You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

by maryjane

Copyright© 2015 by maryjane

Erotic Sex Story: Magda, a Vegas call girl, is pregnant by an Unknown Sperm Donor. She marries Kevin, a Dallas gazillionaire. Her daughter Sonja grows up and ultimately follows Magda into The Life. Magda is destined for success.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Prostitution   .


It was bitchin' hot in the air outside our oversized Mansion on Midos Lane, not helped either by the lake on one side or the verdant fairway on the other side and the back of the house. But inside, aided by several ten-ton air conditioners, Mom and I were comfortably naked in the 'media room', protected by blackout shades to keep the full wall video screen's fuck flick picture sharp.

Step-Dad wasn't with us. He was supposedly at a Technology Conference at Lake Tahoe. I guess he really was, but the only sessions he likely attended were one-on-one conferences with his arm candy secretary in his hotel suite, the one with the heart shaped bed and the heart shaped bathtub. The only electronic sounds were probably her high pitched serious blonde screams as he pronged her ass.

Mom knew all about the slut, and she had no hesitation about filling me with all the details. It was one of those crazy marriages; she knew he fucked anything with a hole and he knew that she spread her legs for Neiman money when he wasn't home. The problem was that she had married Step-Dad when he was already filthy rich and so he had her completely tied up by a pre-nup agreement that gave her shit if she ever divorced him. Like the smart retired whore that she was, she decided to stay with him.

She and I, though naked, were comfortably stretched out on recliners covered by soft beach towels, positioned to keep our adjoining seats free from our bodily fluids as we watched the whore on the screen putting on her masturbation show for some naked dude with eleven inches of firm black cock pointing at her. Mom's eyes were fixed on the whore's pink cunt as she, Mom, diddled her clit and squeezed her nipples, softly moaning and whispering my name. I on the other hand was ignoring the video, watching Mom, inhaling her sexy aroma and staring at her cunt while I finger fucked myself with my thumb and at the same time using my middle finger to explore my bowels. Hence the need for the towels.

As usual, we orgasmed simultaneously, she groaning and I screaming. When our heart rate returned to normal, she gave me the usual complaint.

"Sonja, I miss your fucking Step-father. I wish he was here in bed with us now."

As usual, I had no response. I just continued with my quest for a second orgasm. Then...

"Mom, I need a cock."

"Me too. Let's go wake up your brother, ' was her response.


The balance of this saga took place a couple of years ago.

Really, truly, I hate to begin this little tale by bragging about myself, but it's a necessary part of the story. I am, and I say this in all honest humility and with all due respect to others, I am unquestionably the hottest 'wet dream' in my entire 1,853 home gated community just outside Dallas, and very possibly in the entire State of Texas. Unfortunately, and likely because of that 'wet dream' status, I happen to be the worst 'cock-tease' in both of those jurisdictions. On the other side of the ledger, I do give fantastic hand-jobs, or so I'm told. I know, I know, that might mean than I'm not such a 'cock-tease' after all. Fuck it; let's just agree that I'm neither a Dictionary nor a Thesaurus.

I was pretty as a child, and then lovely in college. I suppose that I will one day be called beautiful, but that's not supposed to happen until a girl's late twenties. That's only my face, however. My girl bumps, OK, let's call them tits, make every other woman jealous, and every man erect. Same with my ass in tight jeans; I can feel their eyes burning right through the fabric. I just can't help it, but frankly I get off on it.

Here's the problem. It's a sexual one, obviously. My favorite foreplay is with my own two fingers, and my favorite cock is leather with three AAA batteries inside, batteries which have to be changed quite often. Not that I'm complaining about that, you understand. We can afford them.

My sexuality was inherited directly from Mom. She spent her entire adult life on her back with her legs spread. Understand please that when I say on her back, I use the expression generically. In fact, though I only have her word for parts of it, back could mean knees, or hands and knees, or knees and elbows with her face on a pillow, or pulling a train, or popping out of a cake at a bachelor party to do one and all, or munching carpeting, and sometimes being supporting actress in a fuck flick, with all possible combinations of the three female openings and the three male pieces that fit together with them. All in all, she had no compunctions.

