Sex on Demand

by aubie56

Copyright© 2015 by aubie56

Erotic Sex Story: This is a very short story that I wrote as an experiment. It is about a domineering wife and a subservient husband as they set him up as a gigolo. It has some very, very mild BDSM as an essential part of the plot line.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   BDSM   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Prostitution   Nudism   .

"But, Jane, dear, not in front of all of these women! Please. I'm begging you.

"Shut up, Joe and do what I told you! You are embarrassing me in front of these women. Now do what I said!"

"No! No! That is just too much! Please!"

"Okay, that's enough! Girls, please excuse me. My husband and I need to talk privately." Jane pulled on the leash connected to the collar around Joe's neck. "Come with me, you twit! Girls, we'll be back in a few minutes. While you are waiting, please make use of the wet bar to your right."

The couple disappeared up the stairs with Joe still begging to be excused from the order that she had given him. Jane ignored him as they went into their bedroom. Hardly two minutes had passed before the women sitting in the living room heard what sounded like a slapping on bare skin. A few minutes later, Jane reappeared, pulling on the leash, except that it was now attacked to a collar around Joe's balls.

Joe was essentially naked. He was wearing the collar around his neck, the collar around his balls, and a cage surrounding his cock. The cage was constricting his cock so that it could not swell as it normally would when it was pumped full of blood. Not only that, Joe had two very red buttocks that could only have come from a spanking with a paddle.

Joe was crying copious tears as he begged Jane, "Please, your humble slave begs you to remove the cage around my cock. It hurts so much that I can hardly stand it."

"Shut up, you wimp. You are being punished for embarrassing me in front of these women. That is supposed to hurt, and your ass will hurt a lot more before this day is done." She jerked on the leash and Joe squealed with the pain. He started to cry even harder.

"Ladies, I thought you would like to see the way I punish my husband when he disobeys me. We are going to start out with a little pegging; that is, I am going to fuck his ass hole with a strap on dildo. He usually gets this when we are in private, but this will be his first chance to be fucked in public. Mary, please help me out by taking pictures with this camera. It's digital, so it will be easy to post the pictures on the internet if he continues to give me backtalk."

"Oh, God, Jane, don't do that to me. Please. What if my friends at work see me being pegged. I'll never live it down. I'll do anything you ask, just don't do that. The other truck drivers will make my life a living hell if they see those pictures."

"Okay, Joe, I'll make a deal with you. Mary will still take the pictures of me pegging you, but I will erase them if you make it up to me this afternoon."

"Yes, Jane, yes! I'll do anything, just don't post those pictures."

"Okay, then, unclip the leash from your balls and go fetch my favorite strap on." While he was gone, Jane removed her skirt and blouse, but she was still wearing her panties and bra, though there was a wet spot on her panties over her pussy. This made it possible for the other seven women to see that she had no pubic hair, not even a landing strip.

Joe was back with a large black strap on dildo. The other women were amazed that Joe could take such a large dildo into his ass hole. The dildo was the diameter of a beer can and the length was about 9 inches. "Come on, Joe. You know the routine. Fit me with the strap on. You have done it enough to know how it should be done."

The strap on was in place in a very short time. "Joe, you have been such a bad boy that the only lube you are going to get will be your saliva. Take this thing in your mouth and get it good and wet, because I don't plan to go easy with you."

Joe seemed to make considerable effort to get as much of the dildo as he could get into his mouth as wet as possible. Finally, Jane got tired of waiting. "Okay, Joe, assume the position."

Joe spread a towel over the back of an overstuffed chair and lay across the back so that his head was hanging down to the chair seat and his ass was raised, supported by the chair back. It was obvious to the women that this was not the first time for Joe to be draped over this chair for this reason, because there was no fumbling or wiggling into position by either Joe or Jane.

She walked up behind Joe and said, "Mary take your first picture now so that you can get a good view of Joe's empty ass hole. As you do it, make sure that Joe's face will be easily recognizable in the picture. I guess that you are not familiar with that camera, so take your time and get a good shot.

"If you want to, you other girls can come over here and get a closeup view of the first stage of Joe's punishment. Just don't get in the way of Mary's photography." That seemed to be an irresistible invitation for the other six women to join Jane and Joe at the chair.

