Ball Game

by DonLeeds

Copyright© 2015 by DonLeeds

Sex Story: Wayne's Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I took the afternoon off work so I could catch a baseball game. The Jays were hosting the hated Yankees. I met my buddy, Dave, outside the stadium. The first pitch was thrown out by a local celebrity. He was a soccer player who played on the Canadian national team. He also played in the English Premiere League for Arsenal. He was probably the best Canadian soccer player there was.

He also used to be one of our best buddies back in high school. His name was Ben Latimore. We all grew up in a town called Lindsay, Ontario. It isn't that far from Toronto, but it has more of a small town vibe.

"When was the last time you talked to Ben, Dave?"

"It was a while ago, 6 months maybe. He's having a blast in London."

"Yeah, about the same for me. He's famous now, but he's still the same old Ben."

"Yeah, he hasn't let it go to his head like some do. He's still a cool guy."

"Let's see if we can talk to him after the game."

"Sounds like a plan, Wayne."

In case you didn't know, The English Premiere League is definitely one of the best soccer leagues in the world. The world's best players play there. Ben didn't score many goals. He was a defender. He got paid to stop other people from scoring. He was in Arsenal's regular lineup and Arsenal is perennially one of the best teams in the Premiere League and that means one of the best teams in the world. He wasn't world famous, like Ronaldo or Maradona or whatever, but all real soccer fans, or football fans over in England would know who he was.

Canada is not really all that good at soccer. We never make the world cup. Ben was the face of Canadian soccer. He was pretty famous in Canada. We were always hoping that we would be good the next year.

Anyways, the Blue Jays lost to the Yankees. Jeter had a great game. I hate that guy. We headed towards press row. We figured Ben probably got interviewed on TV during the broadcast of the game.

When we got closer there was an area cordoned off. We could see some old ball players hanging around along with the reporters. We caught sight of Ben over in the corner. There were even security guards making sure nobody got in who wasn't supposed to get in. We were able to catch Ben's eye and wave to him. Ben's eyes lit up when he saw us. He motioned for us to wait for him. He said his good byes hastily and came up to us in 5 minutes.

"God it's good to see you guys. How you doin?"

"Good Ben, good. You wanna go for a couple of drinks?"

"Sounds like a plan, Wayne. Lead the way."

We shot the shit for a while like friends will do.

"So what's it like to play for Arsenal, Ben? Women flock to you?"

"Oh man Dave, it's unbelievable. There are women everywhere throwing themselves at me. I'm not shitting you. Some of them are freaking gorgeous too."

"Wow Ben."

He grinned at us. "Look guys, I'm not gonna lie. I've had my share of quick sex hook ups with groupies. It gets old, guys. It really does. I really wish I could find a woman who didn't know that I make millions of dollars a year."

Dave and I looked at each other. We shrugged. We just couldn't understand where he was coming from.

Two hotties butted into our conversation.

"Hey Ben. How are you doing? Could you sign these for us?"

Ben smiled at the girls and signed their stuff for them. Both girls pushed their titties up against him.

"Excuse me ladies." He nodded over at Dave and me.

The ladies smiled at him. "Bye Ben," they strutted away.

"See, that's what I'm talking about."

"They were hot, Ben."

"Oh I know, I'm still a man, but all they saw was dollar signs. Trust me. I can tell."

"Hey Ben, have you seen Myra lately?"

Ben looked surprised. "Myra? Myra Freeman? No, Why?"

"She asks about you every time I talk to her, buddy."

"Me too, Ben," said Dave.

"Really? Myra Freeman asks about me? Wow."

"Ben, buddy. You're famous now, dude."

"I know, I know. But Myra Freeman, wow."

Dave and I laughed.

"You should call her, dude."

Ben was a popular kid in high school. Everyone liked him, but he wasn't really all that confident back then. He had always liked Myra. Heck, all of us had always liked Myra. Myra was the hottest girl in the whole school in my opinion. She was also probably the nicest person in the whole school. She was nice to everyone. It didn't matter if you were a math geek or a football jock.

I could think of only two people in the whole school who didn't like Myra. That would be the next two hottest girls in the school. They were stuck up bitches.

Anyways, Ben stared off into space for a while.

