Queen's Salamanders

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2015 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The Salamanders are an elite selection of soldiers with oaths only to the queen. This time our mission was to find the stolen embryo of the queen and bring it back. Of course that opened a lot of questions but that is up to the queen to answer. When three nobles attempt to force her into naming one of them as the father we are sent to stop the threat and bring them to court.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I rolled and yanked the controls back as I cursed. The fighter was still jerking and red warning lights flashed and alarms continued to go off. I flipped and rolled the other way and shoved the yoke down and the throttle to the stop. The next asteroid flashed over me as I pulled back and rolled again.

A glance in the rear vid showed only two fighters still after me. A missile streaked towards me and I dove and spiraled and it flashed past to the side. I was watching more than the asteroids or the fighters. I flashed over and around another asteroid and smiled as the two fighters followed and exploded.

I yanked the throttle back and hit the grav anchors. The fighter shook as it fought to stop and I was scrambling to grab the single bag and open the canopy to space. I climbed out and looked back at the asteroid as the black shuttle lifted and headed towards me. When it slowed beside the fighter I dove towards it and swam across.

I pulled myself into the airlock as the shuttle began to move and turned to close the hatch, "get us the hell out of here!"

Air was pumped in as I moved to the inner door and was answered, "where is Allen and Jones?"

I looked at the oxygen light and started stripping out of the spacesuit, "Allen was wounded and stayed to buy us time. He blew half the government wing up after we got out. When we came out of the atmosphere a battleship was waiting. Jones armed all his missiles and flew into it so I could escape."

I hit the inner airlock hatch release and strode out and to the tiny med room. I pulled the med stasis unit out of the bag. I was careful as I hooked it up before heading for the bridge. I stopped in the hatch, "how does it look?"

The two men at the controls snorted and the pilot never looked away from his controls, "they have fighters patrolling the edge of the belt and so far we have a dozen destroyers and half as many cruisers on the way."

The copilot glanced back, "what is the big deal about a baby?"

I snorted, "an embryo. Taken from the queen."

He shook his head, "how could..."

I growled, "emperor Clinton's youngest son was spending a lot of time with the queen. She was thinking of taking him as her consort so he had access..."

Michaleson glanced back, "I know that but that does not explain..."

I sighed, "the queen was much younger and sneaking around with one of four noble sons."

I turned to look back into the shuttle, "she has refused to have a bio scan done to find out which was the father. Of the four ... three have become adversaries and the fourth is ... serving another calling."

I sighed, "her mother was the one to move the embryo out of the artificial womb and into a med stasis unit."

I looked at them, "this is in all the gossip news."

They grinned at me and I saw the gap between asteroids. We slipped out and headed into deep space. It was two days before we skipped and kept going all the way to beyond the heliopause. I spent most of the time sitting in the med room. The emperor wanted the embryo to force the queen to kneel to him and turn over her systems.

The shuttle was a light month out of the system before the cargo ship jumped out. They opened a huge hold and we slipped in before the ship jumped again. When it jumped into our capital system the shuttle exited the hold and began skipping into the system. The shuttle ident transponder went active before we reached the planet.

I carried the med stasis unit off after we landed and climbed into the flyer that was waiting. I ignored the driver and the two guards and sat back. The flight was not long and we set down beside the palace. I pushed the door open and shoved the guards out of my way. I strode through the door and headed down a hall to a large room with a private set of doors.

I pushed the doors open to the large medical suite and glanced around before crossing to a bed. I looked at the other door as the female doctor opened it and looked into the room. Her eyes went to the unit and she crossed the room and began to check it. When she picked up the bioscan reader she hesitated before using it.

I turned to look at the two guards that stepped into the room before the queen. Her eyes went to the doctor before she looked at me. I smiled as I headed for the door and she shifted to let me pass. When I reached headquarters it was busy with runners and several fleet officers arriving. I went to shower and change into a clean uniform before heading to the armory.

I drew a new sidearm and checked it before heading up to see the general. He glanced at me when I stepped in but continued listening to the fleet briefing. They were preparing in case emperor Clinton decided to attack. When they left he sat and leaned back, "you castrated the emperor's son and cut off his hands?"

I smiled as I sat, "and cut out his tongue."

He shook his head, "that was not part of the mission."

I snorted, "the emperor knows why."

He smiled and nodded, "true and I probably would have done the same thing."

He sighed, "to bad we lost Allen and Jones."

I nodded and he gestured, "from the top."

I began the debriefing while he sat back and listened. The second time through he began the questions. He looked at his aid when we were almost finished before turning to switch on the wall vid. It was the queen making a public announcement that her baby, her daughter had been placed in an artificial womb.

The general growled, "now the shit is going to hit the fan."

He gestured to me, "take a couple of days off captain."

