The Bitch Is Cheating on Us

by qhml1

Copyright© 2014 by qhml1

: something a bit different

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

"What did you just say?"

I looked over at my wife, shocked. She'd just told me she intended to go to the Bahamas for a three day weekend with another man.

"Please, Mike. It doesn't mean anything, just a little fun."

"Not no, but hell no. This isn't what we agreed on, not at all. You better rethink your position. This is a deal breaker. Fuck, it's a marriage breaker. Does the group know about this?"

"I need to leave now, I think I'll take a bike ride."

"You need to think while I'm gone, seriously. This whole thing's gotten out of hand."

I walked out over her protests, hopped on my chopped out Sportster, and smoked the tire leaving. I ended up at a bar and grill thirty miles away.

It was one of my favorite places, had been around as long as I could remember. It was a popular spot, people from all walks of life would be there, mostly for the grill. They had the best cheeseburgers in town, hells bells, maybe in the whole universe. And you could feel safe there no matter who you were. The first sign of trouble and Bossman[the owner, an old biker] walked you outside with another bartender, and tapped you a couple of times with the bat he kept behind the bar, just to get your attention. Then he would explain in detail how much he hated anything that would cause his customers any unpleasant memories of his establishment. You were then sent home and told not to come back for a month. If you caused another scene, you were barred for life. After he beat the shit out of you.

For a place that served alcohol, had pool tables and an overabundance of bikers and rednecks, you never saw a more polite group of people. It wasn't the least bit unusual to see a guy in a suit playing pool with a biker, cussing each other on a first name basis, grinning the whole time.

I had just taken my first bite of burger, admiring the way the grease dripped delicately into the plate, when I heard my name called.

"'Sup, dude." said Garth, trying his best to look like a biker and failing miserably. I think he was born in a tie. And he was scared to death of motorcycles.

His wife Abby could definitely pull off the biker babe look. Blonde, nice rack, wearing a Harley shirt tied under her boobs, no bra, cut offs that almost showed cheek, and cowboy boots. I'd have bet my bike she wasn't wearing panties.

I took her on her first bike ride, and she was instantly hooked. She nagged Garth until he agreed to let her take driving lessons, if they were from me. I taught her how to ride on a 125 dirt bike, moving her up to small street bikes until she was ready. It took me awhile to find the perfect bike for her, a small Honda Rebel. Garth drove the support truck when our group rode.

They piled into the booth with me. Her nipples were standing straight out. We were in the back, so I reached over and pinched one.

"Glad to see me, Abbs?"

She giggled while Garth grinned. She tapped my arm.

"Behave! I'm still sore from last night. You live on Viagra or something?"

"No, just blessed with a good sex drive. And while you were screaming a lot last night, I don't recall it being 'stop' once." I grinned, remembering.

I'd spent a pleasant two hours with them last night. She loved being double teamed, and we let her fuck us to exhaustion last night. They were probably the best friends I had in our little group, maybe the best friends I had period.

They got their burgers and we talked a little. Abby could tell I was a little down, and in her usual forthright manner, asked what was bothering me.

"I think she's cheating on me."

Both mouths flew open.

"Belle? No way. What makes you think so?"

So I sat and told them. About her desire to go on vacation with someone else. About some of the things she had been doing lately. Their faces grew long, and Abby got pissed.

"Not cool. Not cool at all. I might have to call a meeting. This is a game changer."

I put my hand over hers.

"If it comes to that. But before you do, let me try to deal with it, okay? Maybe I can get through to her."

Garth spoke up.

"He's right babe. Best if he can handle it before it gets out of hand or back to the group. Luck, dude."

Abby hugged me as we stood up to leave, groping me and giggling, before pulling back and getting serious.

"You need us, call. Any of us. Understand?"

I nodded, kissed her cheek, hugged Garth, and we left.

He had met her there, she had ridden her bike.

She rode with me almost all the way home, both honking their horns when they turned towards home.

She wasn't there when I got home, just a note.

"It doesn't mean anything. I wish you wouldn't be such an asshole about it. I'm spending the night somewhere else, to let you cool down. Not with a man. I love you."

