At the Coffee Pot

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2015 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: They went to 'The Coffee Pot' for morning coffee after an all night stake out, that had ended successfully. It was there that Wendell, Lt. Wendell Hayes, rescued a lovely, older woman from jackass who was taunting her, and impressing her with a fake gun. Barbara Soames, Dr Barbara Soames, from the history department of the University, was not only pleased, she was smitten by the Lieutenant and determined to have her way with him. The romance had begun.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

A few of them went to the Coffee Pot that morning, once the night's business was done. It had, indeed, been a long night and Lt. Wendell Hayes, like the rest of the small group of detectives, was tired.

This was their usual procedure. It was at the Coffee Pot for a rehash, a good cup of coffee and then home to crash.

Wendell always enjoyed this part of the 'after action' time. He'd spent a good deal of his life lately taking care of first his Mom and then his Dad, as they each, in turn, got sick and eventually went away. His trials continued with the death from cancer of his still young wife, Margie. It left him, his daughter Wendy, and his dog Genearl McLaws alone. Together they struggled through that very, very difficult time, with Wendy constantly worried about her father's reactions and his retreat to the job, as the central point of his life.

So that time had been a sad one for Wendell. His compensation was the job. Wendell had, from the very first, as much as he could remember, been in love with being a cop. He'd gotten some education in criminality at a local Jr College and joined the force, as yet a fairly young man.

He never looked back. He never regretted it. He worked out to constantly hone his physical skills and was a generally respected member of the detective squad.

His gang it was that was out the night before on a rumor, well founded, as it turned out, of some potentially dangerous people, related to a terror cell. Their effort with the suspected people had been right on, and they were pleased.

"Now?" Murphy asked generally.

"Home, bed!" Wendell said. "Let Wendy and the General take care of me."

The others agreed with that general assessment.

It was just then that a small group of men came into the Coffee Pot.

"Oh, crap!" Ryan said.

"What?" Wendell asked.

Ryan leaned forward. "The guy in the leather jacket is a real horses' ass. He has a rep for taunting women and actually flashes a fake gun, a water pistol to impress them. He's a real 'rit'."

(Ryan came from a Czech household and at times lapsed into curses in Czech.)

"Well, as long as he has his coffee and doesn't bother anyone, I'm not going to interfere," Wendell said.

Of course, the peace and quiet was too good to last.

There was, at the coffee bar, a short woman wearing a skirt and sweater. She looked to be about middle aged. She had straight but very pretty blonde to white hair. She was pretty looking. Wendell had noticed her right away.

She made his middle aged, 42 year old heart pound, he said to himself, and grinned.

It was Ryan who spoke again: "Like her, Lieutenant?"

"Yes," Wendell admitted.

"Janie Soames, Dr. Joanne Soames" Ryan said. "She teaches history at the university. Good at it too, I hear."

"She's a beauty!" Wendell said.

"But it's time for me to get going, and rescue Genaral McLaws from his solitude. Wendy has to work today and was out last night. Mrs. Williams promised to look in on him, while Wendy was out."

(Wendell Hayes was, in addition to other things, a student of the Civil War. He loved some of the flowery names of the warriors and, though he was a Union sympathizer, had named his golden retriever 'Genearl McLaws', from Confederate General Lafayette McLaws.)

"Is he okay over night?" Murphy asked.

"Yes, usually," Wendell said. "I have an older lady, Mrs Williams, next door who looks in on him for me. The two of them seem to have a love relationship and she doesn't mind taking care of him. And Wendy wasn't going to be out too late. At least that's what she said."

They laughed at that.

Just then a voice said: "Sorry, toll to pay!"

Wendell and his friends looked over. The guy that Ryan had been talking about, who carried the water pistol, had the blonde-white haired woman trapped between his legs and wouldn't let her go.

Wendell's attention was aimed at the fracas immediately.

"Let me go," the woman said with some asperity.

"Not until you pay the toll!" the man said.

"I said let me go!" the woman said next, getting agitated.

The man grinned at his friends, who looked discernibly nervous at this point.

He moved his jacket enough to show the woman the gun sticking in his waistband.

Wendell could tell from where he sat that the gun was a fake. The woman couldn't.

She got very silent.

The man said: "Don't want to argue with a man that's packing, sweetie, do you?"

