A Bizarre Meeting

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: The meeting itself, the first meeting, was bizarre and fortuitous. Wayne was making a stop at the Grand Canyon, on his traveling trip. Linda was there because she'd promised her son, Arley, who had been recently killed by and IED in Afghanistan, that they'd visit there. It was emotional for Lindy, as she looked out over the canyon and she turned and in her heightened emotional state simply clung to the young man who was standing there. It was a beginning that neither had anticipated.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

The time was a kind of lark for Wayne Ferry. He was out of the Corps, and though he really did enjoy the time he spent with the Marines, he was okay to be finished with it. He was about to go full time into business with his Dad, Greg and his Uncle Walt. He was trained as a carpenter and general construction worker; they'd seen to that kind of training for him prior to his hitches. The corps had simply used his expertise and he had many chances to hone his skills and learn more. It had all been a positive experience for him.

Wayne was, just then, 28 years old. He was in great shape; the Corps had taught him that, and he learned the lesson well. He kept at his workouts, and actually, unlike so many people, enjoyed them. He had a kind of, what some people would call a 'rugged' look about him, with sandy hair that sometimes would do what he wanted and sometimes just refused. He was a robust 6'3" and in wonderful shape.

But before going to work full time with 'G & W' construction, his Dad and Uncle's business, he had promised himself a kind of a quick driving tour of places that he longed to see, before settling down to work. His Dad and Uncle Walt were fine with that, and Wayne was slated to be one of their foremen, when he returned to the job.

Right now it was the Grand Canyon. He'd always wanted to see it, and so, he'd put it on his itinerary list and headed in that direction.

He found a nice hotel room in a town just south of the Canyon and settled in there. He'd decided that he'd stay for a few days, and wander the area. He knew that he wasn't far from Sedonia and had read about its beauty. He was simply thinking that he might just use this lovely place, his hotel, as a base and do some traveling around.

And today it was the Grand Canyon. He got there and did the drive around the edge of the Canyon, looking at it from every possible view point.

He went to the main, crowded areas and didn't mind the crowds but also sought out the lesser crowded view points, where it was necessary to walk a bit to get to the viewing place.

That's where he was walking to at this point. As he arrived at the lookout point, he noticed one woman only there, looking out over the Canyon.

He stood a bit away from her, since she was busy talking. He didn't want to be interfering at all.

The woman was Lindy, actually Linda but always called 'Lindy', Cowper. She was a woman with a mission. For her, as well as for Wayne, the Grand Canyon was a must.

She mused about it, talking to herself all the while: "It's the place that we were going to; the place he wanted to see, as soon as he was finished there."

She said this softly but still in Wayne's hearing. He noticed, still trying not to be nosey, but it was obvious, that she was getting more and more upset.

He took a deep breath and said: "Ma'am, are you okay?"

She broke from her reverie then, as though noticing Wayne's presence for the first time.

"Ohhh," she said, softly and then she acted in a bizarre fashion.

Linda Cowper was a very pretty 43 year old at that time. She was much shorter than Wayne's 6'3" height. As a matter of fact, if it were measured, she only came to his shoulder.

She was, in addition, in the middle of a very, very emotional event for her.

They had planned, she and her son Arley, to make this trip to the Grand Canyon. It was one of a number of places that they'd promised themselves to visit, when he got back from his deployment.

In fact, Arley Cowper came back in a bag, not to his doting Mom but to a military funeral and all the honors that went with it.

Lindy Cowper was struck down by it. Her Jack had died of a heart attack already three years ago. He was her special man; much older than she and devoted, loving and just a special man.

"Now they're both gone," were the words that moved across her mind, and that she was saying to herself out loud, just as Wayne interjected with his 'Ma'am, are you okay?'

But her bizarre greeting, movement. She turned to this handsome young man, and without a further thought, she simply launched herself into his arms.

Wayne was so taken aback by this that at first he didn't close his arms at all. He just stood there with this sobbing woman holding onto him. But then, when he began to fully appreciate the need, he wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.

"Now they're both gone," she repeated a few times into Wayne's shoulder.

When she lifted her head, and looked into his face, she began to realize what she'd done.

"Oh, dear!" she said, and, bringing out a tissue, wiped her eyes and her nose and said a soft: "Sorry!" And then she went scurrying up the path.

Wayne said nothing. He didn't move. He didn't try to go after her. He simply stared at her, disciplining his waking senses that were already mentioning how lovely this woman was, and how grand it was to watch her move away.

