The Company New Year's Eve Party

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Sue Anne was going to the Company New Year's Eve party with her fraternal twin, Calvin, who was going to pick her up. Of course, he was early, as she expected, finding her wearing only her panties and bra. She let him in and walked away barking at him that he was early. But it was really their boss, Ken Desmond, who'd promised Calvin that he'd pick her up, when Calvin had a problem. A romance was born!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Oral Sex   .

She hurried around the apartment, having realized that she misjudged the time just a bit. She knew Calvin well enough to be aware of the fact that he'd either be on time or just a bit early.

Sue Anne Raymond was counseling herself to stay calm and cool. If Calvin, her fraternal twin, who promised to pick her up and take her to the company New Year's Eve party, was indeed early, he could jolly well just wait.

She stood in front of the the bathroom mirror and smiled at herself. There was a lovely reddish sheen to her hair. It set off the pale blue of her eyes well. She had her makeup on, not too much, not too little was her mantra with makeup, and was getting closer to being ready.

She felt festive and allowed herself a little bit of festive attire to set off the evening's fun. At her present age of 26, Sue Anne was a true treat, a true beauty! The festive attire that she was planning on was certainly only for herself but it made her feel good and positively giggly.

She looked again into the mirror and did a kind of turn around to check out how she looked.

She was wearing a pair of thin, red, bikini panties that had a band of white lace a the waist. They looked fetchingly delicate. She liked that, approved. She'd bought them for herself for Christmas, and promised that she'd wear them for this party.

She also wore a bra to match. It too had the cups surrounded by the white lace, against the red of the fabric of the bra.

Sue Anne grinned at herself in the mirror.

"Very nice! Very festive!" she said.

Then the doorbell rang.

"Oh, shit!" she said to herself. "Calvin Raymond, I'll kill you for being early."

She hustled out to the apartment door, and wrenched it open.

"You're early!" she said, almost in a barking voice, over her shoulder, as he came into the apartment.

Ken Desmond, once he got into the apartment, seemed to be glued to the spot. He simply watched as Sue Anne Raymond, almost yelling at him over her shoulder, marched across the living room heading for the bathroom. She was accusing him of being early.

He had agreed with Calvin, for whom something had come up at the last minute, to pick up Sue Anne, Calvin's twin sister. He was glad to do it.

Ken Desmond was a whiz at business. The company and its great growth pattern was a testimony to that. He was good at relations with his staff and employees. But if the truth were told, romance was not his thing. Even at 35 he was a bit awkward with women. For whatever reason, when confronted by a lovely woman, Ken Desmond became shy and almost a bit backward. He resented that constantly and was even a student of self help books to try to turn that kind of trait around but Sue Anne Raymond was up there on the leader board of his 'most beautiful' list. And he was almost, right then simply immobile from being stunned by what he was seeing. There had never, however, been a way that he could figure out to break the ice with her, so to speak.

She really liked the big boss and smiled to herself often enough about his obvious nervousness around women in a social kind of situation. She'd certainly noticed that.

Now she was still fairly barking at him, with her back turned to him: "You're early!"

Ken stood and stared, as she moved away, simply stared. The panties that she was wearing were thin, a lovely, thin, red material, that showed her butt cheeks and the crack of her butt. He couldn't possibly take his eyes off of her and the wiggle of her butt.

But then the message finally filtered its way through his rapt attention to Sue Anne's butt in panties and made the impression on him that he should, out of politeness, answer.

"Yes, sorry!" he said.

That was it!

She heard him! She whipped around! She put her hand up to her mouth! She shrieked: "Ken! Mr Desmond!"

He was staring again but now it was at her patch of pubic hair, curly and dark, between her legs, and the slight downward curve of her large breasts, with cunning nipples.

(Those at least were the words that he was using with himself right then.)

Ken was impressed. Ken was totally impressed. He also noticed that the only thing that she was trying to cover was her mouth, with her hand. It made him smile.

Right then Sue Anne Raymond came out of it and responded: "Don't you dare, smile at me, you!"

At any other time, she would never have thought of speaking to the 'big boss' that way but it certainly was part of the situation right then.

It also made him smirk even more

"What?" she demanded to know, her hands on her hips, and the mood swing in her caused her to not even try to hide herself.