"I want you to let me go!" the woman said.

"Not going to happen until I get a kiss; that's the toll," the guys said.

"Shit!" Wendell said, getting up. "And I'm already tired."

"Easy!" Ryan said.

"Yep," Wendell answered, "Get my back."

"Got it," both Ryan and Murphy said.

Wendell went in the direction of the man taunting the woman.

The man stuck his hand in the air and said: "Police business here! Don't interfere!"

That was the last straw for Wendell.

"Shit," he said softly.

The man's jacket was still open, so that he was sure that Wendell could see the handle of his gun.

Wendell swept his coat open in one direction, showing his badge, attached to his belt and then, as the man looked on, a bit bug eyed now, pulled his own gun and had it aimed at the man.

"Put your hands on the table!" Wendell said.

"Hey, man," the guy said hurriedly, "I was only funning with her."

"I said, put your damn hands on the table! My gun is not a plastic toy, dickhead!" Wendell said next.

Then he surprised the woman by turning to her and apologizing for his language. She smiled.

The man put his legs down, letting the pretty woman go, and Wendell moved in his direction.

Just then one of the man's companions moved. Ryan was behind him, and said: "Not another fuckin' move!"

He didn't apologize for his language.

The guy said, defensively: "Hey, man, I was only trying to get away from him."

"Move away, both of you but don't go where I can't see you!" Ryan said, and now Murphy was standing off to the side too, and the other two guys from the table realized it.

"Lieutenant," Ryan said, "We're cool here."

"Thanks, Ryan, Murphy!" Wendell said.

Wendell then reached into the guys belt and pulled out the gun. It was indeed a water pistol. Wendell squirted the guy in the face a few times with the water pistol.

"Don' ever come in here again," Wendell said, "Unless you do bring your manners and don't bring any damn water pistol. Do you realize how close you came to getting shot?"

The guy mumbled a 'sorry' and, nodding to his friends, headed for the door.

Wendell watched him go. Then he went to the counter and said to the owner: "Wayne, sorry about the fracas."

"No, Wendell," Wayne said, "I appreciate it. He's a major pain in the ass. Not the first time that it's happened."

It was just then that the woman, with a small bag that contained her coffee and a bagel, headed for the door.

Wendell went out behind her.

"Ma'am," he said, and she turned.

"Yes," she said, smiling now at Wendell.

"Are you okay?" Wendell asked.

"Yes, thank you, officer!" she said. "Oh," she said after a thought. "I guess I should say 'Lieutenant'. Isn't that what they called you?"

"Yes, Lieutenant Wendell Hayes," he said, wondering at how nervous he felt introducing himself to this woman.

She smiled, and Wendell was almost poleaxed by the smile. "Well, pleased to meet you, Lieutenant Wendell Hayes." she said.

"I am Joanne Soames," she went on, and put out a hand in Wendell's direction.

He only stared at her for a few seconds.

"Lieutenant," she said, "You're staring!"

"Oh, sorry, Ma'am, um ... Joanne!" he said.

She laughed then, as she walked away; it was a tinkling kind of bubbling water kind of laugh.

"Just protecting and serving!" she said over her shoulder.

"Yes, Ma'am, er ... Joanne," Wendell said.

By then both Ryan and Murphy were there.

"Well," Ryan said, "That was interesting! Never saw you stopped dead in your tracks like that!"

"Going home!' Wendell said, ignoring the good humored laughter coming from his pals behind him.

Wendell went over and over the scene in his mind, as he drove home. He noticed that his consternation about his reaction to Joanne Soames even staved off, for the time, the tiredness that he felt, from his all night stint with the terror cell.

He was greeted elaborately by his faithful pal, General McLaws.

He had bought a gift of bagels and coffee for his next door neighbor, Mrs. Williams. He let the General out into the yard and went to Mrs Williams' back door, and knocked.

She came right away.

"Mrs. Williams," he said, handing her the bag. "You are a saint! A pure and true saint!"

"All night Lieutenant?" the pretty next door neighbor asked.

"Yes," Wendell said. "When the General is done with his turn around the estate," she giggled at this reference, "I'm for bed for a bit of the day. Wendy is at school. I appreciate you helping us with the General."

