Taboo - Joe's Story

by Nancy Allbright

Copyright© 2015 by Nancy Allbright

Erotic Sex Story: Joe coverts his wife's best friend and teaches her a lesson.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Fiction   .

Joe had always coveted his wife Gina's best friend from afar. She was his upper most fantasy whenever he needed to relieve himself and had even visualized fucking her as Gina was bouncing on his cock. Lydia had always done it for him with her sleek black hair and oriental looks. The fact she possessed a nice firm body only added fuel to his desires. He frequently wondered what it would be like to push his thick cock inside her nice tight pussy.

The scenarios he placed himself in with Lydia were becoming more and more elaborate of late and the though of fucking Lydia whether she liked it or not always caused him to shoot the most intense of orgasms. Soon it felt like the fantasy was consuming his every day thoughts, he never thought he would actually get the chance to carry out his most intimate of desires until that is Lydia's husband did him a huge favour by leaving Lydia for his physiotherapist.

"Is it okay if Lydia stays for a few weeks?" Gina asked him as they shared their evening meal.

Joe shook his head and sliced his knife through his steak. "No, not at all. That's perfectly fine by me."

Gina reached across the table and stroked his hand fondly, "You are so understanding, and I love that about you."

So, the deal was done and it was arranged for Lydia to stay just while she got her head together and found herself somewhere to stay. The day she arrived with her suitcase at her feet, Joe felt like he was going to combust with sexual energy. Lydia looked vulnerable and teary like a little girl lost however; Joe noticed that her attire wasn't exactly that of a woman in deep crisis. Lydia was wearing the tightest of red mini skirts, her pert breasts were encased in a white t shirt and it was quite evident she had decided against wearing a bra, the protrusion of her hear nipples were clear for all to see. As she walked past him, Joe caught a whiff of her perfume, a heavy musky scent which made his loins stir. Closing the door behind them Joe watched as Lydia sashayed down the hall way before reaching the bottom of the stair. She put her suitcase down and bent over just enough so Joe could catch a glimpse of her shaven pussy. The urge to unzip his pants and grab hold of her from behind was almost too much to bear. Instead he enjoyed the feeling of his cock straining against the confines of his jeans.

That evening as he lay in bed beside Gina, Joe felt his cock growing hard again as an image of Lydia's pussy entered his mind. That night he fucked Gina so hard that she begged him to stop which only spurred him on even more, all he wanted to do was punish her, imagining her pussy were her best friends.

As the days went by Joe became more and more convinced that Lydia was teasing him. On Sunday she sat opposite him whilst he was having his breakfast and unpeeled a banana before putting it slowly into her mouth making a right meal of it before actually taking a bite. It was so obvious to Joe that she was imagining she was sucking his cock. Then Tuesday evening she had come out of the bathroom with just a white towel wrapped around her childlike frame and it had taken Joe all his will power not to rip it off her. The time passed but Lydia's teasing in Joes mind seemed to be getting worse and he was finding it increasingly hard to deal with his aching cock which was now it seemed in a perpetual state of arousal.

What really surprised Joe was the fact that Gina seemed to be totally oblivious to her best friend's shenanigans and flirtations. In fact, Joe was now sure that to be fair he was well within his rights to teach Lydia a lesson for humiliating Gina in such a manner it really was unfair of her. The more he thought about it the easier it seemed to reach the decision to punish Lydia once and for all.

One Saturday morning, Gina was unexpectedly called into the office to deal with a particularly difficult client. As Joe watched her pack her briefcase with paperwork he became aware of Lydia out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look and she smiled at him knowingly, a satin kimono was the only thing covering her modesty.

Soon after Gina left the house Joe sat at the kitchen table, his hand surreptitiously stroking his cock as he watched Lydia making a bowl of cereal. She had clipped her hair up so he could see the shape of her slender neck and he imagined getting hold of her hair and gripping it tightly in his fingers. He felt his cock go as rigid as an iron bar. Before he knew what he was doing he was getting up out of his chair. He watched as Lydia bent down to get the carton of milk out of the fridge. She was so close to him he could almost smell her sex pheromones like those of butterfly and Lydia was ripe for breeding and he was going to make sure that they did just that. Joe was going to fill her pussy with his hot cum after he had given her pussy the punishment it deserved.

Joe looked down and could see his cock protruding through the fabric of his pyjama bottoms. He walked over to Lydia; standing behind her he pressed his hardness against her. She jumped and turned round the look of shock on her face turning Joe on even more. She slapped him across the face.

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