"Um," he said, stammering only a little.

This gave her a little courage, because she was aware of his awkwardness. She smiled.

"Um," he began again, "It's just ... it's just that all you tried to cover was your mouth."

She giggled then, and for a few seconds, neither of them knew what to do.

He recovered his aplomb and said: "Cal called me and asked me if I could pick you up."

"Yes," she said, "I'll kill that brother of mine."

"Well," he ventured then, figuring that if he was out on the thin ice, he might as well venture another remark: "Are you ready?"

Sue Anne shrieked with laughter and realized, in a flash, that she was indeed displaying herself to Ken Desmond right then.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she wailed and ran from the room.

He stood and simply smiled.

She came out of the bathroom and bedroom area in a few minutes. She was now wearing a kind of a pink creation, with thigh high red stockings, he knew most of what else she was wearing but not that; they were put on after Sue Anne rushed from the room. She set it off with red shoes and a lovely broach on her shoulder.

It made him feel, right then, sorry that he hadn't brought her a gift, maybe of jewelry to set her outfit off. He decided to remember that.

When she came out then, he caught his breath in his throat, and spoke his mind: "My god," he exclaimed, "Even lovelier than before, and I just didn't think that was possible!"

She grinned at him and went to him, putting her arms around him and saying softly: "You old sweet talker you!"

"Sorry," he said, "Speaking my mind before I thought!"

"Don't you 'sorry' me," she said, "I won't have it, especially when you're talking so nice to me."

She stood back then and said: "The 'sorry' should be from me for flashing you!"

"Yes," he said, "I remember that!" He was grinning. It gave him a kind of crazy courage and he said: "Could we maybe do that over again. I need to get my phone ready to take pictures." He was pleased with himself and grinning widely, when he was finished.

"Mr Desmond!" she said softly. "You're in so much trouble!"

He grinned again and nodded his head.

"Ready for the party?" he asked.

"Yes, I am," she said, "And pleased with my handsome escort!"

The walked out of the apartment together. Ken felt a kind of kinship with her that had never been there before. It put him and ease, and, he realized, helped him to not trip all over his feet this time, with this beautiful woman.

"Liked your basics!" he said.

It took her a minute or so to realize what he was talking about and then she giggled.

"Thank you," she said, "New for Christmas!"

"Very festive!" he said, "And I promise to stop talking about your underwear now!"

She giggled at that. They had set a kind of tone for their evening at the New Year's Eve party.

They went companionably to his car. He held the door for her, as she slid into the car.

Her mind was swirling at that point. She found herself not being sorry for this outcome of the beginning of the evening at all.


They got to the party and Ken excused himself to check on some arrangements, promising Sue Anne that he'd be back.

Sue Anne found Calvin there. He went to her and gave her a hug.

"Hi, love!" he said.

She smiled at him, and while they were embracing, she said: "You ass belongs to me!"

He stood back and said a surprised: "What? What happened?"

She explained it and he was laughing immediately.

"Stop it," she warned him, "Or I will show these people how easy it is for me to kick your ass!"

He held up his hands in defense and said: "Okay, okay, I'm sorry."

"Then stop laughing," she warned him, though she was laughing too.

(As a matter of fact, Sue Anne had been a long time martial arts devote and really, had she the need or desire, could have made good on her promise to kick her twin brother Calvin's ass. They both knew that.)

They stood there and he said softly: "So, really in your new, red panties and bra?"

"Yes," she said. "And that was all!"

"Well," he went on, "I hope he had his phone out and took pictures!"

She said softly: "He asked me to do it again, as a reprise, so that he could get photos taken."

Calvin was laughing then and she joined him.

Just then Ken Desmond joined them. Calvin couldn't resist. He said to Ken: "I just heard that you saw my pretty sister uncloaked!"

Ken was smiling and said: "Well, it was almost your pretty twin sister un-everythinged!"

"Gentlemen," Sue Anne said in an even and very pleasant voice: "Shall I leave you two so that you can enjoy your manly chuckles at my expense?"

Ken held up a hand then and said: "Okay, the topic is off the table!"

Calvin nodded his head and agreed, with one last smirk at Sue Anne, who stuck out her tongue at him.

"Brought you a glass of white wine," Ken said to Sue Anne, and turning to Calvin, he said: "You can shift for yourself."

