Defrosting the Freezer

by qhml1

Copyright© 2015 by qhml1

: Just another domestic chore.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

I pulled in. We looked at the appliances, only difference I could see was the name on the front. Sandy and the salesman were deep into a discussion about cubic feet and basket space when I got bored and wandered over to the tools.

Fifteen minutes later she was waving me over.

"This is it, this is the one I want. Write the check, honey."

The one she wanted wasn't an upright. It was huge, a 24 cubic foot chest monster. Literally, it was big enough to hide the body in. That salesman was good, he could probably sell thermal underwear to Polynesians.

"I thought you wanted an upright? This is awful big, are you sure?"

She was almost dancing, I've never seen anyone get so excited about appliances.

So we bought the monster and I hauled it home. And I moved it twice more, ending up in the sewing room of our new house because we couldn't find anywhere else it would fit. Believe me, old appliances are a lot heavier than the new ones are. But I had no complaints, it had served us well.

Our last child had left the nest two years ago for a career in the military. Luckily he was never in harms way, they were sending him to school to be a dentist. That obligated him for ten years of service, but the education was worth it.

I thought being empty nesters would be hard on her, both of us actually. Surprisingly it wasn't. She came into the marriage with two small children and then we had more, so we never got to have the pre-children alone time most couples get before starting a family. She decided to make up for it with a vengeance.

First to go were the ratty robes and the granny panties. Short, silk kimonos were now the norm. Bikini, thong, and boy shorts in bright colors replaced plain white full cuts. Soon the kimonos went, and the weekend norm was just panties, sometimes not even that. When she dressed, the cargo shorts went, replaced by not quite Daisy Dukes. Tops were usually 'wife beater' tees in bright colors.

Did we make love more often? Damn skippy. And we hardly used our bed. The couch, the dining room table, the pool table in the rec room, all the other beds in the house, an air mattress in the back yard, even the wicker settee on the front porch{in the dark off course, although it was a full moon]. Did we slow down over time? A little, I thought she was going to kill me. It did make me get in better shape. We joined a gym and found we enjoyed it. She liked the ellipticals, I went into weight training. I developed a nice set of shoulders and a firm chest, the elliptical made her tight butt even firmer.

She turned into a bit of a tease. On the days I didn't lift weights, I would walk on the treadmills, it seemed elliptical machines messed with my balance. The treadmills were lined up directly behind the ellipticals, and she made sure she would use the one directly in front of me. I soon found that standard underwear under those tight exercise pants were thongs. After we would get going, she would look back, giggle, and slide her pants down far enough to see her thong. She didn't realize it, and I never told her, but not only could I see it, but the people on the the treadmills to either side of me could see the same sight. Soon guys would watch what machine I got on and scramble to get the ones beside me.

When the furniture got christened we started on the appliances. Ever made love with your wife sitting on a washing machine during the spin cycle? Try it. Not so much on the dryer. But the freezer was exactly the right height. No vibrations, but perfect penetration angle.

In the past we would normally have to defrost about once every two years, but for the last year it was every three months. I checked it over pretty good, and found a large crack in to top liner. Water was getting under the liner and freezing, making the lid very heavy. We would have to unplug it and put a fan in front of it to speed the thawing and draining process.

She asked me what could cause a crack like that. My only guess was age.

We quickly unloaded the food into the coolers and started scraping the ice. she would scrape into a bucket and I would empty it. Today she was wearing one of her oldest "wife beaters" with no bra and a loose pair of old sweats she had cut off into shorts. Not exactly a teddy, right? But the sight of her breasts swaying back and forth as she scraped, and the bottom of her butt cheeks showing as she was bent over was getting to me.

Her nipples were drawn and hard as a rock from bending over the cold freezer. Her tee had gotten a little wet, it was like a private wet t-shirt exhibition.

She was 47 years old, a brunette with brown eyes, a dimpled chin, and a cute, upturned nose. Thanks to the gym, she had the same size butt she did when she was 21. Always small breasted, four children had caused her to go from a 32A to a 34C, but they had very little sag. And I'm just as hot for her now as the first time I met her.

I never dealt with temptation well when it came to her. Stepping behind her I slid my hands under her arms and massaged her breasts. She jumped, giggled, and told me to stop so we could finish.

"Hon, that tee is wet and I bet you're cold. Let's just slip it off and I'll massage some warmth into you."

"Oh no you don't! If this shirt comes off you'll forget all about working, you horny old goat."

"Now hon, I just have your health in mind, don't want you getting a chill. Wow, feel how cold your leg is."

I had take one hand off her breast and was slowly rubbing her leg, going from her knee to just under the edge of her shorts.

"I know how you want to warm me up, now stop."

What she was saying with her mouth and what she was saying with her body didn't match. She was leaning into me, and though I couldn't see I was sure her eyes were closed. I started nibbling her neck and ear, and continued to rub her leg, moving to the inside.

She sighed.

"Well, we could take a little break I suppose."

This was all the encouragement I needed. I tugged on her shirt and she raised her arms. Tossing it to the side I started licking her ear, then her neck and shoulders. I turned her around and slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles. Gripping her waist. I started to pick her up. She knew what was coming.

"Wait, you know how cold the top of the freezer is."

I grabbed the towels we were going to wipe the freezer out with and laid them on the top. I"m about a foot taller and twice as big, so it was pretty easy to sit her on the freezer lid. Slipping the shorts, panties, and flops off, I tossed them on top of her tee.

God, she looked great naked. I never get over how lucky I am. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, she broke it off and said-

"No you don't! Buddy, you better get naked right now. If you don't, I'm gonna start without you."

She was grinning and twirling a nipple. Poof! No more clothes.

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