The Second Child of Lisa, Sarah, and Greg

by GR

Copyright© 2014 by GR

Erotica Sex Story: How a three partner marriage balances a child, their own lives, and having a second child. (Warning: The sex scenes often involve a man, a woman, and a pre-op transgender woman. If a man sucking a woman's cock offends you, please find a different story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Shemale   Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .


Sarah, Greg, and Lisa have a very non-traditional marriage. Sarah is a pre-op transgender woman, and they have a marriage of three people. ("Lisa Visits Sarah and Greg" and "Lisa Moves in with Sarah and Greg") Although they all believed that Lisa was not capable of having children, she got pregnant anyway, and now the three are parents to a beautiful baby girl, Amy Jillian Booth ("The First Child of Sarah and Greg and Lisa")


Lisa lay in bed, hurting, and Amy was crying a few feet away. Greg woke up, still half asleep, and zombie-walked over to the crib. He looked down at the small helpless child, who lay there, eyes squinting, tears streaming down her cheeks, mouth open and releasing the sounds of hell, or at least the siren of hell.

He picked Amy up and cradled her in his arms. He looked down at her realizing how wonderful and terrifying she was. He knew that she was not aware of her power, and (as his mind started to race) with the right education about people she would one day ... rule the world! And then she cried again, and Greg snapped out of his daydream of his daughter being a benevolent and wise dictator. He shifted her so that her head was resting on his shoulder. He bounced her and walked around. He looked back at the two women still sleeping in the bed, wondering how he was the one awake. Apparently, the articles and books which said women are tuned in to their babies and wake up whenever they make noise had not studied Amy's two mothers.

Greg walked into the next room to try to calm her down. He was hoping she would fall right back asleep, but also wondered if it were hunger. He sang in his baritone to her, occasionally dropping into a bass. He figured the vibrations from his chest on top of the melody would soothe the savage beast (or the 'barbarian', as George Will once called his own infant).

After about ten minutes of Amy's crying, he figured she was hungry, and since he didn't have the working mammary glands, he brought to the bed, and laid her beside Lisa, Amy's natural mother, who was lying on her side. Greg touched Lisa's arm and said, "I think Amy's hungry." Lisa opened her eyes, looked at Greg confused until she felt small arms and feet poke her. Then it clicked, she looked down, saw her precious Amy, smiled, and helped her latch onto a nipple.

Amy sucked hungrily, getting the nourishment she needed. Greg crawled in between his wives and fell back asleep, thinking about the times he sucked at Lisa's breasts.

Lisa soon fell asleep as well, and Amy followed shortly. The four of them got another good three hours of sleep in, until the crying woke all of them up.

Greg opened his eyes long enough, to push on Sarah and say, "It's your turn."

Sarah got up and walked around to the other side of the bed. She lifted Amy and went through the same routine that Greg did. This time, though, it was on a full stomach. A few minutes after Sarah and Amy left to go into the other room, Amy blurped up some of the breast milk. Sarah was awake enough to understand that it happens. She cleaned Amy, put her in her crib beside the bed, and then cleaned herself. When Sarah came out of the bathroom, Amy was fussing again. Sarah picked her up, carried her around a little longer until Amy pooped, changed her diaper, put her back in the crib, and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she returned, Amy was restless but not crying. Sarah debated whether to walk around more or let her fall back asleep. One look at Amy's face and Sarah decided that she belonged in bed with the family.

Sarah picked Amy up, brought her to her own side of the bed, and snuggled in bed with the infant. Amy calmed right down, and only once tried to suckle at Sarah's nipple. However, Sarah stopped it before Amy latched on, and Amy did not make a fuss with it. Soon all four were asleep again – this time for three and a half hours. Amy woke up again hungry. Sarah pushed on Greg and said, "Your turn."

Greg got up and walked over to the crib to find it empty. After a brief moment of panic and a sleep-deprivation-induced paranoia, he realized that Amy was next to Sarah. He walked over picked Amy up and went through the routine again. And once again, Amy ended back at Lisa's nipple, drinking her next meal.

By the time all four were asleep, again, there was only an hour before Sarah and Greg had to get up to start the morning process to go to work.