My older brother Vlad, my Irish Twin, pushed and screamed his way out of Mom's birth canal just eleven months ahead of me. Every December, we were both the same age in years, until the turn of the calendar put him a year older than me once again. Still in the crib when I showed up, we had no choice but to grow up as the best of friends.

We never knew our father (or fathers, more likely). That was because Mom never named him/them. When Vlad and I were grown up enough to understand how Mom supported the family (the three of us and a live-in Nanny named Wanda), she referred to Vlad's father as Sperm Donor One, and to mine as Sperm Donor Two. When we got old enough to realize that intelligent whores always insist that their Johns wear raincoats, we surmised that Mom had been too drunk to insist on protection on at least those two nights. Or maybe actually in love, though not likely.

There was very little nudity around the apartment but still, there was a hell of a lot of 'comfort clothing'. As youngsters, Vlad and I shared the bath tub, under Wanda's watchful eyes. Once we dried off, he wore loose basketball shorts, with nothing underneath, and I wore a tee shirt as a night gown, modestly shielding my naked pubes to a point halfway down to my knees. Mom and Wanda, for some strange reason, always wore matching teddies, and for another strange reason, always shared Mom's bed, unless Mom had overnight company. Vlad and I remained virgins until high school, and it wasn't until then that we accidentally 'caaught' the two of them mouths to pussies.

Wanda had taught the two of us to leave the bathroom door opened when we peed, but we attached no significance to the lack of privacy and view of each other's naked body. It wasn't until high school that I walked past Vlad and saw that he had finished peeing and was in the middle of whacking off. I smiled to myself but instead of walking on to my bedroom, I put my back against the wall opposite the bathroom door and slid down to stare. When he realized that I was sitting there, he turned bright red and kicked the door to close it. My foot stuck out and held it open.

"What are you staring at?" he snapped.

"Nothing much," my bitch side joining the conversation with the usual insult.

"Go away then", Vlad's voice leaving me unsure if he was snarling or pleading.

Bitch Sonja pressed on. "Do those things come in adult sizes?"

He pulled his arm back as if to hit me, but we were much too far away from each other. Then he pulled his arm down and began to laugh. He pulled the door fully open. "Come on in and I'll show you".

I walked in, pulling up the bottom of my tee shirt to sit on the cold ceramic of the bathtub, not so accidentally exposing my damp pussy. His eyes focused on my curly cunt hair, his whole manner making it clear that he didn't think of me as his kid sister. Vlad turned to face me, holding his cock pointed at me, maybe a foot or two from my eyes. His hand was stationary, as if he was showing the visible crown like a salesperson. A single clear drop oozed from his dual purpose slit, and I knew that it wasn't piss.

My finger reached out to touch that drop. Nonchalantly I swiped the droplet off of his cock and brought it to my tongue. Nonchalantly, because it was not my first taste of pre-cum. Nonchalantly, because it really didn't taste like anything at all.

Slowly, as the groan of a locomotive as it began to exit a station, my brother's hand pulled the skin of his meat, a routine six inch weapon, the reddish crown remaining in view. Gradually, as each car behind the locomotive pulled away from the one in back to which it was attached, the train (hand) began to speed up. My eyes concentrated on his slit, waiting for it to deliver its load of creamy semen. His hand became blurry with speed. My eyes alternated from Vlad's cock to his face. His mien changed from wide eyed lust to closed eyes, his face presenting a look of excitement as it contemplated that first spurt of release. Idly I wondered if I would someday pull a train with Mom, or maybe with Wanda.

My left hand went around Vlad's ass, not so much pulling him toward me as just holding him in place so that he couldn't move backward. My right hand went between my legs, soaking in the lubrication of my lust, pinching my clit in an attempt to have us cum simultaneously. He moved toward me, offering his crown against the lips of my mouth. I shook my head, pulling back. I had no desire to have him cum in my mouth. His face showed disappointment but he continued to stroke.

