Peter's Prepack

by Smiley Smith

Copyright© 2014 by Smiley Smith

Science Fiction Sex Story: Story in the Swarm Cycle Universe Another Pickup Story

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Harem   .

(go ahead say that three times)

My name is Peter Pastor. At the time I was picked up, I was a 25-year-old single white male with master's degrees in Computer Science, Education and Chemistry. I taught at a local college.

I had kept myself in pretty good shape, mostly by eating right and jogging a mile or so every morning.

There had been a lot of media hype the past week or so that we were not alone in the universe. So much so that the President was going to make a big announcement that evening. The media was running many commercials warning that the President's speech was going to be something so big that we did not want to miss it. There was also a lot of rampant media speculation but even I could tell there were people who knew more but just were not saying anything. In fact too many people weren't saying anything.

I was sitting in the living room of my parents' house after going out to dinner with my girl friend, Jill Smart. We had been going together for over a year now, pretty regularly. Yes, we had sex, but that was secondary to me. For the most part I liked her. We had been discussing the latest episode of Average Joe's. It was a heated discussion with my girl friend generating all of the heat. I was able to get three words in edge wise, but other than that my girl friend was totally and almost irrationally enraged. I had a feeling I knew why but I thought it was a wise man who just let his woman get some things off her chest in a verbal way, especially if you later wanted to get something off her chest in a more physical way later. She was really getting annoying though but fortunately we had to go home to watch the president's speech.

We watched the speech. I was completely stunned. In 10 years or less, if the time table held, life on Earth, as I knew it would end.

Jill, who up until then was not much of a cuddler, suddenly was in my arms shaking. I held her. I was thinking it would not last. When the President's speech was over, there were specials going over what the media knew about the extractions and how they were going to be done.

Jill wanted to go home. It was clear the announcement struck home and she was more than just a little scared. My parents watched the specials that were shown and promised to record them for me. We were about two blocks down the drive from my parents' house when she told me to pull over because she wanted to talk.

Now normally, when Jill did that I was in for an earful, but I sensed this was different. She asked, "Did you get a CAP card? I know you would hide it if you did, since I have been very negative about the show."

I responded, "Yes I did. To answer your next question: 8.3."

"That makes you eligible for six concubines. I got a 5.7, that's one of the reasons I am so negative about the show. This puts the whole thing in a different perspective. I want off the planet. I don't care what I have to do to get off it. I want to go to the stars. I want to have babies, by the truckload."

She was looking out at the moon as she said that, I think not wanting to see scorn in my face. She had been a women's advocate ever since I meet her. I knew she was scared and right now she would give up everything. I knew she thought she had a change in heart about things since the announcement. I just was not sure that this was something that was permanent.

Perhaps sensing my skepticism she continued, "I know I've been very negative about the Average Joe's show. I have to admit it turned me on quite a bit and I was fighting it the entire way. Even I realize I was reacting way out of proportion. It should not have been that important.

"I know I love you. I think you at least until recently loved me. I know I've been a pain in the butt lately. Now I am worried that you think I am completely unsuited for life together in the Confederacy.

"I know I don't deserve to expect it. I have no doubt you will be picked up. Please tell me that if you and I are together when you are picked up, that you will consider taking me with you."

I said, "Jill, there are a lot of things for me to think about when it comes to who I'd take. There are a lot of things neither of us know yet about the Confederacy. Next week is the Defense Forces Special. Let's watch that together and see if it changes either of our minds.

"Right now, if things remain the same, I am currently going to volunteer for the Confederacy Navy. If I get picked up, I want you to be part of my group.

"Finally, I love you too! No amount of concern about your own self worth, which is what you were expressing, is going to change that one iota!"

She was in my arms a few nanoseconds later. We hugged and kissed for a few minutes and then she said, "Let's continue this discussion at home!"

Now let me assure you that we definitely did continue the discussion at home. In fact I found out that Jill had a whole new set of surprises in store for my procreational happiness.

When the Defense Forces Special was aired, we watched it together. We learned a lot about how things were going to be done.