There were many nights like this, which caused a strain in the relationship of the triad. However, they recognized the lack of sleep led them to crazy notions. And over time, they got past it, talking regularly and sometimes even coherently.

Sleep – it's overrated anyway.

Over the first few months of Amy's life, they fell into a routine, which allowed each of them to get at least five solid hours of sleep each night. Amy's needs were met, most of all she was loved deeply by three people she barely knew but trusted completely.


A few weeks after giving birth, Lisa was still sore, and the thought of anyone touching her anywhere near her vagina made her cringe. However, she was quite aware that Sarah and Greg still had very healthy libidos. One night Sarah was snuggling with her, as Greg was getting clean in the bathroom and Amy was in her crib sleeping soundly.

Sarah was the outer spoon with her arm draped over Lisa and her cock nestled in the cheeks of Lisa's ass, her hand was slowly running up and down Lisa's side, making closer and closer approaches to Lisa's breast. By the time Sarah's fingers were on the side of Lisa's breasts, Lisa needed to make a decision about how far she wanted it to go. Sarah's fingers were half way along Lisa's engorged breast when Lisa grabbed Sarah's hand and pressed it tightly against her abdomen.

Sarah picked up her head to see the side of Lisa's face and asked, "Not ready, yet?"

Lisa sighed deeply and said, "Sorry, honey. I love the physical connection, but the thought of anything near my vagina just sends shivers up and down my spine."

Sarah offered, "I could just play with your ass."

Lisa picked her head up and twisted her body so that she could face her wife. "Sarah, I appreciate the thought, but I am not feeling the least bit sexy or sexual at the moment."

Sarah looked sad, wondering how long this would last. She looked into Lisa's eyes and said, "Lisa, I love you very much. I want you to remember that. Also, even though you aren't feeling it, you are still incredibly sexy to us." She paused to let the affirmations sink in. "Also, you produced a life. Doesn't that make you a goddess?" Lisa laughed. Sarah continued, "If you aren't ready then that's fine. Greg's and my love for you is not based on the physical – that's just a bonus."

Sarah paused again and took a deep breath. At this point, Greg stepped out of the bathroom naked. He saw the Sarah and Lisa talking and guessed what it was about. He walked over, sat on the edge of the bed beside Lisa, and held her hand. Lisa looked at him and smiled.

Sarah continued, "When you moved in, the three of us agreed that two of us should not have sex more than once in a row. Greg and I had sex last week. How do we want to handle this?"

Lisa looked at her spouses and wondered. She started to run through ideas in her head. Greg interrupted those thoughts with, "Lisa, I can not imagine either Sarah or I NOT wanting to have sex with you. So don't think that we will suddenly exclude you when you're ready." This seemed to relax Lisa some.

Sarah spoke next, "How about, until you're ready, we ignore the agreement about no two times in a row. When you're ready again, assuming that you enjoy have sex again," (Lisa looked a little worried; she had not thought about this possibility) "we bring it back."

Lisa ignored her worry for the moment and added, "I do ask that before you have sex, check with me to see if I want to join you two in some way."

"Sounds fair," Greg confirmed.

"and," Lisa continued, "respect my wishes if I don't want you to do it in front of me."

"Lisa," Sarah began, "we always respect you and your wishes. We'll try to be discrete."

"Unless you don't want us to be," Greg added.

They all agreed, and even though all three wanted to return to the carefree sex from a year earlier, they knew it would never be like that again. However, whenever they looked at their beautiful child, they felt the trade off was worth it.

But at the moment, Sarah and Greg were horny and somewhat alert, so they wanted to fuck before they were too tired. They each kissed Lisa on the lips and left the new mother to rest near their daughter.

When Sarah and Greg were in the other room and Greg closed the bedroom door, Sarah turned, practically jumped on Greg, hugging him and kissing him passionately. Greg returned the affection, and the two of them stood there, naked, only a few feet outside the bedroom, kissing for a few minutes.

As they kissed, Greg's hands moved down to rub Sarah's nipples, causing her to suck on Greg's tongue and to move her own hand down to stroke his growing cock. Once she was running her fingers up and down his shaft, he moved his own hand down to her cock and started pumping it. She moaned softly, and he breathed more heavily.

