The Club

by Mindmeld

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Erotica Sex Story: Mike and Susan are an attractive couple working an IT trade show. When a wealthy but seedy client offers Susan an opportunity to live out a fantasy at a high-class gentlemen's club, how will Mike and Susan respond?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   .

I am unbelievably fortunate. My wife and I work for the same IT company and travel together quite a bit to attend trade shows, user groups, etc. I am the IT geek half of the two of us and have the ability to close the sales my wife generates for anyone hoping to get an extra glimpse at her impressive cleavage and nice legs.

Susan is remarkably endowed with a 38DD natural chest, has light brown hair and green eyes and a gorgeous pixie haircut that highlights here long, sensuous neck. She is not tall, at 5'4", but her three inch heels show off her wonderful legs. She knows very well how to attract attention to our booths. We could be selling defective paper clips and our booth would be packed.

She's propositioned continually - it just comes with the job. Most are harmless, but there are a handful of guys and a few women who are over-the-top. By the end of whatever show we've attended, she's usually ready to go take a bunch of showers and disappear from humanity for awhile.

But we love what we do. If we didn't enjoy meeting people, we would be nowhere in this business.

We were attending a trade show in Chicago when a gentleman from a fairly well-known retailer asked us for more information. It was rather late in the day, so we carried the presentation over to dinner. By 9:00, I was pretty sure we had the sale in the bag and Susan was giving me the signal that it was time to head for the hotel room.

I don't know if we were just tired, we had a few drinks too many or what, but the conversation turned with a couple of sentences from Frank.

"I'm not sold yet, Laura, but I have just a few more questions." Frank made a check mark motion to our waitress and downed the last of his bourbon. "Why don't we continue this discussion at the club I belong. I'm sure we can finish up there."

I had no idea what this club was or what he had in mind, but I knew his company, what they offered, and just how much I would like to have that contract. Susan gave me a resigned look and shrugged her shoulders. "Ok, Frank, you're on, but just the one drink. We still have another day to get through before the show is over and I need to get my beauty sleep."

Frank agreed and handed me the check. Fucker didn't even offer to cover the tip.

Twenty minutes later, the taxi dropped us off at the Rabbit's Foot Gentlemen's Club. While Frank was getting out of the car, Susan leaned into me and whispered "I think I'm gonna be sick."

Now, don't get me wrong - Susan is certainly no prude. There have been several occasions in which we have discussed visiting a strip club and fulfilling a deeply hidden fantasy of hers to get a lap dance while I was there with her. But we didn't consider this to be the time or place for her to explore that fantasy.

Frank did take care of the cover charge for the club and we quickly found a table just to the left of the main stage. This was the ultimate, up-scale gentlemen's club - no seedy, industrial dive-bar here. The lighting was very soft and soothing, but not dark. The waitresses were in bunny outfits that revealed plenty, but were stylish and, yes, classy. Most of the clientele were gentlemen and ladies in dress shirts, ties, business skirts and dresses. The bouncers were not obvious, but the message was clear - there would be no bad manners tolerated here.

Frank was trying not to be obvious, but many of his questions directed Susan's way were intended to find out just how interesting all of this was to her. 'How do you like her uniform?' 'Do you like the way she dances?' 'Have you ever been to a gentlemen's club before?' But Susan was simply shutting him down. She had been nursing her drinks all night and had retained her professional demeanor. Whatever it was Frank thought he was trying to accomplish, Susan was making sure he understood that she was not planning to accommodate him.

I truly believe Frank asked us here simply to put Susan on the spot. My intuition was quickly confirmed.

"Susan, you are a very attractive woman. You and your husband are an extremely attractive couple. I generally don't have many vices, save one, and I'm embarrassed to say it has gotten the best of me today; being around the two of you and especially you, my dear."

Susan glared at Frank in accusation, scooting her chair away from him and more towards me for protection. Frank chuckled a bit and waved his hand dismissively in front of him.

"No, no, Susan, please do not misunderstand my intentions." He paused and collected himself, leaning forward to whisper to the two of us. "Mike. Susan. I am not propositioning you for my purposes, please believe me. My 'vice', as it were, is to witness new things - to see something new and interesting and exciting happen for the first time." He leaned back in his seat a bit and drew another sip of bourbon. "Actually, witness is not entirely accurate. I would rather state my intentions to be a facilitator. Someone who can introduce the two of you to something new."

"Frank," I interrupted, "before you proceed down this path, you have to know that we are very uncomfortable right now. We have been with you most of the afternoon and evening working towards, I believe, a common goal, but..."

"You have the contract, Mike" he flatly stated.

The silence lasted a good ten seconds before any of the three of us broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Thank you, Frank" said my wife. "Now I believe we need to head home. We have a long day ahead..."

Frank placed his hand quickly over Susan's hand.