"Yes," Calvin said, wandering away, and saying, as he turned, "Besides, I don't look nearly so fetching in my underwear!"

"Calvin Raymond," Sue Anne muttered in a soft voice.

"Yes, dear sister," Calvin said, "For the rest of the evening, I'm on my best behavior."

"I don't want this story passed around the business office or the plant!" Sue Anne said earnestly then. Both of the men understood that and agreed.

Then, once Calvin was gone, Sue Anne turned to Ken and said: "Thank you for the wine."

Ken was by then having second thoughts about all the merriment that had gone on at Sue Anne's expense.

"Sue Anne," he said to her softly, "I apologize for this whole thing."

"No, don't you say that," she said, putting a hand on his arm. "It was certainly not your fault. It was a misunderstanding based on lack of communication between me and my half witted brother Calvin; that's all there was to it."

"No," he said to her seriously then, "There was a huge amount more to it, is what I think! I need to say, and I will drop it then, that you were, are absolutely, blindingly beautiful!"

He smiled at her, once he'd said that. "I don't know how else to say that."

She colored a little, pulling the whole scene back into her mind and how she'd looked in her panties and bra, both extremely 'see through'.

"Thank you for that," she said to him. Then, getting up on her tip toes, kissed him on the cheek.


He smiled at her and then said: "I'm afraid that I have to circulate a bit now; need to greet people and all."

"Yes," she said, "The big boss."

"Yes," he said simply.

"Please come back to me," she said.

It pleased him that she'd asked him that and he promised that he would.

The first thing that happened was Ken making a short speech and thanking everyone for the great financial year that the company had had. He promised new year's bonuses would be distributed the following week. They clapped and cheered about that.

When he was done with the speech, the music started and people began to dance to the musical trio's music.

Calvin took Sue Anne first out to the floor to dance.

"I think that he's really struck by you," he said into her ear. "I really do."

"Do you think so?" she asked him.

"Hey," he said to her softly next, "You're beautiful even with your clothes on! What chance does he have, if he's seen you with your clothes mostly off!"

She gave him a kind of a grin then and kissed his cheek.

"Sorry about the whole mixup," he said then. "But it seemed to have worked out okay."

"Yes, it did!" she agreed, as they danced.

After the dance, they settled at a table with a few friends. Meanwhile, Ken Desmond was 'circulating', talking to people, and showing his most gracious side. During this time, however, he never took his eye off of where Sue Anne was sitting. He noticed that she danced now and then. He finished 'working the room' and exchanging talk with those that were at the party and then he wandered over in the direction of the table where Sue Anne and Calvin were sitting.

There was an extra chair; Calvin made sure of that.

"Join us, Ken," Calvin said, and Ken smiled and took the chair.

The music from the band had just stopped and then started up again.

"Dance, Sue Anne?" Ken asked.

She smiled and got up. She'd been waiting for him to ask her. She gave Calvin a kind of secret smile too, as she joined Ken and went to the dance floor.

She snuggled up against him.

Almost involuntarily, he said: "My you feel good!"

"Yes," she answered, softly, "This does feel good."

"Know what you're wearing under your dress," he said to her softly, gathering as much of his courage as he could.

"Maybe I went into the bedroom and, before putting on my dress, took them off!" she said back to him.

He gave her a surprised look then; she was grinning at him.

"No," she said next, also softly, "Still red panties!"

"With white lace at the waist," he added.

"Hmmm, the man's observant!" she said.

"The man was facing someone who was/is more beautiful than he could imagine!" he assured her.

"Watch out, Mr Ken Desmond," she said, "Or you might get kissed right here on the dance floor and that would certainly cause a stir!"

"What a nice thought!" he said.

"Yes, it is," she said to him. "I'm trying to be careful here," she went on.

"Careful?" he asked.

"Yes, my instincts tell me to grab onto you and kiss you, and maybe even have my way with you!" she said, giggling as she said it.

"Sounds dangerous, delightful!" he answered.

"Might just be!" she said.

"You are such a treat, Sue Anne! A treat in every way," he said to her then.

"Thank you," she said, "Bet I'd be even more of a treat with my dress off!"

He chuckled: "I am so much out of my league here!"