"Oh, he's my love," Mrs Williams said.

"Bed for me now!" Wendell said.

"You've probably earned it!" Mrs Williams said.

"Dangerous?" she asked softly.

"A kind of terror cell in the making that we cleaned up," he answered. "Went well!"

"Good for you!" she said, "Good for us!"

(Alice Williams had had a very bad year that year, caring for her dying husband. They had been married for over 50 years, and for that time period Wendell, Wendy, and the General had been a true help and support.They were, as a result as close to family as it were possible.)

She gave him a hug then and said: "You go and rest now, you wonderful man! Working so hard and doing so well!"

He grinned at her, called the General and went in.

He took a quick shower before getting into bed, with the General plopping down on the bed with him.

"Wait 'til I tell you, General," Wendell said, as the big dog pounded the bed with his tail. "Saw a woman today."

More tail pounding.

"Yes, you're right!" Wendell said. "She was gorgeous!"

"What was she like, you ask?" Wendell said next.

Tail pounding!

"She looked to be maybe late 40's or so, petite and very pretty, blondish-whitish hair, trim figure. Nice looking butt on her!" Wendell went on to describe the woman. "Didn't see any wedding ring on her either!"

Tail pounding.

"Don't know what to do either!" Wendell ended.

It was then that the General barked.

Wendell said: "Yes, but don't know how to find her!"

He faded into sleep then, with the General contentedly snoozing next to him. They stayed that way for a number of hours. Wendell was off that morning, after the work of the night.

"Joanne Soames' husband, Rudy, had been a Navy test pilot. He always called her 'his outrageous one'. She mainly lived up to that moniker too.

It had been a good two years now, since Rudy went in a plane crash, leaving Joanne with military pension and an empty house. Her compensation, at that time, was her teaching. She was immersed in the time periods that she taught about.

She'd worked her pain out and these days, Joanne Soames was in a mood again to be outrageous. Since yesterday, she also realized that she had a target. She was like a woman with a mission.

Wendell and his team had a light day. There was, as usual, a ton of paper work to get through about the previous day's work. It was simply a routine day.

He called Wendy and told her that they were going to the Coffee Pot and have a cup before he came home. She responded that she had things there under control. She also indicated that she was going for her run, and might just see him at the Coffee Pot.

Wendell settled in with Ryan and Murphy to have their coffee. Wendell's back was to the door.

"Oho!' Ryan said and Murphy chuckled.

"What?" Wendell asked.

"I know a lieutenant who's in trouble!" Ryan said.

"What? Why?" Wendell asked.

In fact, Joanne had come into the place. Ryan saw her look around and he nodded. He also noticed, as had Murphy, that when her eyes lit on Wendell, they kind of sparked and she came in their direction.

It was then that Joanne reached their table and Wendell turned around to see what Ryan and Murphy were talking about.

He smiled at her, feeling, once again, the strange overwhelming feeling that he'd had yesterday, when he saw her.

"There you are, Lieutenant," she said smiling.

Wendell was staring again. Joanne was wearing a long tee shirt, with some latin words written across it. The tee shirt came down to her mid-thighs. Beneath it, she wore a pair of skin tight, lycra running pants.

"Lieutenant," she said pleasantly. "You're always staring at me."

"Sorry, Ma'am," he said.

"It's Joanne, not 'Ma'am'," she said.

"Yes," he said, almost mumbling, while Ryan and Murphy simply chuckled. "Joanne."

"Okay," she said, "You're coming with me!"

"What?" he said.

"Is he always this way?" she asked Ryan and Murphy politely.

"Not usually," they answered. "He's the 'go to' guy at work and in the field. Just a bit gob smacked right now," Murphy explained, with a laugh.

Wendell just sat and was taking it all in.

"Come," Joanne said, taking Wendell's hand. "We're leaving here!"

"Yes," Wendell managed, "Leaving here."

"Be gentle with him, " Ryan said. "We don't want him returned bent, spindled or mutilated!"

Both he and Murphy were laughing.

"Very funny!' Wendell managed but he did walk toward the door with Joanne holding his hand. He turned his head once, as he got to the door and grinned back at them. They gave him a 'high' sign and he went through the door.

It was precisely then that Wendy arrived, pausing in her run. She was surprised and showed that on her face.