"My dear, give me just a second to finish my earlier thought."

Susan nodded slightly and Frank removed his hand.

"I realize I'm being rude and I would have liked to have had a chance to ease into it, but I understand the hour is getting late for the two of you and I need to explain. Please bear with me and pardon my rather crass behavior."

We both nodded slightly, wondering where the hell this was going.

"Susan, have you ever been with another woman?"

Having known my wife for more than twelve years, I know that she was fighting back the urge to slap the crap out of Frank.

"Susan, I would simply like to ask if I could interest you in a lap dance from any one of the lovely ladies working here tonight."

A surge of electricity surged through my body. As angry as I was at the situation we found ourselves in, Frank had, unknowingly, touched a hot button with the two of us. We were outraged and stunned, but the fact that this had been discussed MANY times in fantasy resulted in our delay in telling Frank just where he could shove it.

"My dear, the reason I asked if you had ever been with a woman is, again, a result of my failings. If you have had an experience with another woman as lovely as yourself, then I will withdraw my inquiry and I will take my leave. You and your husband can remain as my guest and at my expense."

I could tell that Susan's breath was quickening. Her hand squeezed mine tightly. My twelve years of experience with her failed me. I could think of nothing else to do but allow Susan the opportunity to respond.

"Frank, you're question, is, as you have imagined, way out of line. I really should slap you."

"I understand my dear. I do. And I do not deny that it would be entirely justified."

"Are we through here?" my wife, curiously, made no motion to leave.

"We are nearly through, but I would appreciate an answer to the question I have presented."

Susan's face flushed. Again, I was having difficulty reading her. I believed anger was the overriding emotion, but her body language was betraying her.

"Fine, Frank. The answer is no, I have never been with another woman."

"Never kissed? Fondled? Hugged a little too long? Accidently brushed your hands over her breasts, teasing her nipples?"

Susan sighed with a look of deep reservation crossing her features. "My college roommate and I kissed and fondled a bit once, but that is as far as it went, and only the one time."

"Who decided to end the experiment?"

"I'm not going to say any more about it." But with that last statement, she spoke VOLUMES. We had discussed the incident at some length on several occasions. Her roommate had broken up with her boyfriend of three years, in part because she was unwilling to expand her horizons with him and another girl. One night, Emily and Susan returned from a keg party, completely hammered. One thing lead to another and they eventually found themselves together on Susan's bed, both of them dipping their fingers into each other's underwear as they rubbed their nipples together. Emily got cold feet when Susan drew her fingers from her pussy and sucked them into her mouth. Susan said it was the most erotic experience she had ever had, prior to us meeting. Before she had finished cleaning Emily off her fingers, she had enjoyed her first orgasm with another woman, albeit a small one. Emily's rejection had caused Susan to bury any notion of trying again.

"Thank you for your admission, Susan." He smiled and paused a few seconds before his next offering. "I would like to offer you an opportunity to expand on that experience. Before you reveal your decision to me, I would like add some words to clarify the parameters of a transaction I would like to propose." He took his last sip of bourbon and turned the glass over on the table, clutching it as he revealed his wishes. "The lady in question is purely your choice and preference alone. I will pay for a lap dance to take place in one of the private rooms, attended only by you, the lady of your choice and your husband, if you wish for him to join you in this experience. I will not attend. You are not obligated to do or say anything, yet you are free to do almost everything, if you so desire. There are some rules and restrictions in place - most gentlemen's clubs require such - and your performer will let you know what those rules entail."

"What are you getting out of this?" I asked.

"As I mentioned previously, Mike, my vice is my interest. At this point in my life, my imagination far outpaces reality for me. I have seen and done some unimaginable things in my life, many of them extremely satisfying. It seems, however, that introducing a lady to the possibility of sapphic love for the first time remains my strongest remaining desire."

"Couldn't you just hire a couple of ladies to attend to your needs?"

"Sure, but it would be a hollow showing at best. Not only would the emotion not be genuine, but they would have had prior experience. Someone with Susan's experience level would be as a child unwrapping their first Christmas present. It's all about the discovery. Even if I could not be there, I know enough of the two of you to fuel my imagination for a long, long time."

Susan pulled me aside to whisper in my ear. "I'll do it if it means we can get this over with. His pompous ass is really grating on my last nerve. I'd rather have a massage and a nice bath, but I can deal with this if it gets us out of here already."

"So, does that mean I'm off foot duty for the night?"

Susan slugged my shoulder and rolled her eyes.

"No chance. You're using lotion, too, asshole."

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" In the back of my mind, as much as I really disliked Frank, the devil on my shoulder was turning cartwheels.

"Yes and no. I'm just ready to get this over with. Order me another one of these while I tell Frank."

I motioned the waitress over and ordered another round. Susan was breaking the 'good' news to Frank.