She giggled and said: "Ken Desmond, you're in good hands; I'll be so gentle with you, and take the best care of you!"

"Exactly what I need to hear!" he said.

He turned serious then, as another slow dance began and they embraced again and danced.

"I have to say that I've never been a good hand at romance; business is my forte not romance, I'm afraid."

"Well, you've come to the right person for your romance," she said, kissing his cheek. It made him smile broadly.

"People are going to talk," he said.

"Yes," she agreed, "They'll be wondering if the big boss is going to get into the pants of the new girl from billing and accounts."

"They probably will!" he said.

"But for tonight," she whispered back into his ear, "I'm going to let you go and deal with your thoughts."

"Very nice!" he said. "Know what those thoughts will be?"

"I can guess, but you tell me!" she said.

"You in those red panties and the red bra!" he told her. "That will fill my mind for nights, days, weeks, even years to come!"

"You old sweet talker!" she said, kissing his cheek again. "Thought you were a rum hand at romance; not true at all!"

"It's you encouraging me!" he said.

"Well, consider yourself encouraged!" she whispered to him. "And I want you to know that I accept midnight phone calls, or early morning phone calls, when it's dark and silent, and I'm in bed and I'm naked, and maybe even a little sweaty from the heat that my thoughts are producing!"

"Ohhh," he moaned. "I'm so out of my element here; I'm loving this!"

"It's okay, Ken," she said, "You just hold on, only the jumpers get hurt!"

He grinned at her, when she said that.

"One more glass of wine?" she asked, "Please?" as the dance ended.

"Yes," he said, "I'll get it."

She wandered back to the table, Calvin was there, and the woman that he was talking to had just wandered off.

"Looks like you were giving him the full treatment," Calvin said.

"Oh, he's grand!" she replied, and Calvin knew her well enough to realize just then that she was serious about her statement.

"You okay, love?" he asked.

"Oh," she moaned a bit, "Smitten, I think!"

"Good for you!" Calvin said, kissing her cheek. "You're right he's grand!"

"Who's grand?" Ken Desmond's voice said, as he appeared with the glasses of wine.

"Well, not me," Calvin said with a grin, "That's for sure! I'm off to get a drink too! And maybe woo a woman or two."

Sue Anne, kissed him, before he left, and he got a smile from Ken, whose back he patted, as he walked away from the table.

"Close, you two?" Ken asked.

"Very!" she said, "A no secrets kind of relationship. Growing up together for us was grand. We lived together for a long time, until we both kind of felt that it was time to get our own places and branch out."

"Family?" he asked.

"Momma, Sylvia is still alive," she said, "My Dad, Al, died of a heart attack about two years ago."

"How's she doing?" he wondered out loud.

"Oh, you're so nice to ask!" Sue Anne said, covering his hand with hers.

"She's coming out of it but needs some care now and again. It was a huge mental drain for her. Calvin and I try to spend time with her, when we can. As a matter of fact, that's how I spend most of my weekends," she explained.

"That's lovely for you to do that!" he said.

"Thank you," she said, and now she was blushing from his earnest compliment.

She thought for a moment and said: "I think that maybe I'd like you to meet her sometime."

"I'd enjoy that," he said, "If she's your Mom, she must be dazzling!"

"Oh, dear!" she sighed, speaking her mind without thinking first, "My boyfriend is going to make a pass at my Momma!"

"Boyfriend?" he asked her, a bit wide eyed.

"Sorry!" she said, giggling.

"No, no sorries now for that," he answered, "Got my attention right away."

"Yes," she said, plunging on ahead, "I have ways of getting your attention."

"Showed that tonight!" he said, "When I came to pick you up."

"That was, by the way, totally innocent," he explained "Cal asked me if I could get you, since he was going to be tied up just a bit."

She giggled. "Got an eye full, I guess!"

"And then some!" he said honestly.

"Gonna think of it tonight, when you're alone?" she asked, grinning at him.

"It's hard to stay very far ahead of you at all!" he said.

"You're right but answer my question!" she said.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said, "And the answer is 'yes'; I'll be thinking of it, when I'm alone tonight."

"Goodie!" she said.

"Have one regret though!" he said to her.

"Oh, tell me!" she wheedled.

"Didn't have the presence of mind to get my phone out and take pictures to accompany me tonight!" he said, grinning now.

