New Year's Eve Party

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2014 by NymphWriter

Romantic Sex Story: When Mitzi does a good deed, she is rewarded in a way she never expected. She receives an invitation to the most exclusive New Year's Eve party in her town. First she must enture the quest to find the perfect dress, then overcome being the wallflower she normally is. When she meets the sexy Sam, every changes quickly and she celebrates the new year in a way she never expected.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

"I don't want to go," said Mitzi.

"And just why not?" asked Courtney.

"Because I don't have a dress for starters," said Mitzi.

Mitzi Kramer and Courtney Wells had been in several dress shops looking for an evening gown for the New Year's Eve party they were invited to. Courtney was tall, slender, with long, straight, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curves in all the right places. Mitzi was short, slightly chubby, with curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and plenty of curves. Every dress shop had at least one dress that fit Courtney perfectly, but nothing that even looked remotely good on Mitzi. Either the fit was wrong, the color was hideous, or the store had nothing in her size.

"You mean you haven't found one yet," said Courtney, in a reassuring voice.

"Easy for you to say, you've got several beautiful dresses on hold at all the other stores we've been in."

Courtney put a comforting arm around Mitzi. "We'll find you a dress worthy of you Mitzi. Trust me."

Mitzi scoffed. "Is this party really that important to you?"

"Yes, it is. I've been trying for years to get this invite and then when I get it, it's because of you."

Mitzi smiled. Courtney was right, their invitation to this exclusive party was because of her. Mitzi, a data entry clerk, had gone on a coffee run for the girls in her department during her break at work. It was Mitzi's turn for the daily run of hot coffee and sweet treats. An older woman at the counter just ahead of her, discovered her wallet was missing. The woman frantically searched her purse then looked around on the floor, only to find nothing.

Mitzi offered to pay for her drink figuring it was her good deed for the day. Even though Mitzi said it was fine, the woman insisted on getting her name. Mitzi gave her one of her many business cards that her boss gave her, though she rarely used, thinking this would be the last she'd ever see the woman again. To Mitzi, it was more important to pay it forward, than to be paid back.

A few hours later, the woman appeared at her desk with a big smile. She introduced herself as Mrs. Donna Patterson, the wife of Robert Patterson, multi-millionaire and owner of Mitzi's company. It seems that Mrs. Patterson would on occasion pretend to lose her wallet to see if someone would step up and help. Mitzi was the first person to volunteer to help out without being asked, and was even willing to accept no reward, but had to be forced to give up her information. Not only did she get the money for the coffee back, she was invited to the Patterson's annual New Year's Eve party, the biggest social event of the year, and told she could bring either a date or a friend. Since Mitzi was single, she knew exactly who to bring, her roommate Courtney.

When Mitzi shared the story with Courtney, who wrote for a media blog website, Courtney posted Mitzi's story on her blog, getting lots of hits and several freelance writing jobs. After a few phone calls, she received permission to write about the New Year's Eve party on her blog under the condition she not use anyone's real name without their written permission. Courtney agreed without hesitation as this would be the first time any reporter had been given access and permission to write about the party.

"Mitzi," said Courtney, snapping her out of her memories, "this party could make or break my writing career. Please, I need this party."

"Fine," sighed Mitzi, "I'll keep looking."

"Trust me," said Courtney, hugging Mitzi, "this party will be worth it for both of us. You'll see."

They entered the small dress shop and a bubbly salesgirl stepped up and said, "Good afternoon ladies. What can I help you find?"

"My friend and I need a dress for a big New Year's Eve party," said Courtney.

"Okay," said the salesgirl. "My name is Lizzy, and I will be happy help you both. Now, so you both know, we do have a sale right now. All clearance dresses are half off their lowest ticket price. All non-clearance dresses are twenty-five percent off."

"Good to know," said Courtney.

Mitzi sighed. Sale or no sale, she knew finding a dress to fit would be a challenge. "Something wrong?" asked Lizzy.

"Um, I just haven't had any luck finding a dress," said Mitzi.

"Well I hope I can change that," said Lizzy, smiling.

Mitzi smiled but didn't get her hopes up. It only took a few minutes for Courtney to find several that she liked and would look amazing on her. Mitzi was having the same poor luck as so many times before, but Lizzy wasn't giving up. She insisted on checking the stock in the back to see if maybe one of the newer dresses might work. All the dresses Courtney picked fit her perfectly and there was one black one that looked the best.

Lizzy returned a few minutes later with several dresses, including a blue one that caught Mitzi's eye. It wasn't as bright as most royal blues, nor as dark as a navy, but it was in her opinion, the perfect dress. She selected it and two others, saving the blue one for last. The first two did fit, but she wasn't happy and neither was Courtney. Then Mitzi put on the blue dress, and stepped out.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed Courtney.

