Desert Island Dicks

by JudasUnchained

Copyright© 2015 by JudasUnchained

Fantasy Sex Story: Poor Vaina isn't sure she wants to loose her virginity, but her best friends, Ina and Meli, are going to make sure her v-card is punched big time. A tale of beaches, babes and black bodied demon gods.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   MaleDom   Spanking   Black Couple   First   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"Come on!" said Ina as she dragged me along the beach.

"Yeah," said Meli. "If you don't get your v-card punched now, you're never going to do it."

"But can't I just find a boy?" I said.

"No way!" said Ina and gave my arm a tug.

"Got to be special," said Meli. "Can't give your v to just anyone."

"And since your dad's away and you've got no brothers."

"And you refuse to fuck the palm chief."

"He's eighty years old!" I cried.

"Or spend the weekend in the stocks," said Ina.

I mumbled something about my ass looking fat when I bent forward. They ignored me.

"That just leaves Him," finished Meli.

They both nodded and pulled me on, one on each arm.

I struggled of course, but I knew I wasn't going to win. Worse, I knew they were right. I really didn't have much choice. It was the last week of summer. In seven days, v-card season would close and I didn't want to spend another year a virgin. Ina and Meli had lost theirs the year before and had spent the last twelve months rubbing my face in it. If I had to suck one more creampie out of Ina's dripping twat ... Well, I could see why they were pushing me.

Not that I had to like it.

The sun was hot over head and the sea beat against the beach. We all wore our standard summer clothes – bikini tops and bottoms, with colourful wraps around our hips. I'd always imagined wearing something a bit fancier for my v-day but it wasn't like my friends were leaving me much choice.

So my 'friends'? Yeah.

Ina was almost a pixie – five feet tall, if that, with short curly black hair and a flash powder temper. Her skin was dark too, so dark in fact I sometimes wondered if her mum had snuck off to Deep Island and fucked one of the shadow men.

Meli was taller, willowy even, and had light mocha coloured skin like mine. Her long straight hair tickled her butt as she moved. She also swayed as she walked, hips flicking from one side to the other like a metronome.

I fit in-between, at about average height for a woman. A wave of black ringlets bobbed around my shoulders and a very perky set of breasts hid under my bikini top. While I didn't have Meli's natural sway, I could be sexy when I needed too. Boys certainly turned to watch as I strolled by and I always took a certain sadistic glee in showing them what they could neither have nor take while I remained a virgin.

Ina and Meli dragged me further down the beach and I could see the cave just ahead. That set my heart beating again.

"Perhaps we can do this tomorrow?" I said, biting my lip.

They ignored me.

"I'm really not sure about this," I said.

They gripped my arms tighter.

"I'll fuck the palm chief, okay!" I yelped and tried to break free.

By this point, they were all but dragging me. My bare heels cut channels in the sand.

"Just accept it, Vaina," said Ina.

"Yeah," said Meli. "Not getting out of this. It's for your own good." She always was one for agreeing with Ina, whether it was selling cunt by the conch shell down by the trading peer or baiting the boys come rape week. Follow-on Meli we sometimes called her. And okay, that was partly because she had an odd obsession with asses (and gave a really good rim-job) but there were other factors too. I just wished she was a little less follow-on right then.

"Don't pretend you don't want this," said Ina and spun on me as her flash powder temper flared. "Gods, I bet you're super juiced up right now." As quick as a snake, she stuck a hand down my bikini bottoms and fucked me deep with two curved fingers. I shuddered at the sensation and the digits came out dripping with fuck juices. Ina sucked them into her mouth and hummed in appreciation. "Yeah, you want it."

Heat flushed my cheeks and I blushed like nobody's business. My embarrassment was made all the worse by the undeniable truth of Ina's accusations. My cunt ached for a long hard cock, the one thing I'd denied it all these years. My nipples were scarcely better. They'd popped big time and made tiny tents of in bikini top. They kind of ached too, you know, like they wanted to be pulled a little. When Ina, Meli and I had girl fun after they were done cunt and ass fucking, I always liked a little breast play.

My body wanted this and wanted it bad, but that didn't mean I wanted it. Of course, Ina and Meli had decided what I wanted wasn't worth a single cockleshell.

Despite all my struggles we reached the cave. Just looking at its shadowed depths was enough to chill my blood (and fire up my clit but I chose to ignore that bit).

"Do you know what we do?" asked Meli and perhaps just a hint of apprehension was in her voice too. Well it served her right. I hope the next boy to fuck her ass forgot to use coconut oil.

Ina nodded her head. "My sister came here for her v-day."