"I don't have her number guys. I can't call her."

Dave whipped out his phone. "Ready Ben?"

Ben looked at him and then pulled out his phone. "Go ahead, Dave."

Dave announced the number and Ben added it to his phone.

"You really think I should call her, guys?"

"She's here in T.O. Ben. And as far as I know, she's single. What have you got to lose, buddy?"

Ben nodded. "I'll be back in a few, guys. Don't leave without me."

Ben disappeared.

I had asked Myra out myself just after high school ended. She rejected me. She was very nice about it, but she rejected me. She made it clear that we would never become a couple. We were still pretty good friends though. She just was a really nice person. I talked about her with Dave once. He'd also asked her out around the same timeframe. He got pretty much the exact same result. She rejected him nicely and they were still friends.

We both agreed that whoever caught Myra would be a very lucky man.

Ben came back into the bar with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Well guys, I hope you don't mind taking a little walk over to the 123 club?"

"What's up, Ben?"

"We're meeting Myra there."

"Now? Don't you want to go alone, Ben?"

"Naw, I'd rather if you guys came along with me. You've kept up with her. I've barely talked to her in years and even back in high school I hardly talked to her."

"Whatever you say, Ben. Let's go."

Myra had just gotten off work. She looked even more beautiful as a 23 year old business woman than she did in high school. She gave all 3 of us nice hugs.

We chatted away for hours. Time was flying by.

A couple of times people interrupted us for Ben's autograph but otherwise we had a great time. Ben was obviously smitten with Myra. Myra looked like she might just be smitten with him as well.

Ben and Myra left together.

"Well Dave, there goes the future Mrs. Ben Latimore."

"I think you're right. Oh well, at least Ben is a good guy. They will probably be very happy together."

Dave and I clinked glasses.

Two attractive women sat down at our table. They both were showing a fair amount of cleavage. I was having trouble keeping my eyes on their faces.

"Hi guys ... How are you doing tonight?"

"Better now," I said with a grin.

The blonde one smiled at me.

"So that was Ben Latimore wasn't it?"

"Yes, that was Ben."

"What's he like?"

"Ben's a great guy. I think you're out of luck though. My friend and I were just discussing things. I think Ben is totally taken with our friend, Myra.

"Damn it all," said the blonde.

"Look ladies, it's obvious you're not interested in us. Have a great night. We were just leaving."

Dave gave me a look, but then he nodded his head. The brunette was no better than her friend. She'd also looked very disappointed to hear about Ben.

I stood up.

The blonde reached for me.

"I'm sorry. You're right that was rude of me. Let us make it up to you. Sit down for a while."

She wanted to be the one in control. She was used to men fawning all over her.

"No, we've really gotta go. Here's my card. If you really want to get to know me, call me."

Dave reached into his pocket and handed the other girl his card. We left.

The ladies didn't look happy with us at all.

Just as we left the bar, we heard a woman yelling at us.

"Hold on, guys."

Dave and I stopped and turned around.

Two good looking women were smiling at us.

"Oh that was great. You put those gold diggers in their places. You made the right decision. Trust me."

The lady who was doing all the talking was tall and slim. She must have been 5 foot 11. The other lady was normal height, 5'6'' maybe. She had hips. She had already snuggled up to Dave. Dave put his arm around her as I looked at them. She smiled at him and snuggled closer. She hadn't said a word.

"I'm Wayne and this is Dave. Pleased to meet you."

"I'm Lissa, two S's. This is Brianne. Do you mind if we join you?"

Dave and Brianne were kissing already.

I glanced over at them and then grinned at Lissa. "I don't think Dave will mind."

Dave backed away blushing. Then he turned to Brianne.

"Do you wanna go to my place, honey?"

Brianne gave him a big smile and threw herself at him. Her ass was perfect. Dave kneaded it hard. Brianne moaned. Dave gave me a shit- eating grin and they left.

I turned to Lissa.

"Your friend doesn't say much, Lissa."

She giggled. "Oh she can talk, Wayne. She's just horny. That's all."

"I could tell, Lissa. So could Dave."

"You're not upset are you, Wayne?"

"Upset? of course not, Lissa. Your friend is beautiful. Dave is a lucky man. But he's my good buddy. I'm happy for him."