I stood and walked out and was tempted to take a system jumper home. Instead I took a flyer out of the vehicle pool and flew to my father's estate. I walked in and waved at the estate chamberlain before heading up to my set of rooms. It would be a day or two before the queen had to name the father of her baby before the nobles court.

I knew the three other lords and what each was hoping for and what they would do if they were the father. I stripped and changed into comfortable clothing before going to the basement. I opened the weapon safe that I had put here many years before. I selected a small caliber rifle and loaded it and then a lot of extra magazines.

The estate chamberlain would have already told my father I was here so it was only a matter of time. I moved to the range and set up the holo target system and relaxed. When the first target appeared as it ran towards me I brought the rifle up and fired. I let the action take me as I shot and the targets continued to come.

By the time I fired the last shot I felt relaxed. I cleaned the rifle and put everything away before going upstairs. I was going to the large indoor pool when the chamberlain appeared and cleared his throat and I stopped, "father?"

He shook his head, "two young ladies from the queen in the study."

I sighed and nodded before heading for the study. I stepped in and the two girls turned, both were small or I guess the term is tiny. They were in their teens and younger daughters of a duke that was a cousin to the queen. I smiled, "Katherine, Sabrina what does her majesty want?"

Katherine smiled, "you know very well I like Kate."

I waited and Sabrina shook her head, "she sent us to you in bond."

I stiffened, "she thinks I would..."

Katherine started for me, "no but..."

She bit her lip as Sabrina followed, "we know the two of you are not in love. On the other hand we have had a crush on you for years."

I snorted and then smiled, "tell me something I did not know. So she is going to tell them?"

Katherine pressed against me and gave me a kiss, "yes."

I sighed and let Sabrina slip under an arm, "in bond?"

They nodded and I shook my head, "in that case get to my suite and strip."

They grinned and let me go and ran out giggling. I looked into the corner at my father's security vid camera before I turned to follow. Placing Katherine and Sabrina in bond could only be done with their consent and their parents. Basically they belonged to me now as consorts or concubines.

I glanced at the chamberlain who was in the hall, "you can tell father if he presses the queen I will renounce all rights to my child."

He grinned, "of course."

I turned and started for my set of rooms, "and do not allow the damn newies in!"

When I walked into the sitting area Kate and Sabrina were naked and waiting. I grinned as I looked at their bodies and headed for the other room and then my fresher. I showered and got out and dried off before putting my clothes in the recycler. When I walked into the other room the girls sat up.

I pulled Kate up and cupped one of her breasts, "and did her majesty ask you to remove your implants before coming here?"

She grinned, "we asked and she said to wait and ask you."

I looked at Sabrina and she grinned, "we still have implants."

I rubbed Kate's nipple and she shivered before I sighed and turned to pull both of them into my bedroom. I pushed them into bed and followed and bent to lick through Kate's pussy. She laughed, "first you consummate the bond and then you can do whatever you want."

I growled as I moved over her, "in that case we are going to be in bed for a long time."

I lifted and she guided my cock before I slowly forced it into her. I pushed deeper while she grunted and tilted her hips as she tried to spread her legs more. I buried my cock and had to force the last little bit. She grunted and squirmed as I held her and began to kiss her. I waited a minute before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes.

She shuddered and hugged me tight as I buried my cock with each thrust. I might have to fuck them to consummate the bond but I was going to take my time and enjoy it. After several minutes Kate stiffened and then jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy clenched, "FUCK ... MMMEEEE!"

She thrashed around and bucked as I began to fuck her hard and deep. Her pussy was very slippery and constantly grasping. She twisted and struggled as I continued to plant my cock. It was another few minutes before I shoved into her and kissed her while holding her on my cock. She gasped and jerked when she felt the strong gushing stream of cum, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed but I held her while flooding her with sperm. When I was done I slowly relaxed as she kept panting. I pulled out and tugged on a nipple, "go do the scan and send the confirmation to her majesty."

She grinned and rolled away and I looked at Sabrina. She pulled her hand away from her pussy and rolled onto her back. I chuckled as I moved over her and lifted to position my cock. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy and she lifted and spread her legs. I slowly buried my cock as she groaned and settled to kiss her.

I waited as she shifted and squirmed before looking at me. I smiled and gave her another kiss and began to hump and press and grind, "get used to it."

She hugged me and thrust up, "hush and fuck me."

I shook my head as I kept fucking her and pulled back to use a few long deep thrusts. She gasped and clutched me, "ooohhhh!"

I grinned as I kept planting my cock, "wait until you are slimy, it will be more fun."

She laughed and humped while her pussy tightened. I continued to fuck her and grind each time I buried my cock. After a few minutes she was bucking and thrashing around, "yyyeeessss!"

I fucked her firmly and when I was ready I shoved into her hard. She grunted and clung to me before she gasped as I began to spew and spurt. Warm sperm was pumped into her and she jerked, "YES!"