He groaned, the lowing of a hungry cow in the field, the sound announcing his arrival at the tense and exquisite moment of that first ejaculation of the juice of orgasm. The spurt leapt across the few inches between us and hit my left eye. Instinctively I closed my eyes to protect them although I realized that the fruits of his lust would not damage eyes. The next hit my cheek, and the remainder splashed against my tee shirt.

He stood, I sat, as we both patiently waited for our breathing to return to normal.

"Sonja, my hot little sister, why didn't you let me cum in your mouth?"

I shrugged, having no good response. He continued.

"You are such a cock-tease. You know that all the guys in school jerk off to the vision of your fantastic tits and ass, but they all say that they can't get to first base with you."

"Someday Vlad. I promise you."


"Thank you, children. That was a lovely show."

They looked up at me, surprised by the sound of my voice.

"Sonja, dear, why don't you let Vlad cum in your mouth? More than half the women in the world (I just made up that number) swallow their guy's cum and love it, and a lot of men also take it in the mouth from other guys. Get over it, young lady."

I could see Sonja's mouth fall open, but definitely not yet ready for cock. Next to her, I saw her brother break into a huge grin.

"Come on, Sonja, I'll eat your pussy while we wait for Vlad's balls to work up another load."

Without waiting for her to agree, I pushed her down onto the bed and spread her legs. No doubt she was ready for my tongue, and no doubt she was aware, if not experienced, of that little island in the Aegean Sea and the sisters of its famous resident, the poet Sappho. Sonja would not stop me.

I bent my head and extended my tongue toward the shiny lips of the core of her femininity, shiny because of her recent entertainment with her brother Vlad. I'd never eaten her before, though I'd had the great pleasure of teaching her older brother what wet cunt feels like and tastes like – and smells like. Except that when my nose neared her loins, I stopped at the scent, remembering (as if I could ever forget it) that first time I had ever met Magda, her mom, my lover.

Listen, Sonja. I had been living in Las Vegas, doing out-calls for one of those gangsters who paid alcoholic bums beer money to stand on the Strip and hand out pamphlets with pictures of barely clothed women and phone numbers to contact them. Of course, those pictures were stock shots, not at all depicting the women who would show up at the hotel rooms and spread their legs. Those who called didn't care when they were told that the women who were asked for was not available but another equally horny woman would be glad to visit. Nor did it matter to those wandering husbands that all of the phone numbers were routed to the same call center.

There were enough of us working there that I couldn't possibly know all of the women working that job.

And so it was that one evening the scheduler answered a call asking for two women for one man at one of the larger hotels. I had just called in, putting myself back of the chart from the same hotel, having just completed a quick suck and fuck for some loser from Bumfuck in some state back east. I was to wander the casino but not to pick up anyone until I got a call that some new girl named Magda had arrived. Twenty minutes later, I got the call.

"I'm Magda, just inside the front door. Five foot eight, red hair, white dress."

"I'll be right there. Five foot four, blonde hair, black dress and stilettos."

Now listen, I was just a whore then. Am now too, but we can talk about that later. My point is that I let men fuck me, but I had no emotion about it. I could get myself wet when a John wanted pussy, but that was just for earning tip money. Every orgasm I'd had back then was faked, for when I thought that the guy had gotten his money's worth. I could moan and scream like a movie star.

No Sonja, don't look at Vlad. He already knows all of this. Magda and I told him all about it the first time that we did a threesome with him and made him into a man.

Anyway, when I got within ten feet of Magda, my pussy started to gush. She didn't look like a whore, more like a virgin. She had on a one piece knitted dress, covering her from neck to toes and it fit her like a glove. Did you ever hear 'if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit?' Well, that dress only had a couple of bumps in it. Her tits were magnificent and her ass stuck out in back without a panty line, as in thong. But the piece de resistance was little Vlad here, just starting to show, compliments of Sperm Donor One. Y'know, a lot of guys get off on fucking a pregnant woman and I wanted to be the first woman to eat your brother, although we didn't' know at the time what sex he was.