"Daddy," she said, "What are you doing with Dr. Soames?"

"You know her?" he asked.

"Of course," Wendy said, "I have her for American History at school."

Then she turned and said: "Dr. Soames!"

"Hi, Wendy!" she said. "I'm going to take your Dad, to say 'thank you' for rescuing me yesterday! I'll be careful with him!"

Wendell just watched this exchange between this lovely woman and his daughter.

"Don't you come home late or pregnant!" Wendy said, echoing what her Dad often enough said to her before a date.

It made Joanne giggle with Wendy and made Wendell blush.

"He'll be fine with me!" Joanne said.

"I bet he will be!" Wendy said. "The gang in there?"

"Yes," Wendell answered, "Ryan and Murphy."

"Good," she said, "I need sustenance before I finish my run." She went into the Coffee Pot then.

At that point, Joanne took Wendell by the hand again and took him to a nearby restaurant.

"I'm hungry," she said, "I'm going to buy you dinner as a 'thank you' for yesterday and I'm seriously considering having my way with you!"

"Oh," he said, smiling now, "Having your way; that sounds exciting."

"Bet it would be," Joanne said to him, taking him into the Chinese restaurant that was there.

They sat, after ordering and waiting for their dinners.

She smiled and said: "Lieutenant Hayes, you keep staring."

"Sorry," he said. "I have to admit that I am absolutely captured by your beauty."

"What a nice thing to say," she said, grinning. "You're passing the test, you know!"

"The test?" he asked.

"Yes, the test that's going to get you into my bed! I was more than half convinced yesterday, when you rode to my rescue, and tonight, Wendy's gorgeous father, I think that I'm going to take you home and see what you look like without your detective clothes on.," she was grinning at the end of her statement.

They talked then, he told her about losing his Margie and then it was her turn to talk about the loss of her Rudy.

"Look at us," he said in a soft voice. "All the difficult stuff."

"Yes," she said, "But it's where we've been. It's not where we are but where we've been. I know that my Rudy would want me to live and not continue to merely grieve for years and years. I guess that I suspect the same about your Margie."

"Yes," he said, "I think that's right."

"Then it's your lucky night, Lieutenant," she said, and then, lowering her voice and leaning closer to him, she asked: "Hey, lieutenant, want to get laid tonight?"

He almost chocked on his noodles at that point but she only laughed.

"My Rudy always called me his 'outrageous gal'," she said.

"I can see why," he said, with a grin.

Then he asked: "Were you serious?"

"I guess," she said, "Wouldn't do me much good to fool with the affections of the law!'

"No, it wouldn't!" he said. "So, I'm going to get lucky tonight?"

"I think we both are!" she said. "This is a kind of 'jump right back into it' kind of thing for me."

"Sounds exciting!" he said. "I'll have to talk to the General about it."

"The General?" she asked.

"Yes, my golden retriever, General McLaws."

"Oh, no!" she said, "Don't tell me that I've got myself mixed up with a southern sympathizer, all sadness about the failure of the rebellion and all that!!!!!!" She said this fairly vehemently.

He held up at hand. "Yes, I forget that you're a history professor. But for clarity, where the Civil War is concerned, I am definitely a union man but I like some of the names, especially of the Confederate Generals. That's why my dog is 'General McLaws."

"Yes," she said, "Lovely name! Lafayette McLaws! Great big, full bearded, curly haired man. But my favorite really is 'Carnot Posey'."

"Yes, but I couldn't face naming my dog 'Posey" he said.

"You're right," she replied. "About ready to go?"

"May I ask you one thing?" he asked.

"Yes, you may, my Lieutenant!" she said with a grin, realizing that they were back on that ground where she had the advantage again.

"Why me?" he asked.

"Why, you lovely man!" she said happily. "It's simple. You rescued me and in the rescue I could read how compassionate you are, and how dedicated to your job. I like your looks and the appearance of strength about you, and I want to see what kind of underwear your wearing and how big your 'thing' is."

She was simply grinning, when she finished.

"Oh, dear!" he wailed. "Am I out of my depth here!"

"Don't you worry, Lieutenant," she said softly, as they reached the parking lot, "I'll be gentle, when gentleness is called for."

"Good," he said with a grin.