"Evil minded man!" she said, giggling. "You call me, when you're about to do something about that tonight! You hear?"

"Yes," he said, allowing the very idea to fairly overwhelm him.

"Hand!" she said, and wrote her phone number on his hand, having borrowed his pen.

"It's getting close to new year's count down," he said to her. "I need to circulate a bit."

"Yes," she said, "I understand; "Make sure that you are near me for the countdown, I want to get my hands on you!"

He grinned at her and nodded, walking off to talk to people.

Calvin was there right away. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "Still smitten. Please stay here by me for the countdown."

"Yes, love," he said, "I'll hold onto you for him!"

She gave him a huge grin, and said: "I'm falling for the big boss."

"He's in trouble then!" Calvin said.

"Oh, I guess he is!" she answered, agreeing.

The music stopped then, and the people began to count the time down to the new year.

Sue Anne looked around, trying to be not too obvious about it. Calvin had his arm around her shoulder, and then Ken Desmond was there and they counted together.

When the count was finished and they sand 'Old Lang Syne', she turned and Ken had his arms on her shoulders. She followed the instincts then that she'd had all evening, since being caught by him in her undies, she kissed him.

It was a kiss that veritably sealed Ken Desmond's fate. Romance had never been his 'thing' but he'd never met someone like this, like Sue Anne.

He wandered, mentally, into the kiss and it transformed, after a few seconds, as she slightly opened her lips and ran her tongue along his lips. He accepted the tongue and met hers with his own.

"You call me!" she whispered to him.

"Yes," he said, his breathing now ragged.

"No playing with yourself until you call me!" she said.

"Yes," he agreed, "No playing with myself until I call you!"

Then he relinquished her to Calvin for a New Year's kiss and there were others for him to hug but his mind was totally taken with, dwelling on Sue Anne Raymond.

There were more dances then, and Sue Anne danced with Ken for a few of them.

Shortly after that, as Ken and Sue Anne were finishing a dance, Calvin stepped up and said: "I've been invited for a night cap with Nancy Waltz; do you mind?"

"No," Ken said, "I'll see her home."

"Thank you," he said and then shared a hug with his twin sister.

(Nancy Waltz was an older lady, mid to late 40's, who was an assistant manager. Calvin went home with her and spent the night.)

It was about then that Ken and Sue Anne left too; the party, by then, had about broken up and folks were going home.

When they got to his car —- it was a light blue Jag, a car that he loved —- they embraced before he held the door for her to get in.

He drove to her apartment building, and they both got out. She clung to him then, and reached up to kiss him. It was another passionate kiss, like the New Year's kiss.

"I'm going to explode," he said, "If we do that many more times!"

She giggled. "Like to see that!" she said, and then: "Bet I will sometime too."

"Probably!" he said, just a bit flustered.

"I've got you, Ken Desmond!" she said. "Got you with my red panties and bra and my whiles!"

"You do!" he said.

"Gonna do something dangerous now!" she said.

"Dangerous?" he asked.

"Yes," she explained, "Gonna let you go. Lots to think about."

"Yes," he said, "Thinking time!"

"You call me!" she said, "I'll be naked and waiting."

"Oh, yes," he said faintly, "You'll be naked and waiting."

The faintness of his voice pleased her.

"Gonna take good care of you!" she said.

"Thank you!" he said, "I guess I need that!"

"Oh, you do!" she said.

Then she had a thought and said: "And no face time with me naked, you bad boy!"

He chuckled. "Okay, no face time!"

"Not this time at least!" she said.

"Yes, yes," he agreed, "I'm on overload at this point as it is."

"Good sign, I think!" she said.

"Great sign!" he said.

"One more New Year's kiss?" she asked.

"Yes, one more New Year's kiss," he said.

"Proper New Year's kiss!" she declared.

"Proper?" he asked.

"Yes, kiss me and put your hands on my ass! I'll like that!" she explained, grinning at him.

"Ohhh," he moaned. "Nothing was ever like this!"

"Is now!" she said, "I've got you, Kenny Desmond!"

"You do!" he said, kissing her now and sliding his hands down her back to frame, with his hands, her butt cheeks. He had one in each hand, and was lifting them and squeezing them, pulling them apart a bit, as they kissed.