I got another beer, sat in the dark, and thought about how we got here.

She was twenty three, I was twenty five when we met. It was at a party a friend threw. She had just moved to town, was there with a cousin. There was an instant attraction.

She was attractive, in a tomboy kind of way. Tall, lean, fit, a redhead with a killer smile. She had been a jock in college, had gone on a volleyball scholarship, and had kept herself toned, working at a gym as a personal trainer, using her degree to design and implement routines for rich men and bored housewives. She was very successful.

I was in pretty good shape. I ran, and did a lot of hiking, and a bit of rock climbing. I was two inches taller. When she took the urge to wear her five inch 'you're so gonna get fucked tonight' heels, she actually looked down at me.

I had a good job, made really decent money. I was a factory certified Harley Davidson mechanic. It was a lot more complicated than it used to be because of the electronics involved. I was the senior mechanic at the local dealership, or rather, I was when I met her. Now I owned my own shop. My old place actually farmed out work to me when they were overloaded.

I now had three guys working for me. I even sold used bikes, on consignment, and sometimes I'd find a deal, tweak it until I got it in perfect shape, and resell it. I could work seventy hours a week if I wanted. I would never get rich, but I made a decent living.

We bought a nice three bedroom house. I thought it was a little large for us. I'd had an accident while racing dirt bikes when I was fifteen that left me sterile. The equipment still worked fine, I just shot blanks. I had a vague notion of adopting somewhere down the road, but she made it clear she didn't want kids, so I dropped it.

We were good together sexually, because we both loved to fuck. Four times a week or better, and multiple sessions during the weekend. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, and we often vacationed at topless beaches. I can shut my eyes and see her lying on a blanket in a tiny thong, her firm 34a breasts glistening with suntan oil, her nipples standing tall from the attention I had just given them.

We had an extensive collection of toys, including bondage gear. She loved being tied down, a dildo up her ass, vibrator with clit massager shoved deep in her pussy, while I fucked her face. She wasn't happy unless I made her gag. When I had come, usually all over her face or tits, I'd walk off and leave her writhing on the bed until it dried. She kept after me to let her use the strap on she had bought, but I flat refused. It was one of the reasons I wouldn't let her restrain me.

We were happy with each other for four years, completely faithful, when she came home bubbling one day.

"Guess what? The lady I'm training right now is a swinger! She told me she wanted to get in better shape to keep up with the younger girls in her group. Isn't that wild?"

I had never thought about it one way or the other. I'd had threesomes when I'd been single, MMF and FFM, even been involved in a gangbang or two. We had never talked about our sexual past, but I got the impression she was the female equivalent of me.

She was in hyperdrive sexually for the next two weeks, fucking me until I was actually sore. I'd go to sleep with her still grinding away on her toys, actually glad she had them.

She skirted the issue, asking questions, giving hints, gauging my reaction. I could see her mind working, and wasn't really surprised when she came home with an invitation to dinner with her new client and her husband. Curiosity got the better of me.

Gail and Tom were both in their early forties. He held a position in the corporate offices of a national insurance firm, and judging by their house and cars, it paid well. She was a homemaker, by mutual decision. Their youngest had just left the nest.

They were an attractive couple. He was pretty fit for an office man, told me they had a small gym at work, and he spent his lunch hour there three times a week. Gail showed me a picture before she had started working with Belle, and I complimented

on her progress.

She grinned, hefted her 40D rack, displayed in her low cut dress, and grinned.

"It's the only time in my life I've ever considered these a drawback. I have to wear an industrial strength sports bra or I'd knock my self off balance on a regular basis."

We laughed, relaxed a bit more. They were a fun couple. It was a good dinner. We drank a bottle of wine, taking the last glass into the living room. I decided to take the bull by the horns.

"Belle told me about your lifestyle. I've got a feeling that's what this evening is about. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

They all seemed a little shocked, especially Belle.

Tom smiled. "Not at all. I appreciate your directness. Ask anything you like."