We touched cheeks like old friends and as we did, I whispered in her ear, "I want to eat you." She smiled and nodded. We linked arms and started for the elevator to Suite 1812, I still remember the number. We kissed as the doors slid closed, our tongues dueling, knowing full well that someone in Security was getting hard watching us on a flickering screen. We waved goodbye to the camera hidden behind the mirror and preceded down the hallway.

I knocked on the door. A paunchy man opened it. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, a large tent reaching out to greet us. Guess who! Step-Dad of course, though they didn't get married for several years after that. No, Sonja, it's not what you're thinking. Step-Dad has been shooting blanks since long before either of you were conceived.

Not much to tell you about the date. Your Mom blew him and then she and I put on a show for him. He watched while we ate each other and when his balls were full again, he emptied his nuts in my back door. He decided that he wanted an all-nighter. We had him wire the extra money to the house account and we gave him his money's worth until noon. When we left, he asked us for our phone numbers. After that, he'd call us whenever he was in town and we'd do business off the books, no percentage for the house. They never caught us.

"Are you ready, Vlad?"


You can bet your ass that I was ready. I knew that my baby sister (we were in high school at the time) had been giving hand jobs to several of the boys in school, and some of them were complaining to me that she wouldn't swallow, much less let them cum in her mouth. Like what was I supposed to do, pimp her out? Well, no, but once Wanda told me about the way she and Mom had met and how they earned their money, she made me into a real horndog. Oh, that fantastic first time.

Mom and Step-Dad had gone out to a local hotel for some peaceful fucking without all the noise in the house. Sonja was staying after school, practicing for the cheerleaders and bouncing her tits for the football team. I was in my bedroom, flogging my log as I watched one of Mom's videos that she had made with Wanda, doing a three-way with some guy who had the longest cock I had ever seen. Wanda heard my breath puffing away. She pushed open the door. She had a sneaky look in her eyes, as she caught me en flagrante. Alas, I wasn't the least bit embarrassed; I just kept whacking away.

"The story I just told you about Magda and I got you all steamed up, didn't it?" she asked me softly.

I nodded.

"Are you still cherry?"

I nodded again.

She pulled her sweater up over her head and tossed it onto my pillow. Without a bra, her tits were a tight 34B.

"Any blow jobs?"

"Some," I answered.

She raised her eyebrows, but remained silent. So did Sonja. Like a defendant on the witness stand, silence from the cross-examiner compelled me to keep talking.

"Her name is Inga. She's the school cunt. Any boy who does her homework for her gets to cum in her mouth, and she always swallows. And she bends over for any teacher who promises her a good grade."

I had been watching – and listening - as Wanda ate out my sister Sonja. My hand was on my schlong, gently stroking as I had been patiently waiting for my prostate and balls to warm up for my next orgasm. From Wanda I had heard the faux excitement of a semi-retired whore, making the John, or in this case the Jane, think that she was about to cum. From Sonja I heard little peeps as Mom's lover brought her closer and closer to a real orgasm. It was by no means her first orgasm; it was simply the first one brought on by something other than her fingers or her toys.

"All right, Vlad. Your turn."

Holy shit! My turn for what? Was I supposed to take over her job as cunnnilinguist par excellance and bring off Sonja? Was I supposed to shove my cock into my sister's mouth and have her suck the cum out of me? Did Wanda want me to fuck her? Or did Wanda expect me to get straight to fucking Sonja, taking her cherry and losing my own at the same time? Oh fuck, I felt like a little kid with his face up against the window of a candy case, unable to decide which delicious morsel to select, for I surely couldn't do all of those things at the same time.

Thinking it through in less time than it took me to type this, when Wanda's aim was to get Sonja to let me cum in her mouth, I swung my leg over my sister's torso. I settled my knees around her face. Her welcoming smile told me that I had guessed correctly, and her jaw opened to confirm it. My cock slid it to her wet mouth and her lips closed around it. She knew enough to protect my sword from her teeth.

I recall the scene vividly. Three people consumed by lust. Sonja sucked me as I simultaneously fucked her face, though gently. At the same time, I could hear behind me the erotic sounds of Wanda munching away on Sonja's blonde carpeting. I couldn't tell if she was licking slit or sucking clit, but at the same time she had her arm around my waist and playing with my nuts.

