My Confusing Relationship With Alice

by Eivind_Loup

Copyright© 2018 by Eivind_Loup

True Sex Story: A short story about my current sexual relationship with my 'friend'.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Romantic   True Story   Cream Pie   Squirting   Big Breasts   .

Alice was one of my closest friends that I have had. But, my friendship with her wasn’t really the kind that I’ve had with other girls I’ve been friends with. We were; what people would call ‘friends with benefits (FWB)’. This isn’t really new or uncommon, in fact, a lot of people even have multiple FWBs.

We’ve met during a bus ride, and were both horny enough to actually explore each other during the trip (As I’ve told in my first draft stories). Moving forward, around my 3rd year of University when I rented my own place, we’ve started to fool around a 6 times a week. I can’t help myself, she is just too attractive. Greyish-blue and innocent looking eyes; Wavy copper-colored hair reaching down just above her beautifully-shaped arse. She has a nice pair of breasts (probably C-cups), firm and perky with nipples so lively. And, an overall body shape, carved to perfection.

Not long ago, when we were at my apartment spending some time alone, watching a movie (Can’t remember what it was but it was a RomCom and showed quite some nudity and crude language). We were cuddled together, laying on the couch. When the movie ended we watched the credits roll for a few minutes, then she looked at me and asked, “What are we?”.

I was shocked, I can see her eyes just looking at me and waiting for a serious reply. I wrapped my arms around her and made ourselves more comfortable as she lay on top of me, “Well, we act like a couple ... Do you think we should be one?” I replied to her. She shrugged and rolled her eyes to think. She was easy to read. I knew she still had some fear of fully committing to a relationship. Afterall we barely knew some basic things about one another. We never met each other’s family and have only known a few friends. We’ve never had any dates (except for the first time we’ve met) and the only romantic situations we’ve been in only started a few weeks after I’ve settled in my apartment (which was quite recent). We would have sex at an almost daily pace, but barely ever had a romantic scene.

So to give her some guidance, I told her “If you’re currently in love with someone, who isn’t me, then we should stop our sexual relationship. Otherwise, let’s just continue and time will tell”. She stared at me with eyes filled with the need for me, at least that’s the vibe I sensed. So I reached and gave her a kiss. And, without hesitation, she accepted the kiss and we started making out. A few seconds later, she pulled out rose up to sit on top of me, “I want to get more intimate this time. Let’s be romantic. I’m curious how this will go.” she declared.

I chuckled as I slipped my hands under her shirt to reach for her breasts. She bent down and kissed me again. My hands glided through as I explored her body. “I want you to fuck me like we’re on our honeymoon, I want you to let me know that I’m yours”, she whispered these words in my ear. Hearing those words was such a huge turn on, apparently, I might be the romantic type then. Our bodies make contact and we rubbed ourselves against each other as we kept making out. It’s like this was the first time we’ve both had sex, we were craving each other so much, I couldn’t describe how hot the situation was.

We started to remove each other’s clothes, so desperately trying to remove every single bit of cloth that would stop our skins from making contact. We held each other so firmly and pressed our bodies against each other like two strong magnets. I grabbed her arse and squeezed it firmly and trailed my hands towards her pussy. Dripping with her juices, her pussy was so hot and sticky as my fingers glided on top of it. Out of instinct, my fingers pierced through, she gasped and moaned as I fingered her thoroughly. My cock was rock hard and oozing with precum, as Alice grabbed it. She stroked it tightly a few times before she guided it so that the head would just be touching the lips of her pussy. We both paused as we looked at each other, eye to eye and as her juices drip on my cock. She’s so beautiful, her eyes gleamed with happiness as she smiles with satisfaction.

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