"But first, she said, "How about a little appetizer?"

"Appetizer?" he wondered.

"Yes, watch," she replied. Then she rolled up the bottom edge of her tee shirt and tied it so that it was above her waist. She walked ahead of him then, her butt, encased in the black lycra of her running pants, seemed to have a life of its own. It wiggled, and kind of shook and had him in a trance.

"Mesmerized!" was the comment that he made. It made her giggle.

They got to her car first and, before she got in, she put her arms around his neck. They kissed.

The kiss drew him into what seemed to be a world that he never suspected. He was surrounded by her scent, by the feel of her, by the softness of her lips and the sense of her pressing against him.

"One more kiss," she whispered, "And this time feel my ass!"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

"Love your politeness!" she said. "Kiss now!'

They kissed and he did as he was told. He had, in each hand, the heft of an ass cheek that was sensational.

"Ohhhhhhh!" he moaned into her lips. "What an ass you have!"

"You need to see it without the medium of clothes!" she said.

"Yes, yes, yes!" he said.

"What's that poking me?" she asked with a grin. "Is that the Lieutenant's boy turning into a man for me?"

"Yes it is!" he admitted.

"Good for us!" she said. "You follow me home. I promise to get you home to the General and Wendy in one piece."

"Thank you!" he said, gripping her ass cheeks one more time, before letting her get into her car.

The two of them during those separate rides home, to her house, had continuous thoughts rumbling through their minds.

Joanne liked the feeling of being the old, tried and true, outrageous Joanne again. It caused thoughts of Rudy to rumble through her mind and she liked that. She had a sense, a feeling that Rudy knew that she was being 'herself' again and approved. It made her smile and the smile was certainly a smile of anticipation.

Wendell was fairly overcome by her brashness, her outgoing, outrageous actions and found that they excited him more than he ever remembered being excited in a long time. Actually, he came to the truth, as he was driving home following Joanne, that he'd never remembered being quite this excited.

He'd certainly dealt with the tapering off of any and all erotic kinds of thoughts. Since the death of Margie, that part of him was almost permanently 'on hold'. Now, however, in the hands of this exciting woman, 'Wendy's professor, for heaven's sake, ' he said to himself, he felt a kind of renewal that made itself felt by his having a raging erection for the entire trip to Joanne's house.

She'd gotten a little ahead of him and, when he pulled into her driveway, a curving driveway that led to a garage that was behind her house. The driveway side and the back of the house were sheltered by trees, that seemed to be a kind of a green way that went for a while through this part of the city.

He stopped outside of the garage and got out. He stared immediately. The first thing that he saw was Joanne's tee shirt lying on the ground next to her car.

He went into the open bay door of the garage, only to see her, with her clingy, black lycra running pants now off. They were lying on the floor of the garage too. He picked them up and then spotted her in the doorway to the house.

She was naked, totally naked! It caused a kind of atomic reaction to her, and, he realized, what she'd been wearing, when she went to fetch him from the Coffee Pot.

She stood in the doorway and grinned at him.

He simply took her all in: large, slightly sloping breasts, cap like nipples, big nipples, dark nipples, erect nipples. A creamy length of stomach skin that led down to a positive forest of curly, dark pubic hair.

The contrast was outstanding. Her hair was that straight blondish, white kind of hair but her pubic hair was rich, very dark and extremely curly. He realized that he was saying all of that to her, causing her to grin widely.

"Hey, Lieutenant!" she said. "You coming to arrest me? Hand cuff me? Search me? Look for cracks and crevices where I might have drugs hidden? Is that what you're going to do, Lieutenant?" She asked this in a kind of a taunting voice.

He stared.

"I'm coming to do everything!" he said, still being struck by the immenseness of his reaction to this woman. He knew right away that he was telling her that too.

They continued this strange conversation with him standing in the middle of the empty side of the garage and holding her clothes and her standing in the doorway to the house naked.

He realized that he was also telling her how long it had been, since this part of him had been awake.

Then he was again rhapsodizing about how she looked, feature by feature. He was going over all of that again.

She went to him then. But maybe that's not completely correct. She stalked over to where he was, completely sure of herself, completely in charge and determined to have the Lieutenant for her own.