They tried to kiss each other, but they had to stop too often to catch their breaths. Both cocks were incredibly hard. Sarah then backed away from Greg, took his hand and led him over to nearer the couch, and farther from the bedroom door. Once there, she lay down and motioned for Greg to join her in 69. He lay down beside her with his mouth at her cock and his cock near her mouth.

He extended his tongue and licked the head his wife's cock. Sarah moaned and engulfed the head of Greg's cock into her mouth, letting her tongue moisten the glans in preparation for taking more in. Greg met her action by copying it, and soon both partners were running the cocks in and out of their mouths taking more in each time.

Greg deep-throated Sarah, but did not want her to cum to by-pass his tongue – his sexual craving was too great for that. Sarah, in an equal frame of mind, played more with the head of his cock. Together they built up together, wanting to unload. Greg gently, but firmly, gripped the base of Sarah's cock and pumped, while sucking the top half of it. With his other hand, he reached down and teased her nipples. Sarah moaned and sucked harder. She pumped the bottom part of his shaft while reaching around and playing with his ass, running a finger across his ass hole, and eventually, putting the tip of her middle finger on the hole and pushing in, but not penetrating. Considering how much they had cut back on sex since becoming parents, their stamina was not what it had been, so soon they both felt the cum swelling and getting ready to spew.

They would suck, tongue, catch a breath, and repeat. Greg pinched Sarah's nipple as she penetrated his ass with the tip of her finger. A few minutes later, Sarah was massaging his prostate with her finger as he pumped faster. Their moans grew louder, muffled only by the cocks in their mouths. A few minutes later, they were barely keeping it going, and then the pressure built up beyond any control, and they shot their loads together into their lover's mouth. They continued to suck, milking the last drops and feeling the throbbing dissipate. When no more was to be drained, they sat up and kissed, passing the cum which they had not swallowed back and forth on their tongues. They closed their eyes and kept the passionate kiss going for a few minutes.

When it was time to stop, they gave a final big hug and broke apart. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled for their time together and the love they shared with just a touch of sadness that Lisa was not ready to join them.

They cleaned-up, retired to the bedroom, joined Lisa in bed, and slept for a few hours until Amy cried for food ... or because she was cold ... or lonely ... or gassy – they never could figure out any differences to the little one's crying.


When Amy was about six months old, Sarah and Greg were ready to have sex, and as they had agreed, they came to Lisa and asked her to join them. They were surprised when she enthusiastically said, "Yes!" So they waited until Amy fell asleep, and the three adults quietly left the room, closing the bedroom door behind them. They went over to the couch; Sarah and Greg sat on the outside, and then patted the middle for Lisa to join them. Lisa sat in the middle and was immediately greeted by kisses on the cheeks from both sides and by active hands unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her pants.

Lisa tilted back her head and enjoyed the pampering. Soon, her spouses' fingertips were moving all over her torso, lightly skimming over her beautiful skin. She became aroused with the expectation of what was to come. Her breathing became a little shallower and louder.

Sarah and Greg paused from this tease to help get Lisa's pants and panties off. Lisa was now naked and at the mercy of loving hands which went back to skimming over her skin, but adding her thighs, hips, and pussy. Without any heavy pressure or penetration, Lisa moaned softly. Sarah and Greg looked at each other and smiled; they enjoyed being a threesome again. As Lisa's arousal became more apparent, Sarah and Greg felt additional blood flow into their cocks, causing them to swell and to press against their own pants.

Another ten minutes of light skimming passed, when Greg leaned over and let his tongue flit across Lisa's nipple. She took a quick intake of air. Sarah pinched Lisa's other nipple which caused Lisa to gasp and to purr. Sarah leaned over and took the nipple between her lips and sucked gently, tasting a little of a mother's milk. It was not her favorite taste, but it considering the source, she was able to ignore the flavor. As Sarah sucked, she dragged her fingertips across Lisa's clit.

Lisa moaned louder and whispered, "I so want one of you to fuck me. Right now!"

Greg whispered back, "We'll fuck you when we are ready."