"How long have you been doing this? How does it work? Are you both happy with it?"

Gail took the first set of questions.

"Six years now. It works because we're extremely careful, associate with people we can trust, and always put each other first. We don't do it often, usually once a month. And yes, we're happy. It's not something we need, if either one of us say stop, we'd never do it again. It's actually helped us. We were just plain bored with each other, and were starting to grow apart. I really think we'd be divorced now if it hadn't been for this. We have confidence in our own sexuality, and knowing that we're attractive to other people as well as each other."

She stopped to smile.

"And we've learned a few tricks, experiencing things we never thought we would."

Belle asked a few questions.

"How do you do it? How often? How do go about finding your group? Is it dangerous?"

"We usually get together as a group every month to six weeks. Members sometimes socialize between meetings, usually as a foursome, and it often doesn't even include sex. We're all friends, and that's important. The least bit of friction can tear a group apart. And yes, it can be dangerous. That's why we're very selective. There's never over ten couples in our group, usually six or eight. You have to be married, and you have to submit a health report before we let you in. And we all get retested every three months, mandatory.

We interview the couple at least three times, just to make sure both are fully on board. If we sense any hesitance, you don't get in. We vote after the interviews, and if one single person says no, that's it. You don't get a second chance."

Tom chimed in.

"And we have to make sure you're discreet. Some of us are in the public eye. This could destroy careers or have a negative financial impact."

"Basically what we're saying is we have to be sure we trust you. We had one couple almost out us when they divorced, it took a lot of convincing to stop it. Luckily, one of our couples are both lawyers, and they handled the case free to avoid a nasty situation. And of course, they were out of the group."

We talked a little more, casually flirted, hugged and shook when we left. I think I would have enjoyed their company just as much without the swinging aspect.

We seriously discussed it for another month. I had a lot more reservations than she did. We finally agreed to give it a one time try, and if either one of us wasn't satisfied with the experience, it stopped.

"I need to get some guarantees from you. It's just friendship, and sex. It can NEVER be anything else. No romantic dinners with others, no building relationships, no slipping off for encounters, nothing above what we committed to. Understand? We'll share our bodies, but never our love."

"You're absolutely right, honey. We'll play, nothing more."

I thought she was a little more enthused about it than I was. She nearly fucked me to death before we got accepted into the group.

We got tested, met the whole group for dinner. There was six couples at the time we joined. One couple was in their early twenties, most were our age or a little older, and one couple were in their early fifties. Most were attractive and in pretty decent shape.

Gail made it clear before we met them that if we were accepted, it didn't mean they expected us to have sex with all of them.

"It's entirely up to the individual, and if you turn down an invitation or if you're turned down, that's it. Sometimes when you do agree, you just won't click, and it'll be a one time thing. Understand? No one is forced, unless it's a prearranged fantasy."

These people knew what they were doing. We met with them twice more, and they decided to give us a trial run.

"It'll be only one couple the first time, in this case Gail and Tom, because they found you and you seem comfortable with them. And you shouldn't watch each other until you're comfortable with the idea. It's one thing to say you're cool with it, but another thing completely to witness it. Some couples never go past the first encounter. Think it over one more time, and then if you're ready, set it up."

The speaker was Susan, the oldest woman in the group. She and her husband were the lawyers. They were the leaders of the group, actually helped start it.

She was really attractive, with long silver hair that hung almost to her waist, and a tight body, for her age. She'd started training with Belle after seeing what she did for Gail. I'd always had an older woman fantasy. If this went well, I'd really be interested in getting together later.

Finally, the night arrived. We were as nervous as teenagers on a first date. Belle asked me what she should wear.

"Something easy to get off," I said, grinning.

She settled on a black halter dress, knee length, no bra, thigh highs, and a tiny tearaway thong.

She looked great.

I discarded my trademark jeans for a nice pair of slacks, button up shirt, and sports jacket.

Just before we showered, we shaved each other. Both of us preferred it, neither of us liked pubic hair in our teeth.

Gail had on a nice dress, cut so low her nipples threatened to fall out with every breath. Tom was dressed similarly to me.