Not many girls lost their virginity to Him, but, well, you always heard stories and I knew Ina's sister. She was a gargantuan girl covered with scar-tattoos who sailed with the men on the war canoes. I'd even sucked her clit a few times (a giant thing, almost the size of my thumb), just as a respect thing you understand. She's pretty cock only. That she could brave the cave I could well understand, but me? I was no warrior giant.

"So?" asked Meli?

"You see the tide line," said Ina and pointed to the very mouth of the cave. A line of discoloured sand, shells and dried seaweed lay across the cave's mouth. "That's the boundary. He can't leave but if you pass it, then you're in His territory. After that, well, He controls things from there."

Nothing about that explanation made me feel better at all, and I made a last dash for freedom. I snapped my arms free of my friends' relaxed grips, spun on the sand, toes spread, and sprinted back the way we'd come. I got only a few feet before a cry sounded from behind and Ina swept my legs away in a flying tackle.

I ate sand hard and the impact ripped my bikini top half off.

"You're not going anywhere," said Ina as she scrabbled up my legs until she had her boiling hot cunt pressed into the small of my back. The slut was getting off on my coming rape. In fact, she was fucking grinding her hips! Well, I certainly wasn't going to hold her hand the next time she tried to take on Nui, the biggest cock in the village. In fact, I might just hold her down and shove my cunt in her face for good measure. That would muffle the screams as Nui ripped apart her tiny body.

"It will all be over soon," said Meli. She squatted just in front of me and combed my hair back and out of the sand. "You'll thank us then."

Ina took my wrists in her small but powerful hands and twisted my arms up behind my back. With me thus secured, Meli lifted me up right. Sand stuck to my body and my left titty hung out, the small dark nipple a tiny dagger. Meli dusted me off, plopped my tit back in the bikini and they both marched me back to the cave.

We stopped at the tide line. I stared straight ahead into the darkness of the cave but with the bright sun all about couldn't see more than a few feet. Cold air drifted out, raising goose-pimples on my exposed skin.

"Have fun," said Ina, her breath hot at my neck. She was so close I could feel her rock hard nipples scraping against my back.

"Remember to relax," said Meli. "It'll go easier that way. And when its done, we'll all go fucking together."

They pushed me forward, my heart clenched and I stumbled over the line.

The moment I passed the line, I shivered. The cold draft I'd felt before swirled around my skin. Of course that was the least of my problems. I was in the cave, in His cave!

The darkness pressed down on me. The shadows were deep even near the entrance and as black as pitch deeper in the cave. Some said this cave led all the way down to the underworld and while I didn't know about that, I could see no end.

I took a quavering step forward. The rocky ground was sharp against my bare feet.

"Hallo," I said, voice barely a whisper. "Anyone here?"

Perhaps He wasn't home. Perhaps I could just turn around and leave. Yeah, and perhaps the moon would eat the sun and the world would end a second time.

The music of bells danced up from the depths of the cave. The first note almost stopped my heart and each passing moment brought the source of the sound closer.

Despite myself, I backed up a step. My back foot hit something hard. I spun and slammed my fists into an invisible barrier that covered the mouth of the cave, right on the tide line. The air wavered like a heat haze at the impact. It didn't break.

Ina smiled and waved. She pointed over my shoulder.

The sound of bells rung in my ears, so close I could feel each individual note crash against my skin. Every small hair on my back stood on end.

Slowly, like one of the great rotating rocks of Big Mountain island, I turned in place. He stood before me.

"Lord Kaho," I breathed and fell to my knees.

He towered above me, probably the biggest man I'd ever seen. He was broad too, with wide shoulders and bulging chest muscles. His skin was the black-blue of slate as befitted a demon of the underworld and I had no doubt it would have appeared the same even under the fiercest of full noon suns. Silver manacles bound his wrists and silver chains disappeared into the depths of the cave. He moved slightly and the chains sung like silver bells.

I looked down and saw his cock. It hung half erect between his legs, an immense mass of uncut man-meat. It stole my breath away. I looked up and met his eyes. They smouldered like bonfire embers. This was really Him, Lord Kaho, demon of the underworld, brother of the Sky Father, bound here by Kapu the Trickster during the Great Burning, when the Great Chief from Over the Sea spoke the Word of Fire to end the world.

"What is your name," he said in an oddly melodious voice. I'd expected what? Grating stone? A blazing furnace? Not this song of birds. But of course, he had been a god before he was a demon and he still held rank in the Sky Realm. That was why he qualified for my v-day rite.

My mouth was dry. My tongue felt too big. "Vaina," I whispered.

"Vaina." His tongue did strange, wonderful things to my name and my cunt shivered as if licked. "Why are you here, Vaina?"

"To— To—" My heart thundered in my chest. "To become a woman."

