He27747 My Perfect Woman

by WelshWriter

Copyright© 2014 by WelshWriter

Fiction Sex Story: A senior citizen finds a great site and his perfect woman

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

I woke suddenly with a start. I wasn't sure what had woken me but was surprised to see my computer screen flickering in the corner of the bedroom. I was sure I had turned it before I went to bed. I'd been working with a site that I'd found a couple of days earlier, 'yourperfectwoman.com' It was a great programme and I'd had a lot of fun with it. I was in my mid sixties, retired and divorced. Over the last couple of days I'd come up with some fantastic females. Tall, leggy blondes, brunettes, red heads, all in their late twenties or early thirties. I'd let my imagination run riot. Most of my creations were totally impractical. Perfect figures, big busts, and looks that you only found in celebrity or porn magazines.

I got out of bed and crossed the room and sat in front of the screen. One by one, my creations flashed up and, one by one were over laid with a large red cross, before disappearing from the screen. The computer was rejecting all of my fantasies. When my final "perfect woman" disappeared from the screen, the computer clicked off and re-started. The original programme re-appeared on the screen. This time though I wasn't even touching the keyboard. I watched as the "age" box flashed up and a tick appeared in the the sixty plus section. Next the "height" section, five feet four was selected automatically. I sat and watched as the computer went through the whole programme, hair colour, eye colour until finally the select box appeared. I sat waiting for the next set of instructions, but they didn't appear. Instead, the select icon just flashed at me.

I waited for five minutes, but still the screen flashed. Finally I pressed the select button and waited to see what would happen. Nothing. I pressed the select again, but still no response. I was about to log off the computer, when I heard a movement behind him. I swivelled my chair round and my mouth dropped open. Sitting on my unmade bed, looking directly at him, was a woman. Blonde, around five feet four and roughly my own age. "What the!!!!" I stuttered. The woman put a finger to her lips, in a gesture of silence. As I sat and looked at her, I heard the computer behind me whir into action. I was jerked out of my trance by a metallic voice from behind him. "Thank you for your input, Mr Russell." I turned sharply. The voice was coming from the computer. On the screen was the woman who was sitting on the bed. "Your input has been accepted and a prototype model has been prepared, please select accept to continue." I turned to look at the woman again. Her image began to fade as I looked at her. "You have one minute to accept or the image will be deleted," the computer said. I moved my finger to the accept key and turned to look at the woman again. I pressed the key while looking at her and saw her image begin to solidify. After around a minute, she was there, not a computer creation, but a flesh and blood woman. She stood up and smiled at him. "Good evening, I'm HE27747. Do you approve?"

I was speechless, my mouth opening and closing but no sound escaping. Finally I gathered my senses. "W-w-who, who are you," I asked shakily. "I'm your perfect woman," she replied. "B-but you're nothing like what I created," I stuttered. "The programme over-rode your input. It didn't seem to compute, so it came up with a creation of it's own. I hope you like the results." I looked at her again, more carefully this time. She was, like me, in her mid sixties. Much older than my creations. She was around five feet four, shorter than my creations. Her blonde hair barely reached her shoulders again shorter. She was very different to the women I had imagined. Her attire was nothing special. A thin woollen top that hugged her upper body and an everyday skirt that reached to just below her knees. Although she wasn't head of the class in the looks department, she had an aura about her. The room seemed to light up each time she smiled at me. I turned back to the computer. Would it still work the same way that it did before?

I moved the cursor onto the woollen top and clicked. I turned round and my eyes lit up. HE27747 was now standing there in just her bra and skirt. The bra was sheer black lace and I could see her large nipples through the thin material. I'd never have selected someone of her age, but had to admit that from what I could see, she had a really nice pair of tits. I turned to the computer again and clicked on the skirt. Again I turned and gasped at what I saw. HE27747 was now standing there skirtless. Her lower body was clad in matching panties and suspender belt, with shiny black stockings. I certainly did like what I saw. My eyes travelled over her body again. The bra was pushing her breasts together creating an almost perfect cleavage. Her panties weren't the type I'd fantasised about. They weren't the thong type I'd imagined. As she turned slowly, I could see that the sheer material totally covered her generous ass cheeks and hugged the swell of her pussy tantalisingly.

I never wore anything in bed so was sitting totally naked at the computer, completely forgetting that I wasn't alone in the room. I hadn't realised the effect that she was having on me. I was reminded though as HE27747 looked at me and smiled. I followed her gaze and blushed as I looked down at my rampant cock. "Well, I'm happy that you approve of what we have created for you," she said. The parameters that I'd entered flooded back into my memory and I turned and moved the cursor to the image's lips and clicked on them. I spun round again and she was walking towards me. In my original input I had selected oral sex and HE27747 was about to prove that some of my own input was still on file. She stood in front of me and slowly sank to her knees, reaching out and wrapping her fingers around my erect shaft. I was surprised, as I felt the warmth of her hand around him. I hadn't expected this, after all she was a computer generation and I didn't expect her to feel like a real woman. She began to slowly slide her hand up and down my shaft, working from it's base to the pre-cum coated, shiny knob. Her actions caused another small bead of pre-cum to form at the eye of it. Her head went down towards the source and I gasped as I felt it bathed in the warmth of her mouth. I leant back and looked down at her blonde hair as she slowly slid her lips up and down my thick shaft. I'd had my cock sucked many times before, but this was different. HE27747 was my perfect woman and she was giving me the perfect blow job. If this what the computer had in store for him, I was looking forward to it. I had never had a blow job like it before. HE27747 was taking all of my seven inches deep into her throat and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

I screwed round, being careful not to pull my cock out of HE27747's mouth and looked at the choices on the computer screen. My eyes fell on the icon of a pussy and a tongue. With difficulty I manoeuvred the cursor onto it and clicked. She rose from her knees, took of her panties and walked back towards the bed. I watched as she sat on the edge, spreading her legs wide. My eyes widened. Her pussy was perfect. A tight pink hole surrounded by petal-like lips. She was sitting there staring at him, caressing the insides of her thighs. I got up and followed her towards the bed. HE27747 lay back and lifted her feet onto the bed, causing her thighs to open even wider. Now it was my turn to drop to my knees. I moved between her open thighs and breathed her aroma in. I was surprised. She didn't smell like the other women I had been with. Instead of the musky smell of sex, my nostrils were assailed with a sweet perfume. I could see the shiny pink bud of her clit, peeking from its little hood. I lowered my head down to the source of the perfume and breathed deeply. My mouth was drawn, almost magically to the soft folds of pink flesh. As my lips made contact with HE27747's most sensitive parts, I heard her moan above him. I recalled clicking the "reponsive" box. I loved to hear a woman's sighs and groans as I pleasured her.

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