Dinner Party Disaster?

by Jamie

Copyright© 2015 by Jamie

Fantasy Sex Story: An ANR Adult Nursing Relationship story from a website which is over.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Lactation   .

Story was written by Jamie and I found on a website wich is over (landmilkhoney.com). I wrote to that website, when it worked to get any connection to persuade him/her to publish his/her story on SOL. I looked for the author on ANR blog too, but I did not find the Author. If he/she found him/her story and the author did not want to be published here the SOL would delete this story.

It has been ages since we had seen our friends Renee and Jim so we decided to invite them to dinner and an evening of games and videos. Dinner was to be at six and I had been in the kitchen most of the day. I wanted to make everything just perfect. I tried to get as much done early as possible, the table set and the games out and so on, expecting that Leon would get home early. Actually, he promised to get home early. Knowing that the evening would go pretty late, we both knew it would be extremely important that we have a good nursing session before our friends arrived and they are usually a little early themselves. But it was getting close to 5:30 and I was getting concerned. If I had known he would be late, I could have at least used my pump for a while to relieve the fullness I was beginning to feel. I tried not to think about it too much, we would have to work it out somehow. I quickly changed from my work clothes into something a little more dressy than jeans and a tee shirt, but still casual as I heard Leon pull up into the driveway. I glanced at my watch. It was 5:40. What could we do with so little time?

Leon came in carrying the bag with the wine for after dinner and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, honey, there was an accident on the Avenue and it took forever to work my way around it on the side streets. Everyone was trying to do it. Are you ok?" He went to lift his hand to my breast and I stopped him. "If you touch them, I will let down, you know." "Well, lets go into the bed room and I will nurse some of the fullness away."

We went to the bedroom and I quickly opened my blouse and pulled down the cup off my right breast. He wasted no time in getting his mouth to my breast and began to suckle. I immediately let down and felt like I was just gushing into his mouth. He swallowed and swallowed. "Honey, better get to the other one for a few moments" I urged as I released the cup from my left breast. My right one continued to leak and I held a tissue to it, hoping it would stop, but afraid it would not. Leon nursed for a few minutes at my left breast when we heard the car pull up. Sure enough, it was only 10 till 6 and Renee and Jim were already here. "I am so, sorry, Jamie. You pull yourself together and I will answer the door. If I know you, there is a plate of munchies in the kitchen ready to go. I will get them started. I love you so much." "I love you, Leon. It will be ok." Even as I said that, I wondered if I would be able to make it through the night ahead. Not only would I fill up more, but I was leaking a lot since he had not been able to nurse for very long at all. I put two nursing pads inside my bra and hoped that would be enough.

It was so good to see Renee and Jim. They had been our friends for several years. Leon and Jim had worked together for a time and we all hit it off at a company picnic about 5 years ago. That was before Leon and I had decided to be a nursing couple and had worked at bringing milk into my breasts. Actually, that was just about two years ago and it has been the most wonderful thing I think we could have done for our relationship. But we have never told anyone about it. Dinner went very well. The food tasted especially good, even if I do say so myself. We tried to catch up on what had been happening in each other's lives. Like I said, it had been a while since we had seen each other. Renee helped me clear the dishes from the table and Leon and Jim went into the living room to set up for a fierce game of Trivial Pursuit.

At one point, Renee comment to me that I seemed to be glowing. She said that marriage must be agreeing with me very well these days. She asked me if maybe I was pregnant. "No, not pregnant, Renee. But things between Leon and I could not be better. We are so close. It is hard to explain." "Well, I wish you would let me in on your secret. Jim and I love each other, but, I don't know, Jamie, you two just seem happier somehow." "Well, maybe we are." I wanted to tell her in a way, but ... did not think it was the time. Besides, the men were waiting for us. I poured four glasses of wine and Renee and I went into the living room. I am not sure what caused it. Whether it was my discussion with Renee and thinking about our nursing relationship, or whether it was the kiss and hug (with a discreet hand to my breast) that Leon gave me after I had set the tray down, but I knew the milk was almost flowing from my nipples. I kept hoping the breast shields were going to last.

We got involved with the game. Leon was winning as usual, but non of us were far behind. I needed one more piece to be able to make my way to the center of the board and I reached out to pick up the dice. After I rolled, moved my piece and looked over to Jim who was supposed to ask me the question, I realized he was staring at me. Well, not exactly at me, but at my chest. Oh, no, I thought. Then I realized Renee was staring too. It was about the same time that Leon also realized that both Jim and Renee were staring at my breasts so he looked at me. I didn't have to look, I knew.

"Honey, ahhhh, maybe you might..." Leon did not need to finish his statement. I was red faced and already standing up to go to the bedroom to change.

"No, wait, just a moment." This was from Renee. "Jamie???? You told me you are not pregnant. But unless I miss my guess, you have milk in your breasts????"

All I could do was nod.

"Yes, she does. We are a nursing couple. Adult breastfeeding. It might sound strange, or weird, or even abnormal to you, but it has brought us so close together. I love nursing at her breasts."

I sat down with a thud. Our secret was out. How would our friends react to this? I was wondering whether Leon should have actually told them. I was almost afraid to even look at them.

Jim said, "That is very interesting. Renee, I never told you but, I have often thought while we were making love and I was sucking on your nipples how wonderful it would be to have milk to suckle from them."

I looked at Renee. She was turning a little red herself as Jim was talking about their intimate lives. "You have? Well, to be honest, I sort of wish I had milk. I have been hoping to get pregnant and bring in milk and nurse a baby. I want that so much."

"Well, Jamie and I both wanted this. She too wanted children and to breast feed. We have found out she cannot have children. I wanted to nurse her, to drink her milk and I would have told her after she had had our first child, but since she could not have children, I researched and found out we could induce lactation. We talked it over and decided to do it. That was two years ago. This has been such a positive thing in our relationship. I love nursing at her breasts, drinking her milk and she needs me to do that. She is giving me something I want and I give her something she wants and actually needs now. Besides, she always did love lots of attention to her breasts, right honey?"

I hit him on the leg. He did not need to reveal all of that, but I just smiled and nodded.

"This is great! You guys can teach us how to do it, you can show us everything we need to do. Ahhh, if it would not be too embarrassing for you Jamie, I guess since you seem to be, well, leaking so much, you must be in need of being nursed. Would you mind if we watched Leon nurse you?"

Oh, wow. Now what? Well, I did need to be nursed. I looked over to Leon. "It is up to you, honey. I am sure if you would rather not do it here, it would be ok with Jim and Renee if we went into the bedroom and nursed."

"Oh, what the heck. Yeah, I guess it will be ok."

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