"As I said, my dear, the choice is entirely yours. As I am funding this endeavor, I simply ask that I have a few moments alone with your selection to complete payment arrangements and, if this remains okay with you, provide contact information so she can call me with some of the juicy details."

There were many extraordinarily attractive women available for Susan to choose. The club was very high brow and the level of compensation ensured that the choices would be fantasy worthy. After ten minutes or so, Susan pointed to a dirty blonde, blue-eyed girl who looked to be around twenty to be her private dancer. 'Tiffany' was 5'8", had wonderful legs and breasts that rivaled Susan's. She looked like a Barbie doll with a hint of mischief mixed in. Her face was simply gorgeous and she looked like she would fit in as easily on a runway as she did here.

"Her tits are too big for that kind of career" Susan offered, as I shared my thoughts with her.

Tiffany took Frank's arm and led him to the maitre d's desk where the arrangements would be made. Within a couple of minutes, he returned with Tiffany and another older lady in tow.

Susan, Mike, I would like you to meet Ms. Tara Reynolds." We all shook hands. "Ms. Reynolds will escort the two of you and Tiffany to one of the private lounges and get you started. As agreed, I will now take my leave. I have a car waiting outside and will see the two of you tomorrow at the show."

Frank looked Susan up and down one final time. "My dear, I hope this experience satisfies the questions that were sown in your fertile imagination years ago. Please take advantage of this opportunity - you will never have another like it, I assure you."

With that Frank headed to towards the front door, while Ms. Reynolds asked our waitress to refresh our drinks and bring them to the Deerfield Room.

Susan held my hand tightly as we moved to the private room. As much as my mind felt like it was going through the spin cycle, I couldn't imagine what emotions Susan was processing. My only clue seemed to be glued to Tiffany's ass. That is where my attention was focused, mostly, except for the quick glance over towards Susan as I attempted to read her face. Before she realized I had caught her, her eyes had been stuck to Tiffany's ass as well.

The Deerfield Room consisted of a love seat, an oversized lounger, a round ottoman, a small refrigerator and a wet bar, with four glasses. There were speakers built into the wall that provided background music to match the soft lighting. I noticed a camera stationed in the corner of the room just above the wet bar, with a red blinking light. I surmised that this was for the protection of the dancers. Susan and I took the love seat as Tiffany perched on the lounger. Ms. Reynolds pulled the ottoman to the middle of the room to address the three of us.

"Mr. Brookings has reserved and paid for this room for an hour. During this time, you are welcome to take advantage of the wet bar and anything in the mini fridge. Restrooms are to the right and two doors down. The phone is at your disposal and will contact me directly if you need anything, and I pretty much mean anything."

"Let's go over the rules. Tiffany is dancing specifically for Mrs. McAllen. Specifically does not mean exclusively. If Mrs. McAllen chooses to share her performer with you, Mr. McAllen, then she is welcome to do so, but she must express that permission to Tiffany before that happens. Touching is allowed on all sides within reason, as long as all parties are in agreement. This is a gentlemen's club, not a brothel. Treat Tiffany with respect and you will all have a great time. Otherwise, all Tiffany has to do is call for Bob and the performance is over. No means no."

Bob stuck his thick, neckless head in the door and gave us a quick wave. He looked like he could crush me with his pinky and would enjoy the opportunity. I was planning to show respect.

"Any questions?"

After a few seconds, the devil on my shoulder made his presence known. "Is this clothing optional for us as well?"

Ms. Reynolds smiled at my devil. "Respect, Mr. McAllen. But yes, that is your choice."

The background music was jazz-based, not raucous and thumping. Several candles lined the small shelves around the room and offered a soft glow. Ms. Reynolds paused at the door before pulling the curtain closed. "Please, enjoy yourselves."

Tiffany got up from the lounger and headed to the wet bar. "Would either of you care for something more to drink?"

Susan asked for a shot of Patron, but I decided to stay with the soda I had. I was certainly intrigued and my pants were becoming much tighter than they had been just a few minutes before. Tiffany excused herself for a moment to go change, leaving Susan and me a moment to talk.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked. It was rhetorical, really. Whether she was okay with this or not, we were here and she always kept her promises, even if this one may not be to her liking.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I wouldn't have agreed to this if Frank decided he wanted to join us. He really gives me the creeps."

"Same here. This is going to be a huge contract for us, though."

Susan nodded. "How do you want to do this?"

"Well, that depends on you. How involved do you want me to be?"

Susan thought about this for a moment and then tossed back her shot of Patron. "I need you close. I'm really nervous about this and I need you to be there for me. If you are not right here, then I'm going to feel like I'm cheating on you and I don't want there to be any chance that this could damage us."

"I don't see that happening. Honestly, I'm really excited."