It seemed like just a quick moment, for I had no time to give any warning. With one grunt (or was it a groan?) I felt my balls squeeze out my first spurt of ivory sauce into my sister's mouth. She screamed as I creamed (pun intended) without letting my cock escape her mouth and then her face began to swallow. I pulled out for the last spurt, which hit her nose. She smiled, recognizing that she had allowed me to cum into her mouth – and that she had survived the taste of my slimy ejaculate. At the same time, she began to sob, apparently her standard outcry at the instant of orgasm. Oh yes, I later learned that in fact that was the way she always reacted at an orgasm.

Wanda was first to speak. "I'm going to sleep. You two should share a bed tonight. Don't worry, you'll figure out how the parts fit together. Let me know in the morning how much you liked it."


I had learned from some of my friends that cum is not poisonous, and if it has any taste at all, it's not that bad. That last part I'd also proven for myself, with an occasional lick after giving some guy a hand job. But the idea of actually feeling him shoot off in my mouth and then of me swallowing it was something I had not been able to wrap my head around.

Yet under Wanda's casual but kind tutelage, I had allowed my brother to fill my gullet with the sauce of love and lust. For me it was actually a little bit of both. We weren't finished though. When she (unnecessarily) suggested that Vlad and I spend the night in a single bed, I was already boiling hot between my legs. Somehow I imagined myself underneath Vlad, with him pumping away inside me while Step-Dad was doing the same thing to Mom several miles away.

Losing my virginity? I didn't give a damn. The membrane was long gone, falling under a brutal attack from fingers or carrot, it didn't matter. Mentally my body had gone beyond purity when I had first used my tongue to lick away that little drop of something from the tip of my first guy's cock. I was ready for what my friends called the most exquisite sensation they described, a boy's penis dilating my vaginal vault, exploding sperm into me as I reached orgasm. Maybe it helped that it would be from my beloved brother and not some horny kid in school.

Ultimately Vlad and I curled up in my bed. We hugged, we kissed, he feasted on my nipples. We listened to make-out music, we spoke of filial love. He regaled me with stories of him fucking Inga the school slut, and he listened respectfully as I tried to explain my former aversion to sucking cock. We renewed our childhood friendship and trust. Still, the only thing sexual about our cuddling was his lips enjoying my breasts. Knowing that we were just doing a different species of foreplay, we tried to sublimate our thoughts of sex.

Then it was time, time for all virginity to leave our castle. Dear brother rolled me over onto my back. Gently he spread my legs. I could almost taste the aroma wafting from my oozing, bubbling, soaking labia. He smiled. Alas, it reminded me of a very old movie with the villain sporting a black handlebar mustache as he readies himself to ravish the frightened virgin. Happily, I quickly pushed that thought out of my mind and it morphed into that of a loving brother about to bring his loving sister into the maturity of sexual love. I smiled back, silently inviting him to enter into my warmth and wetness, inviting him to fill me with the sauce of lust, sperm cells frantically swimming, seeking a waiting egg but most often finding only death. But I refused to worry about those deaths, seeking for myself only the thrill of a soaking cunt.

His kisses rained down on my face as his hardness slid inside me, plunging, thrusting, grunting, sighing as the semen rushed through his cock to our mutual relief, that wonderful release of tension known as the orgasm.

Would I be capable in the morning of telling Wanda, as she had requested, how much I liked it? I seriously doubted that, but I knew that she would see the serenity on my face and not need to hear any details.

I threw my hips upward to meet the downward slam of my brother's loins. My vaginal walls gripped his purple crown, bringing it closer and closer to that oh so delightful explosion that signifies man's need for woman, our dominion over him, his slavery to the openings of our bodies. Three times that night the organs that humanity uses to procreate the species enjoyed each other. After each we curled up as spoons, only to awaken shortly as our lust overcame rationality.

Vlad got up to pee. When he came back to bed, I took him into my mouth and finished off those last few salty drops. I fell asleep again, my face impaled on his manhood. That's how Wanda found us as she slid her naked body onto the bed. Her arm reached over both of us, hugging us tightly. We slept until the sun burned its way through the clouds and into my room.