"Like that!" she declared, after the kiss was done. "Liked it a lot."

"Mmmmm," he agreed.


Then she turned and went into the building, saying softly: "Call me!"

"I will!" he agreed, and she was gone.

With a great sigh, he got into his Jag and drove off to go home. It was all swirling around in his head, as he drove.

Ken lay in bed, not entirely sure about exactly when to call her. The phone rang.

Sue Anne's voice came on the line, as soon as he picked it up and said his 'hello'.

"This is operator 16," Sue Anne said, "I have a call for a naked Ken Desmond; are you he?"

"I am," he said, delight in his voice.

"Are you naked?" Sue Anne, the operator asked.

"Um, not quite!" he said.

"Sir, this call is specifically for a naked Ken Desmond; can you put him on?"

"Yes, yes!" he said and quickly said into the phone: "Hello, this is the naked Ken Desmond."

"Hi, sweetie!" Sue Anne said into the phone. "You naked there?"

"Yes," he said, his breathing already getting a bit labored.

"I am here too," she said, "But no face time tonight, not this time at least."

"Yes," he said, "I know; no face time tonight."

"You're being such a good boy!" she said.

"Thank you," he answered

Then she turned earnest for a minute or so: "Ken," she asked. "Will you please tell me, if I'm being too brash? Will you please. I suspect that I might be making a fool of myself!"

"No, no, no," he said, "Not at all. I am so backward, where romance is concerned. I need, I guess, to be brought along, kind of cajoled. You're being exactly what I need."

"How nice!" she said. Then in a softer voice she asked: "Did I tell you, Kenny, that I'm naked, all naked me here?"

"Oh, yes," he said, "You mentioned that."

"Have you been thinking about when you picked me up, and what I was wearing?"

"Yes, I certainly have," he said.

"Tell me, tell me, Kenny, what was I wearing?" she enquired.

"Red festal panties, holiday panties: red, and shiny and see through!"

"Oh," she said, giggling, "See through?"

"Yes," he said, his voice straining.

"What did you see?" she asked.

"Um..." he hesitated wondering how exactly to put this.

"Ken," she said, a bit urgently, "Use the words, the common words; make them love words for us right now."

"Yes," he said, "The words: great, great, shapely ass, lovely ass cheeks! Marvelous tits! Big, brown nipples! Glorious pussy hair; legs that are wonderful! It was all there!"

"Love your words!" she said. "And did you like what you saw?"

"Made an indelible impression on me!" he said.

"Thinking of it now?" she asked, softly.

"Yesssss," he fairly hissed.

"All hard and stiff there? Go ahead, you can tell me!" she said.

"Yes, standing up in the air here!" he said.

"Ken, now that you've got me on the phone, and we're saying secret, sexy things to each other, I want you to play with my friend there; I want you to jerk off for me. Will you do that? Will you, Kenny?" she asked.

"Yes, I will!" he said, breathing hard now.

"Know what, Kenny?" she asked.

"What?" he said.

"If I were there know where my mouth would be?" she asked him then.

"Where?" he said, already beginning to stroke himself.

"Right at the head of my good friend," she said, "Licking and sucking! That's where my head would be!"

He moaned.

"Getting close, Kenny?" she asked, listening to his increased breathing.

"Yesssss," he said.

"Tell me, when it happens!" she said.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned, "Now!!!!! Cummmmmmmmmmmmmingggggggggggg NOwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

She giggled.

"I liked that, Kenny!" she said.

"Ohhh," he moaned. "Felt so good!"

"Good inspiration?" she asked.

"Wonderful inspiration!" he said. "Love to, long to kiss you now!"

He said.

"Guess what?" she said.

"What?" he responded.

"My turn now! You listen, while I play with my pussy, put my fingers into my cunt and think of it being your lips and tongue," she said, getting agitated herself then.

"Yes!" he responded.

"Promise to do all that for me soon?" she asked. "Jerk off and eat me!"

"Promise!" he said, "To jerk off and eat you soon!"

"Goodie!" she said, and moaned: "Oh, here I go! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

He listened and began to play with himself again.

"Wonderful!" she said, "Love sexy phone calls with you!"

"Wonderful!" He agreed, his breathing quickening.

"You're doing it again, Kenny, aren't you?" she asked, giggling.