"What makes her beautiful, Wayne? Tell me."

"She has a very pretty face, Lissa, and she has a way of carrying herself."

"Oh come on Wayne. That may all be true, but what really makes her beautiful to you?"

"OK Lissa, remember you asked for this. She has a fantastic ass, Lissa. Happy?"

Lissa grinned at me. "See, I knew that was the reason. You're not upset that I picked you and not Brianne, Are you?"

"Lissa honey, would you please do a twirl for me?"

Lissa blushed, but then she gave me a sexy look and then an even sexier pirouette.

"Mmmm Lissa, how could I be disappointed? Your legs go on forever."

She smiled at me and then leaned in for a passionate kiss.

I kissed her and stroked her back. Lissa purred.

"I hardly know you, Wayne, and I'm not quite as easy as my friend, but just so you know, I'm liking where this is going so far."

"Me too, Lissa, let's go for a coffee then."

"Sounds like a plan, Wayne."

We linked up arms and headed to a coffee bar down the street.

The place was dark and quiet. Lissa's face was beautiful in the candle light.

"So Lissa, you picked me did you?"

She blushed. "Yes Wayne. We saw you guys with Ben Latimore and that pretty girl. We were wondering which guy the girl was with. She seemed to be talking with all 3 of you. Brianne and I decided all 3 of you were sexy. I wasn't sure which one of you I liked the most."

"Really? I thought Ben would be on top for sure."

"Oh Wayne, Ben is sexy, but so are you honey, so are you. Anyways when Ben and the lady left, we decided to go after you guys. We were discussing which guy we wanted. I really wasn't picky to be honest. Dave is sexy as well. Anyways we were discussing things and then those two top heavy sluts sat down with you. Brianne and I were pissed at each other for a second there. Nothing major mind you, just disappointed. Then you put the blonde in her place. I decided I wanted you then. Dave was just going with the flow. He probably would have hit on the brunette, and when those two found out you guys weren't made of money they would have ditched you both. So anyways Brianne was happy to go for either one of you so we rushed up to catch you."

"Wow Lissa. I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that I was sexy, but I'm happy you did. There's no way I could be as sexy as you, Lissa."

"Oohhh Wayne, you're such a sweetie."

We chatted about the normal things and she laughed at the appropriate times when I slipped in my little jokes. Lissa was not only was gorgeous, she had a brain and a sense of humor that matched mine. I was very much hoping we would become a couple. I didn't want to screw things up.

We decided to leave and I put my arm around her. Lissa snuggled up to me like we had been together for years. I gave her a quick kiss. She giggled.

I had travelled to work by subway like usual. Lissa led me to her car. We stopped to kiss before we got in.

"Lissa honey."

"Yes Wayne."

"I really like you, honey. I don't want this to be a one night thing. I want us to really get to know each other."

Lissa kissed me hard

"Wayne honey, that's just what I was thinking."

She drove me home. We were chatting like old friends.

"Come on inside for a bit, Lissa."

She smiled at me and nodded her head.

We kissed again and I finally kneaded her ass. It was skinnier than Brianne's, but it was just as perfect.

Lissa's hand dropped and she stroked my hard cock through my jeans.

"Oh Lissa."

"Let's go ahead and do this, Wayne. We both want it."

I led her to the bedroom. We kissed again and it was wonderful. Our clothes quickly disappeared. My mouth dropped open. I was staring.

Lissa giggled.

"What's wrong, Wayne?"

"Nothing's wrong, Lissa. You're so beautiful, honey. I'm just not used to being with someone as beautiful as you."

She giggled again. "You look pretty good yourself, Wayne."

We fell on the bed and my cock was inside her in no time. We kissed each other passionately as we thrashed against each other. It didn't take long before I was ready to lose my load. Lissa sounded like she was close as well. I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled out and came all over her chest.

We hugged and kissed afterwards. I looked into her eyes. She was staring right back at me. It was intense.

"Lissa honey."

"Yes Wayne."

"I know it's way to early for anything serious, but that was amazing. I really like you a lot, babe."

She kissed me hard.

"I really like you too, Wayne. I'm on the pill, honey. I swear. You can come in me next time, honey."