"I don't usually wear something this daring, but I've always wanted to, and I knew we weren't going out."

I kissed her cheek.

"Oh no you don't! We're going dancing. You're riding with me."

We dragged her out, giggling and protesting, and off we went. We had an interesting conversation in the car. She held my hand almost the whole way.

"Are you really sure?" She asked softly, reaching up to stroke my cheek. I grabbed her hand and kissed it.

"Yes, we've talked it to death, and we're sure. I want to thank you for being my first. I'll try not to disappoint."

She giggled, stroking the front of my pants.

"Oh, I think you'll do just fine."

We met in the parking lot. Belle looked flushed, and was adjusting her dress. Tom started for Gail and I stopped him.

"This is MY date. You need to keep your hands to yourself. If you're really nice, I might let you dance with her."

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

We drank, lightly, dancing all the slow songs, and a few of the fast ones. Gail was a good dancer, but I think she was afraid of a wardrobe malfunction, so was careful how she moved.

I nuzzled her neck while we danced, and she slipped a hand between us, groping me. I'd been hard most of the evening. We were sitting out a fast song, watching Tom and Belle dance. I slid my hand up her leg, and she flinched.

"Relax. Nobody can see us."

She gave token resistance, and soon I had slid past her thigh highs and reached the edge of her panties. I stroked the front a few times, feeling the wetness. I worked two fingers under the edge, and they slid right in. She was soaking. I found her clit, stroking it slowly. Thirty seconds and she was wiggling slightly, her mouth parted in an O. She was getting close, I started going faster, when the song ended. I slid back down her leg, rubbing the wetness on her thigh, before raising them to my nose and sniffing.

"You smell great," I said, holding a finger under her nose, "I bet you taste better."

"Bastard!" she said in a mocking voice as she grabbed my erection, "I'm going to drain you until you're squirting air."

A little while later, I saw something black hanging slightly out of Tom's pocket. He'd discovered her tearaway thong. The sexual tension was so high we couldn't even make conversation.

"Time to go!" I said, standing and pulling Gail up. "See you later."

We had agreed earlier, Gail was going home with me, Belle would stay with Tom. Belle gave me a huge kiss with a lot of tongue.

We hadn't gone half a mile before I had her top down, rubbing her erect nipples as she squirmed.

"Pull over!" she said, "I can't wait any longer."

I stopped at a park halfway home. I thought she wanted to do it in the car, but she surprised me.

"I may be in better shape than I was before, but I'm not that flexible any more."

She slid my slacks down and gave me a fifteen minute blow job that had my eyes rolling back in my head. Belle was really good, but this woman had skills! I think the top of my head caved in when I came. She swallowed, licked it clean, sat up, and smiled.

"There. Got that out of the way. Leave it out, baby, give me something to play with while you drive."

By the time we got to the house I was rock hard again. I undressed her, touching, kissing, licking. I returned her actions in kind, refusing to stop until her second orgasm.

I slid into her hard and fast, and we humped like monkeys the first time. She squealed and moaned while I grunted like a caveman. We both managed to explode within seconds of each other, collapsing together, trying to get our breath back.

She snuggled to me, kissing my cheek.

"Belle's an idiot. If I had this every night there is no way I'd share."

"I hope it lives up to her expectations," I said, thoughtfully.

"It will honey. You're probably an inch longer and a lot thicker, but Tom has skills. He'll have her screaming as hard as I was a few minutes ago."

We slept, woke up, fucked. Slept again, woke up to a blow job, fucked her doggy, her favorite position. Took a shower together just before Tom was bringing Belle home, fucked in the shower. She didn't clean up, sticking a tampon in.

"He'll take me just as soon as we get home, and loves to feel the extra lubrication."

That didn't appeal to me at all, but to each his own.

They arrived, and Belle gave me a passionate kiss, while Gail did the same to Tom. We said our goodbyes, and as soon as they were out of the driveway she was shedding clothes.

"I need you inside me, right now!"

