gail’s attention. Gail introduced me to Peggy Anderson, her friend, and her twenty-three year old daughter Jill, Peggy’s sons, and her husband were out in the fields doing a day’s work. Peggy told Gail she was glad I got there to help as others around here were getting busy too with their own work to do. As Gail knew how ranches and farms go around here she knew that these are busy weeks in this little community.

Gail needed the help and it would ease her needing so much help from her neighbors. As the women in the area were getting a little concerned about how a new young widow was all alone was not such a good thing, as sooner or later a man just might get some ideas that he shouldn’t. But after seeing me she no longer had those worries as I was big enough to keep most of the men from getting too many stupid thoughts, or at least acting on them anyway. Well I did indeed hope that I was right as I would be awful jealous of any man attempting to court my Aunt now that I was here on the scene at the ranch. I would love to be the one waking up in her bed each morning, after playing house in her pussy each night before I went to sleep.

Now Jill was another matter entirely, I liked her looks from the get go while I was trying hard and failing for the most part not to stare at her. Looking at Jill I could see Jessica Simpson thus I was suddenly glad that I had to come here, and that she was right next door. Well, a half a mile away, was next door around here. As I was going to be around here for at least a short while I quickly excused myself before I did something to poison the water around here. As I wanted to get to know Jill Anderson much better, I hoping that she was still single, and un-attached, to anyone. With her looks I fully expected her to have a boyfriend sniffing around, knowing that somebody had to be wanting to sniff around her. Hell I just met the woman, and I for damn sure wanted to be sniffing around her!

As I was walking out the door I heard my Aunt telling them about the joke that I had said back at the Airport about the heat, it was I obvious that I wasn’t used to this kinda heat. Peggy asked what I was going to do when it really gets hot around here. I didn’t hear the answer but I did hear the laughter that soon followed said question. I did get some good news while were were at Peggy’s. I found out that this little whole in the wall spot did have both Internet and Satellite TV. That would be of some comfort for this long summer, that my laptop wouldn’t just be a paperweight in my room. My parents would be sending all of the rest of my few belongings in case I decided to stay here after the end of the summer. That just might be some serious wishful thinking on their part, I thought though.

We left to head home, and Gail put Lucy in a stroller to show me what needed to be done this evening. She went in to start dinner while I fumbled with feeding the horses. She had given me a walkie talkie to help me as this is my first time at this line of work. Most of the horses did their part to help me in doing my job. While a few of them sensed my fear of them and attempted to push me around. After I almost fell, I pushed back, and went with the ‘if you don’t act right you get no dinner.’ My Aunt just laughed at me hearing about how Thunder the lead stallion and head man amongst the horses as it were and I ‘bumped heads’ for dominance on this ranch. “You should know that Thunder is well aware of the fact that I am a female as he can smell my pussy, if I am near him at the end of a long day. He considers me as part of his herd, and no he and I have not mated, nor will we be doing anything like that. I am just letting you know even though he walks on four legs, he wants to ride herd on any female on this ranch.

When I came back in I washed up, walked in the living room, and saw my Aunt feeding my cousin. Her shirt was completely unbuttoned although one side was covered and Lucy was blocking the view on other side as she fed off the breast, so I couldn’t see anything. Gail talked to me about everything I had done so far and let me know that tomorrow would be better as we would be starting long before the heat of the day. Hopefully we would not be doing too much during the hottest part of the day on most days though. After Lucy stopped drinking my Aunt got up and put her to bed. When she came back her shirt was still unbuttoned, but both of her braless breasts were covered up by her shirt.

“Listen Curt you are about to see horses breeding daily, so seeing me breast feeding Lucy will become tame at some point.” Gail said. I seriously doubted that as I doubted seeing human titties would ever become all that tame a sight to me anyway. “You are no longer in the city now Curtis. Things are slightly different out here than you are used to. It is just you and me here Curt, so you are the man of the house, because you are the only man here in the house. Now while I won’t be walking around in the all together. (Naked.) But I can promise you that you’ll be seeing my panties often enough to know the colors of most of them that I have. You will also know when I am on my period. You will damn near be my spouse as we will be working hard every day to keep up the great reputation of this ranch that Jeff worked so hard to build up, before he was killed. I learned everything he could teach me in the ten years that we were married before he was taken away from me.” Gail said.

“No I am no trying to seduce you, or come on to you, but like I said you are the man of this house, and I am not going to pretend as though you are not here, but you are family and I trust you. That is why I begged your mother to send you out here to me. As a stranger would make me feel uncomfortable, while I am just trying be comfortable inside my own home.” Gail said to me.

When she stood up so did I as I just wanted to run out the door, Gail stopped me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and went to get dinner. Lost was an understatement I didn’t know whether to go or stay when she came looking for me I and was still in the same spot she left me in. She came in, and took my hand and led me to dinner. After we cleaned up after dinner it was off to bed. As we parted she gave me another kiss, no tongue but it lit my fire. Needless to say I had to have sex with myself, before I could sleep that night. Maybe smelling horse shit may have an upside to it that had I never thought of before Gail kissed me. Two kisses had me thinking this might be a place I might be here living around for a long time to come. Pardon the pun about come because I did as my cum flowed onto my dirty tee shirt. Plus the girl next door was still someone that I wanted to get to know much better also. These were some very strong reasons to stay around here, much longer than just thes summer.