"What?" asked Mitzi.

"You look ... amazing!"

"Your friend's right," said Lizzy, "you do look amazing."

Mitzi was sure they were both trying to make her feel better, especially Courtney, whom she was sure was sick of shopping. "Come on Courtney, don't shovel the bullshit. I'm not wearing my boots," said Mitzi, showing off her bare feet.

"Come into the mirrors and see for yourself," said Lizzy.

Mitzi moved onto the small platform where three mirrors stood allowing her to see herself from multiple angles. The dress hugged her curves in a flattering way, the color made her blue eyes pop, and the dress was everything Mitzi had hoped for, and more. She gasped as she moved to see the dress shimmer and shine, then saw the $700 price tag.

"What's wrong?" asked Courtney.

"I can't afford this dress," whispered Mitzi.

"I can," assured Courtney.

"No!" said Mitzi.

"Something wrong?" asked Lizzy.

"My friend is worried about how much the dress costs," said Courtney, in a matter-of-fact way.

"Courtney!" hissed Mitzi.

"Would you like me to check and see what it will be on sale?" asked Lizzy.

"Yes!" exclaimed Courtney.

As Lizzy walked away, Mitzi said softly, "I can't afford it and I won't let you pay for it."

"It's the first dress you've liked and we are getting it," explained Courtney. "The only question is who's paying for it?"

Lizzy returned with a pricing gun and scanned the barcode on the tag. It beeped and she looked confused. "What's wrong?" asked Mitzi.

"I think this machine is broke, let me get the other one."

Lizzy quickly dashed off and returned with another pricing gun. As before, she scanned the barcode and had the same confused look on her face. "Okay, what's the deal?" asked Courtney.

"Um ... I need my manager," said Lizzy.

"Isn't the dress for sale?" asked Mitzi, with a clear tone of concern in her voice.

"I think so," said Lizzy.

"What do you mean you think so?" questioned Courtney rather loudly.

An older woman in a tailored suit stepped up and introduced herself as the store's manager. It turned out the dress Lizzy had found in the back was supposed to be on the clearance rack and the $700 dress was now marked down to $35 with the half-price sale discount Lizzy had mentioned. Courtney chose to buy the black dress as well, since it was a better price than she realized. From there, they bought the necessary undergarments, shoes, and accessories that were also on sale. By the end of the day, Mitzi had spent less than $100 for her New Year's Eve outfit.

New Year's Eve day, Mitzi and Courtney got their hair styled and make-up done professionally. Mitzi slipped on the undergarments, stepped into her dress, slipped on her shoes, put her jewelry on, and stood in front of her mirror. She no longer looked like a data entry clerk, but a high society gal.

Mitzi grabbed her purse with her wallet and cell phone and stepped out. Courtney was dressed and pacing around their living room. "It's about damn ... wow!"

"What?" asked Mitzi.

"I was about to say you took long enough but now I see why. You look amazing Mitzi."

"Thanks. You look great too."

"Thanks. Ready?"


Mitzi drove them to the address on the invitation. It was a large home in the hills, somewhat secluded and rather busy with cars. The security guard at the gate was checking invitations and occasionally turning cars away. Mitzi grew nervous as they got closer and closer, but when she handed the guard her invitation he checked off their names and waved them in. A handsome young valet opened her door and took her keys giving her a claim ticket. Mitzi felt her old Ford Escape looked out of place in the sea of limousines and expensive cars, but knew she and Courtney were invited by the hostess herself.

Mitzi and Courtney entered a large entryway and were led to a large ballroom within the house. There they saw a room full of people wearing an assortment of tuxedos and evening gowns. Women dripping with expensive jewelry and gowns that cost more than Mitzi made in a month, and men in tuxedos with names she knew from magazines and television shows. Moments later, Mrs. Patterson appeared.

"Mitzi! You made it!" exclaimed Mrs. Patterson as she hugged Mitzi.

Mitzi smiled nervously, hugged her back, then said, "Good evening Mrs. Patterson."

"Donna please! And this must be your roommate Courtney, the journalist."

"I'm more of a blog writer actually," said Courtney, "and thank you so much for the exclusive on your party. The rumors alone are worth being here for. And with any luck, I will be a full-fledged journalist after tonight."

"As long as you share the facts, and put some of those rumors to rest, that's all I can ask," said Donna.

"I'll do my best," said Courtney, smiling.

"Now, did you girls give the valet your car keys?"

"I did," said Mitzi. "I drove us here. We carpooled."

"Good!" exclaimed Donna. "Now, you'll get your keys back tomorrow after breakfast."