"Okay, cool it, Marine!" he said to himself severely, and simply filed away the view of this woman's pretty butt, as she went hurrying up the path. "She was in some kind of deep emotional state, my friend," he continued, saying to himself. "Don't make it shabby!"

Wayne was, at that moment, a bit upset with himself about how he'd reflected on her butt, hurrying away.

"If you get a chance," he said to himself, "You'll apologize for that!" He was determined about that but simply put that intention aside also.


He stood there for a while, and only after a bit did he manage to get the scene with the weeping woman out of his mind, and the vision of her hurrying away, and concentrate on the wonders before him.

He went to a number of other spots to look down into the canyon and enjoy its beauty, before going back to the hotel and getting himself ready for dinner out.

He took a shower and put on a pair of clean and pressed jeans with a blue chambray shirt and a corduroy spot coat and went to one of the nicer looking restaurants in the town, where he was staying, south of the Canyon.

She saw him right away, as he stood in the line where people were waiting for a table. She was seated alone and immediately, with the kind of decision making process that she was familiar with, motioned for him to come over to her.

He did, simply mentioning to himself that it was one bizarre event after another with this woman.

He got to her table and she said, softly: "Please sit and join me. I know that I owe you a huge apology."

He held up a hand and said: "No, not at all. You were so obviously upset and it was your moment out there. I was only happy to be able to help."

She smiled at him then and he said: "I'm Wayne, Wayne Ferry."

"Linda," she answered, "Linda Cowper, all my friends call me 'Lindy'."

"Lindy it is then," he said.

"Will you join me?" she asked. "It's so crowded here and I just got here."

"What a nice idea!" he said, "It'll be my pleasure."

He sat and they both ordered. She ordered a glass of white wine, and he ordered a glass of stout. They sat and toasted, after they'd put in their dinner orders.

"Let me tell you!" she said.

Wayne's expectation was that she was going to tell him about the death of a husband. It's at least what his mind projected. But it didn't turn out that way.

"It's about my son Arley," she said.

"Oh," he said, "I see!"

"Yes," she said, sipping her wine, "He was killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb."

"Ah, yes," he said, shaking his head. "An IED; I know all about them."

"You do?" she asked. It seemed to be her turn to be a little surprised.

"Yes," he said, "I was with the marines in Afghanistan for two tours."

"Ohhhhh," she said, and now, with the association, her handkerchief came out and she was wiping her eyes.

"Yes," she said, "You know!"

He didn't say anything more about him and Afghanistan right then. He only listened.

"He and I made a kind of pact!" she said. "We were going to make a trip to the Grand Canyon, when he came back."

Wayne nodded his head in encouragement.

"You know how he came back," she said, realizing that he certainly would.

"Yes," he said. "A body in a bag, a coffin draped with the flag he fought for, and a very kind Marine to talk to you."

"Yes," she said, "You know!" Speaking half way into her handkerchief.

"So," she went on, "I came; I had to come and see the Canyon for the two of us. A kind of a —-what was the name of the task from that movie?"

"You mean a 'Bucket List' trip?" he asked.

"Yes, exactly," she said, "It was a 'Bucket List' trip for me."

She took a deep breath and said: "You were there and I was so upset; please forgive me for latching onto you that way. I was half out of my mind."

He held up a hand and said: "Please, nothing to forgive. I was glad that I was there and had the opportunity."

"Yes, thank you!" she said.

Then he spoke what was on his mind right then: "The Corps takes care of its own!"

"Yes," she said, weeping again.

"Sorry to make you cry again!" he said.

She put her hand on his and said: "No, I'm going to get a hold of myself now and enjoy dinner with a spectacular looking former Marine."

He grinned at her and they did indeed spend some time then eating.

As they dined, she talked about the loss of her husband Jack and then the loss of Arley. She tried to be soft and not overly weepy about it. He simply listened to her. She appreciated that.

When the check came, she reached for it and he said, palming it: "No, I don't think so. Dinner with a beautiful woman! What a treat for me! This is mine."

She blushed then and thanked him for what he said. They parted, after dinner, with a full fledged hug from her, which sent his senses reeling again.


Wayne was feeling on top of the world the next day. His reveries about 'dinner with a beautiful woman' were certainly on his mind. He had plans for the day and hoped to be able to carry them through.

He was on the relatively small main street of the town where his hotel was located and looking for a particular business. He was humming to himself.

The town was indeed small and Lindy was out that morning also, a bit a sixes and sevens with herself. She'd been here to act out the promise to her Arley and was feeling a bit disconcerted that she'd run into, twice, that handsome young man, Wayne. She realized that her meeting, and eventually dining with Wayne was tending to push her trip to the Grand Canyon in a different direction altogether. She wasn't just sure if she was comfortable with the way that she'd enjoyed all of that or not. It was then that she heard his voice.

