Another Lovely Damsel Saved

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2015 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Intent on preventing a lovely maiden's forced marriage, our hero does the job and earns his juicy reward.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Historical   Violent   .

"Father," I said, holding my temper in check, "I really can't believe you are going to let that foul pervert marry the girl."

"Can't be helped, son, they are in his debt and her father is, unfortunately a sot and completely worthless."

"But she's so lovely, so, so, well arousing is the word, and she's only what, sixteen?"

He nodded, "Perhaps less. Her mother is distraught but it is what the man demands, and he's within his rights under our law, an eye for an eye you know. In fact, he can just take her without the marriage."

"I must try to stop it."

He smiled. "Of course, your duty, no thought of payment I'm sure."

I smiled and felt my cock tremble. The girl's mother was luscious and available; right on the brink of becoming someone's mistress while her worthless husband dallied and drank himself to the grave. I intended to help him along, claim the mother for my entourage and, of course, become the girl's doting step-father or something close to that, guardian perhaps, lover of course. Her ripe and dripping cherry was my ultimate goal.

But I would have to deal with Duke Philip's degenerate son as well as her doddering father. My blade was sharp. My cock was hard. I smiled.

I went back to my room roused my bed-warmer and enjoyed her at the side of the high bed, horsing her standing, bouncing her on my hard rod until she collapsed blubbering and was barely able to rise to her knees to suck me clean and lick my throbbing balls. Her tenure was about accomplished, and I'd soon have to seek another and let my friends have her for their pleasure and relief. Few bed-girls lasted more than a month or two. The supply, fortunately, was practically inexhaustible.

I dressed carefully and rolled my thick and well-satisfied manhood into a decorated codpiece, strapped on my everyday sword, tucked a tiny pistol into the back of my waist and a dirk into my boot and then headed out to make love and do mischief. I had killed before, justly of course, except for that fool Leslie who caught me with his sister, that was unfortunate. I can still see his face when I pulled my thick shaft out of the young girl's bulging cunny. He died pleading, and I plowed her atop his warm body, a fine piece of young ass.

Love first, I decided, and made for the widow-to-be's big home. I found her in the garden, wrapped her in my arms, turned her about and kissed her firmly, grinding our bellies together as her astonished girl-child watched, mouth open and eyes wide as I worked on the lady's corset laces.

"Good to see you, m'lady," I said when I released her and patted her fine ass. "I'm told that there are foul plans for your beautiful child. I hope that is not true."

She got her breath, pulled her frilly blouse back up over her high breasts and smiled at me. She had adorable nipples, big as thumbs when they were excited.

"It's true, I fear," she sighed. "We are deeply in debt and the duke demands payment. Her virginity is his price."

"Has your husband's family no means?"

She shook her head and held my arm to her body, my hand petting her soft mound. "And my child is ignorant of men, poor thing. Look at her. Untouched, unsullied." She writhed in my grasp. The girl licked her lips and stared as my groin bulged.

"Pity, madam, she can't go to her marriage bed completely unaware of what is expected of her."

Looking at her was arousing. I hugged her mother whose hand was on my cock, measuring I assumed. We knew each other reasonably well, and I had horsed her sister several times recently. She stroked. I smiled.

The woman looked up at me and nodded, kneading my knob-headed shaft.

"Shall we show her?" I asked as blandly as I could, feeling the blood flowing.

"Now would be a good time," she answered, taking my hand. "Come, Louisa, we have some important lessons for you."

"Oh good!" the girl cried. "Wonderful! I've being dying to see what's in his swollen codpiece."

At the top of the long curving staircase we met the girl's doddering father, just arising I suspect. He smelled of drink and his eyes seemed unfocused. I saw the opportunity, told the woman to take the girl to her room and for both of them to get undressed and then accosted the man at the top of the stairs, called him several names, tripped him and shoved. He tumbled down turning over twice and landed with his head cocked to the side, neck broken, eyes glassy, quite dead with one foot twitching. I went down and called the servants and had the corpse dragged out to the back porch. I told them to dig a grave.

"You are widowed," I told the handsome woman when I found her in dishabille. She jumped into my arms and rained kisses on me, sighing, "Thank you, thank you." Her child joined in the kissing, and I explored her ass crack. She wiggled and giggled.

She helped strip her mother's chemise from her lush body, and I kissed her here and there as her almost naked child watched, onehand across her fine little breasts and the other between her long legs where her nest of golden curls lay waiting. Waiting for me the plunder.

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