She reached for the Kleenex and wiped up the cum. Lissa's tits weren't very big but they fit with her long slim body. I leaned in and started sucking them.

Lissa went crazy.

"Oh god, Wayne. Keep doing that. My nipples are so sensitive."

She was moaning loudly as I played with her titties and her nipples. After a while Lissa gave me a sexy grin and then moved down to play with my cock. She licked me and blew on me and kissed me. She was an excellent cock sucker. I was rock hard again. I pulled out of her mouth and pushed her gently onto all 4s. I spread her cheeks wide. Her ass was so firm. There was no fat on her body anywhere. I kneaded her cheeks hard and then slid my cock into her pussy from the rear. We bucked at each other madly and finally I dropped a load into her pussy.

We fell back on the bed and kissed each other lightly. I was stroking her flanks. Goosebumps rose up on her body.

"Oh Wayne."

She snuggled up into me and we just cuddled for a while.

"So Lissa honey."

"Yes Wayne."

"What's your full first name? I'm guessing it's not Melissa right?"

"You're right, Wayne. Don't laugh please."

I pulled her in and kissed her tenderly.

"OK, my name is Mona Lissa Peabody."

I kissed her again.

"So your first name is Mona and your middle name is Lissa?"

"That's right."

"Oh, I was thinking it was Carlissa or something like that."

"Carlissa would be OK. Everyone used to make fun of me when I was little. I hate the name Mona."

"I can see that Lissa. My name is Wayne George Trumbull. I'm not crazy about my name either, Liss. It sounds old fashioned. I'd rather be a Trevor or something."

"Wayne honey, Wayne suits you just fine. Be proud of it."

"If you say so, Liss." We kissed again.

"Wayne honey. I don't have to be in to work tomorrow until 10. I'd like to stay tonight."

"What a great idea, Lissa."

We kissed again.

"Lissa honey, would you mind if I played with your ass for a while? Your ass is amazing, babe."

Lissa grinned at me and then lied on her stomach. I dove right in. I was kneading her hard. She was moaning in no time. I started licking her cheeks. Her moaning grew louder.

My finger found its way up her butthole.

"Oh Wayne."

I started wiggling my finger around. Lissa started whimpering. I was chewing her butt and my finger started pistoning. She bucked into my finger.

I finally pulled out my finger and then inserted my tongue. I licked around her anus and Lissa went crazy. She was screaming. It must have been a monster orgasm. She finally calmed down and then she came up to kiss me hard.

"My God Wayne. Nobody has ever made me cum that hard before."

We kissed again passionately.

"Lissa honey, have you ever tried anal?"

"Yes Wayne, I didn't really enjoy it though."

"Liss honey, I'm guessing you will like it a lot if we do it right."

She kissed me hard.

"We can try it if you want, Wayne. I'm ready for anything after that."

I made sure I used lots of lube and then started very gently. It didn't take long for Lissa to get into it. She started bucking at me. I had a monster orgasm as I came in her ass. We kissed each other tenderly afterwards.

"Lissa honey?"

"Yes Wayne."

"I'm ready to commit. I will only be with you honey. I don't want anybody else touching you, babe."

"Oh Wayne, I agree. I don't want anybody else. You're amazing, Wayne."

"We kissed passionately."

We fell asleep in each other's arms.

I had forgotten to set the alarm. When I looked at the clock, I had to scramble and take a really quick shower to get to work on time. Lissa sat up in bed as I was getting dressed.

"I gotta go, babe. Please let yourself out. I'll text you later to see what's up for tonight OK?"

"OK, bye Wayne."

I leaned down to kiss her briefly and dashed off to catch the train.

Lissa basically moved in with me right away. She still had her own place but she was almost never there. We were hot and heavy for the next while. She was a perfect girlfriend. I hadn't found anything remotely annoying about her and the sex was amazing.

I bumped into Myra on the subway one day. We chatted for a bit and then arranged to meet for lunch. I was curious to hear more about how things were going with her and Ben.

I called Lissa. I didn't want there to be any misunderstandings.

"Hey Liss, I just wanted to let you know, I'm meeting Myra for lunch today. She's the girl you saw me with Ben and Dave the night we met.

"OK Wayne, be a good boy."

"We're just friends, babe."

"OK, Bye honey."