He stared at her and held her clothes. As soon as she stood naked before him, he dropped the clothes on the floor and leaned into her. His erection was poking her through his pants, and was almost painful.

"I'm about to cum!" he said, his voice kind of strangled.

"Good, first one, so exciting!" she said, and then she unzipped his pants, and had him in her hand.

As soon as she wrapped her hand around his length and bulk, he came. He exploded, more than came. He came all over her: on her stomach, on her left nipple, on her chin and on her left cheek. It had been so long. The time had been so gray and this was so new to him, at least it was a kind of renewal for him.

She stood and just grinned at him.

"Ever been decorated for the line of duty, Lieutenant?" she asked.

"Twice!" he said.

"Now I've been decorated too!" she said.

She took her tee shirt from him and wiped herself down.

"A little better, Lieutenant?" she asked.

"Barely!" he said.

She smiled at him and said: "You're in such good hands, Wendell! Such good hands!"

"Yes," he said, "I sense that!"

Then they were kissing, and it was a kiss to build dreams on. It went on, it developed, it became wet, it became passionate, and it had his erection stiff and poking her again.

She smiled and said: "First of all, off with your clothes. Remember that one of my desires is to see what kind of undies you're wearing. And if I don't approve, you go home wearing a pair of my panties!"

He grinned and said: "Might not fit!"

"Off, off, off!" she said, and she was helping him, taking off his sport coat. Grinning, as he unhooked his gun and set it aside. She got a huge grin on her face, as he removed his cuffs from his belt.

"Goodie!" she said, "Cuffs for me!"

"Yes," he said, getting into the sense of fun with him.

"Shirt now," she said and unbuttoned his shirt, taking it off of him.

"Oh, look at how strong and lovely my Lieutenant is!" she said, running a hand appreciatively across his chest. She moved her face into him and flicked her tongue out and across first one nipple and then the other.

He kind of stiffened from the sensation and then he cried out, as she bit one nipple and then the other.

She was grinning at him; he reached out and grabbed her spikey nipples.

"Now me!" she said a bit breathlessly.

Wendell Hayes might have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by her at first but his first, fairly spontaneous orgasm was certainly a wake up call for him. He didn't hesitate now.

He smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, while manipulating her nipples. Then he bent his head, and first licked the nipples, each in turn, getting a shiver from Joanne and tiny whining noises, and then he bit each in turn.

"Oh," she said breathlessly, "Police brutality!"

"Yes," he replied. "I'll show you some of that in a minute."

"Goodie!" she said, "Got the big, bad Lieutenant awake and active here!"

"Too true!" he said.

"But I have more to do now," she mentioned.Then she knelt. He just watched her.

"Wonderin' what I'm gonna do down here?" she asked him pleasantly.

"Thinking about it!" he said.

"Just this!" she said, and undid his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. He shuffled off his shoes and she had his pants down at his ankles and took them, and his socks off, staring at him.

He was wearing a pair of thigh length powder blue BVD's.

"Oh, I like these!" she said. "Like them very much! Very much indeed! You're just my Lieutenant baby! That's who you are!"

He chuckled.

"Want me to do this?" she asked, still kneeling and now, using her teeth, her smile wide and infectious, began to tug his BVD's down and off.

He laughed now. "Very talented!" he said.

"Yes," she replied, "Not only good in the class room but great on my knees!"

"Do they know that, at the school?" he asked.

"Very private talents!" she said. "Only coming back to the fore now. Very private. All for my Lieutenant Baby!"

She struggled but finally had him totally naked, having tugged those blue BVD's down and off of him.

"Proud of yourself?" he asked.

"Definitely proud!" she said.

But he shocked her then. He grabbed his cuffs, and before she realized what was happening, he slapped the cuffs on her wrists.

She was shrieking with laughter and delight but she still was not ready for what he did next.

He grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder, like a sack of grain. She was wiggling and laughing. He lashed out and slapped her naked ass and she giggled.

"Copper's got me!" she wailed. "Woe is me! Cops have got me!"

He walked toward the door to the house.

"Don't you drop me, Copper!" she said, reaching down to kiss the middle of his back.

Her hands were outstretched and she was able to grab one of his ass cheeks in her hands.

"What the hell are you doing!" he asked, laughing.

"Playing!" she said, "Exploring! Don't want to fall off! Do I?"

