Math Teacher

by James Roberts

Copyright© 2014 by James Roberts

Mind Control Sex Story: Story of a young man who develops the ability to read minds

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Coercion   Mind Control   Lactation   Teacher/Student   .

It was just like any other day for 20 year old Jason. He woke up, got dressed, went down for breakfast. Just before he got downstairs he heard his parents yelling again and his dad leave for work. His mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee and as he ate he asked her what was wrong ... she said "Nothing ... you know your father ... when he is late he gets cranky". Jason shrugged and finished breakfast.

On his way to the local university, Jason was just sort of daydreaming, not really paying attention to anything when he decided to cross the street ... well, he should have paid a bit more attention because he walked right in front of a car coming down the road. Well the car almost stopped in time, just throwing Jason back a little bit ... just enough to make him fall down. He got up and told the driver he was ok and apologized for daydreaming and walked away.

When he was almost to school, he felt kinda weird, his head did not hurt even though he did hit it on the pavement, but it was kinda numb, and sort of buzzing ... he ignored it but could not concentrate all day at school. The rest of the day continued as normal, as did the numb buzzing.

The next day started basically the same way. Showered, got dressed, parents fighting, breakfast ... but that is where the similarities stopped. He again asked his mom what was wrong and she again said nothing, but as she tool a drink of her coffee, he could SWEAR he heard her say "He hasn't fucked me in three months". Jason almost choked on his breakfast which startled both of them, because he THOUGHT she said that, and because she figured he COULDN'T have known what she thought. He figured it was his imagination but thought he'd do a little test. So he told his mother that she and his dad need to go out more ... have some private time ... she looked up and smiled and said she agrees then thought "yeah, private time in the bedroom to cool down this constantly wet pussy of mine". Again he almost choked, and ran out the door before she started asking questions.

As he was walking he walked by a guy and his dog, the dog was pissing against a tree and he heard the guy THINK "Dammit dog hurry up!" He passed a guy waiting at a cross walk in his car staring at a school girl crossing the road and heard him THINK "Damn! What an ass". By the time he was in his first class he was going crazy from all the voices he heard, and some of the stuff he heard them saying. By lunch time he had realized that he could narrow it down to just people he was looking at. He was also noticing that the numbness and buzzing was getting less.

His next class was math, he enjoyed going to math class, not because he liked math, but because of the teacher. Mrs. C, The Math Cow, as all the kids called her. Mrs. C was a very nice woman, very pretty, down to earth, great sense of humor, and what the students didn't know, was perpetually horny. Well as it turns out one student was about to find out just HOW horny.

Jason took his seat front and center as usual. Mrs. C always seemed to smile at him a lot, and he always smiled back ... maybe too much sometimes, just imagining her in various stages of dress, and of course, undress. Thinking about how he would make her feel so wonderful, and of course, she would make him feel like never before. The main direction of his stare, as always, was her very large chest, even larger now that she has

recently had a baby. Of course, that is why all the kids call her the Math Cow. Jason often imagined how large they would be unrestricted by all the conservative clothing she wore, and often had a hard on by the end of class.

After Mrs. C gave out the days work, she sat down at her desk and started marking some tests from earlier in the day. Jason was trying very hard to read her mind, but could only get little bits as she popped her head up periodically. It was all basic math stuff so he figured maybe if he asked for some help he would have better luck. He raised his hand and asked his question, and purposefully stared directly at her large chest while asking. She answered his question and asked if anyone else had questions. While she was looking for more hands he was able to get a more direct look at her and couldn't believe what she was thinking.

Mrs. C was thinking to herself as she looked for more hands, "That little prick, if he keeps staring at my tits, one of these days I am going to keep him after school, sit him down and strip naked so he can get a real eyeful. Oh yes, they I bet he would get all hard and want me to suck his hot young cock for him. Yes, wouldn't that be so nice..."

Jason couldn't believe it and asked to be excused to the bathroom. Once there, he went into a stall to jerk off. In about ten seconds he shot a huge load of cum all over the place. He cleaned up and went back to class, still very horny. There was no real excitement for the rest of the school day, or at home that night so he went to bed early.

When Jason woke up, the buzzing and numbness was all gone, and he felt very refreshed, and full of energy, must be the extra sleep he thought. Since it was the weekend he laid in bed for a while enjoying that comfy feeling you get when you just wake up. Eventually, he got dressed and went down for breakfast. He said good morning to his mother and asked where dad was. She told him he was down in his work room working on something for work. She thought "Couldn't even take some time on the weekend to please me!"

Jason almost expected this so he did not seem startled, and just thought to himself, "So go down there and MAKE him!" His mom looked up suddenly, as if she just had an amazing thought, and told Jason to get some breakfast ... she's going down to talk to dad. He thought that it HAD to be a coincidence, but wanted to try one thing ... and thought to himself "you should take off that baggy old robe first ... maybe look at least a little more appealing" He was amazed when she threw the robe on the chair, just leaving the nightgown on. He could see her nipples poking through the thin material. Seeing this he thought "Give your nipple a little pinch" and naturally, she did ... just as if it was all normal, then headed down stairs.