Myra was looking fabulous as always. She had a way of looking prim and proper but sexy at the same time. I don't know how she managed it. We hugged quickly and then sat down to lunch.

"So Myra, Ben's in England now huh?"

"Yes Wayne. We still chat on the phone, but he's in England, and he's a free agent and so am I."

"Well Myra, I must say, I'm a little surprised about that. I thought you guys would be a couple by now."

Myra blushed. "We dated, Wayne. I like Ben. I like him a lot actually. We had some heavy petting sessions but we were never fully intimate if you know what I mean."

"Myra honey, that's TMI. I don't need to hear about the nitty gritty details."

Myra grinned at me. "What Wayne? You're no prude."

"No Myra, I'm no prude. But those kind of details should remain private."

Myra studied me. I felt a little uncomfortable.

"Well, just so you know, Ben invited me to go to England with him. He wanted us to become a true couple."

"I'm not surprised, Myra. He's really sick of all of the gold diggers."

Myra nodded her head. "I know, Wayne. He made that clear."

"So, I guess I'm surprised you didn't accept, Myra."

"Wayne, I'm not ready to become Ben Latimore's official girlfriend. I'd be in the papers and everything over there. I'm just not ready for that. There are still things that I want to do for me."

"I guess that makes sense, Myra."

"What's up with you, Wayne? Seeing anyone special?"

"Actually yes. I met my girlfriend the same night that we got together with Ben there. We've been an item ever since."

"What's she like?"

"She's pretty amazing. She's smart, funny, beautiful. I could go on."

"Wow, sounds like you've got it bad, Wayne."

"Yeah, it's only been 2 months though. She's perfect to me and I'm perfect to her right now. What happens in a few more months?"

"What are you saying, Wayne?"

"You were there, Myra, when I was with Heather. You saw what happened. I thought Heather was perfect too. I was wrong."

"I know Heather's side of the story. I've never heard your side. I thought you dumped her because you wanted to spread your wings."

I stared at Myra in astonishment. "You what?"

"You know Wayne. Sow your wild oats and all that."

"Myra, Myra, you've got it all wrong. All wrong."

"Really Wayne? Explain it to me further then."

"I was just a kid. I wasn't really all that confident. There were a bunch of different girls I was interested in. You were high on my list, Myra, maybe even the top of the list."

She blushed. "Really Wayne?"

"Yes Myra, anyways, I daydreamed about girls but I would never get up the courage to make a true play for any of them. Then Heather started paying more attention to me. She made it clear that she liked me. Heather had been on my list of girls that I liked, sure, but I wasn't really thinking about her all that much until she made the first move. She was attractive. She was a nice girl and she liked me. That pretty much did it for me. I asked her out and the rest was history."

"You were a great couple for a while."

"Yes we were. The sun rose and set with Heather. I was already dreaming about growing old with her. I wasn't interested in any other girls. We became lovers eventually and it was wonderful. I was in heaven."

"What happened, Wayne?"

"C'mon, Myra. You must have noticed. Heather started flirting with other guys. She was posing and smiling for almost any guy she met."

She nodded her head reluctantly. "I did notice her flirting with other guys. I actually mentioned it to her one time while you were still together. I told her she should quit it."

"Yeah, well, guess what Myra? She didn't quit it. First, Chuckie came to me. He was really sorry. He told me that Heather was flirting with him pretty hard. He was ignoring her and she kept on flirting with him."

"Oh my god."

"Yep, then it was Frank's turn. Same story."

"You're shitting me."

"Nope, then Dave, then Ben."

"You've got to be shitting me, Wayne."

"Nope. Myra, she flirted with all of my best friends enough that they came to me, all separately, and told me about it."


"So of course I had a chat with Heather. I told her that her flirting had to stop. She was embarrassing me and she was hurting me."

"What did she say?"

"She said she would stop."

"And then?"

"A couple of weeks later I caught her flirting with Ricky."

"Ricky Shaeffer? You're shitting me?"

"No Myra. We all knew that Ricky was a pig. He had taken the virginity of half the girls in the school and then treated them like shit afterwards."

"Yes, Heather and I both listened to girls cry on our shoulders over Ricky."