"Tomorrow?" questioned Mitzi.

"Why yes," said Donna. "I'm a responsible hostess and those who don't have a chauffeur must spend the night. This way I don't have to worry about anyone drinking and driving. Don't worry girls, I have plenty of open rooms and your welcome to share one with whomever you wish, except my husband."

"Aw but dear, where's the fun in that," said a man's voice from behind the two friends.

Mitzi and Courtney turned to see a handsome, gray-haired man in a black tuxedo walk up. "Mitzi Kramer, Courtney Wells, this is my husband, Robert Patterson."

"It's an honor, Mr. Patterson," said Mitzi, extending her hand.

"The honor is mine," he replied. "I understand you're the young lady who bought my wife a cup of coffee."

"Yes sir."

"And you must be the journalist," said Mr. Patterson, turning toward Courtney.

"That's me," said Courtney. "And getting this opportunity is a real privilege."

"Well ladies," said Mr. Patterson, "I just came to meet you both and steal my wife back. You girls have a nice time. Are you two staying for breakfast?"

"It seems so," said Mitzi. "But we didn't bring a change of clothes or anything to sleep in."

"No one ever does," said Donna. "Even those who come every year."

Everyone laughed and the host and hostess took their leave. Mitzi and Courtney circulated and separated. Courtney began talking to an assortment of guests and Mitzi began to wish she had stayed home. Most of the guests would ignore her, even when she tried to talk with them. She knew she didn't belong and felt out of place.

"I'd offer to buy you a drink, if we actually had to pay," said a man's voice behind her.

Mitzi turned to see a tall, handsome man with thick black hair and soft brown eyes. "Does that mean no drink then?"

The man smiled and Mitzi thought it really lit up his face and enhanced his sculpted jaw. To her, his face was carved from smooth marble. "May I get you something to drink?"


"I'm Sam."


They shook hands and Mitzi was sure she felt sparks of electricity shoot though her. "What would you like to drink, Mitzi?"

"Um, what do they have?"

"Good question, shall we find out together?"


Sam escorted Mitzi to the bar where she ordered a Zombie and Sam ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. The party carried on around them.

"So, is this your first time at this party?" asked Sam, sipping his drink.

"Yeah," said Mitzi, debating if she should tell him how she got the invitation.

"How did you land such an exclusive invitation?"

"I bought Mrs. Patterson a coffee when I thought she lost her wallet."

"Oh that's you? I heard all about that. I even read a great story online about it."

"Yeah, my roommate Courtney wrote that story. She's here as well. Mrs. Patterson gave her permission to write about the party."

"Wow! I'm surprised."


"Um ... let's just say I know for a fact how private our host and hostess are."

Mitzi tilted her head to one side. "What aren't you telling me?"

Sam leaned down and whispered in her ear, "They're my parents."

Mitzi blushed and choked on her drink. The sexiest man at the party is the son of the man who owns the company she worked for. "Oh ... um ... I had ... um ... no idea."

"Please don't judge me by them," he said, taking a drink. "I really had no idea who you were when I walked up. I only came over because I saw a beautiful woman standing alone and I wanted to get to know you. Are you afraid something bad might happen? Like you might lose your job?"

Mitzi's cheeks burned as she bit her lower lip and sipped her drink. "Yeah," she said softly.

"Well don't. I don't work for Dad's company for a reason. By the way, what do you do?"

"I'm a data entry clerk."

"Really? You seem too smart for such mind-numbing work."

Mitzi smiled. "Thanks. It started off as an entry level position, but thanks to the recession, it kinda became permanent. Trust me, too many of my friends were struggling with finding work after being laid off so having a job, no matter how 'mind-numbing' is better than unemployment."

"Well, I guess you have a point."

When they finished their drinks, Sam asked, "Would you like to dance with me?"


Sam led Mitzi onto the dance floor and held her close as they moved to the beat of the music. Mitzi's petite and curvy frame pressed against his strong body. Donna's words about sharing a room with anyone she wanted danced through her head for a brief moment. She thought about sharing a room, and a bed, with Sam. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed the company of a man, especially one as sexy as Sam.

Mitzi saw Courtney talking with a group of guests being a social butterfly. Mitzi was glad Courtney had not let her back out, especially now that she was dancing with Sam. The scent of his cologne stirred her desire and created a minor dampness in her panties. Midnight was still an hour away, but she was aching to kiss Sam, and so much more.

Sam was enjoying the view of Mitzi's cleavage that he would sneak a peek at. He knew that the jewelry she was wearing was costume, and he thought she would look so sexy in real gold and gemstones. He wondered what warnings his mother had given her, and if it included him. He wanted to kiss her luscious lips so badly, but knew the best way was to wait until midnight.