Jason couldn't stand this, and decided to head out to the mall ... IMMEDIATELY! Once at the mall, Jason walked around picking up all sorts of thoughts, and tried to think of where he could start his fun when he passed a small shoe store with nobody in it accept for the young girl working there. She was probably around 18 or 19, he went into the store and they said the usual greetings and Jason proceeded to the rear of the store. While Jason was just looking up at the shelves, the girl came back and asked if he needed some help.

"I am looking for something like these, but every time I get shoes, they do not seem to fit right. Do you have one of those foot measuring things?" She told him to sit down on the stool while she went out back to get it. When she came back, she knelt down and pulled her skirt down to keep it from riding up, and measured his foot. "A size 8 1/2." Jason looked at her and thought to her, "Next time you bend down, do not worry about your skirt, let it ride up." She grabbed a pair and knelt down again, this time the skirt rode up to her waist giving Jason a view of her skimpy, red lace panties. This made his cock instantly hard and as she looked up to ask how the shoe fit, she noticed his hardness. He could hear her think, "Damn, look at that thing, I can see I will be giving my clit a good workout when HE leaves."

Being a quick thinker, Jason instantly asked her if she had the same shoe in black? He also thought to her, "When you go out back to check, finger yourself to orgasm, and take off your panties and bring them back to me." Five minutes passed and she returned, very flushed looking, and handed him the shoes with the panties stuck inside one. Jason tried them on, and told the girl he was going to look around some more but may be back for them, and left her there, flushed, breathless, and panty less.

Jason spent the next little while just wandering around picking up peoples thoughts, most were people complaining to themselves about prices, not being able to find anything, rude or ignorant people. Occasionally he came across a horny housewife wondering around the mall, thinking about how much they were ignored at home, and found these were more common around the lingerie store. He sat on a bench outside the lingerie store and just read the minds walking in and out, the men were humorous he thought. Most were thinking of the sex they would be getting when the woman in their life opened the gift they just bought. One man even came out thinking to himself how sexy he would look in the bra and panties he just bought for himself!

As Jason was sitting there, almost ready to leave when he noticed his math teacher, Mrs. C walking down the mall towards him. He hid behind a plant and watched as she walked right into the lingerie store. He couldn't believe his luck, and watched her from behind his shelter. She was looking at bra's on a stack that was up against the window so he was able to pick up her thoughts..."now ... do they have it here this time... 36C ... no... 34B ... YEAH right... 38B ... no... 36DD ... no ... damn... 40D ... no... 38DD ... close ... damnit, why do they never have 38FF?" Jason almost fell of the bench, 38FF ... holy shit he thought! They are bigger than he imagined. Mrs. C went over to the sales lady for some help and he could hear what the lady thought when she asked if they had any 38FF.

"38FF damn lady, are you some kinda cow or something?" This caused Jason to laugh out loud. What are the chances she would think of that ... guess it is obvious! The lady showed her where to find the size she was after and Jason instantly got an idea. He thought to her, "you are in a hurry now, pay for it, then go up to the second floor family washroom to try it on." Jason thought of this because a guy at school was thinking about watching women in the bathroom there by standing on the sink in the single men's washroom, moving the ceiling tiles to the side and looking through the fan vent. (Damn he loved this mind reading thing)

As his teacher was buying the bra, Jason practically ran up to the next floor and into the mens washroom, up on the sink, and moved the tile just in time to see the door opening. His heart was beating so fast, he was sure she must be able to hear it. Mrs. C put the bag down on the counter and lifted her sweater over her head revealing her massive mammaries. Jason almost passed out, they were absolutely huge! She reached behind her and undid the five hooks holding the massive sling in place. She bent forward and let the bra slide off her shoulders and off her tits.

What she did next caught Jason totally off guard. She reached into the bra she just took off and removed two pads, one from each cup, and brought them to the sink, squeezed them and some fluid dripped out of both. She then ran them under the water and rang them out again. She put them down and grabbed her right tit with both hands and started massaging the nipple. Then it happened. Something shot out of it ... no way ... she was actually milking her own tit. Jason couldn't believe it and came in his pants right then and there.

Jason couldn't take it and climbed down before he was caught, and left. Walking home in a total daze, not believing what he saw. Sunday went by as a normal do-nothing day, just as every Sunday does. Monday, Jason got up for school, showered, dressed, and went down for breakfast. His mom was on the other side of the room and had her back to him. He sat down and looked at her ... she was getting something out of the fridge, and was thinking to herself, "God ... i can't believe I came that hard. He has never eaten my pussy like THAT before. Suddenly, Jason realized he was not looking into his mothers eyes ... he could read her mind, from behind ... AMAZING!

Thinking quickly, Jason wondered if he could change her thoughts without being face on. He thought to his mother "Take off that ugly big robe" And she did instantly hmmm interesting ... he nipples were both hard. Jason thought to himself, if only she couldn't see me in the room ... HEY! Maybe that would work.

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