"Exactly. Heather knew that he was a pig, but I caught her simpering for him. Ricky had his hand on her back and she was pressed up close to him."


"I'm convinced that Heather was about to cheat on me with Ricky. He wouldn't be taking her virginity. He'd just be providing her a little excitement on the side. Heather could then go back to reliable old Wayne for true affection."

"That lying slut."

"Exactly Myra. So of course I dumped her. What else could I do? The girl that I thought I loved was history. I was a wreck."

"Oh Wayne, I never knew. I believed Heather's side. She told a totally different story."

"Well if you don't believe me, ask Ben about her sometime. Ask Dave."

"Oh I believe you, Wayne. You've never lied to anyone that I've heard about. A couple of things came clearer to me as you were speaking. I almost wish I said yes to you when you asked me out."


"You did cut quite a swath through the female population of the school after that, Wayne."

I looked at Myra and blushed.

"Yeah I guess, but I never planned it that way."

"What happened after you guys split then?"

"Like I said, Myra, I was a wreck. My confidence was shot. The only girl I ever loved wasn't satisfied with me. I was at a party. Heather was already snogging with Billy Thompson."


"Yeah, I'm not sure if she was doing it to get me jealous or what, but it just made me more depressed."

"I can see that."

"Yeah so I was sitting at the kitchen table at that party staring into nothing feeling depressed and ignoring everybody."


"And Leigh Johnston came and talked to me."

Myra's face wrinkled in distaste. "Leigh Johnston."

"Hey. I know Leigh played around, but she was a really nice girl. She was perfect for me right then."

"Yeah right."

"Myra. I was a wreck. I wasn't crying, but I was almost there."


"Yes, Leigh sat down and stroked my ego. Let me tell you, it needed a little stroking. She told me I was a great guy. She told me there were other fish in the sea and not to worry about Heather. She told me I was better off."

"All of that is exactly true."

"I was still feeling like shit. I accused her of just trying to make me feel better. She told me there were lots of girls at the school who would love to date me. I said BS. She leaned over and kissed me."

"And you ended up in the sack. Right?"

"Yes Myra, you say that like it was a bad thing. We both enjoyed ourselves. I was in a much better head space after that."

"Of course you were."

"Well, I followed Leigh around at school for a while. I had already appointed her as my next girlfriend in my mind. Leigh pulled me aside and set me straight."

"She did?"

"Yes, you see Leigh had a boyfriend."

"She did?"

"Yes, he went to the U of T. He came home every couple of weeks. Leigh and her boyfriend were faithful to each other while he was home in Lindsay but they had an arrangement."

"An arrangement?"

"Yes, the guy knew he wouldn't be able to stay faithful to her while he was away at school. He told her up front that he was going to hook up with the party girls on campus. He wanted to break things off totally but Leigh didn't want to give him up so they came up with the arrangement."

"So he fucked party girls and Leigh fucked party guys but otherwise they were a couple?"


"Wow, I could never do that."

"Me either, but it worked for them. Leigh was always totally honest with me and she was really nice, Myra."

"OK, I can see that I guess."

"Right, so I started to think about who should be my next girlfriend. Guess who was at the top of my list, Myra?"

She blushed. "Me? But you never said anything then."

"Yes it was you, Myra, but Heather was making a true nuisance of herself by that point. You remember what she was like?"

"Yes I remember."

"She was stalking me. I couldn't think straight. Just when I would think to myself, OK I'm going to find Myra and talk to her, Heather would show up and whine at me. She would make a public spectacle out of things. It was horrible."

"I saw a couple of times where she begged you. It wasn't fun to watch."

"Anyways, I was at another party. How come you almost never came to those parties, Myra?"

"I never liked those parties, Wayne. Boys wouldn't take no for an answer."

"Anyways, Heather had already made her public display for the night. She had stomped out angrily. I was just chillin and then Barbie came over and made herself comfortable."

"Barbie, why am I not surprised?"

"I knew Barbie was a slut. Heck, she'd already been with all of my friends except for Ben. I wonder if she ever hooked up with him? Anyways, Barbie pressed her tits into me and I took advantage of them. Why shouldn't I? I knew she just wanted sex. Her tits felt good. I was a guy. I did what any guy would do."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Heather still was stalking me and I could never get in the right frame of mind to ask you out. Girls kept coming up to me and making themselves available. I never chased any of them. The only girl I thought about chasing was you, Myra."