He's spied her from across the street and went over to say 'hi' to her.

"Hey," the voice said, causing Lindy to turn and look.

"It's pretty Lindy Cowper!" he said.

She saw him then, coming toward her and she smiled. The lightness of the feeling that accompanied last night's dinner was suddenly back.

She also found herself saying a quick, soft, almost unintelligible 'this is for me, love' to her Aley, who, she thought would certainly understand and approve.

That whole, quick mental sequence startled her but she came up with a wide smile for Wayne.

"Wayne Ferry," she said. He stuck his hand out to her but she'd already made the move toward him to hug him, and went into his arms with a sigh.

"What's up for you today?" Wayne asked.

"Don't know," she said, "I did my very important Arley thing yesterday and am trying to decide if I'm done around here or not."

"I don't think so," he said, grinning at him. "Come with me; I know exactly what we need."

She was infected by his obvious good mood and she did indeed follow him down the street. They turned into a company that announced with its advertising that they sponsored helicopter rides into the canyon.

When she saw it, she put her hand up to her mouth in surprise and said: "I don't know! That sounds frightening."

He stopped then and said: "Look, Lindy, I'm kind of an expert at this and will show you exactly what to do."

"Yes," she asked, following his good mood and grinning at him.

"When the copter hits the ground and stops, you just jump out and run, bent over, looking in front and to the left and right. Keep a good hold on your weapon and shoot at whatever you see in front of you," he instructed.

She was grinning then and said: "You rascal!" But the humor of what he'd done was infectious.

He sobered up then and said: "Lindy, I'm ... um ... sorry, if my humor was ill timed and out of place!"

She put up a hand and said: "No, I insist, you're only trying to give me the benefit of your experience. My Arley knows that I'm here and I'm having a good time, enjoying myself and all but is that really what I am supposed to do, when the helicopter lands?" She was actually giggling, by the time she got to the end of the sentence.

"Well," he said, "It's certainly one way to do it!"

"I imagine it is!" she said.

Then they were at the helicopter ride place and they found that there was indeed space for them at the four PM ride that day.

"Okay, Mr. Bigshot Marine," she said, "For suggesting this and for giving me such good instructions about how to do things, I'm going to pay for our rides!"

He began to protest but she wouldn't hear of the protest. She insisted on paying, which she did.

Their helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon was a true treat. She spent some of the time, as she sat next to him, gripping his hand, especially at the takeoff.

They were enchanted by the music coming over the headphones, as they took of: it was Frank Sinatra singing 'Fly Me To The Moon'. It made her giggle.

When the ride was ended, they were coming in for a landing. He leaned over to her and whispered: "Now remember how I told you to do this!"

She grinned and hit him in the shoulder. He simply grinned back at her.

After they walked away from the helipad, she turned to him and put her arms around him for a hug. "That was spectacular!" she said. "Thank you for suggesting it."

"You're welcome," he answered. "Thank you for paying for the ride. And, since you paid for the ride, I insist on taking you to dinner tonight!"

She smiled, realizing that she liked the idea very much.

"Can I have time to dress up a bit?" she asked.

"All things are allowed," he said, "Especially pretty Lindy Cowper dressing up for dinner with me."

She reached up and kissed his cheek at that point. Since he was driving just then, he dropped her off at her motel and promised to pick her up in about 2 hours.

She spent a good deal of the two hours in a bath and deciding which clothes to wear. She had actually talked herself into bringing some nice looking, good outfits and was pleased now that she'd done so. She selected a white pleated skirt, a little on she short side, showing a nice bit of leg and an over blouse that came down to just a little past her hips. She liked the effect of it.

She even treated herself to a pair of beige, lace panties and a matching bra. It seemed like a festive thing to her and she'd decided to go all out with it.

As the time for him to pick her up came closer, she began to be beset with doubts about how she was acting.

But Lindy was a forthright character and she was determined to get that whole issue out in the open as soon as possible. She simply wouldn't allow herself to fritter around with it.

She was aware of all of the snide kind of remarks that a part of her mind had been making to herself, about him being young enough to be her son, and her being a foolish mature woman. She didn't like that conversation but she knew that she was at least having it.

She also knew that the remedy was easy enough to come to. She'd ask him, talk to him about it. She'd get that out of the way, and even if he did indicate that he was only being polite in asking her out ——his turn and all ——she would enjoy the evening and then probably go ahead and make plans to head on home tomorrow or so.