She wiggled and squirmed and shuddered while I held her until I was done. I pulled out and looked at Kate before rubbing Sabrina's mound, "go do the scan and send the confirmation to her majesty."

She grinned and rolled away and out of bed, "with pleasure."

It was a long time before I pulled the two tired girls out of bed and into my fresher. I took my time washing them and sent them to dress. I put on comfortable clothes and waited before walking downstairs with them. My father was reading at the dining room table and glanced at the girls before looking at me, "so she bought you with..."

I growled as I let the girls go, "you want to do this now? Fine. I fucked Virginia for almost six weeks. The child is mine but I am not going to marry her or become her consort. She betrayed me with lords Macon, Herold and Edward. Push it and I will leave and renounce the child."

He blinked and opened his mouth but looked at the white faced girls. I glanced at them and looked at him, "I will never marry and Virginia knows that. She also knows the girls and what they wanted and knew I would accept them as my consorts and concubines."

He looked at the girls, "that is not enough..."

I bent over the table, "it damn well better be. You have a granddaughter and when I decide you will have the heir from one or both of these girls."

He leaned back and sighed, "it was never about you as my heir Storm. It was about being the next duke of my estates and learning to govern. Yes I thought and still think you and the queen would make a good match but I never ... well maybe I did push a little. She needs a firm hand..."

I laughed, "understand what is about to happen father. When she names me as the father there will be no other suitors, no royal marriage, no consorts. Read the damn law, she can only have another child if it is mine."

He straightened, "what?"

I snorted, "why do you think Macon, Herold and Edward are such arrogant assholes? Why they are constantly insinuating their way into everything? When the queen announces I am the father they are ruined."

He turned and looked out the window, "but that does not..."

I relaxed, "you need to retire if you do not understand. One of them would have demanded marriage at the least and she would have had no choice but to accept. Five years and they would have her pregnant, drugged and be running the kingdom."

He stiffened as he looked at me, "is this one of the salamander intel..."

I pulled out a chair for Kate, "Queen's Salamanders father and no this is what I know."

I sat Sabrina in her chair and then sat between them, "now be quiet for one meal and welcome my bond wives."

He looked at them and then smiled, "it is good to see you again girls. I hope my son was not to rough?"

Kate grinned, "we did not break him."

Sabrina giggled, "yet."

Father looked at them and at me as my face turned red and then began to laugh. After that he and the girls talked and they gave as good as they got. After dinner we went to watch a play and then went to bed. I woke to the strident alarm from my comm and moved over Kate and out of bed to answer, "Storm."

It was the general and he growled, "we have a situation. Lords Macon, Herold and Edward have issued the queen an ultimatum. If she does not name one of them as the father they will launch bio tipped missiles. The Salamanders have taken the dozen launchers around the capital but we have at least four on each of the three nobles estates."

He took a breath, "I have teams going to the estates of lords Herold and Edward and a third heading for Macon. Since his estate is right next to your family's..."

I looked at the girls, "tell the team coming here I am not waiting."

I disconnected and yanked open a section of wall. Inside was a combat uniform and all the equipment and weapons. I dressed and ran out and down to the garage. I headed for the back and my old grav cycle. When I left it was screaming as I accelerated as fast as it could go and headed across country.

There might be alarms and guards on the estates but the area and boundary between the estates rarely had any. It was not long before I lifted and went over the boundary hedge. I kept the throttle all the way back as the cycle screamed towards the estate manor. As I got close I pulled the long stubby pistol like weapon on my left thigh.

I could see the four missile launchers and headed towards them. I slid as I tried to stop and aimed with the weapon before I began to fire. The two point five centimeter explosive rounds ripped the launchers apart and guards began to scramble in response. I let the cycle go as it stopped and holstered my weapon.

I caught the rifle across my chest as I knelt and began to pick targets and fire. Men fell and screamed as they were hit and then two speeding vehicles flashed over me and split before landing. I continued to shoot the guards as eight queen's salamanders exploded out of the vehicles and engaged the guards.

I knew any and all comms on the estate would be jammed now as I came to my feet and headed for the side door into the manor. I kicked the door open and stepped in with the rifle at my shoulder. I shot two guards rushing me and moved towards a wide eyed chamberlain, "where is he?"

He stiffened, "I..."

I snarled as I reached him, "he has committed treason against the crown and the kingdom. Where is he!"

He licked his lips and I touched the muzzle to his head, "you will be buried in traitors field."

He gasped, "the basement safe room!"

I spun and moved towards the steps leading down, "do not move."

On the mid landing I knelt and saw legs waiting at the bottom. I pulled two small spheres and touched a spot on one before I tossed it. I touched a spot on the other and tossed it after the first. The first went off and a large area below suddenly dropped to absolute zero. A moment later the second sphere went off and a small plasma storm reached out and vanished.

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