"So how many were there, Wayne?"

"Seven, I guess, not counting Heather. I never had any serious conversations with any of them. It was always obvious that we were having casual sex. None of the girls expected me to be their boyfriend."

"Seven, I thought it was more, Wayne."

"Nope just 7. I hooked up with Leigh 3 or 4 times but the rest were all just one time things."

"Hmmm, interesting."

"What Myra?"

"Well if you weren't attached, Wayne, I would be propositioning you right now."

"Holy shit, Myra. You're serious?"

"Yes Wayne." Myra looked vulnerable.

I was in shock.

"But what about Ben?"

"I already told you, Wayne. He's bonking groupies in England, and I'm single."

"You sound a little bitter, Myra."

"Well, he wanted me to go with him but when I refused, he got a little angry. He threw it in my face that he would be fucking a lot of girls. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised."

"That doesn't sound like Ben."

"Oh he was upset. He really wanted me to go with him. He apologized profusely later."

"Yeah, I guess I can see it."

Myra sighed. "I wish I knew your story earlier, Wayne. What's your girlfriend's name? Tell me more about her."

"Her name is Lissa. She's really tall. 5 foot 11. She's slim with dark black hair. She really is gorgeous."

"I can see your eyes light up when you talk about her, Wayne. She's a lucky girl."

I focused on Myra again.

"You really surprised me today, Myra. I'm a little shook up."

"Me too, Wayne. You treat Lissa right. You hear me?"

"Oh Myra. You're such a wonderful person. I can't believe you would be with me."

Myra started to cry. We stood up and hugged each other.

"I need to get back to work, Wayne. I'm going to clean myself up in the ladies room OK?"

"Yes Myra."

I took care of the bill while Myra was making herself up. We pecked each other on the cheek and then I went back to work.

Lissa gave me a hug and a kiss when I got home.

"How was your lunch date, Wayne?"

"It wasn't a date, Liss. We bumped into each other in the subway and then decided to catch up."

Lissa looked at me. "Why so defensive, Wayne?"

I blushed. "Myra is a really nice lady, Lissa. I asked her out once and she turned me down, but we've been friends forever. We went to high school together."

"Yeah, but she's with Ben Latimore now right?"

"That's what I thought. They did date for a while there, but Ben's back in London and bonking groupies according to Myra."

"I see. She's upset with him then?"

"Well, Ben wanted her to go to London with him and she refused."

"She refused? Wow, that would be a dream for a lot of girls."

"I thought she would have accepted as well. They still talk on the phone. They may eventually become a real couple but for now she's single."

"Hmmm, you really like this girl, don't you, Wayne?"

"Yes Lissa, I hoped she would become my girlfriend for a while at one time."

"What happened at lunch today, Wayne?"

"Well I started talking about you, Liss. It was all good, honey. Anyways I made a comment that it had only been 2 months. We were still perfect for each other. I wondered if things would be the same in the future."

"And then what? Something happened, Wayne. I can tell."

"I got to talking about my first girlfriend. I told you about her before. Myra was friends with Heather. She had only heard Heather's side of the story before. I told her my side today."

"I see."

"And then I told her about the rest of the girls in high school. We've been through all of this already, Liss."

"Yes, and how did Myra react, Wayne?"

"She surprised me, Lissa."

"She did?"

"Yeah, she says she wished she heard my story earlier."

"So she wants to be with you now does she?"

"Lissa honey, you would have to meet Myra to see it, but she is the nicest person I've ever met. She could see that I really liked you a lot. She told me to treat you right."

"She did?"

"Yes Liss. I'm still gung ho for you, babe."

"Gung ho huh?" said Lissa with a flirty grin. "Care to prove that, Mister?" She posed for me sexily.

I attacked her.

Lissa was giggling. We made passionate love.

Lissa was wonderful, but I still found myself wondering what it would be like to date Myra. I had to talk about it with somebody. I called Dave and set up to meet him for drinks that Friday night.

When I told Lissa that I was going to meet up with Dave she was understanding. Brianne had been bugging her to go out. She arranged to go out with her the same night.