Lisa stuck her bottom lip out in a pout, and Greg kissed it, sucking it gently into his mouth. He pulled back and saw her smiling. He shifted his hand so that he and Sarah would play with her pussy. One would rub the clit and the other would run a finger up and down her pussy lips, and then they would switch. Lisa's noises became louder still, even though she tried to stifle them, not wanted Amy to wake up in the next room.

However, a quiet Amy was easily forgotten, as Lisa's libido became more primed. After awhile, Sarah stood and guided Lisa down to the floor. Lisa was on her hands and knees, kissing Sarah, as Greg was dropping his pants. Greg stroked his cock, getting it hard enough to penetrate when Lisa broke off the kiss and said to him, "Don't forget the condom."

Greg answered, "I don't need one, Sarah will."

Sarah kissed Lisa and said, "Don't worry, we've been planning this for a while."

Greg leaned over and kissed Lisa's ass. Using his tongue he lubricated her ass hole, preparing it for his cock. After a minute, he positioned his now hard cock at her hole and pushed in. She grunted as the head made it past the sphincter. He pushed in all the way, feeling his cock hugged by her tight ass. Once it was in all the way, he rocked his hips forward and back, fucking her ass slowly at first but picking up the pace as he went.

Meanwhile, Sarah stripped and lay on her back with her face below Lisa's. They kissed until Sarah started to slide her body under Lisa's. Sarah paused at Lisa's breasts, sucking on them rougher than before, but still in a way which Lisa loved. Sarah slid farther, until she could lick Lisa's clit. At this point, Lisa leaned down and sucked on Sarah's cock. Sarah had almost forgotten how good Lisa's technique was and soon her cock was as hard as possible. Each wave of pleasure which ran through Sarah, caused her to lick, to suck, or to press on her wife's clit harder.

Greg's noises were becoming more primal at each thrust inward, matching Lisa's primal noises. He picked up the pace until he could not really fuck any faster. He started to give the clues that he was almost done. And ... in ... a ... few ... final ... thrusts ... he ... shot his load deep inside his wife. Lisa had missed the feeling of the ejaculation and the throbbing. She herself was really close to cumming. After the throbbing stopped, Greg pulled out, a trail of his cum dripping onto Sarah's face. Sarah came out from under Lisa, letting Lisa lick up the dripped cum, and gently got Lisa on her back. Sarah put a condom on her very hard cock, positioned it at Lisa's pussy and pushed it in. Sarah's increase in pace went faster than Greg's and soon was fucking her wife's cunt as hard and fast as she could.

Sarah felt Lisa's pussy muscles tighten around her cock. Greg reached down and rubbed Lisa's clit, causing Lisa to cum almost instantly. Lisa's last very loud moans and grunts was enough to have Sarah lose her control, and pushing her cock into her wife's pussy as far as possible, Sarah came, letting Lisa feel the throbs of her lover's draining cock.

When Sarah pulled out, she pulled the condom off her cock. Lisa reached out for it, grabbed it, and poured the contents onto her tongue. She had missed the taste and was making up for some lost time. After Lisa swallowed, she sat up, kissed her spouses, and hugged them. The three exchanged kisses and hugs, celebrating a return to the threesome.

Then Amy started to cry. Greg, having been the first one finished, got dressed quickly and went to tend to his daughter. Sarah and Lisa stayed and cleaned-up. When they were dressed, they went into the bedroom to see Greg in the rocking chair and their precious daughter sleeping in his arms.

Within thirty minutes Amy was nursing at Lisa's breast, while the four of them snuggled in the bed, soon to be asleep for a few hours, until Amy needed attention again.


Over the next year, Amy grew up loved and cherished, but not spoiled except by her three active grandparents and occasionally by an aunt and uncle. During that first year, it became apparent that Sarah was the biological father from the resemblance to the few pictures not destroyed from Sarah's youth.

When Amy was almost a year old, the three started talking about another child. Even though the first one wasn't expected, she had brought so much joy into their lives that the thought of a second child wasn't scary. As they talked, Lisa was willing to put her body through it again. Also, they all agreed that Greg needed to be the father this time. Timing was the next tricky thing, since they still lived in a one bedroom apartment.