Susan stroked my erection through my pants. "I can see that. I'm pretty excited myself." She leaned over and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

"How are you going to feel if I touch her as well?" I wasn't sure how far she would allow me to go with Tiffany.

"I don't mind if you touch her. I don't know how far this will go, but I think the only thing I wouldn't care for is penetration. Anything but that."

Was I disappointed? A little, to be honest, but I doubted it would ever go that far anyhow. I had to remember that this is really about Susan, not me.

"Okay, I'm good with that. Where do you want me to sit?"

"Right here. Right next to me." She patted the love seat cushion to her right.

Tiffany came back into the room, having changed. The bunny outfit was gone, replaced by a slightly too large white button down shirt, a white thong and red high heels. I don't know what it is about girls wearing guy's shirts, but what an absolute turn on!

She closed the curtain and headed over to the wet bar to pour another shot of Patron for Susan. Or so I thought.

"Are the two of you comfortable? Would you like to take off your shoes maybe? Do you want to lose that tie and loosen up a bit Mike?"

"Sure." I said, as I removed my tie and shoes. Susan kicked off her heels and started rubbing her sore feet, shooting me a look in the process.

"Hey, I got it covered as soon as we get back to the hotel."

"Oh no you don't!" Tiffany exclaimed. "She's mine for the next hour and I WILL take care of her every need!"

Tiffany walked over to Susan and gently pushed her shoulders, encouraging her to sit back into the love seat. Tiffany followed Susan into the love seat, straddling her in the process. She raised the shot glass of Patron to Susan, but pulled it away when she moved to accept the shot.

"Let me show you another way to take a shot, Susan." With that, Tiffany tossed her head back and poured the shot into her mouth. With the shot still in her mouth, she placed her hand behind Susan and pulled her head forward. Susan was blushing as her lips connected with Tiffany's. Tiffany's mouth opened with Susan's allowing the Patron to flow between them. After a couple of seconds, I could see Susan swallowing the shot, but the kiss continued and their passion began to fire, not more than a foot in front of me. Susan raised her hand and cupped Tiffany's cheek as the kissed deepened and I could see their tongues dueling.

After a few more seconds, Tiffany disengaged from Susan and rested on Susan's thighs, smiling. Susan's chest flushed, but she also had a smile on her face.

"Wow. That was a great shot."

Tiffany smiled, lifted herself off of Susan's thighs and pulled the ottoman closer. She placed Susan's right leg into her lap and began to give her a foot massage. Susan leaned her head back against the love seat and hummed. Tiffany had figured out in two minutes what it took me two years to discover, which was Susan's feet were major erogenous zones. A few minutes later, Susan had relaxed and, I knew, aroused.

Tiffany kissed Susan's toes, pushed the ottoman away and started swaying to a new song. As Tiffany danced, she gave Susan several close up views of her wonderfully tight ass, covered only by the hint of a thong. I was close enough to smell her intoxicating perfume. Tiffany turned to face Susan and unbuttoned two of the four buttons that were engaged on her men's shirt. The two remaining buttons were fastened below her cleavage. Tiffany leaned in over Susan, allowing her an explicit down blouse view of her chest. Susan was just about panting at this stage.

My head was positioned just to the side of Susan's right shoulder allowing me nearly the same view as Susan. Tiffany's shirt was opened just enough to see a hint of her areolas, but not her nipples. As she moved to the music, Tiffany brought her breasts closer to Susan's face. She leaned down to Susan's right ear, next to me and whispered to her. "Can you unbutton the rest of my shirt?"

I could see that Susan's hands were slightly trembling. Tiffany noticed this as well and pulled Susan's right hand to her lips, kissed her palm and moved it to her cheek. Tiffany leaned in and kissed Susan behind her left ear and traced her tongue from her ear down her neck to her shoulder blade. Susan moaned loudly and shifted in her seat, her eyes closed and head tossed back. After a moment, she opened her eyes again and then moved her hands to Tiffany's shirt, slowly unbuttoning the remaining two buttons.

Tiffany disengaged from Susan and began to dance again to the music, teasing both of us with glances of her wonderful breasts. She was every bit as gifted as Susan in the chest area. I could also tell that she, like Susan, was naturally endowed. The movement of her breasts as she danced was mesmerizing.

Tiffany kept the shirt on as it hung loosely around her, offering quick, enticing glimpses of her breasts. My pants were getting more and more uncomfortable, so I took this opportunity to ask my first question.

"Tiffany, is it okay if I take off my pants and get more comfortable?"

Tiffany looked at me and licked her lips. "I would encourage both of you to get as comfortable as you would like. Personally, I think the two of you are way overdressed."

I quickly removed my clothes except for my boxers and took my seat next to Susan again. After seeing me disrobe, Susan started to get out of her seat to do the same.

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