It took a couple of minutes for Mary to catch on how to use the top of the line digital camera, so the other women had plenty of time to examine Joe's ass hole, balls, and cock. These seven women were all trophy wives of very rich husbands, and they were curious as to how Joe's anatomy compared to that of their husbands. Actually, Joe's equipment was very attractive to these women who had to put up with mediocre equipment at best at home. Every one of them thought that they would enjoy giving Joe a try to see what he could do in the sex department.

Anyway, Mary was finally ready, and she took a couple of pictures. Jane looked at the pictures and said that they were good enough, so she returned her attention to Joe's ass hole. During this time, some of the saliva had dried and some had dripped off the dildo, but Jane appeared not to take that into consideration. She signaled Mary to be ready, and Jane plowed into Joe's ass hole with no consideration given to him.

Naturally, Joe screamed bloody murder, but their apartment was well insulated for sound, so nothing was heard outside it. He continued to scream and beg for Jane to stop as she continued to stroke into Joe at what looked like an uncomfortable rate. The women were amazed when Joe came, even with his cock still enclosed within the cage. As soon as that happened, Jane quit stroking and had a disgusted look on her face. "Dammit, so much for punishment. I guess I will have to try something else."

Joe said, "Thank you, Mistress. That was an especially good fucking. Thank you for giving it to me."

"Shut up, you twit! I was punishing you, not rewarding you. Now I will have to find some other way to punish you." She pulled out the dildo and said, "At least, you can clean me off." She backed away far enough for Joe to exit the chair and drop to his knees in front of her. He had opened his mouth and was about to take the filthy dildo into it when Jane said, "No, wait. I have a better idea. Remove the strap on and clean it up with a cloth in the bath room while I talk to my friends."

"Girls, you have a rare treat headed your way this afternoon. Joe is a champion at giving cunnilingus, and I will punish him this afternoon by having him lick the pussies of all of you who would like to sample him. I guarantee that he will make you orgasm like you never have before. He always complains when I force him to lick any pussy but mine, and this is a rare opportunity for me. If you will cooperate, I will guarantee you a great time, and I will enjoy watching the punishment. Are you with me?"

A couple of the women did have to think about their answer for a few seconds, but all of the women did not need a long time to think about it and to go along with Jane's offer. Jane said, "Great, we can do it in here. If you remove your panties and sit on the front edge of your chairs, Joe will have no problem treating each of you to a great experience. Ah, here he comes.

"Joe, go get eight bath towels and come back right away." Joe returned with the bath towels as commanded and was told what was expected of him. His face twisted into an expression of pain, but he did not argue with Jane. Apparently, she had made her point, and Joe was going along with her.

Each of the guests removed her panties and skirt when Jane suggested it as a way to make sure that no fluids would leak onto the skirt. Some of the women were wearing stockings, but that was neither here nor there with anybody. The women sat on the towels, spread their legs, and waited their turn.

Jane said, "Girls, this is too good a chance to miss. In case I need more ammunition to control Joe, I want to take pictures of him eating out each one of you. Don't worry, I promise to blur your faces if any of you do get enough in the picture to be recognized. Anybody mind that?"

By this time, all of the women were totally mesmerized by Joe and his situation with Jane. They were all anxious to get a free pussy eating session—something that none of them have had since they married their sugar daddies. Joe settled in and started out with Mary simply because she was at one end of the line. All of the women had clean shaven pussies without even a spot of hair or a landing strip. This was not because any of the women ever got cunnilingus, but just because each husband liked to see a bare pussy on his wife whenever he cared to look.

Joe started out by gently licking the outer lips of the pussy under attack. He was so gentle that the woman often giggled because Joe's tongue tickled. He didn't keep that up because he was not interested in annoying the woman—he had other plans. The next stage was simply to press harder so that the woman had no doubt that her pussy lips were being licked by an expert. Joe kept this up until the woman began to pant.

At that point, Joe changed to running the tip of his tongue up and down her pussy slit, working his way toward getting the lips to separate. This made it possible to rub on the inner lips with his tongue until they began to swell with engorging blood. During all of this licking, Joe made a point of not touching the clit, that was for later.

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