I was surprised I had anything left, but rose to the occasion. After we fell back, gasping for breath, she hugged me tightly.

"Love you," she mumbled, drifting off to sleep.

I had a lot on my mind, so I slid out of bed and hopped on my bike, pushing it to the end of the drive before starting it up.

I rode around, replaying the whole situation in my head.

Was she better than Belle?

No, she was just different.

Could I handle multiple partners for each of us on a regular basis? I didn't know. We'd just have to take it slow and see.

I got home and ordered a pizza, waking her just before it arrived. I would have helped her shower, but she giggled and pushed me away.

"Wait until after we eat. I didn't have much in the way of breakfast. I need to refuel."

We ate, she had wine while I opted for a beer. When the leftover pieces were in the refrigerator and the trash was disposed of, we snuggled down.

"Wanna talk about it?" she asked, slightly apprehensive.

"Only in general terms. Did you have a good time? Was it what you expected? Do you want to continue?"

She nodded at the questions.

"Same with me. Yes, I had a good time. It was ... different, and fun. I had no expectations so I wasn't disappointed. You?"

"Pretty much the same. I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't think I'd enjoy it quite so much. And while I had fun, I wouldn't want a steady diet of it. Occasionally will be just fine, if we decide to do it again."

Three weeks went by before Gail gave me a call.

"Busy Friday? Helen and Skip are coming over for dinner, we'd love to have you."

"Really? Did you give us good reviews, share our grade with others?" I teased gently, remembering.

I could hear her smile.

"Well, we might have mentioned you two made the honor roll. Practice a little more, you guys seem to be quick learners, and you might end up with a perfect GPA."

"Thank you, professor. That means a lot, coming for someone with so much knowledge."

She giggled, called me an ass, nagging me until I said I'd talk to Belle. She closed the conversation with a compliment.

"You know, it wasn't just a one off for us. I almost told the girls you were terrible and had a tiny little wienie, just to keep you for myself."

I returned it.

"And if they didn't know what a firecracker you were already, I'd have told them you were loose enough to drive a truck through, and just laid there asking me if I was done yet."

She giggled.

"Seriously, without going into detail, I told the girls I had a really good experience, and it would be worth their while to spend a little time with you. Tom said the same to the guys about Belle."

She laughed and rang off.

Belle was all for it, so we found ourselves at their table once again. Tom had decided to grill, and all the girls made side dishes. It was fun, casual, and if you didn't sense the undercurrent that ran through us, it would look just like any other suburban weekend get together.

He grilled really good steaks, and cedar planked a couple of pieces of salmon for Gail and Helen.

It led to a conversation on food, and I told them about the cheeseburgers at my favorite grill. They all said they'd give it a try, but Helen looked uncomfortable. She and Skip were the youngest of the group at twenty four. She was the only nonwhite in the group, half black and half Vietnamese. The thought of going into a biker bar intimidated her.

Just over five feet, with a slender build and A cup breasts, she looked like an exotic teenager. They met while he was in service, and neither set of parents approved. They married anyway.

I assured her she would be as safe there as anywhere in town, and Belle and I would be happy if they'd join us. Tom and Gail wanted to go, so we made plans for the next Thursday.

We ate, laughed, and generally had a good time. I saw Belle and Helen talking off to themselves, and was pretty sure they would be our next double date.

Thursday rolled around, and we met at Gail's house, because it was central to where we all lived. We rode the bike. I had intended to leave it there, we could all fit in Tom's big SUV, but they stood around in the driveway admiring it until I ended up taking Helen with me. Gail wanted to be first but Helen stopped her.

"You've already ridden him, so I should be the first to ride with him."

We broke up, and I put the helmet on her.

I could tell she was scared to death at first, but she soon relaxed. When we pulled into the bar she didn't want to get off.

Like I said, I had been going there for years, and everyone knew me and Belle, so we were soon surrounded by people. I worked on a lot of the bikes outside, and everyone wants to be on good terms with their mechanic. I introduced everyone to Gail, Tom, Skip, and Helen. She had locked down on my hand when Fat Boy strolled up.