And so I was no longer a virgin. I no longer masturbated unless it was absolutely necessary for my sanity. My hesitancy at swallowing cum, at accepting cum in my mouth, at taking an erect cock into my body, these had all gone away. I became an average female teen, willing to enjoy sex with anyone who pleased me. And those who pleased me included Vlad, Wanda and Mom.

Soon to be followed by Step-Dad.


Yes, that's me, Kevin Devlin, that horny bastard sometimes known as Step-Dad. You already know that I'm fucking (oil) rich and ready to fuck anyone with a cunt who was willing to open up one or more of her holes. You already know about Magda, Wanda, plus my secretary and the dozens of women who've never been mentioned. Once in a while, I even teach Vlad a thing or two, but that's for a different story. I had Magda tied up so tightly in a pre-nuptial agreement that if she complained about how I used my cock, she and Wanda would be back in Las Vegas blowing guys for cocaine money and taking it up the ass for rent money.

At the same time, I didn't give a flying fuck that she and Wanda prostituted themselves here in Dallas. We had the epitome of open marriage, and anything was allowable.

With just one exception. Though we never articulated in so many words, it was eminently clear that if I ever touched Sonja or even looked at her the wrong way, Magda would cut off my three piece set, shove them down my throat and then have me killed. And I had no doubt that's what would happen.

But happily, nothing is forever. When she and I got back from the mini-vacation downtown, we ultimately learned that Sonja and Vlad were spending their nights in one bed. And not long after that, it became apparent that Sonja had become, well, not a tramp but rather let us say an easy young woman. For instance, she would go out on a date with some classmate and not get home until breakfast time.

Much as I did my best to keep my hands off of Sonja, unfortunately I couldn't keep my eyes off f her luscious body.

"Magda, I don't think that your daughter is a virgin anymore."

"Obviously not," she said, almost grudgingly. Negotiating like a genius, I kept my mouth shut.

"Are you asking for an OK to hit on her?" she added.

I raised my eyebrows in a shrug. (Believe me, it is possible.)

My wife looked at me with a combination of a glare and a nod.

"If you hurt her, I will kill you."

So there it was. The woman who didn't care who I might fuck had just added her daughter to the list.

It didn't take very long for me to work out a reasonable plan. Dallas has a very exclusive gentlemen's club known popularly as the "Gazillionaire Club", not the official name but you get the idea. It was the place that successful oil men and others with deep pockets met to sip expensive liqueurs, to negotiate big deals in privacy, and to show off arm candy and/or ladies of the night. Every employee was a gentleman of advanced years, even the cleaning people. Any woman who went through the heavy wood doors in front of the building knew that she would soon be escorted up to one of the private "recreation rooms" on the fourth floor, to spend a little time or all night.

"Sonja, are you busy this evening?"

"I'm free. What did you have in mind?"

"Would you like to join me for dinner at the Club?"

I could hear her inhale as she heard my words. She knew what they meant. Involuntarily, she glanced down at my zipper but my loose slacks gave her no information.


"That's fine, dear. I'll just hang around here with Wanda and Vlad."

Sonja looked at me and gave a slight nod, a hint of a blush on her cheeks. She dressed quickly, in her official plain blue dress, which showed off her bust fantastically. She told me that she had no bra on, only bikini panties. I knew that she would be the hit of the Club, and that all the members present would wonder who was the delicious piece of ass hanging on Kevin's arm. We agreed that no one was to know that Sonja was my step-daughter.

My private limo drove us to the Club. I sat next to her in the back seat, my arm around her. She rubbed her hand up and down my leg. I was close to an orgasm by the time we got to the Club.


Eduardo was his name, the nattily dressed concierge who greeted Kevin by name and casually slid his platinum membership card into the reader. He was quite close to groveling, as were all employees to all the membership. He led us to the center table, which I learned was reserved for members with new female guests, unless the member specifically asked for privacy.