"Yes, yes!" he said and went into another orgasm, as she listened.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, as they both calmed down.

"Ken, I'm not being too much for you, I mean, my attitude and all?" she asked truthfully.

"Being patient with me," he said, "What I need; I appreciate that. Teaching me! Bringing me along!"

"Oh, I'm so glad!" she said. "Stay naked!" she said then. "See you in the office soon! And I'll behave!"

"Hmm," he replied,"Too bad about that." She giggled before hanging up.

It gave both of them a few days for thinking.


On New Year's day, Sue Anne drove to where her Momma was living. She'd given up their big house, once her husband had died and lived in an apartment herself. A number of her friends lived in the same building.

They embraced in the doorway, as soon as Sylvia Raymond opened it.

"Sweetheart!" Sylvia said, gathering her daughter into her arms.

"Happy New Year, Momma!" Sue Anne said, kissing her Mom on the cheek.

"Happy New Year to you too!" Sylvia said. "How was the party?"

"That's what I need to talk to you about!" Sue Anne replied.

"Oh, oh," Sylvia said, "Something happened!"

"It did!" Sue Anne said

"I'll make the tea and we'll sit and talk," Sylvia said, going to the kitchen, with Sue Anne following her.

They sat then in the living room, facing each other and Sue Anne said, softly: "Momma, I met a man!"

"Ohhh," Sylvia said, clapping her hands.

"Well, not exactly," Sue Anne explained.

Sylvia said: "Okay, tell me."

"Well, it's really the big boss, Mr Desmond," Sue Anne said.

"The big boss at work?" Sylvia asked, with some surprise in her voice.

"Yes," Sue Anne said, "Let me tell you."

Then Sue Anne went into detail about the office New Year's party. She told about Calvin making arrangements with Ken Desmond to pick up Sue Anne.

She went on with the story of how she, knowing it was only Calvin, answered the door in her panties and bra.

"Panties and bra?" Sylvia said with a grin.

"Yes," Sue Anne said, matching her Momma's grin, "The red ones that I bought for Christmas!"

Sylvia had her hand over her mouth then, giggling.

"He must have been impressed!" she said.

"Yes," Sue Anne said, "He stared a lot."

"You know," Sue Anne said next, "I vowed then that I'd kill Calvin but I'm thinking that he might have done me a favor after all."

Sylvia was just smiling then at her daughter, as Sue Anne described the party and the time she'd had with Ken Desmond.

"I think that I like him, Momma!" she said.

"Then, honey," Sylvia commented, "Go after him with both guns blazing!"

Sue Anne got a broad grin on her face, once she'd heard her Momma's advice.


"My thoughts exactly," Sue Anne said. Then she went on to explain to Sylvia that Ken Desmond, by his own words and admitting wasn't a huge ladies' man.

"You just take care of him then!" Sylvia said. "That's what you do."

"Oh, I love you, Momma!" Sue Anne said, and they were hugging.

There was another phone call that night. Sue Anne spoke to Ken for a while. It was pleasant and unhurried. Sue Anne told him about talking to her Momma about him and her.

"And?" he asked.

"She approves," Sue Anne said. "And she wants to meet you."

"Good idea!" he answered.

"Work tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "Back to it!"

"See you there?" she asked.

"Looking forward to it!" he responded.

"A little more thinking?" she asked.

"Yes," he said, "It's coming along just fine."

"Good," she said, "Good night, Ken Desmond!"

"Good night, beautiful!" he said, and heard her giggle.

As a matter of fact, Ken had a plan in mind that he intended to put into action the next day.

A few things happened that day. One of them occurred to Sue Anne in the morning. In her office, she had delivered a dozen red roses. She was delighted.

She read the card and it said: "From the guy who gave you a ride to the party"; it made her giggle just thinking about it. It also made her realize that the thinking time was over.

The next thing that happened was a visit that Sue Anne had that morning.

"Good morning, Mr Desmond," she heard someone say and then he was standing in her office door, and smiling.

She went to him, and embraced him.

"Good morning, beautiful Sue Anne," he said. They kissed.

"Mmmmm," she said, "Work was never like this!"

"Is now!" he said. "I have something that I need to do this afternoon but was hoping that you'd go out to dinner with me this weekend? Friday?"