Four-thirty AM came entirely too early this morning for me. I was still trying to wake up as Gail got into bed and spooned with me, with her behind me. “I have to feed Lucy as she is awake now, while I do that, you get dressed and we will start your first day. I turned over and she hugged me and kissed me this time it turned into a very short make out session, and then she was gone; leaving me alone with the want to have more sex with myself before I could get out of bed. Breakfast was a quick affair of cold Cap’t Crunch cereal. Gail had me work with the horses as she was going to put Lucy back to bed, she would have a monitor to keep a watch on her while she taught me how to milk the cows.

The morning went to quickly while I was learning to attempt to milk the cows; I don’t know what all she did as I was mucking out the stalls. After the second one the smell was no longer the issue it was at the first one but after twenty of them I knew I hated this part of the job. Playing fumble fingers milking the cows, all three of them, was no picnic that I was enjoying either. I am a city boy and damn proud of it too. All this outdoor type shit was for so dumb-ass fool who was born somewhere around here. I was neither a dumb-ass fool, or born anywhere arouund here, so I rest my case. Though in the bright light of the harsh sunshine, as well as the humidity of the oppessive heat, washed away all of the infatuation of those two hot kisses my Aunt gave me yesterday that got my motor running so hard last night and again this so early morning.

After lunch Mike Wilson brought two of his Mares by to be bred to one of Gail’s everyready stallions. Corky knew his business too, as he was ready to go to work when the time came, to do the job. Mike watched the pairing of the first mare, and the second mare wasn’t quite ready just yet. He left knowing another mating would happen this evening and the last mating early in the morning. And the second mare would get her servicing done in a day or so. Thunder was upset that he wasn’t the stallion doing the job though, but he just didn’t have the coloring Mike was after this time. This mating business can really get your heart a thumping, wishing that you were the one having the sex.

Jill came over to get the fresh butter Gail had churned while I was brushing down the horses and giving them their afternoon feeding. Jill came out where I was working, lord have mercy those cutoff shorts she was wearing; well the flame was lit again, man I really needed to get on with some kind of romance around here before I hurt myself seriously. We talked and she let me know about the weekly dance this Saturday, I told her I can’t dance as I got two left feet. Well as long as you can talk like you are doing right now we will be ok. After Jill left Corky got to get busy again, as Gail always just let the horses fuck naturally unassisted. Gail was squirming around leaning on the fence it was sexy watching her looking at the horses fucking. I pretended to be looking over her shoulder, and we ended up dry humping each otheras I held her to me, as we watched the two horses fucking. I didn’t cum but I enjoyed myself sure enough.

Neither one of us said anything about what we had done out by the fence afterwards. Gail went in the house to make dinner and Lucy while I put Corky and our visitor away and brushed them both down. When I came in the house Gail was already eating when I set down at the table after a quick wash up. After dinner and cleanup Gail told me to take a shower while she fed Lucy her last meal of the evening.

After she put Lucy to bed she came to me, and took my hand and led me to her room. “Curt I have been teasing you since you got here for selfish reasons, I don’t have a boyfriend, and you being here is sort of like me having one. But this afternoon watching Corky, for lack of a better term I became a bitch in heat, you could’ve taken me right then, and there was nothing I would’ve done to stop you. I have known that you have a serious crush on me, before you say anything I have always known about your crush, shortly after it developed.” Gail said to me.

“Curt if you want to finish what you started out in the yard, then you really will become the man of this house in every way as I will submit to you. But you know nobody can know about what we are doing behind closed doors here. Your mom would kill us both, if she knew that you were fucking me. I learned a long time ago that a stiff dick has no conscience, and a wet pussy will never tell. Do you want to fuck my wet pussy?” Gail asked me. As I walked over to her, she took her robe off. I kissed her and told her that I wanted to fuck her; I undressed to match her nakedness. I latched onto her left breast and began to feed as I also began to finger fuck her, and she was certainly wet enough to proceed. Gail lay down in the center of the bed, and when I got on top of her she whispered. “Please go slow as I have not had sex with a man in over seven months.”

Well she is glove tight to me, as I am no horse down between my legs but I am far from the smallest guy in the locker room. As I have had sex a few times plus I learned the better you make it for your partner the better chance you get to play more than one time. I set a slow motion stroke that seemed to make both of us happy as I know I never wanted the sex between us to stop, but all things have to end, so I started fucking Gail harder. As she screamed, “Fuck me harder baby! Make me want this everyday, all day! Ooh shit this is so good!” I had to kiss her to keep her from waking the baby. Just before she came the second time I sprayed the inside of her hot pussy with hot potent baby making sperm, which dragged Gail off the edge with me. We spooned my front to her back as we cuddled until Lucy woke up hungry for her occasional middle of the night visit from mommy.

When the alarm went off I looked at Gail, and latched on to her breast and began to feed as I wanted a little pick me up. Gail hugged me to her breasts. “If you move in here with me permanently are you going to make me keep my milk,” Gail asked.

“If you were ok with letting me feed from you daily I would want you to keep your milk.” I answered.

“Good I get off on nursing as my milk flowing makes me want to fuck so badly, and Jeff was so looking forward to drinking my milk, as my nipples were so sensitive the last few months of my pregnancy.” Gail said.

Jill came over about noon by then I had milked all of the cows, mucked most of the stalls, and was finishing with the horses soon. Jill and I went for a walk as I wanted to know did she have a boyfriend as Gail said to make us work I would need a girlfriend, and if I got serious enough she would bow out as I was young, and she had a few years on me.

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