Kevin ordered 'the usual' and told Eduardo that we would be having coffee and dessert in one of the fourth floor private rooms. We sipped aperitifs and made small talk as member after member came by to say, hello Kevin, how are you, while at the same time they tried to make believe that they weren't trying to get profile views of my tits. It was an exciting start to the evening, my pussy soaking at the quiet lewd compliments.

Then Eduardo came over with an older man. As they arrived at the table, Kevin jumped up to hug the older man.

"Mr. Carbone" Kevin gushed, addressing our guest as if Carbone was the capo di tutti capi of the Club. He stood, they shook hands like businessmen and then hugged like the oldest of friends, winding up cheek to cheek.

Before we go any further, I must clarify. The 'capo di tutti capi expression refers in normal usage to a Mafia organization, to the 'head of all heads', to the Big Boss of the Carbone Family of murderers, shake down artists, prostitution whore masters, arsonists, whatever crime makes money for them, the man whose word supersedes all others in the Family. His very presence at a meeting makes all of his underlings shudder at the potential for kisses on each cheek, the signal that he has been marked for death.

But Mr. Carbone was none of those. He was an old timer in the oil business, a founding member of the Club, a skilled but fair negotiator, a good friend to all. He was well respected, enough so that his recommendations about anything were usually accepted by a large number of votes. His dealings with other members needed no written contract, for his word was his bond. When differences of opinion in money matters sometimes occurred between members, he was the generally accepted Arbitrator, eliminating all necessity for law suits and lawyer fees.

At the time however, I knew none of that. All I knew was that he was a stately old gentleman who was cheek to cheek with Kevin but was at the same time devouring my body with his eyes. And it was exciting.

"Won't you join us, Mr. Carbone?"

Such an interesting situation, I thought, the idea that my Step-Dad was more desirous of being in the Presence of Mr. Carbone (whose first name was never used for quite some time) than he was in the agreement to fuck my brains out.

"Why, thank you, Kevin. I'd be delighted. And who, may I ask, is that lovely young woman?"

"Her name in Sonja, Mr. Carbone." We had agreed in advance not to disclose our relationship. After all, not every member of the Club had the same attitude on sexual matters as did our little family.

We ate, we made small talk, he was an interesting conversationalist. All the while he studied my face and my tits, mostly the latter. And when I stood up to go to the Ladies Room – yes, this all male club had a Ladies Room – I could feel his eyes straining to find out if he could see a panty line under my dress.

No, no, no, ye unforgiving self-correction computer word processing program, I really did mean panty line and not party line.

Anyway, as I returned to the table, I caught the last few lines of their conversation: 'how much does she cost? Five thousand? Seventy five hundred?'... 'ten thousand, actually'... 'have you paid her yet?'

Kevin and I answered simultaneously. Carbone began to laugh.

"My friend and associate asserts that he paid her. The young woman who lives by selling her body claims to be extending credit to a married man. Common sense tells me to believe my friend." He raised his hand, calling out the name Eduardo. Fishing a small key from the wallet in his jacket, he hands it to our concierge.

"Please take ten thousand dollars from my lockbox and bring it in an envelope to my friend Kevin."

You must understand, dear Reader. Ten thousand Dollars for a night with a whore is not the price paid in some back alley somewhere. That is the price for a high class woman, one with a body to die for – yes, I'm told that I quality as that – paid by men to whom that amount of money is mere pocket lint, that upper class of men who consider that sum to be simply a rounding error in the world of business or pleasure. And yes, I was worth it.

Through all this time, I was sitting there as if I was watching a tennis match, my head swiveling back and forth with my mouth open but mute. When the money transfer had been accomplished, without a hint of a question about my agreement or not, Mr. Carbone's voice dropped to a whisper.

"Let us all retire to the fourth floor. Then Kevin, you may leave through the rear emergency exit. No one will know. There will be no embarrassment. I will send Sonja home in a taxi by noon time tomorrow."

All eyes were on us as the three of us stood waiting for the elevator. I kept my hand around Kevin's back, showing the membership that he and I were still the official couple. At the fourth floor landing, Kevin kissed the top of my head and said "Tomorrow evening." I nodded and then, for some inexplicable reason, looked to Carbone as if for his consent.

