The Trials of Sister Claire

by Dsimp

Copyright© 2015 by Dsimp

BDSM Sex Story: Claire commits an inexcusable faux pas in the Sigma Gamma Gamma house and a vindictive sorority president decides to make her go through hell to get back in the group's good graces.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Claire thought that last night had just been another innocent hook up. It was the second semester of her freshman year of college, and her sorority had a bit of a reputation for partying that, combined with her legacy mother insisting, had lead her to choose that one. She didn't consider herself loose but if the guy looked cute and was being nice she just might be game. And if he didn't call her again after that night that was OK too. With long natural blonde hair, tan skin, an ample chest and a runner's body she was a fish in a lot of seas. When she walked into her sorority house mildly hungover, though, she was met with a large, angry group of sisters.

"Claire Elizabeth Chapman," Lacey, the president of the sorority, said from the front, sounding very official and important, "can you confirm where you were last night?" She rubbed her eyes. Was this for real?

"I won't lie. I met a guy last night. He was cute and I spent the night in his room."

"And where was that room," she was asked by a very serious looking treasury secretary.

Shit, she thought. She knew what this was about. The guy had been a brother at Epsilon Delta. She knew that she'd been warned severely not to associate with guys from there but couldn't remember why.

"At his fraternity house." Her voice was a little quieter.

"Cut the shit," the president said. "We know that you were at the ED house last night. Do you not remember anything from your orientation or your pledging? Do you not care about your sisters at all?"

"I ... I guess I just forgot. I didn't remember when he said where he was from." She felt like the crowd was closing in on her but they hadn't even moved.

"Forgot!" It was the secretary again. "Let me remind you then! Two years ago several members of ED had a large party where they roofied several girls, including some in this room right now, and took advantage of them. Since then Sigma Gamma Gamma and other sororities have been trying to get them kicked off campus. Whoring yourself around in their house doesn't help us make them feel unwelcome, does it?"

"I'm sorry," she said, softly. "I just forgot."

"Go to your room and pack your things," Lacey said calmly. Claire started to panic. Her mother would die if her daughter got kicked out of the sorority she'd loved so much. She was even in her mom's old room in the house. How could she explain the reasoning?

"Sisters, please," she said, looking up with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, so, so sorry. I'll do anything to make this up to you all..." Her bottom lip was quivering. Lacey looked at a couple of the other upperclassmen girls and they nodded.

"There is a way that you could stay a part of this sisterhood," said said, still calm. "It will involve you walking a mile in the shoes of the sisters you so blatantly disrespected last night. Several miles in fact, to ensure you don't 'forget' again. Are you willing to make that sacrifice?" Claire nodded, tears rolling down her cheeks. "You will need to pack your things anyway. You may not occupy a place of honor in this house while stained as you are. You may sleep on the couch and put your things in storage." As a unit the girls turned away and left the house.

Fighting back tears Claire began to pack her things. Luckily she didn't have a whole lot; she shared the room with another sister and it was small to begin with. Partway through her roommate came in with two coffees, wearing her ridiculous big circular glasses that made her tiny body look even more out of place.

"It's going to be ok," Lilly said, handing her one. It was from her favorite coffee shop. Lilly and Claire had been best friends since meeting during the sororities rushing parties. Lilly was more of a book worm and most nights Claire was out getting in trouble Lilly was either sleeping or studying, but they always had each others back.

"I hope so," she replied, fighting back tears. "I don't know what they meant by walk a mile in their shoes."

"Me either. I know they discussed it this morning but I wasn't a part of it." Lilly started to help her put her clothing away in boxes. "I hope they don't make sleep on the couch for long, they're being ridiculous."

"It's my fault, they warned us about the ED house." Claire packed away the smiling pictures of her with her parents from the day they'd dropped her off at college. "I was drunk and stupid." Lilly stopped and rubbed her shoulders.

"They're overreacting. Just tough it out for a few days, they'll come to their senses."

"Thanks," Claire said gratefully. "You're the best sister I could ever ask for." The girls embraced and carried the last of her things out to the storage garage. When they got back there was a note on the door requesting Claire's presence in the Ball Room at 9:00 PM, not a moment sooner or a moment later.