"Damn crazy woman!" he said, with a undeniable note of pride in his voice.

"That's who I am! I'm the Lieutenant Baby's damn crazy woman!" she trumpeted proudly.

The first room, as they entered the house was the kitchen. It's as far as he got with her. When they entered the kitchen, the light from the garage shone through the door and he moved and placed her on the kitchen counter.

It was a kind of breakfast counter, with high stools there. He sat her down on the counter, and sat down on a breakfast stool.

"Whaaaaaat?" she yelled, as he pushed her knees apart and placed his face directly into her pubic hair.

"Ahhhhhhh! Cops have got me!" she yelled out again.

His mouth was wide open, his tongue was out and he was licking at the edges of her vaginal lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she cried. "Eat me, Lieutenant Baby!"

He got up and moved off of the stool

"No, No, No, No!" she cried. "Don't go, Lieutenant Baby! Don't!"

He was only gone a minute and then came back with his blue BVD's. He reached up and stuffed them into her mouth, causing her to grin widely and accept the underwear gag. She shook her head from side to side, with the underwear waving like a flag in her mouth.

Then he was back between her legs, eating her. It was wet and she was noisy, as he worked at her.

Her orgasm, when it came, was loud even through the medium of his BVD's.

She was widely grinning at him, with the blue fabric hanging out of her mouth, when he grabbed her down from the counter and, holding her, propelled her toward the kitchen table in a breakfast nook. He put her down, face down on the table, and was in behind her in a flash.

She still had the BVD's in her mouth and was chattering against them, when he simply plunged into her from behind.

He reached in front of her and pulled the BVD's out of her mouth. She was sirening again then, making her noises.

"Getting fucked by the Copper! Getting screwed by the Lieutenant Baby!" she sang out.

"You're my piece of ass!" he said, bending down and biting the back of her neck. It set her off again.

"YESSS! YESSS! Your piece of ass! That's who I am! Handcuffed and being all police brutalitied here!" she sang next.

He was working at her, with her and then she said: "Switch! Switch now! Every damn where, every damn place! That's where I want my Lieutenant Baby and his big dick."

He reached out and spread her butt cheeks and plunged into her butt hole. She yelled about the wonderful hurt, the spectacular hurt and how much she loved the fact that her Lieutenant Baby was loving her now.

He came then, followed in her own orgasm by her. It left her moving and wiggling around, the very force of it.

He took the cuffs off of her then, and gathered her in. He walked with her, in his arms now, to the living room, and put down his shirt and her tee shirt on the floor. He lowered her to the floor and simply held her, cuddled her in. She clung to him.

She surprised him then by crying.

He held onto her tightly and gathered her to himself, his arms around her and her head against his chest. She began to talk to him:

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she began.

He simply let her talk.

"It hasn't been this way; not for such a long time. He went and never came back and it was like living in a tunnel with all the emotion and the holding and the, I don't know, the outrageousness simply gone or in the shadows and life was like that, just like that! I'm babbling I know!" she said, against him, talking into the skin of his upper chest.

His immediate reaction was to kiss her forehead.

She raised her head and said: "And you're so exciting!"

He smiled at her and said: "I still have my hand cuffs!"

It caused her to giggle against him now.

"I'd bite you now," she said, wiping away her tears, "But that might just bring on a round of police brutality again."

"Yes," he answered, "Let's keep that in mind."

She kissed him then. They kissed and clung to each other then.

Shower for us now?" he asked

"Yes, please," she replied. Shower for us now."

He got up then, and simply gathered her in his arms.

"Oh," she whispered to him,"My Lieutenant Baby is carrying me nice now!"

"Just remember," he told her then, "That I know how to carry you other ways!"

"Yes," she said, giggling, "All naked, and hand cuffed, and slung over your shoulder like your Saturday night special girl!"

He reached over and kissed her then and said: "You're certainly not only that!"

"No?" she asked. "Really not, Lieutenant?"

"Not at all!" he said, "Just my special girl!"

"How nice for me!" she said.

"How nice for us!" was his reply.

She put her head then down against his shoulder, as he carried her into the master shower.

They showered then; he washed her and she washed him. It left the two of them smiling and giggling again.

He finally turned her around and lifted her up just a bit, settling her down on his erection there in the shower.