Then the weirdness of the situation hit me. The man who I had planned to have fuck me had turned me over to another man without my consent. And he had conned this situation into the theft of ten thousand dollars, money for fucking me when each of the men could have had me for free. I wasn't worried about Kevin holding out on me for any part of the money, because he didn't need it and also because if he tried to screw me over, Mom would have bitten off his cock.

But worst of all, this happy little slut had suddenly become a full fledged whore, sure that I could fill my bank account with 'gifts' from all the members of the Club who had seen me with Kevin and Antonio, which happened to be his first name.

We stepped into our private 'conference room' and stood there facing each other. Then Antonio turned me around and stood behind me. I felt his fingers bring the zipper down to my waist. The front fell off my arms and I stood bare breasted. My lower half remained covered as gravity was overcome by my hips. His hands, oh such surprisingly soft hands, reached around and stroked my tits. Soft lips kissed the back of my neck, nibbling up toward my ear.

Suddenly his fingers pinched my nipples, hard, harder than anyone else had ever pinched them. I let out a little scream and then my mind snapped. What the fuck was I doing? I had grown to enjoy sex, to thoroughly enjoy it, but only on my own terms. I was willing to let boy or man do anything they wished to me – except to plug my ass – but I would not accept pain. Thinking rationally, I doubted that Antonio intended to hurt me, but hurt me he had. Is this what whoring is all about? I had come here with Kevin for a plain old pleasure fuck, to clean his pipes in return for a cock-delivered orgasm. By a fluke, an accidental meeting – or maybe it was serendipitous – of two old friends which had turned lust into money. Because both men were very rich, it was to me a shit-load of money.

I had allowed my Step-Dad to pimp me out, he even knowing that he would not get even a dollar out of the proceeds. Nor would Antonio, as he bragged about my talents throughout the club, as I was sure he would. But I was a grown human person, not some fuck toy to be tossed around the bed. The money might convince me to let a man use my body, but I intended to be treated as an equal. And if necessary, as the Dominant party. And this whore did not want anyone to hurt her nipples.

"Antonio, please, your pinching hurts my nipples. How about eating me first?"

"My apologies, my dear." He stepped back and began to remove his tie and shirt. "I would like to have you blow me first."

There it was, the opportunity to control the affair, to teach the john who was in charge of this party.

"Antonio, my dear, all you have brought to this party is money and a cock screaming to get laid. On the other hand, I have brought a willing, wet cunt. Which of us do you think should set the ground rules?"

A surprised look flashed on his face, and it slowly changed into a smile, and then a grin. His belly began to shake and then his shoulders. His titter became a giggle and then roaring laughter, so loud that it seemed it would resonate down to the dining room. It took a few moments for the laughter to calm down.

"Sonja my dear, it will be my extreme pleasure to allow you to set the ground rules. I will be delighted to follow your rules."

That's all there is to it, ladies. Let the john know who's the boss.


Dear readers, and you too, Sonja, that is such bullshit. The members of this Club have lots of money, and all you have are three holes to rent out. Just because Kevin is your Step-Dad ... oh, are you surprised I knew that? I know just about everything about just about everybody in this Club. I have to, for in reality we are competitors. Friends but still competitors. If you're interested, I can tell you which ones will not eat pussy no matter what, and which ones are willing to take it up the ass, by cock or dildo. How? Edouardo! He lives with me, though no one knows that. He gets me off one way or another when necessary. And I pay him handsomely to keep me informed. After all, every member's hired help love to spread gossip.

And as for you, young lady, you're just lucky that I love the taste of pussy. Any pussy! Otherwise, I'd send you home in one of my limos and tell Kevin that I wanted my money back. And he would give it back without an argument. Then he would take it out on your ass, literally or figuratively.

So your job, cunt Sonja, is to get out of that dress and toss me your panties. I want to see how wet you are. And I'll eat you like you've never been eaten before – and I'll make you sorry you think you're in charge.

Shall I tell you how I did it? Of course I will. The first thing I did was to glance at the clock and set a one hour alarm in my head. That should be enough to make her hate me – and love me.

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