He wasn't fat, he wasn't a boy, what he was was a three hundred and fifty pound, six foot eight giant of a biker. Probably one of the smartest men I'd ever met, he held a Masters in Literature, wrote books and essays when he wasn't riding. He contributed three essays a year to the New Yorker, had been in Time and The Smithsonian Magazine. He made a damn good living, and hardly anyone knew how. Most thought he was a criminal of some kind.

"Mikey[he was the only one who got away with calling me that], is that your daughter?"

"Not hardly, lardass. This fine young woman is Helen, this is her husband Skip, this is Gail, and her husband Tom. I was just getting a round, need a glass of milk?"

Every one who heard us laughed, Fat Boy had a serious milk jones, probably drank three gallons a week. Bossman kept a gallon around, just for him.

"Nah. A glass of white wine would be good, though."

We talked for a few minutes until a table opened up. At one time Bossman had decided he wanted a dance hall, built an addition, and closed it in less than a year. Didn't like the hassle he said came with it. Now it was sort of a overflow dining room. He did break down and put a jukebox in, and on the weekends people actually danced.

I caught Bossman passing, told him how I'd bragged on his burgers, and he had four people he needed to impress. He may have gone overboard, they were bigger than usual, and almost hidden by the fries. They struggled, decided to abandon the fries so they could finish the burgers. The jukebox fired up, and soon there were about ten couples dancing.

Fat Boy came by, did a little formal bow to Skip, and asked for permission to dance with his wife, if she was willing. Helen seemed nervous. I laughed, he told me once his mother made him take dance lessons for five years. He swept her off for a slow waltz, keeping a safe distance. When it was over, he bowed again and kissed her hand. She was wide eyed and giggling when he delivered her back to the table. Belle jumped him.

"There's two more hotties sitting here. Surely you're not going to insult us, are you?"

He laughed, picked her up and twirled her around, before following her out on the floor. Someone had played a bunch of slow songs. I swirled Gail off to the floor, and Tom grabbed Helen.

Skip wasn't left out, because some biker girl, tank top, skin tight jeans, tattoos, pierced lip and eyebrow, swooped in and almost dragged him to the floor. She let no dead space get between them during the song. I think she humped his leg a time or two.

We stayed two hours. Gail and Helen said they couldn't wait to tell the rest of the group about the place.

I saw Belle and Skip hugged up, whispering to each other on the dance floor. It was quite a sight. Belle was five eleven, and he was four inches shorter. She took off her sandals to minimize the difference, but it was still there.

When we left, Gail, Helen, and Belle made one last potty stop, staying a long time.

Helen came up and grabbed my extra helmet.

"I'm riding with you. To your house, if you would like."

I looked over at Belle.

"My first session isn't until ten. I'll have plenty of time to get home and clean up. Helen doesn't have a job right now, so she can wait on us. Only if you want, honey."

I'd had women rubbing on me for two hours. It sounded like a great idea.

Helen was a little shy, they had only done this three times. I laughed when she told me.

"I'm almost a virgin. This is only my second time. Be gentle, please?"

It broke the ice. Giggling she demanded we shower first, we smelled like cheeseburgers, beer, and sweat.

For a tiny woman she was really well proportioned. She had the most sensitive nipples I had ever seen, I blew across them in the shower, and they stood straight out in no time.

Being six two and weighing two hundred pounds, it wasn't long until I had her pinned against the shower wall with her legs wrapped around my back. I was literally lifting her up and down on my dick. She was so tight it actually hurt at first, but she loosened up nicely.

She was moaning and making little 'eek, eek' sounds. I was getting close so I slammed into her harder and harder. She started panting.

"Uh, uh, uh, SHIT!"

Her little pussy clamped down so hard I couldn't move, her throbbing felt like she was massaging my dick. I came, hard. It must have been five minutes before I let her down. The water had gone cold, so we toweled off and cuddled.

We drank a glass of water. I played with her nipples almost nonstop, and soon she was wiggling around again. She dragged me back into the shower fr a quick clean up, then dove on the bed.