Watching the news coverage about pickups, we realized that if Jill and I wanted to be picked up together we had to be together when a pickup occurred. That meant living together and doing everything together. Jill acquired a job in the same building I worked in. We went everywhere together.

Over the next few months a lot of pickups occurred. They gave us more information about how they were done and what was required. Jill was still mortified by what she would have to give up to reach the stars but she was willing to do it.

Now every man knows that there is a cycle to things with women. Most of us look the other way when our women are in that part of the cycle when they are not themselves. Jill had a bad one about four months after Average Joe's. She "tore me a new asshole" for doing something that irritated her. She was rude, crude and obnoxious. Just like I always do, I looked the other way.

When she was over the mood, she came to me and wanted to discuss how I handled it. She pointed out that when we were picked up I could no longer do that as would look weak to the other members of my household. It would also not do if other men of the Confederacy were around.

While I understood what she meant, I was not sure what to do about it. I said as much.

Jill said, "We are sort of going back to the 17 and 1800s, when it comes to male/female relationships and you need to treat me that way. I know it and accept it. For our own sakes, you need to start learning how to do that now. The first remedy is to put me over your knee and spank me when I get out of line."

I looked at her disbelievingly and she continued. "This is not unheard of even in this day and age. It is mostly done in private. I want you to do it when it happens. I need to get used to it as much as you do.

"I don't get to control it at all, but I would really like it if we started practicing it now. Aside from everything else, just thinking about it is making me horny."

Well if that didn't just take the cake. Here I am being "Mister Understanding" and she is telling me not to put up with it. If I didn't understand what she was saying about the Confederacy I'd be upset. It had been made very clear though through interviews and on line publications that the Confederacy was turning male/female relationships back about 100 to 200 years, at least from a male sponsor to female concubine point of view. I wanted to argue with her but she was right. I was going to be responsible for my concubines and dependents --children-- and I was not going to have a lot of options for dealing with it. Spanking was one of the options. I was going to have to learn how to do it. If I didn't and my concubines were out of control, I'd be the one in trouble. Still I was having problems reconciling "Jill the women's rights advocate" with "Jill the concubine, behaving like one." She seemed to have a much better grip on this whole thing than I did.

"Jill, it pains me to see that what you are saying is right. We have to be careful though. We have not been extracted yet. A mild spanking with the hand, hairbrush or belt will probably have to do. At least until we are extracted, you and I are going to need to agree on the extent of the punishment before it starts. Will you go along with that?"

"Yes, but I am of a mind to agree with whatever you suggest."

"Good then for your offense you will be getting a progressive birthday spanking over the next several days."


"Yes. You are 24. We will be making up for lost time. It will be like you are getting a birthday spanking for every year starting at one. For the first year 1 swat. For the second two swats. And so on until we reach 24 years."

"How many swats is that?"


"Oh ... that's a lot. Over three days?"

"It depends on how you handle it. We'll try to get to 100 the first day."


"Of course, is there any other way to spank a concubine?"

"With your hand?"


"You'll hurt your hand as well as my butt. My butt is expendable, your hand is not. I want you to use a ping pong paddle. If we need to, we can make it more days. You cannot be teaching class with a swollen hand."

"You sure?" She was taking her failure way too seriously as it was. I did not want to hurt her.

"Yes I am. Together we are going to improve my behavior.

"Seriously though, I ask only one thing ... after you are done every night, you fuck the daylights out of me! Don't worry about how sore I am, just do it!!"

She walked over to a drawer in the kitchen, pulled out a set of four ping pong paddles and handed them to me. "I've been planning for the inevitable. You would have been ready by yourself soon, but I can't wait any longer. I don't want to blow this. You're a good man. You'll be a great sponsor and father. I want to be part of it. Before we start, I have one more thing I need to say. We need to find you five more women. We should start soon. There is plenty of room for them to live here. We want to get quality people before we get picked up. I know you know that. I want you to know that I know it too. Don't worry how I react. If I react poorly, I deserve a good spanking."

I hate to say it but she read my mind.

I said, "You're right honey, let's get this over with and have some fun.

"Take off your clothes."

She was naked in a flash. I sat in a padded straight back chair. I pulled her between my knees and had her over my leg. I clamped my other leg over her thighs pinning her legs. I then said, "Are you ready?"