"Ohhhhh," she wailed, "He's doing it again! This copper of mine is screwing me again!"

"Do I need to get my BVD's to gag you?" he asked into the back of her head.

"If you want to keep me quiet and keep me from telling everyone that my Lieutenant Baby is fucking me now, yes, you'll need them!" she proclaimed.

"Crazy woman!" he said. "I've gotten myself mixed up with a crazy woman!"

"Yep, you do, Lieutenant Baby," she said, "And you fuck so nicely! I'll tell everyone that too!"

She looked over her shoulder at him and said: "Not!"

She reached behind his head and got her hands together there. It caused her to arch her back. Meanwhile, he reached around and took a breast in each hand, as they moved into the love making. He worried her nipples a bit and she began to cry out as she slid into her orgasm, with him following her.

She moved then, with his help. She moved around so that now her legs were around his waist and her arms around his neck, and they were kissing, as though the world were going to end in five minutes.

"This, all of this!" he said, "Has opened or maybe re-opened a whole new world for me!"

"Oh, yes," she said.

"Joanne," he went on, "You are positively the most exciting woman that I've ever, ever met."

Her response was to kiss him again. They dried each other off and she opted for a pair of yellow panties for bed.

She had a thought then: "General McLaws?"

"Yes," he said, "I need to go and get him. Is that okay?"

"You'll come back?" she wanted to know.

"I certainly will!" he said.

"I'll be here and almost naked for you and the General!" she said.

"You make it sound so dirty," he said with a laugh.

"Might just be, Lieutenant Baby!" she said.

He dressed and went to fetch the General, who was, as usual, really glad to see him. The General eagerly jumped into Wendell's car, always ready for a ride.

The General settled down pretty quickly at Joanne's, once they got there, hopping up on the bed with Wendell and Joanne, once they both were settled in.

They snuggled down then and talked from pillow to pillow.

"Do you need to call Wendy?" she asked softly.

"You know," he responded, "Maybe I should. Do you mind?"

"Do you mind that I'm right here, when you do?" she countered.

"Not going to hide that at all!" he said.

"Goodie!" was her response.

"Hey, Wendy," he said, putting the phone on speaker.

"Hey, Dad," Wendy responded. "How did it go?"

"It's going fine!" he said, and Wendy laughed.

"He's taking such good care of me!" Joanne said loudly.

"HI, Dr. Soames," Wendy said.

"Hi, Wendy!" Joanne replied. "We're settled down for the night here. The General is here with us and all."

"Wendell Hayes," Wendy went on, with a laugh, "I can't believe that you're there in bed with my college professor!"

"My walk on the wild side!" he said.

"Behave or I'll bite you, copper!" Joanne said then and they all laughed.

"Do you work tomorrow?" Wendy asked.

"Yes," he said. "I'll hang up now; lights are out here and it's time for some rest."

"Busy night?" Wendy asked, with a giggle.

"Yep!" Joanne answered right away. "He's wonderful!"

"Yes, he is," Wendy said, "I already have known that and I'm glad that you know it now too."

"Good night, love," Wendell said then and Wendy said 'good night' to both of them and the General and then hung up.

"Nothing like broadcasting!" Joanne said.

"True enough," was his answer.

He woke in what seemed to be the middle of the night. His first impression was correct. As soon as he got his bearings, he realized that she was giving him a blow job.

"Ohhhh!" he said, "What are you doing?"

"If you have to ask," she said with a giggle, "You must still be asleep."

He put his head back on the pillow and just felt it. She had her head on his stomach, with the crown of his erection in her mouth, and her hand around the shaft. She alternated between playing with him, jerking him, and sucking at him.

When he'd been brought, she moved and settled down on top of him, capturing his renewed erection and fitting it into her.

"Got you, copper!" she said.

"You sure do!" was his reply.

"And the General is taking notes!" she said, in a sly voice.

"Voyeur dog!" he said.

They were still wrapped up together, when they woke in the morning.

"Time?" he asked.

"7:00 AM," she said. "Work?"

"Yes," he said, "I'm in at 9 today."

"Coffee?" she asked.

"Please!" he said. "And the General needs to go out."

"Good," was her response,"You tend to the General and I'll get the coffee."

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