After several dances, Sam asked, "Would you like to see the rest of the house?"

"Sure," said Mitzi, happy for more time with Sam, especially time alone with him.

Sam and Mitzi got another round of drinks, then Sam led them out of the ballroom and took Mitzi to an assortment of rooms and asked, "So, did you drive yourself tonight?"

"Yeah, Courtney didn't want to worry about getting drunk."

"Too bad you didn't know about my mother's rule."

"Works out actually. Now I can drink all I want."

"Are you looking to get drunk?"

"No. But it's nice to have the option."

Sam smiled. "What else did my mother tell you about tonight?"

"She said I could sleep in any room that isn't locked and I could share the bed with anyone I wished, except your dad."

Sam chuckled. "Ironic since my parents have an open marriage."


"Yeah. Except on major holidays and their anniversary, they will share their beds with other lovers."

"And you're all right with that?"

"No, not really. I tried it but I found it lead to jealousy and heartbreak."

"You don't like sharing?"

"Not if I'm in a committed relationship with someone, no. However, I have had a few ... um ... threesomes."

Mitzi choked on her drink again. The news did catch her by surprise. Sam rubbed her back until she could breathe normally again. "Sorry about that," she said.

"I should have warned you, I'm an open and honest kind of guy."

"I like that."

"I like you."

"I like you too."

Sam took Mitzi to every open room in the house both upstairs and downstairs. Mitzi was impressed with the large home. They returned to the ballroom and saw Donna stepping up onto the stage.

"Can I have everyone's attention please?"

The room quickly quieted. Donna continued. "It's now 11:55. Five minutes away from a new year, and a new start. I want to take a quick moment to thank you all for coming and I hope to see you all again next year. The waiters are coming around now with champagne to toast in the New Year."

Mitzi and Sam grabbed a glass of champagne each and waited with the rest of the party goers. Soon, they heard, "Ten seconds! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six!"

Mitzi and Sam joined in the count. "Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Happy New Year!"

Sam leaned down and kissed Mitzi softly on the lips. Both felt sparks shoot through their bodies. They sipped their champagne, kissed a few other party goers, then kissed each other again. The sparks morphed into deep burning fires of deep desire. Sam's cock hardened and Mitzi's pussy dampened. They finished their champagne and started to dance under a storm of confetti. Mitzi could feel Sam's hard cock pressing against her body. She smiled wickedly knowing he found her attractive, at least sexually.

"I have my own room," he whispered in her ear. "And I want to take you there now."

Mitzi gasped. "Why me?"

"Why not you, you're beautiful and I really want to taste you."

Mitzi bit her lower lip nervously. She was very aroused and the idea of some sexual relief did entice her. After a moment or two she said, "I want to taste you too."

With that said, Sam led Mitzi from the ballroom, upstairs, and to a locked door that he had the key to. "This was my old room when I lived here."

Sam unlocked the door, escorted Mitzi inside, and locked the door. The room was simple in its design. A large bed was in the center, a small dresser, and two other doors. One door was to a closet, the other to a bathroom. "Nice room."

"Thanks. Let's sit down."

Sam and Mitzi sat on his bed and began to kiss. Mitzi was quite aroused but she started to get nervous. Sam could feel her tension, paused, and said softly, "I promise not to hurt you. If you don't want to be with me, I will understand."

"It's not that," said Mitzi, blushing. "I just didn't want you to think I was a slut."


Sam kissed Mitzi, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Mitzi's fears melted as her nipples hardened and her pussy dampened. Sam ran his fingers softly over her skin causing a heightened sense of arousal. She craved his touch all over her body. Sam reached behind her and unzipped her dress. He stood her up and allowed her dress to pool around her feet on the floor. Sam admired the black, strapless merry widow that hugged her curves and enhanced her beauty.

"You look amazing," he said. "Now carefully step out of your dress."

Mitzi blushed as she carefully stepped out of her dress. "You're just saying that because I'm half naked."

"No, come here, let me show you what I see."

Sam let Mitzi to the full-length mirror near the dresser as he gathered her dress and laid it on a chair nearby. "Look. See how this hugs your curves and gives you that natural hour-glass shape so many say is sexy." Sam moved his hands over her body, showing Mitzi what he was trying to explain to her. "It takes an already beautiful woman and makes her even sexier."

Mitzi did look, and at first she thought Sam was just flirting with her. But she quickly realized he was right. Her stomach was flatter than ever before, her waist was clearly defined, and her breasts appeared to be larger than normal.

"But when I take this off, I'll look ugly and fat again."

"Impossible," said Sam as he removed his jacket, shirt, and tie.

Mitzi watched him undress as she looked at her form again. "Really?"

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