The Ball Room as it was affectionately known was the basement of the house. Over the years many parties, ranging from elegant to disorderly, had been held in the nearly soundproof and large room. Since parties in the house were completely against the sorority charter a few decades ago someone had helpfully engraved and mounted a sign over the stairs stating: "You are now exiting the Sigma Gamma Gamma House and entering the ball room. Keep it classy." It was the openest open secret on campus.

Claire sat nervously in the living room and tried to work on homework. The stream of sisters walking in started around 8:30 and picked up the closer she got to her designated time. Some gave her looks of disdain, some of pity, but none made her feel any better. She lost count, but there had to have been at least thirty of the chapter's sixty sisters down there. When the clock hit 8:59 she walked to the top of the stairs. Gabby, her big, was waiting for her.

"I can't protect you from this," she said firmly. "You brought this on yourself. There's like one golden rule in this sorority and you broke it."

"I know," Claire said, looking down. Disappointing Gabby might have been the hardest part of this so far.

"I was part of the conversation they had about your ... reeducation. Claire, I'm telling you this as a friend, not as a member of this sorority. Get your things and leave. The things they have planned for you ... You should just leave." She was standing in the doorway, blocking Claire's entrance.

"I can't," Claire said pitifully, starting to cry again. "My mom was a sister here along with three of her bridesmaids. Two of my aunts were sisters here. They'd be so disappointed ... And I love it here! I can't imagine going to school and not being a part of this!"

"Claire, they're going to take everything from you. Your dignity, your self respect, everything. Please, please turn around and go."

"I'm doing this. I can get those things back. There's only one DGG." She pushed her way past Gabby and walked down the unfinished stairs. The room was dark and the girls were sitting in neatly arranged folding chairs.

"I'm glad you decided to join us," Lacey said. She was standing in front of the crowd. Claire walked up and stood in front of her. She heard Gabby walk down the stairs and take a seat.

"We've avoided rehashing the story of what happened on that night in the ED house out of respect for the victims, but you've made it obvious that some people cannot learn without having history explained to them very clearly." Lacey turned Claire to face the crowd and stood next to her, a picture of composure next to the shaking and sobbing Claire.

"On the morning after the attacks thirteen girls were found nude in the living room of the ED house. Five of them were sisters of this sorority, and two of those five are in the room tonight. I would never name names but they have volunteered to identify themselves. Ladies."

Two sisters, Dillon and Ashley, stood up. Both had strong, resolute looks on their faces. They remained standing as there was a short round of clapping for them.

"These sisters are not angry with you. I am not angry with you. I am disappointed in you, but you've shown willingness to atone for your horrific mistake. The period of atonement will be three days. During these three days we will attempt to make you feel just one small portion of how these two sisters, and eleven more, felt during and after the attacks. The shame of being found nude in a fraternity house by other brothers, who instead of helping took pictures and liberties with them. The pain of being violated. The fear of not knowing what will happen next. Because our acts come from a place of love, and not hate, we cannot truly make you feel how those sisters felt, but we will come as close as we can. Do you agree to this?"

Claire nodded. Tears were running down her face now. She'd known who the girls were that were involved in the ED fiasco; it was the worst kept secret in the greek community. If you really looked for them you could even find the pictures of the girls, some piled up, still unconscious on the floor. Seeing them admit to it and hearing the story again made it so much more real though.

"As I stated, the girls were found nude on the floor of the fraternity house, their dignity taken away. Claire, as the first step in tonight's exercise you will now strip and present your body to us."

She'd suspected that this would be at least part of it. With trembling hands she unbuttoned her cute white on white plaid button up shirt. The girls were pretty unashamed in the shower and even sometimes around the house, but this was different. Everyone was staring at her. She let it slide off her shoulders and unsnapped her bra. She held it up for a second before gathering the nerve to let it fall down. She wasn't embarrassed about her body at all under normal circumstances, but these were not normal circumstances.

She felt everyone's intent stare as she pulled down her denim shorts and slid them into the pile she'd made with her top. She could have removed her panties at the same time but clung on to a few extra seconds of being less ashamed. Lacey began to look impatient so she removed those as well. She was now fully nude with over thirty sisters staring at her, picking her apart. Dillon walked to the front of the room with a long box in her hand. She looked a little uneasy now.