"No, but that's the way it should be, go to it!"

"OK, this is how we are going to do this. I'll count the years. You count the swats. Start at one for each year. If you miss a count, before you get the next swat, the swat does not count. If you skip a year, it does not count and you get an extra swat.

"Year one." Splat! I had swatted her on the right cheek.

"One Sir!"

"Year two." Splat! Splat! I hit her quickly twice on the left cheek!

"Ouch! One Sir!" She knew she missed the first one. Splat! Another on the left cheek. "Two Sir!"

"Year three."

Splat! "One Sir!" she was much quicker that time. Splat! "Two Sir!" Splat! "Three Sir!"

And on it went. She was doing pretty well until we got to year seven, when she developed hiccups. I stopped and let her recover.

"Thank-you Sir ... That was six!" and she got back over my knee.

I continued. I was not hitting her anywhere near as hard as I could, but she had received enough by Year 11 --for those who ran out of toes that's 66 swats-- that she was in serious distress. I decided that was enough for the night.

She had tried not to complain the whole time, but there was an occasional "ouch" and some sobs. She wanted to take it stoically and I let her. Right then she was jumping up and down holding her butt.

I sat on the sofa while she recovered. Eventually she came over and sat on the couch, putting her head on my lap. It was arousing watching her trying not to sit on her butt as she did so. Eventually she was situated so that my hand could rub her butt. Of course my hand wandered and discovered her soaking wet pussy. I touched her there and she jumped three inches off my lap. "Oh my god!! Don't stop now, do it again!!"

So I did. After about five orgasms I decided enough foreplay, time for the main attraction! I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. I dropped her on the bed as gently as I could and took off my clothes. No sooner did I have my pants off than she had her lips around my dick, sucking as hard as she could. I told her to stop, pushed her on her back on the bed, lined her up with her help and drove in. We both had very intense climaxes.

We did it again every night for four nights. On the last night she asked, "Peter, Sir, I need to know how bad it can be. I know you have been going easy on me. Tonight could you do it a little harder?"

That night, as we were getting near the end, I picked up the pace. There was no doubt she noticed, especially when I switched to the tops of her thighs. I let her have the last four on the sensitive skin of the inside of her thighs, telling her that if she really ever pissed me off I would use a strap on them. That probably did not have the effect I wanted because the next thing I knew she was having a 10 alarm orgasm, gushing all over my pants leg, the couch and the floor (note to self: don't wear good pants when punishing Jill).

We had a really fun time that night in bed. She asked me to try a few other kinky things, over the next few nights that I will keep to myself. One thing is for sure her friends noticed her Cheshire Cat smile that would not go away.

About a week after the spanking, Jill asked me if she could make suggestions about potential concubines. Frankly I was getting a little concerned. I was having no luck at all, mostly because I found it awkward at best describing to other women what I wanted in a concubine. The next day Jill brought in a woman named Tess from about four houses down the street. The woman was 32 and had a CAP score of 6.0. She was a widower, her husband had been killed in an auto accident four years earlier. She had two children six and eight years old.

Jill said, "Peter, I have known Tess for years and we are good friends. We need someone with experience raising children in our household. Tess is very up to date on the Confederacy and understands the situation as well as I do, possibly better. She also understands the domestic discipline situation, both with herself and her children."

Then Tess spoke, "I want my children off this rock, and I am willing to do anything to accomplish that. What do I need to do to prove to you that I will be a good concubine for you?"

I responded, "First, go a little slower. I know you feel desperate right now, but we will still most likely not be picked up for weeks or months. If I tentatively accept you, I'll want you and your children to move in with me. We will see how we get along and in about a month I will make a decision. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes I will start moving in today. What about sex? How do we deal with it between the three of us?"

"I get it whenever I want it. You two can decide the rest yourselves. Once we are picked up, you will have sex with whomever I tell you to, but don't expect to be loaned out often."

"That's fine with me. I assume you will bring my children, correct?"

"Absolutely. They will be subject to my discipline as I will be responsible for them once they are picked up. Are you ok with that?"

"As long as you are reasonable and as fair as possible."

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