She did have some summer school teaching to do at the University, where she lived and she felt a need to talk to Aline, her sister about all of this, even if it turned out that she was being, had been foolish.

There was, therefore, just a hint of tension for her, when she went out and found him ready and waiting for her. He was wearing a sport coat, dress slacks and a shirt opened at the neck.

She smiled and spoke to herself about how great he looked this evening.

They met with a hug and then, once the hug was finished, she was ready with her big question. She forced herself to be calm about it.

"Wayne," she began, as they were standing by his car.

"Yes?" he asked, noting that she seemed a bit upset by something. He hoped, just then, that it was nothing that he'd done.

"I have to ask a question and please understand that whatever your answer might be, I'll be fine with it."

"Yes," he said, "You've got me intrigued now!"

"I mean that I want to ask about you and me," she went on. "I realize that I'm old enough to be your mother. That's clear to me, and I don't want to be acting foolish or in a way that you don't intend for the two of us at all. I'm just wondering about this, I mean, about you and me and this dinner and these times. I need to have this clear."

He answered by taking her, right then, into his arms and kissing her. His intentions were clearly demonstrated by his actions.

They broke the kiss after a few moments. The kiss had been, he was telling himself with a kind of joyful inner voice, soft, sweet, a bit wet and more and more passionate, as it went along.

"Does that make it clear to you, 'Ms only old enough to be the woman that i want to kiss'?" he asked.

She responded now by getting on her tip toes and kissing him back right then.

She was not only allowing it to happen; she was encouraging it now. They were alone in the parking lot; they were entwined, and kissing. The question about age and intention had been settled and declared.

As they kissed this time, she reached for his arm, and put her hand on his forearm. She pushed the forearm back and down, so that now his hand was firmly placed on her butt cheek.

Then she renewed the kiss as he not only kissed her but let his hand roam around her lovely butt cheek.

She had one more move to make then. She reached down with her other hand and lifted her skirt, propelling his searching hand now onto her panty covered ass. She wasn't wearing pantyhose, only thigh highs.

"Ohhhhh," he moaned, kissing her again. "This poor boy is lost, lost, lost!"

She whispered into his ear then: "Wayne, Wayne, welcome to Lindy's world!"

"Welcome, I guess!" he said, leaning back and grinning at her, while lowering her skirt and brushing it down to straighten it out for her.

She leaned against him then, her head against his chest.

"Dinner now, pretty Lindy?" he asked.

"Dinner now," she said, "More mutual pawing later!"

He chuckled. "Sounds so nice and dirty! 'Mutual pawing'! I love it!"

She grinned up at him, and said: "So do I!"


They found a very nice restaurant and settled into a table toward the back for their dinner. During the meal they talked about backgrounds and things like that. Lindy took some time to talk about both Jack and Arley and how difficult it had been to lose both of them.

For his part, Wayne chimed in with some of the stories about the difficulties in Afghanistan, during his two deployments there. It was a time for them to simply get to know one another.

To their surprise and delight, after they'd been there for about an hour and a half, a small, three man combo settled in and started to play some music.

Wayne and Lindy sat with coffee and listened for a bit. They switched then to after dinner drinks and he asked her to dance.

She went to him with both her arms around his neck and, while dancing, rested her head on his shoulder.

"This is wonderful," she whispered into his ear.

"It's you who are wonderful!" he replied softly.

"You're just trying to get into my pants," she whispered back to him, following the statement with a giggle.

"I am!" he affirmed and chuckled.

"Keep pitching!" she said softly.

"I will," he replied."The Corps taught me tactics, and patience!"

"Good for you and the Corps," she said, kissing the side of his neck. "I sense that your tactics and patience are going to be rewarded tonight!"

"Probably the greatest news of my life!" he said to her.

She gazed up at him and had a wondering look on her face. His response to that was: "I mean it, Lindy! I really do!"

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned into his shoulder, as they continued to dance, "Goodie!"

When the dance finished, she said to him softly: "Any time! My place or yours?"

"I think mine," he said. "Okay?"

"Yes," she said, "Fine!"

They got to his hotel room, and were embracing and kissing as soon as they were in the room with the door shut.

She was on her tip toes to kiss him and, as they kissed, he slid his hands down, so that now he had a butt cheek in each of his hands, while they kissed, rubbing his hands across the slick panty covered cheeks.

She leaned back then, as they embraced and said to him, her voice showing that she was serious: "I have to ask this now; only once but I have to ask it. Doesn't our ages make any difference to you?"

