Snow Demon

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2014 by Invid Fan

Funny Sex Story: When your neighborhood is buried in twelve feet of snow, you don't expect a knock on your glass doors...

Caution: This Funny Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Humor   Paranormal   Pregnancy   .

"I think he's asleep."

Craig's wife smiled at him, her hands gently tucking in the blue blankets around Billy. Their son's arms seemed to hug the stuffed bunny tighter. Even after almost a year, that kind of thing still got Craig choked up. He reached into the crib, touching first his son's head, then the bunny's.

"Forget which one's our son?" Eve asked. Craig chuckled softly.

"It's the one with less fur." He straightened, wrapping the robe around himself a little tighter and pulling the ends of the belt. Eve was doing the same, her soft blue robe much more shapely on her body than his was on him. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as they met his.

"Could you put the kettle on? I'll be there in a bit."

He nodded, leaving the nursery.

How had he gotten this lucky? A beautiful, intelligent wife, an incredible son, a job that let him spend time with both. The universe, for whatever reason, was rewarding him.

Entering the kitchen, he looked at the window over the sink. So, too, it seemed, was nature. Not in an expected way, true. He walked up to the counter. All he saw through the glass was white. Not the white of falling snow, but the white of fallen snow. Snow pressing up against the window pane. Given the foundation and the height of the window, how high WAS this drift? Ten feet? Twelve? He assumed it had to be a drift. There was no way ten feet could have fallen in the past two days. Although...

Craig shook his head. Didn't matter. The power and heat were on, they were well stocked with food. Eve and himself being isolated from the world for a few days would be fun. Going to the stove, he turned the burner on under the kettle.

He heard the sound of something knocking against glass.

Craig whirled in place, hand gripping the edge of the stove. The window was the same as it had been, a wall of white. He took a breath. Had he imagined it? His mind objecting to the silence of the storm?

Another knock.

It seemed to come from the sun room. He ran, slippered feet almost losing traction on the smooth floor. His eyes went to the large picture window as he passed through the darkened dining room. Nothing there, just another wall of snow. He practically jumped down the two steps to the den, hand stretching out towards the far wall to help him redirect through the open doorway to the left. His right hand went to the light switch as his left grabbed the doorframe to slow him.

There, pressed against the glass door, outlined by the wall of snow, was a figure in red.

HOW someone could be there, his mind didn't even bother to wrestle with. Craig was at the door in an instant, pulling the handle to the right. It didn't budge. Two more attempts finally reminded him the damned thing was probably locked. Flicking the switch, he pulled again.

The woman fell forward into the house.

He caught her instinctively, left arm wrapping around her, drawing her against his fluffy robe as his right hand shoved the door back shut. Her body was wet, cold, snow falling off it onto the floor. He stood still. Slowly, his brain began noticing certain details.

1. She was NOT wearing a red snowsuit as he had first suspected.

2. In fact, she was not wearing anything at all.

3. Her skin was red. A deep red, unnatural.

4. Long black hair fell down her bare back.

5. Looking down at the top of her head, which barely came up to his neck, he saw two small, yellow horns curling up from under her hair.

Craig could wrestle no meaning from any of this. His other arm wrapped around the shivering figure. Warmth. She needed warmth. Slowly, he moved them back into the den, grabbing a decorative blanket from the love seat as he passed. He half dragged, half assisted the stranger to a spot before the fireplace. It's warmth radiating onto his face and her back, he began to run the blanket over her. More snow fell to the carpet at their feet.

"Shh," he found himself saying, her shivering starting to ease. "It'll be OK. You're safe." He felt her hands grab his robe, flexing. The blanket running over a seemingly very shapely bottom, she pushed herself back a touch, head tilting upward. He saw yellow eyes, black, cat-like slits in the center. He smiled. "Hi."