"Is your tongue as long as your dick?"

I grinned.

"Probably not, but it's a lot more flexible."

For the next twenty minutes she bounced all over the bed, my tongue in hot pursuit. I don't know mow many orgasms she had, or if she just had one long one. She finally managed to get me off her, as she gasped for breath. We cuddled, and she slowly stroked me. I was hard in seconds.

"I'm not good at this, but I want to try for you,"

she said as she slid down my chest. It was cute, in a way, watching her tiny mouth try to take me in. I let her play for a few minutes before I pulled her up.

"Ride me," I commanded, and she did. Halfway through she turned around, and I watched her little ass bounce up and down faster and faster. I swear, I think she had a turbocharger, I've never seen a woman move that fast in my whole life. She howled at the end, and collapsed. I got warm wet cloth, wiped her down, and slid her over, pulling her to me as I went to sleep.

She was on top of me when I woke. I eased out from under her, showered, and got ready for work.

Looking at her snuggled under the sheet, I made a decision.

One of the nice things about being the boss is nobody can say much if you're late. I called my senior mechanic and told him to open up. I had something I had to do before I got there.

I let her sleep until I had breakfast ready, then woke her with little kisses. She smiled and opened her eyes. She must have thought I was Skip, because she looked surprised to see my face.

"Time to get up. I made breakfast, I hope you like omelettes."

She smiled, stretching like a large cat.

I grinned when she came into the kitchen in Belles' robe, sleeves rolled up, bottom dragging the ground.

"Don't laugh," she warned.

That, of course, set me off, and soon she joined me.

"I hope you can reach the table, I don't have a booster seat."

She threw a piece of toast and stuck out her tongue, then ordered me to pour her some juice.

She sat back when she was finished, eying me.

"When do you have to be at work?"

I was cleaning up the dishes, and had my back turned.

"When I get there. Why?"

"Because I wanted to know if we had time for a quickie, or for a full blown fuck."

I turned just as the robe hit the floor.

It wasn't a full blown session, but it was longer than a quickie. She was in the shower when Belle and Skip pulled up.

What are you doing home?" Belle asked, in obvious surprise. I smiled at them.

"Probably what you guys were doing forty five minutes ago. Skip, you have an amazing woman, you should be proud of her. Belle, I love you more than oxygen, but I really have to go to work."

I gave Belle a big kiss just as Helen walked in, I dipped her, giving her a big smooch too.

"Thank you, Helen. I'll remember last night for the rest of my life." I left them, mouths hanging open, and hopped on my bike. I was still grinning when I got to the shop.

Something was bothering me, so I gave Gail a call.

"I need to ask you something. Both you and Helen have made remarks about how well I'm endowed. Was that just an ego stroke, or did you mean it?"

She finally stopped laughing, and asked me, "Do you know how long you are? Don't lie to me, every man alive has measured his equipment at some time in their lives."

It's a good thing she couldn't see me blushing.

"Six and seven eights. That's not that big, is it?"

"Honey, honey, the average is just under six inches, so you're good. I've sampled every one in our group, and the only one bigger is Eric. He's a freak, nine inches. And I only did him once. He doesn't care about your comfort or pleasure. He just bangs away until he comes, then climbs off and expect you to tell him it's the best fucking you've ever had. I really think if he didn't have a sweet wife and two of the girls were size queens, we'd have booted him before now."

"You on the other hand, are hung just enough to fill us up, have good stamina and take direction really well. I was very pleased, and after talking to Helen I think she's infatuated with you. You must have rocked her world. The girls are lining up, I think they're cutting cards to see who's next."

"And by the way, we're planning on having a full group meeting in three weeks. We'd like you two to be there, if you're up to it. Talk it over. Gotta go."

I was a little nervous, thinking ahead.

Belle was antsy as hell. While I liked it, I don't think I was near as into it as she was. We'd had several serious talks about limits. She agreed to everything too easily. I called her on it.

"I think you're shining me on here, Belle. Don't get carried away or get too deep into it. It'll make it harder to stop if the time ever comes."