He looked at her, taking in what he was seeing, the beauty of her and he said: "What makes a difference to me is your beauty; what makes a difference to me is your attitude; what makes a difference to me is your sweetness; what makes a difference to me is your physical perfection; what makes a difference to me is the feel of your panty covered ass; what makes a difference to me is that you're here with me and that's what we both want."

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, after he'd made his declaration and she kissed him, pushing at his lips with her tongue and inviting his tongue into her own mouth.

He moved over then and put some music on so that they could dance some more.

"Wait!" she said, and, with him watching, in fact staring, she took her blouse off and then unbuttoned the side button on her skirt and took her skirt off. She folded them and put them on a chair there. Then she took her bra off, and shook herself a bit to let her breasts swing free.

"Now I'm ready to dance!" she said.

"Goddess!" he said, "I've gotten myself a real, live goddess!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, as she had before, to dance and simply sighed, as they moved together into the music.

As the music for the dance ended, she looked up and met his face half way, and they kissed. While he was kissing her, he ran his hands down her back, caressing the muscles on either side of her back, with his hands ending on her ass cheeks.

It made her giggle a little that he was playing with her ass. He was smiling at her now and hefting her cheeks. He pushed them together; he pulled them apart and ended by patting them.

"Mmmmmm," she said, into his lips, "Feels nice!"

"You should be doing the feeling from my position! Never felt anything better!" he said.

"Old sweet talker!" she said, "You're just trying to get into my pants!"

"I am!" he said.

"Looks like you'll be a success at that!" she said.

Turning earnest, as they stood and held each other, she said: "Wayne, I want this; I don't care if it's a one night stand or if it's the beginning of something for us. It's what I want right now!"

"Doesn't really fell 'one nightish' to me," he said.

She smiled and kissed him, licking his lips with her tongue.

"I'm going to drag you off to the showers," she said, "And I'm going to keep you for the night."

They went into the bathroom then. She actually stepped into the shower with her panties on, and then proceeded to wash them under the shower and hang them on the bar for herself for the next day.

He watched patiently. Then she launched herself at him, and, while kissing him, grabbed hold of his erection and played with it.

"Get me in trouble that way!" he said.

"Gonna cum for me, Marine?" she asked.

"Yesss," he hissed, "Right about NOW!"

With that statement, she was on her knees and captured his erection in her mouth just before he exploded, taking it all in, while grasping his butt cheeks. He had his hands lightly in her hair, as he moaned through his orgasm.

She smiled up at him.

"Happy?" he asked.

"Immensely!" she said, as he gathered her up from her knees and held onto her.

"Let me wash you!" he said, going ahead and doing exactly that.

She washed him in turn and then he got out and dried off, waiting for her and then drying her off, when she was finished.

He scooped her up then and carried her to bed. Their love making then was much slower and as passionate as possible.

They slept peacefully after that, still entwined with one another.

It was Wayne that woke during the night. He looked at Lindy's butt, its paleness heightened by the moonlight and he leaned over and softly, slowly took her panties off.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked in a sleepy voice.

"Taking your panties off," he said.

She slept.

Then, when he could hear her regular breathing, he began to kiss her butt.

"Whatcha doin'?" she asked again.

"Kissing your pretty butt!" he said to her and stopped, letting her settle back into sleep.

Next he began, once she was sleeping again, to kiss his way into and through the crack of her butt.

"Whatcha doin' now?" her sleepy voice said now.

"Kissing you!" he said.

"Ohhh," she moaned and then he let her go to sleep again.

When she was quiet with sleep, he went to her again. Only this time, he put himself into position to enter her pussy from behind, with her snuggled against him.

"Whatcha doin' now?" she asked, giggling a little bit with the question.

"Lower invasion, before an upper invasion!" he said.

She turned her head, looking at him over her shoulder and said: "Really?"

"Yep!" he said, she only smiled.

Then he did it; he moved from her pussy to her butt hole and, with her making noises into the pillow began to love her anally.

To her and his surprise, she came almost involuntarily very quickly, even before he did. They lay fastened together for many minutes and she seemed to settle back into sleep.

He disengaged from her, getting a mew of disappointment from her but even that settled down quickly, as she faded into sleep.

They woke, almost at the same time the next day. They lay a bit and planned a day. It was going to be back to the Grand Canyon for the two of them and maybe some hiking around the edge.

They breakfasted and went out enjoying their day. Dinner was another treat for them, and they both realized that being together for the rest of their time there at the Canyon was not even a debatable issue for them. They were simply together.

They settled in that night at her place. They showered and made love, settling into sleep then.

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