The Wayward Wife

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotic Sex Story: The story of a woman, introduced to the pleasure of sex that she never knew could be so great. She becomes available - read on

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Hairy   Big Breasts   .

"I leave two sausages out", the wife called from the back door. Her husband was just putting the water cans away for the water tank was now empty, waiting for another downpour to refill. He gave a grunt of recognization.

Conservations were limited in the household, although married for decades it wasn't a happy one but held together for mutual advantages of which sex wasn't included. "I don't know what time I'll be back", she said. "These church dinners can just go on and on". She paused and then as she adjusted the drapes called out. "My lift has arrived, night, night". The next thing the husband heard was the door close. He really didn't care what time she got back, he could be up glued to the TV or working on the computer for he was a tutor or he could be in bed and if he was wouldn't know when she got home for he had his own room, a situation that had existed for many years. He proceeded to cook his own meal; something that he did anyway for he was the main chef, his wife didn't cook, just didn't like it.

The wife opened the front door of the vehicle and then, without any consideration that she could be observed gave the driver a deep, passionate kiss while he gave her very noticeable tits a good feel, something that she enjoyed for unbeknown to her husband she wore no underwear and that included panties. As he moulded her tits, brushing the erect nipple she reached over and gripped the growing monster between his legs, a monster that she had enjoyed every time there was a 'church dinner' for her driver was as black as coal and had a cock on him that when aroused was nearly a foot in length and nearly two inches in circumference and she had taken the lot, many, many times. He changed gear and moved into the flow of traffic while she unzipped him, fumbled for that delight and then altered her position, sank her head over that throbbing monster, opened her mouth and began to suck. The first time she had sucked while he drove, they nearly ended up in a ditch, but he was now conditioned and although his knuckles were white from the pleasure of her mouth, he could at least keep the vehicle on the straight and narrow, while giving off grunt of appreciation. "All of it Alice", he gasped. "Drain me dry".

It hadn't always been like this for a year before she was just another member of the church group that attended the get-togethers by herself for her husband, for reasons she didn't know, had a loathing for the church. Generally she drove herself or sometimes she would be picked up by another of the group and this had been the case the night her black lover had arrived. Being new he was introduced around, his name was Omo and he was one of the first inputs to arrive after the dropping of the 'White Australia Policy'. Maybe it was natural or maybe he deliberate chose the path of being pleasant to impress these people but Alice found him very charming and being the only woman present without a partner he went over backwards to befriend her. For him she was white, had a noticeable figure and therefore was a candidate for seduction for to fuck a white woman was a code of behaviour for a black, a sort of badge of honour, so as he befriended her his whole aim was to fuck her, to satisfy his cock that the more she smiled and seemed to be seduced by his honeyed voice, the harder his cock became.

So engrossed in his conversations that the night seemed to fly and as they enjoyed the buffet his presence became more and more physical to such an extent that she was beginning to feel aroused. For the first time in years, she felt an urge at her groin and when he brushed against her tits her enlarged nipple sent a thrill through her that for a second she had to grip the chair to avoid dropping the plate of eats that she held. In a way it was the phone call to the woman who had picked her up that was going to open the chapter that was going to turn Alice into what could be termed a 'wayward wife'. "Alice I'm so sorry I have to leave, early". She then turned and asked if there was somebody that could give Alice a lift home? It was a question that Omo seized upon and said that he would be delighted to give Alice a lift. Maybe it was because she was already aroused that when he opened the door of his vehicle and then ran his hand up her dress and rubbed that heavy growth of hair, she exploded. She kissed and then for the first time ever grasped the groin of a man, something that she had never done, in all the years she had been married to her husband.

Luckily he had parked his vehicle under trees and sheltered from the street lights the vehicle was very much in deep darkness. He fumbled, pulling her panties down and then driving his finger up that now throbbing cunt. He pushed her onto the back seat as he dropped his trousers. She had no idea of the monster now heading for her pulsing cunt, but boy she felt it. He thrust and her backside rose off the leather of the seat as though she had received a burst of electricity. Her cry echoed in the confined space, as he began to fuck. He pulled open her blouse, yanked her bra up and then buried his mouth over those hard and erect nipples. How long he ravished her, she had no idea. Only the pleasure, fuck the pleasure she could not describe. Every thrust she met with a rise in her bottom, she had no idea that the car rocked all she cared about was the pleasure, a delight that she had never experienced. In and out that cock went, her head rolled from side to side, saliva dribbled from her lips and as he rose from those sucked nipples he left a similar train of saliva. She hung on, rising to his every thrust, but no matter how much pleasure was rushing through her entire being, it was nothing to the thrust that sent, what seemed like a bucket full of hot cum gushing to every part of that pulsating cunt. Her cry was so loud that he cupped her mouth but her body reaction was like a person on a trampoline, her bottom just kept bouncing as she accommodated every drop from his swollen balls.

He collapsed on top of her, crushing her tits against his chest, slowly he began to withdraw. "Don't", she gasped. "Don't go ... harden and ... fuck me again". The word that would have caused a major row at home just seemed to fly. She knew what the word met but never had she been in a position to use it, boy she was now and she wanted it, fuck she wanted it.

Her request was matched by her locking him hard against her, with not a fraction of that spend cock bare. It was a situation that he wasn't going to protest about for she was a terrific fuck, her cunt was so tight the muscles on his cock sent spasm of pleasure throughout his entire frame and besides her nipples on those very large tits was also a beckon for continued attention. So time slipped by, till the muscles of their sex regained propulsion and the fucking began, slowly till his entire cock was buried up to his balls with every thrust. Time had no meaning so by the time he finally pulled out; it was after two in the morning. "What will your husband say for you being so late?" he asked as he began to drive. "He will be in bed and really he couldn't care what time I got in. We don't have a good relationship, he has his own room", she smiling replied.

As she got out he said "May I keep these as a souvenir". She smiled as he referred to her panties and bra that had been fully removed. "As long as you pick me up for our next 'do', that is if you want to", she smiling replied. "Want to, you have to be joking. Alice you were the best fuck I have had in ages, your cunt sucked my cock dry". He reached across and lifted her dress and for several seconds fingered her till she was beginning to dribble saliva. "Till our next meeting", he said as he stopped playing with her cunt". She nodded but it was with reluctance that she said good night for her entire being was desperate for that throbbing cock. Her husband had retired so he didn't know that it was nearly half passed two in the morning when she opened the door. He also didn't know that she spend quite some time in the shower washing off the evidence of her activity for so much cum had been rammed up her, it had leaked out, down her thighs and that triangle of hair was almost gummed up with cum, a gumming she hoped she would get again and again.

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