The Handsome Writer and the Beautiful Police Detective 1948-1953

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2015 by wheelchairman85

Fiction Story: story about a handsome writer and a beautiful police detective set between 1948-1953

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Tear Jerker   Slow   Workplace   Military  

Spring 1948 a police station in the City of Castle Texas 2PM

Writer Robert Cannon a WWII veteran who served with K company 3rd battalion 5th marine regiment 1st marine division. Is sitting in a police station interrogation room, drinking a cup of black coffee and writing in his Padfolio after witnessing a bloody murder a very bloody murder

After he had been sitting in the room for over an hour when the door swung open and a gorgeous detective with a S&W Model 36.38 caliber revolver on her belt walked into the room, after clearing her throat she looked at Robert and she said to him.

"Mr. Cannon I'm detective Kate Hunt I have been I am to take you into protective custody, please follow me." So Robert closed his Padfolio grabbed his other stuff and followed Kate out to a waiting car.

They got into the vehicle and they went to a secluded safe house, when they arrived at the safe house they got out of the vehicle and they went inside, once they were inside Kate closed and locked the door behind them. Once they door was locked Kate and Robert cooked and ate supper then they went to bed.

Robert went into the bedroom that was adjacent to the kitchen stripped down to his t-shirt and shorts lay down on the bed and went to sleep.

Kate went into the living room, she removed her .38 from the holster on her belt checked the load, then she closed the cylinder laid the gun coffee table and slept on the couch.

The next morning she woke up checked her .38 again holstered it went into the kitchen to make breakfast. When she was halfway through the cooking process Robert walked into the room and he helped Kate with breakfast. When the cooking was done they filled their plates & coffee cups sat down at the table.

After saying grace they ate their breakfast, while they were eating Robert could not stop looking at Kate, and while he was looking at her, his hands sweated, his heart pounded like a drum, his ears rang like church bells, and his pulse raced like a speeding freight train.

Even through Robert was only 28 years old the young man knew that the symptoms that he was experiencing were the symptoms of love at first sight. He wanted to ask Kate out on a date, but he knew that he had to keep his mouth shut, until this whole mess was cleared up.

When they finished eating they washed and dried the dishes then Robert returned to his room, opened his bag, grabbed some clean clothes and took a shower and he shaved.

When he finished cleaning up Kate also took a shower and shaved. While Kate was cleaning up Robert sat in his room writing in his Padfolio.

After they had been writing for a while they went back to the kitchen and they had a nice lunch. Over the next several months they slowly adjusted the protective custody routine. Then one day the phone rang loudly RING! While they were eating lunch Kate got up from the table, and she answered it.

10 Minutes later she returned to the table took a drink from her coffee and then she began to speak. "Robert that was my boss at the Castle Texas Police department and he has some good news for you. The murderers have been captured and they are in jail and being charged with several murders."

"Including the bloody murder that you witnessed, the trial is in two months. So it looks like we are stuck with each other for another 8 weeks." When she finished speaking they resumed eating their lunch. 8 weeks later it was time for the trial. The night before the trial was to take place, Kate got thoroughly cleaned up.

Kate laid out the nicest blouse, skirt and high heel shoes she owned, she also made sure that her sidearm and gun belt was clean polished, and that her .38 was clean and good working order.

Since Robert did not own a lot of nice clothes he laid out his USMC dress blues, and made sure they looked as nice as possible.

The next morning they got up had a nice breakfast then they got dressed.

After Kate had finished getting ready Robert got ready, and as a final touch he put on his Marine Corps dress cover. Kate looked at Robert and when she saw house handsome he looked the beautiful detective said to the handsome former Marine Corps Private First Class.

"Robert you like very handsome in your dress uniform." Robert looked into Kate's angel eyes and he said to her.

"Thank you Kate you look very beautiful as well."

When they finished talking they got into the car and they traveled to the Courthouse. When they got their Kate parked the car and they got out of it, then they walked the short distance from the parking lot to the courthouse.

When they were in the courthouse, Robert removed his dress cover and they walked into the courtroom where the trial was to be held, found a place to sit and to wait for the trial to begin.

When it was time for Robert to give his testimony he handed his dress cover to Kate and she placed it on her lap.

Then he walked to the front of the courtroom was sworn in then he sat down in the witness chair that was in the witness stand. Then the young WWII Veteran gave and honest accurate and detailed testimony about the bloody murder that he witnessed.

When he finished his testimony Robert left the witness stand and returned to his seat next to Kate who discreetly handed Robert his dress cover. After a very lengthy trial the Jury adjourned to jury room, to decide a verdict, and after a lot of back and forth discussion arguing they jury reached a guilty verdict and the murderers were sentenced to very long prison terms. After the bailiffs took the bad guys out of the courtroom, the judge dismissed the jury and everyone in the courtroom.

Robert and Kate got out of their seats and walked out of the courtroom, then they walked down a long hallway, and out of the courthouse, once the young couple was outside Robert put his dress cover on his head.

Then they got into their vehicle and returned to the safe house so Robert could collect his things. Once the young couple was back at the safe house, Robert changed out of his uniform and put on some regular clothes. Then they worked together to get his stuff packed up. When all of that was done they returned to the car and Kate drove Robert home.