"To reenforce the lessons you'll be learning," she looked at Lacey who nodded for her to continue, "we have decided to include corporal punishment as a teaching tool. This is normally not allowed under the DGG charger, but yours is not a normal offense." She opened the box and pulled out a long black whip which ended in a countless number of smaller whips. "Get on your hands and knees. Each sister present tonight will whip you twice."

Claire closed her eyes and started to hyperventilate. She hadn't expected this at all. The whip looked nasty, and as far as she could tell she'd be getting struck with it close to seventy times. She started to really cry now, but she did lower herself down onto her hands and knees, presenting her ass toward Dillon. The president nodded toward Dillon again and she reached back. There was a loud "thwack!" as the tiny ends hit her skin. She let out a shriek and her body shook. The next hit hurt just as bad as the first, on the other cheek.

"Will the next sister please come up," Lacey said, taking the whip from Dillon and handing it to the next in line. Another hard two whacks, this time both on the same cheek. Claire made sounds like an injured animal. The next sister was already in line and delivered the two hardest shots yet. Claire's arms gave out and she went face first into the concrete. The next sister hit her again before she could get upright, hitting her thighs and causing some trauma to her pussy. Again she made the pathetic animal sounds.

This continued until about half of the sisters had gone. Claire's ass was beginning to bleed and looked like a piece of raw hamburger. Lacey and Ashley walked up to her.

"Roll over," Lacey said authoritatively. Claire did as instructed. The concrete hurt her back and butt but it was at least cool which gave her a little relief. Ashley took the whip and before Claire knew what was happening brought it down hard on her breasts. She rolled around on the floor in pain and the next strike hit the side of her breast which hurt even worse. The next few girls alternated between whipping her on the stomach and the chest. When one landed a shot right on the nipple it caused an indesribable amount of pain, and some of their aim was pretty good.

By the time the last sister, Gabby, was ready to take the whip Claire was rolling around on the floor like a dying fish. Her moans had turned to gurgles a while ago and every part of her body from her thighs to her chest was covered in whip marks. The floor was smeared with sweat, tears, and even a little blood.

"Is this worth it?" Gabby whispered to her. Claire couldn't even comprehend the question, let alone answer it. Gabby raised the whip and brought it down hard twice to Claire's stomach, causing her to writhe even more on the floor. Gabby handed the whip back to Lacey and shook her head. She hadn't enjoyed that at all.

"Spread your legs," Lacey commanded. Again Claire was incapable of understanding her surroundings. Two sisters helpfully grabbed her feet and pulled them apart, exposing her mostly uninjured pussy. Lacey whipped it hard once and two more sisters jumped in to help hold her arms and upper body. The second blow hardly provoked a reaction. Claire was completely spent.

When Claire finally came to she found herself exhausted and bruised in the empty basement. She remembered what had happened but the memories became blurry after a while, almost like her brain was trying to protect her. She dragged herself up the stairs and into the shower, which stung horribly but was necessary to not ruin the few clothes she'd left out for herself. She pulled them on and stumbled to the couch, crying.

"Claire," a voice whispered from beside her head. She looked up and saw Lilly, who had tears in her eyes. "I heard what they did. Are you ok? Is there anything I can get you to help?"

"Some ibuprofen maybe," Claire whimpered helplessly. Lilly nodded and darted off. Claire was almost asleep when she got back but she sat up and took the pills anyway. Anything to deal with the pain. Lilly sat up, holding Claire for half an hour before laying her down on the couch.

"Don't get yourself in trouble for me," Claire said weakly.

"They didn't say I couldn't talk to you, and until they do I'll be here for you. Even after that." She gave her a big but gentle hug and returned to her bed, wiping the tears from her eyes.

The next morning Claire was surprised to find that her body wasn't as beat up as she had feared. Her chest and butt still stung and there were red and purple marks, some darker than others, but overall it looked more like a bunch of hickies than the result of a bondage session. Lilly was the first sister she saw.

"How are you feeling?" she asked in a hushed tone.