"Hey Buddy, long time no see."

"Yeah, sorry, Dave. Lissa and I are pretty into each other right now. We're in the honeymoon stage. How about you and Brianne?"

"Brianne?" responded Dave with a grin.

"You remember her, Dave. Gorgeous ass, doesn't talk much."

Dave laughed.

"You got that right, Buddy. We fucked like rabbits for 3 days straight. I swear I had more orgasms than conversations with Brianne."

"I'm not really surprised."

"Yeah well, I called her up a few days later and she didn't want to see me. She was already hooking up with another guy."

"I see."

"Yeah, Brianne is an amazing fuck, but she's a party girl."

"I see."

"She called me up to apologize a few weeks later. We hooked up again, but she basically said she wasn't ready to settle down yet."


"You're worried about Lissa huh?"

"A little, she's out with Brianne right now."

"Ahhhh, well there's no doubt that Brianne will be on the prowl. I wonder how Lissa will handle that?"

"Yeah, me too."

"So, if you're that in to Lissa, why did you call me?"

"I had lunch with Myra the other day."

"Yeah, how are things with her and Ben?"

"They dated for a while. Ben asked her to go to London with him. She said no."

"She said no? Ben must not have been happy."

"I guess Ben was angry. He told her he would be bonking groupies in England."

"Wow, he must have been really pissed."

"He apologized later. They still chat on the phone."

"So what else did you guys talk about?"

"I talked a little about Lissa and somehow that led in to me talking to her about Heather."

"Heather? Really?"

"Yeah, Myra had only heard Heather's side of the story. She had no idea how bad Heather was getting."

"Ahhh, that explains that."


"Myra called me a couple of nights ago to chat."

"And you talked about Heather right?"

"Yep, how much did I say back in high school again?"

"Not much, Dave, just that Heather was flirting with you and crossing the line. I should be careful."

"Yeah well, I'll give you a little more detail now. She was thrusting her breasts out at me. I was trying not to look.

She said "Cmon Dave, don't I have nice titties? Don't you want to see more of them?"

"You're Wayne's girl, Heather. Don't do this."

"Oh come on, Dave. Aren't they nice?"

I swear man, she had them on full display. I couldn't help but look.

"They're very nice, Heather, now put them away."

"Oh, why are all you guys the same. She flounced off."

"Wow, thanks for the warning, Dave. What a fucking slut."

"Yeah, I'm not sure what set her off. She was good with you for a while. Then she became a totally different person."

"Yeah well, anyways, Myra then got me talking about the other girls I was with in high school."

"And then?"

"Myra blew my mind, Dave."

"What do you mean?"

"She told me that she would be propositioning me right there if I wasn't with Lissa."

"Holy shit, man."

"That's what I thought."

"So now what?"

"Lissa is amazing, Dave."

"Yeah, but we're talking about Myra here. She is the nicest person I've ever met and she's fucking hot."

"I know, Dave. I can't stop thinking about the possibilities."

"Man, Myra actually wants you? Wow."

"Any advice, Dave?"

"Yeah, pass me that horseshoe so I can get a chance at Myra."

We both laughed.

"I don't know man. It's your call. I'd be asking Lissa some questions about tonight for sure. That should help you decide."

We moved on to other topics. Dave is a great friend.

I got home about midnight.

Lissa was there waiting. We kissed.

"How'd it go with Dave, honey? What did you guys talk about?"

"We had a good time, babe. Dave's a great guy. How about you and Brianne?"

Lissa looked uncomfortable. She was having trouble saying anything.

"Here Liss, let me guess. You stop me when I say something wrong OK?"

She looked at me in wonderment and nodded her head.

"OK, you got to the bar and sat down. Brianne scoured the room for good looking guys. She found some guys that interested her and then asked which one you liked best. Right?"

Lissa nodded her head again.

"You said, Brianne honey, I'm with Wayne, I shouldn't be looking, and she said, It's only looking, Lissa. C'mon which one do you like? Right?"

Lissa looked like she might cry.

"You didn't follow us or something did you, Wayne?"

"No Lissa. I was with Dave, just like I said. Should I continue?"

"You might as well, you've got it perfect so far."

"OK, so some other guys tried to pick you up and you shut them down. Right?"

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