When they reached his home, Robert and Kate went inside of the house and she helped him unpack his things, when all of the unpacking was done Robert gave Kate the grand tour of his modest home. When the grand tour was over Robert showed Kate to the door. But before she reached for the door knob Robert put his arms around her waist, looked into her Angel eyes, and he said to her.

"Kate I know you're probably tired of seeing my ugly old face but would you like to go out to dinner and a movie on Friday night with me please?" Kate looked into Robert's eyes and she replied "Yes I would like to go out to a dinner and a movie with you on Friday night?"

Then she walked over to her purse which was on the coffee table she retrieved a scratch pad and a pen, then she wrote down her phone number and street address. Tore off the sheet and handed it to Robert, he grabbed his wallet and placed the precious lip of paper into it.

They hugged goodbye and Kate returned to the police station, On Friday morning Robert woke up early had a good breakfast, then he washed and waxed his 1936 Ford which he bought when he turned 16.

Shortly after buying it the very bright young man customized it into a hybrid vehicle part car and part pickup truck, he also installed seatbelts, and changed the paint color from black to a bright blue, since that is his favorite color.

Once his vehicle was cleaned up Robert went back into the house, had lunch, and sat out his date clothes, then he cleaned his house, since he usually cleaned his house on Friday, once the house was completely cleaned Robert took a shower and shaved. Then he got dressed, put on some nice after shave. Then after straightening his neck tie a couple of times.

He got into his vehicle and he drove to Kate's house, after parking his vehicle across the street, he got out of it, walked to Kate's front door, and after saying a short prayer he knocked on her front door.

A few minutes later Kate walked out of her front door wearing a black dress matching high heel shoes and carrying a black purse.

After locking up her house Kate put her keys into her purse, and then they walked out to Robert's old Ford. When Kate saw his vehicle she scratched her head, looked at Roberts vehicle again then she looked at him and she said.

"What the heck it this I have never seen such an unusual vehicle in my life and I am 28 years old."

Robert cleared his throat then the said to his lovely date" Kate this is a 1936 Ford I bought it when I turned 16 back in 1936. After I bought it, I customized it into a hybrid vehicle, its part car and part pickup truck. I also repainted it into this lovely bright blue and installed seatbelts."

When the young man finished speaking Kate turned to Robert placed her hands onto his shoulders and she kissed him right on the mouth. When she broke the kiss she looked into his eyes and she said to him.

"Robert Cannon I love you. I realize this is our first date, but I love you."

Then he opened the passenger door for her walked around the vehicle got into the driver's seat and started the vehicle. Then they drove to the restaurant for their date, during the drive they talked a little bit. When they reached the restaurant Robert parked the vehicle, got out of it and opened the passenger door for his lovely date.

Then they walked the short distance from the parking lot to the restaurants front door, when they reached that door Robert opened door for Kate and she walked through it then Robert walked through the door himself. Then they approached a handsome waiter and Robert said to him "Excuse me sir but we have a reservation for two under the name of Robert Cannon."

The waiter looked through the reservation book several times then he said "Ah yes Mr. cannon I see you have reserved our best table, please follow me." So the young couple followed the waiter to the table once they reached the table.

Robert pulled the chair out so Kate could sit down, then he sat down in his own chair across from her. After they were seated the waiter handed them menus then he left the table. After reviewing the menus for a few minutes the waiter returned, then Kate her handsome date Robert gave the waiter their food and drink orders.

He wrote them down then he carried it the too kitchen so the cooking staff could prepare their meal. A short time later he brought their food and drinks to the table, and after saying grace they ate their delicious meal. When they finished their meal they had coffee and dessert, then Robert paid the bill. They left the restaurant got back into Robert's vehicle and headed for the movie theatre.

When they reached it, Robert got out of the vehicle opened the door for Kate, then the young couple walked the distance from the parking lot, to the theatre's front door, when they reached that door Robert opened it for her and she walked inside with Robert directly behind her.

After studying the marquee for several minutes and talking back and forth, they decided on the movie they wanted to see.

Robert bought the tickets and the movie snacks then the nice young couple went into the theatre to watch their movie. When the movie ended 3 hours later they walked out of the theatre and into the lobby.

When they reached the door Robert opened it for her and went out onto the sidewalk, saw the big muddle puddle directly in front of the sidewalk, he picked Kate up and Carried her to his vehicle, when they reached it Robert helped Kate into the passenger seat. Then he closed the door walked around the vehicle got into the driver's seat.

Then he drove her home, when they reached her place Robert carried Kate to her front door so she would not get her dress or her shoes wet. Once they were at her front door Robert put her down, then she looked at her handsome date.

An with tears of happiness in her eyes she said "Robert this has been the best date of my life, and you're a very special man, your polite well mannered, intelligent, the perfect gentleman, your unlike any man I have ever met. Why in the world are you still single?"

Robert looked into Kate's eyes and he said to her "To be honest Kate I just have not met the right woman yet." They kissed good night then Robert got back into his Old Ford drove home and got a good night's sleep.

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