"And do you come to me willingly?"

Something the size of a coconut lodged in my throat but I managed to nod my head.

He shook his head and his long silver chains rattled.

"You are lying to me," he said.


"There are consequences to lying in this place." He towered over me, a demon of terrifying black. "Tell the truth," he said and his eyes almost swallowed me whole.

"I— I— I—" I scrunched my eyes shut to block out his fiery gaze and almost shouted, "My friends made me come. They forced me!"

"There," he crooned and his large, powerful hand brushed a twist of hair from my shoulder. "Doesn't the truth feel better? Now there is only the matter of your punishment."

The coconut was back and bigger if anything. I squinted my eyes open a saw a look of serene benediction on his face. "Punishment?"

"Oh yes. There are rules in chains and rules in bonds." He shook his wrists and each link in his silver chains rung like a tiny bell. "When rules are broken there must be ... balance."

He sat down, crossed his legs and set his hands on my bare shoulders. The weight shocked me. His fingers were rough and calloused, as if he worked a boat for a living or fought with spears. I shook at his touch. Partly it was from fear, yes, but there was something else too. His great hand set my skin alight with dancing lightning. I let loose a tiny groan and my nipples, clit and cunt all ached.

I panted. "Punishment?"

He nodded. "Punishment."

His grip closed down on my shoulders and he pulled me down across one of his great, tree-limb legs. The knotted muscles pressed against my stomach and my fat ass stuck into the air.

He rubbed me again, calloused hands digging into my back, ass and legs. I groaned. There was fire in his hands, a deep warmth that seeped into my trembling virginal flesh. With fingers oddly nimble for their size, he removed the cloth wrap around my hips and pulled loose the ties holding my bikini bottoms in place. The tiny piece of coloured fabric fell away. The cool air of the cave felt like ice against my boiling cunt.

Powerful fingers dug into my ass. Like a great monster worrying its pray, he tenderised my flesh. Masticated it.

"Your body is a pleasure, Vaina," he said and Gods. The way he said it ... His power and dominance made my cunt drip. I wanted my v-card punched big time. I wanted it long, I wanted it hard, and I wanted it now.

Unfortunately, I had a 'punishment' coming up first.

My only warning was a shift in the air, then—


His flattened palm whacked against my up turned ass, so big it covered both cheeks. Fire blazed through my flesh and I yelped in pain. I tried to roll free but his other hand came down in the small of my back and held me in place.


He struck again and laid a second blow on my ass; combined, they turned my mocha ass a burning ochre red. A wave of pain shot through me and I grit my teeth.

A groan came from the cave entrance.

I twisted my neck and saw Ina and Meli just on the other side. Their bikinis and wraps lay in a disordered pile. They both sat facing me, tits hanging free, legs spread wide to show their juiced up cunts.

They were also fingering each other with a horny passion. Meli in particular was getting off. A heavy flush coloured her cheeks, her pupils were wide and she panted like she just ran a marathon.

Not only were they creaming at my coming rape, they were lezzing out to my punishment spanking! A punishment that was pretty much there fault to start with. The utter bitches!

Heat gathered in my cheeks to match my ass; if I was going to be humiliated like this, did I need to be put on show too?

Further observations and ruminations were cut short when Lord Kaho struck again.


His large hand struck both my ass cheeks at once and I yelped in pain. Tears stung the corners of my eyes. I'd not been spanked since I was a little girl, and this was worse than anything I remembered. The initial flash of the blow disappeared to leave a hot, banked fire.

"Please," I sort of sobbed but not really. "Please, I'll not lie any more."

Outside the cave Meli screamed as she came her brains out on Ina's stabbing fingers.

Lord Kaho's great hand rubbed my blazing ass. His rough textured fingers massaged the cheeks while his thumb split open the meaty folds of my cunt. I was wet, dripping wet even. My spanking had done nothing to quell the fire in my loins; if anything, the heavy blows had only stoked it.

"One more," he said, thumb strumming my aching clit. "One more and I can give you pleasure."

I nodded my head. The motion came out as an unordered jerk, which I'm sure you can understand given my current state and position.

His hand left my ass and even though I couldn't see it, I could feel it raise high and hang in the air. Then—


It thundered down in the hardest blow yet. I felt the impact before the pain. It rolled in a wave through my body, knocking me forward an inch and setting my hanging tits flailing.

The pain might have been tardy but it sure did come!

It washed over me like a great wave from the sea. It filled my body, not limited to my ass. I sobbed as it tried to pull me under to drown but then Lord Kaho was rubbing my ass again.

His calloused fingers rubbed away my pain. Gentle. Caring. A healer's hands to match his poet's voice.

My sobs quieted and at last stilled.

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