Even though Lisa's periods had been erratic, once she gave birth to Amy, there was slightly more predictable rhythm. Given some sense of her rhythm and taking her temperature every day, they began to believe they would know when Lisa was ovulating. The triad decided that for Greg to be the father, once they believed that Lisa was ready, she and Greg would have unprotected sex and if Sarah was available, she would join in the fun, but keep her cock out of Lisa's pussy. However, during these sessions, if Amy needed anything, Sarah was tapped to take her.

Although daily sex sounds like fun, it becomes different when the point is procreation. Furthermore, this did not work immediately, so the typical week for a few months consisted of:

Day 1 - Wednesday: Greg came home late, Sarah was trying to put Amy down to bed in her bed in the bedroom, and Lisa was feeling like she was ovulating and sitting on the couch waiting for Greg to come home. As soon as Greg walked in the door, Lisa jumped up and greeted him at the door. He barely put his things down when she hugged him and said, "It's time."

He was about to asked "Time for what?" when she started taking her clothes off, giving him the answer to his unasked question. As she was lying on the floor, legs spread, he was just getting his pants off. She started fingering herself to get her juices flowing by the time he was between her legs, already stroking his cock to get it ready. The sight of his wife rubbing her clit and spreading her legs got his cock hard faster. When he was ready, he positioned his cock between her legs and pushed it in. Once it got past the drier areas near her pussy lips, his cock met the moisture within. He continued to press it inward until his balls hit her taint. He slowly moved his cock in and out, taking his time, wanting to enjoy part of this.

Lisa moaned softly as Greg thrust his hips in. She tightened her muscles to give a better grip to his cock. He appreciated the extra friction as his breathing turned to panting. His hips moved faster as he fucked his wife. Her juices flowed freely, and a small wet spot formed on the carpet. He pumped even faster until he could not keep his control, and with a last great thrust, he shot his load deep inside her. He kept his throbbing cock deep inside as long as he could. Lisa enjoyed the feeling inside.

About this time, Sarah came out of the bedroom and saw her spouses fucking. She came over to see if she could help and noticed Greg was finished with his part. She then reached down and started to massage Lisa's clit, while Greg was still inside. Sarah leaned over and kissed Lisa, while continuing to stroke her clit. After the kiss, Sarah started to suck on Lisa's nipples. As this went on, Greg felt Lisa's legs start to squeeze tight, indicating that she was near. Sarah heard the change in her wife's breathing and started to suck on the nipples harder, pulling them as far as her lips could. Lisa's moaning turned to grunting and then to almost a scream as she came and the waves washed over her body.

Greg's cock had shrunk by then, and he backed up slightly letting the last little bit fall out of Lisa's pussy. Sarah moved her hand down to catch the dribble. Instead of licking her hand immediately, she sort of pushed some of the cum back inside Lisa. Then Sarah licked her hand.

Greg then came around and behind Sarah, reached around, and stroked her cock. When it was hard, Lisa opened her mouth and invited Sarah to be sucked off. Sarah accepted, and soon Lisa was sucking on Sarah's hard cock. Within a few minutes, Sarah moaned, groaned, and shot her load into Lisa's mouth. Lisa hungrily swallowed most of what her wife provided. While Lisa was sucking the last of the jizz from Sarah's cock, Greg leaned over, kissed Sarah, letting their tongues exchange their slickness. After Greg broke off the kiss, he kissed Lisa, tasting a little of the cum still there.

All three then picked up their clothes and got dressed.

Day 2 - Thursday: Greg got home first this time, and while Sarah was cooking dinner, Greg put Amy to bed. When Greg was doing this, Lisa came home. He heard the apartment door open and close and knew that he was going to have to perform soon. This made him anxious which made him rush getting Amy asleep, which caused her to take longer to get to sleep. After about fifteen minutes with no success, Sarah poked her head in to see if he needed any help. Greg nodded, and Sarah took over Amy duty.