"Love to," she said.

"Pick you up at 6 PM?" he asked.

"You're on!" she said.

He went away smiling at the thought. She went away making plans for what she'd do on Friday. She was positively giggly about her plan, once she had it full in her mind.

"Ken Desmond," she said to herself, "You're in trouble!"

The other thing that happened was a visit that Ken had decided to make.

He went to the apartment building, and was fortunate enough to meet someone coming out the door. He went in, found the right apartment and went there. He knocked on the door.

He was pleased to see how much Sue Anne and Sylvia Raymond resembled each other.

Sylvia answered the door and said: "Yes, can I help you."

"Um, my name is Ken Desmond," he said, "And I think that I am in love with your daughter Sue Anne!"

"Ohhh," Sylvia said, totally pleased, and pulling him into a hug. "Come in, you wonderful man!"

She showed him into her small apartment and invited him to have a cup of coffee with her. He accepted.

"Now tell me why you came to me," she said.

"Oh," he began, "It just seemed to be the right thing to do."

She smiled at him. "I think that my Sue Anne has found herself a wonderful gentleman!" Sylvia said with some enthusiasm.

"Thank you," he said.

"How do you feel about it?" Sylvia asked.

"Well, we're taking a little 'thinking time'," he said. "It seems to have been a rush right up until now."

"Yes," Sylvia said with a short laugh. "Sue Anne told me about you picking her up for the New Year's party, instead of her brother Calvin."

He blushed then, and Sylvia laughed.

"Yes," he said, "That was unforeseen, and a total kind of shocker for me."

"She said as much, when we talked," Sylvia said. Then she went on: "Yes, you're right; she and I talk about everything."

"Ohhhh!" he said.

"No, now don't you worry," Sylvia went on, "She's not going to tell me those kinds of details!"

"Why don't we just conspire a little," Sylvia said.

"Conspire?" he asked.

"Yes," she said, "In the middle of next week, Sue Anne is coming to dinner. Why don't you come also, only a little early and we'll surprise her."

"I'm really trying to watch the pace of this," he said. "I don't want to hurry her into anything!"

"Or be hurried either, I guess!" Sylvia said.

"Well, no," he agreed.

Then he admitted to being a bit 'backwards' about romance and not always being sure of himself with women.

"You're in absolutely good hands with Sue Anne," Sylvia announced at last.

"Yes, it feels that way!" he said. "I was wondering," he went on then, "Can you help?"

"Yes," she answered, waiting for his reply and explanation.

"I want to, long to do something nice, something spectacular for her. Any ideas?" he asked.

Sylvia gave a little laugh.

"This is so nice," she said, "Conspiring against her. I love it. There are some things that you might help with."

"Good!" he answered, "Just tell me!" He leaned forward in his eagerness.

"The two things that she has talked to me about that bother her are the smallness of her apartment; it's what she can afford, you see."

He nodded and simply salted that idea away.

"And?" he prompted.

"Well," Sylvia explained, "Sue Anne has been fretting about her car too."

He gave an audible sigh. He was so obviously pleased with this piece of knowledge.

"Oh, fine!" he said. "I can do something about that."

"She's been living with Calvin until just recently," Sylvia explained. "She's only lately gone out on her own, and, now with this new job, will be doing fine but has been struggling. Up to now it's been a major effort to pay off student loans, but that's done now too."

"This is helping me a great deal!" he said.

He looked at his watch then, and said: "But look at the time. May I take you out to dinner?"

"What a nice treat that would be!' Sylvia said.


Their dinner out was a total treat for both of them. When Ken dropped her off, the last thing that he said to Sylvia was: "Please don't worry; I'll be so good to her!"

Sylvia stroked his face and said: "Thank you for that. It's all that I ask."

Meanwhile, Sue Anne was in a flurry with her plans for their dinner date on Friday night. That day she took time to have a long bath and got herself all ready. She was careful about everything, every part of her preparations.

She was constantly looking at her watch, as though timing him. She was relying on him to be on time and then she'd spring her plan on him.

The doorbell rang exactly when she thought it would. She went to the door and pulled it open, and Ken Desmond stepped in.

He only got a step inside the door, with the door closed and then was frozen in his spot.

She was walking away from him, and she was grinning for all she was worth.

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