She apologized, saying she was just caught up in the excitement of it all, but she was truthful when she agreed with me.

The night arrived, starting off with a pot luck dinner. It was excellent, seems there was a little competition between the wives there.

We talked, mingling freely. Tim and Tara were our hosts, probably the wealthiest of the group. They had a five bedroom house, with a full basement bar. Drinks flowed, but nobody overindulged. Around ten Tim tapped his glass for attention.

"Guys, as hosts, we decided to go retro tonight. I bet you wonder why I asked for your keys earlier. Tara, bring them over."

Tara, a green eyed redhead, brought out a punchbowl with the keys inside."

Tim, about five ten, was stocky and bald. He shaved his head when baldness started, deciding not to lose it a strand at a time, shook the bowl.

"The girls will draw. Whoever the keys belong to she gets for the night. You can only exchange if you draw your own, and in the case of Bella and Mike, if they're drawn by Gail or Helen, since they've already spent time with them."

Gail and Helen pretended to pout while everyone laughed. As luck would have it, I was drawn first, by a hot blonde named Abby. She whooped and did a little dance before grabbing me.

"Follow me, hon. I want all the time I can get with you." Belle kissed me in passing, and Abby stopped to kiss her husband Garth.

Belle was an exciting lover, but Abby was a hellcat in bed. She bit, she clawed, she screamed, she drained me dry. I passed out with my dick in her mouth while she tried to get me up for the fifth time. And twice it was anal, which she loved. She woke me up five hours later by stuffing a nipple in her mouth, and then riding me until I couldn't take it anymore. I flipped her off, and she rolled over, sticking her ass in the air.

"Take the dirt road, baby. Make me scream."

I took that as a challenge and slammed into her fast and hard. She did scream, jamming back on me. Thanks to being recharged, I managed to hold on for twenty minutes before I dribbled what little I had managed to regenerate while I slept into her.

She collapsed, gasping. Then she rolled over, kissed me hard, and started talking.

"Garth is gonna love you when I bring you home. He loves to watch for a little, then he'll be on me like a a hurricane. I love being double teamed."

I smiled, wondering if I was ready for that. Something I need to talk to Belle about.

Belle got Eric, and I don't think she had a good time in spite of his size.

"He has no idea how to treat a woman. I don't see how his wife puts up with him."

Six months later we spent the night with Gail and Tom again, Abby and Garth, and Skip and Helen were also there. Tom had gotten a big promotion at work, and Gail gave him a little party.

"New rules tonight," she announced, as the evening closed down.

"Tom with Helen, Garth with Belle, Abby with Skip and I get Mike. Two hour limit, then we switch, until everyone has made love to everyone. Girls, take as many orgasms as the guys give you, but they're only allowed to come once with each woman. We want to make sure they're up for the task. Any objections?"

None of us said a word.

She held up a stopwatch, clicked it, and said "GO!"

Gail teased, alternating sucking for a minute or two with slow riding. I gave her a nice orgasm with my mouth, slid into her missionary before switching to doggie for the big finish. She kissed me, grabbed a warn cloth and washed my equipment, giving it a quick suck to make sure it was clean, before she ran int the bathroom for a quick wash and douche.

She was gone maybe five minutes before Helen came in. She got me hard pretty fast, and I rode her through her eeks and squeals before making her scream, twice. She collapsed beside me, exhausted, set her phone, and we took an hour long nap. We cleaned and she douched, kissed me quickly, and ran out the room as Abby came in. She stopped, hugged her, kissed her cheek, before darting out the door.

"I hope you're ready, lover, the guys have me revved up pretty good."

If I continued with her, I was going to have to stock up on bandaids and antibiotics.

Belle came stumbling in last, collapsing on me. I thought we were just going to cuddle, but she stroked for a second, gave me five minutes of her magic mouth.and I was good t go. She got on all fours, wiggling her ass.

"Anal baby, I saved it just for you."

She was hot, slick, and tight. She screamed when I pinched her clit ten minutes into it, and gushed all over my fingers. I came two minutes later. We showered and collapsed.

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