Greg walked into the next room, closed the bedroom door, and found Lisa, naked and sitting on the kitchen counter, fingering herself. Greg started stroking his cock as he approached. By the time he reached her, his cock was hard enough to penetrate her wet cunt. He came up between her legs, dropped his pants, and put the head of his cock at her labia. With his fingers, he separated the opening, and put the head of his cock inside. Still keeping her pussy lips spread, he pushed in, feeling the walls of her cunt slide against his still growing cock. When it was in all the way, he started pumping in and out of her faster and faster. They both moaned, trying not to get too noisy, since Amy was not asleep yet. After a few minutes, his cock felt way too good, and he erupted, spewing his seed inside her. He kept his cock inside, and using his thumb, stroked her clit. She moaned louder. To keep her quieter, he leaned over and kissed her, using his mouth as a gag. She stayed relatively quiet except when they parted in order to breathe.

When Greg heard the bedroom door open and close, Lisa came, shuddering with her orgasm. When Sarah entered the kitchen her spouses were done. She understood, but was disappointed.

Over dinner, she confessed her jealousy, but admitted that she understood. Since the weekend was coming up, they decided to find someone to look after Amy while they got the chance to renew some three-way intimacy.

That night however, when Sarah was taking a shower, she still was feeling a need to cum. She started stroking her cock, fantasizing about Lisa and Greg. She closed her eyes and felt the water stream down her body from head to toe. She turned her back to the stream and stepped away from the shower until the stream hit her ass. She bent over, letting the pulsing waters splash against her back hole. She continued to stroke her cock slowly and deliberately, enjoying the moment and the sexual play in her head.

In the middle of imagining Lisa with a strap-on, pounding her ass, she heard the door open, startling her. She looked, afraid for a moment that Amy was walking in. To her relief, it was Lisa, who was starting to take her own clothes off. As a naked Lisa approached the shower, Sarah slid the door open, inviting her in. Lisa stepped in and greeted Sarah with a kiss. They hugged, and Lisa asked, "Do you need any help getting clean?"

Sarah smiled and replied, "Well, I have this one part that seems to need extra attention. Perhaps you could help."

"Certainly." As Lisa reached down to stroke Sarah's hard cock, she asked, "Is this the part?"

Sarah closed her eyes and nodded, mumbling something affirmative, as Lisa took the erection carefully into her hand and gently stroked the cock, feeling it swell a little more. Sarah put her hand on the side of the shower to steady herself, as her breathing became a little shallower.

Lisa leaned over and sucked on Sarah's nipples, causing the recipient to moan softly. Lisa's fingernails stroked Sarah ball sack and then up and down the shaft. At the head, Lisa switched from nails to tips. After sucking and nibbling on each of Sarah's nipples, Lisa continued to move down until she was kneeling at Sarah's feet. She slowly leaned forward, until the tip of her tongue could caress the head of Sarah's cock.

After a minute of teasing, Sarah felt Lisa's beautiful lips engulf the entire head. Lisa kept going until she had all of the cock in her mouth and throat. She swallowed, sending a pulse of pleasure through Sarah. Lisa moved her head back, using her tongue expertly along the shaft. Sarah moaned as softly as she could, knowing how the sounds would bounce off the tile, making a fuller sound than it was naturally. She held her breath, listening for Amy waking. Upon hearing nothing, she took a deep breath of air and became lost in the moment again.

Lisa reached up with her hand, cupped the balls with the palm of her hand, and positioned a finger at Sarah's ass hole. Lisa slowly massaged the hole while continuing to fellate Sarah, and Sarah's moans became louder. Sarah put her hand on top of Lisa's head for additional support.

Lisa's tongue caressed the hard shaft – up and down – several times, and Sarah's breathing became shallower with each caress. Lisa noticed her lover's noises became even more primal and knew Sarah was near shooting. Lisa pressed her finger more at the ass, until the tip pushed passed the sphincter. She worked her finger in farther until the tip touch Sarah's prostate, followed by a massage.

This was too much for Sarah whose last attempt to keep the pleasure going failed, and with a final grunt, shot her cum into Lisa's wanting mouth. Lisa waited to swallow, letting more of Sarah's cum build. When the throbbing lessened, Lisa' swallowed most of what was in her mouth. Sarah was still holding onto the wall and Lisa's head for support, keeping her cock embraced by her wife's mouth and tongue.

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