Her head lowered, eyes slowly taking in the room. Her grip on the robe eased. Taking the opportunity, he turned her where she stood, facing her towards the fire. Finding a dry spot on the blanket, he ran it over her chest.

"What's your name?" Craig asked. It seemed like a safe question. She pushed back against him.


Cheers reruns came to his mind. He shook them off. The blanket found itself on her hips.

"Why were you out there?"

"I was trying to find this woman who summoned me." Her voice was deep. Disgusted. "Some bitch Nancy Brown who wanted to get rid of her husband no matter the cost. I got lost in the snow. Stupid!"

Craig wasn't sure who the last was directed at, his mind distracted by more important things. That name ... had she been looking for his SISTER? He had known the marriage wasn't in the best of shape, but ... god! And who WAS this woman? Not some sort of devil, certainly. That was silly. Yet...

"Where am I?" She stayed pressed against him. He felt the belt on his now wet robe loosen even as his cock began to rise, the pressure of her ass having its effect. He tossed the blanket off to the side, it's job done.

"It's our house. I'm Craig."

"And I'm Eve."

His wife was standing at the middle step leading into the den, arms crossed. Craig found himself unconsciously taking a step back. Lilith moved backwards with him.

"This is Lilith," he said, hands moving to the red girl's shoulders. "She got lost in the snow looking for a Nancy Brown."

Eve's eyebrows raised, the extent of her reaction. His sister lived just a block away. Eve took the final step into the room, slippered feet taking her towards them.

"Oh, you poor thing. You must have been freezing."

Lilith was staring at his wife, body perfectly still. Eve stopped five feet away, a rare frown on her face.


"You..." Lilith turned her body to face her, Craig's hands staying where they were. "You are ovulating."

Eve blinked. So did Craig. He moved a bit in front of Lilith, looking into her yellow eyes.

"Excuse me?"

"She is ovulating! I can see it! And..." Her right hand shot out, grabbing his cock through the robe. "You two have a child! She has given birth to your child! You two are fertile!"

"Obviously," Eve said, tone dry. Craig caught the warning signs, shooting her a glance. They had to be calm around this creature. Maybe. Getting pissed and tossing her back into the snow, or at least into the garage and locking the door, was another option.

Lilith stepped forward, as if in a trance.

"Oh, you are so lucky. You ARE an Eve!" Craig moved to his wife, hand taking her arm. He could yank her behind him, if need be. Lilith slowly shook her head. "Oh, I envy you. Both of you. You have created life. CAN create life! Tonight! His seed tonight could plant life in your body!" Her hand went to her own stomach.

Craig exchanged looks with Eve. She looked less confused than he felt. She cocked her head at the red woman.

"How can you tell I'm ovulating?"

"I can see it! Even through your robe! I can see the egg shinning through! So, too, I can see the healthy sperm in your husband!" Her eyes closed. "Oh, if only..."

"Only what?" Eve's voice was soft. Lilith's eyes opened half way.

"I want to create life. Only God's creatures can create life. Not ... those like us."

"Never?" Craig felt Eve's hand fumble for his, fingers intertwining. The demon was having an effect on her.

"Never ... unless..."

"Unless what?" Craig's voice sounded harsh to his ears, but he was starting to not like this. If this creature wasn't one of God's, what good could come from it? What had it been planning for his sister? The demon took a step forward.

"Please, Eve, wonderful Eve. Let me taste you."

"What?" Her hand squeezed his.

"Let me taste your nectar! Taste what flows from where your fertile egg will come to rest! Please!"

Craig was at a loss. A nude ... creature, albeit a sexy female creature, was crying to go down on his wife. That was just wrong on so many levels. Wasn't there some sort of sex demon? A Suck-something? Was this one of those? And Eve! How was she going to react to this? He turned his eyes to her.

Eve was sitting on the leather couch, robe open, legs spread. He hadn't even noticed when her hand left his.


"Let's give her what she wants, Love." There was determination in her voice. "Give her what she needs."

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