"Sore. The welts aren't as bad as I thought they'd be though." She pulled her shirt up to show Lilly her stomach and Lilly lightly touched it and frowned.

"Maybe we should go to the sorority council and tell them what's happening. They shouldn't be doing this to you."

"No! You can't! I'd get blackballed from the sorority for life. From all of them!" She took Lilly's hands. "I'm going to be ok. It's three days, then everything is fine." Neither of them was really convinced though.

A short while later Lacey came out of her room. She looked as exhausted as anyone. A small crowd of about a dozen sisters assembled and she began her spiel.

"I hope that you took from last night's exercise what you needed to." Claire nodded. "Today's exercise will come in three parts. The first will be to simulate, as best we can without revealing your identity, what it is like to have pictures of your helpless body taken and posted for everyone to see and comment on. Your face will be covered in these pictures, but you will be forced to read aloud the comments to the sisters."

Claire nodded again. While she knew her body was attractive, like most girls that are into fitness she'd always had some confidence issues. Couldn't she stand to lose a few more pounds? They'd be able to see the whip marks all over her. This wasn't as bad for her as the previous night, but it was a different kind of humiliation she'd be feeling.

"For the second round of activities tonight we will be taking you to a den of unruliness to teach you what it is to be objectified in real life. To be considered a piece of meat to a cheering crowd. You will be performing on stage at the Violet Rose strip club."

Claire's heart sank. The idea of having so many people watching her ... She was lead to a mostly empty room with a camera on a tripod.

"Strip and lay down on the floor, eyes closed, like you're unconscious," the girl said, almost like they were doing a photo shoot. A few of the other sisters, including Lacey, crowded in the doorway to watch. There were solo cups, a couple towels and beer cans on the floor. They were going all out to make it look like she'd passed out at a party.

She took off her clothes and lay down but it apparently wasn't good enough for the photographer, who insisted on roughly repositioning her limbs to make her look like a crash victim on the road. She then frowned, smiled, left the room and came back with a little bowl of egg whites. She dipped some out with a spoon and let it run down the inside of Claire's leg, breast and chin and returned to her camera.

"Stop frowning, you're supposed to be unconscious," she said, snapping some close ups of her pussy and chest. "Eh, the face will be blurred out anyway," she muttered to herself, taking the wide angle shots. She popped the SD card out, handed it Lacey, and told Claire to get up and clean herself off.

After uploading the pictures to a popular pornography site it didn't take long for them to get enough comments for Claire to read out to the group. A few more sisters had showed up and Lilly was even there for moral support, even if Claire wished she'd have stayed home. There were three pictures in total, and each one was loaded onto the big screen TV to go along with the reading.

"The first picture," a visibly upset Claire read as an image of her disheveled, nude body appeared on screen. "What a piece of garbage. She got what she deserved." "I think I know that girl, I think that's my cum." "God I wish I would have found her like that. I'd have fucked her so good." "Serves her right for whoring herself around." "Hopefully she's dead, she looks like a piece of shit." Claire started to cry. "What a fat piece of shit. Doesn't she know she could be pretty if she just worked for it a little?"

Claire sat down for a moment with her head in her hands, overcome. Lilly wanted more than anything to go console her but knew she couldn't do that in front of everyone. After a moment Claire regained her composure and stood back up. The image shifted to a close up of her pussy with what looked like cum seeping out.

"Is this that dead bitch?" "Hope she got pregnant from a black dude, haha." "Great now she's pregnant and going to get fatter. Save some for the rest of us." "Pussy looks torn up." "God what an ugly looking pussy, somebody put that thing out of commission." "It's called waxing bitch, down with stubble!" She was starting to hyperventilate. How was she going to be able to handle being up on a stage with people watching if they were going to be thinking things like this? The third picture came up on the screen. It ran from halfway down her blurred out face to the top of her stomach, showing off her breasts and the substance dripping down her chin.

"Decent tits I guess." "Love the bite marks all over her." "God what a worthless slut." "Not enough cum, let me have a shot." "What weird looking nipples." "Damn droopy tits ruin everything." "Fuck this bitch in her bitch mouth."

Tears streaming down her face she finally finished. She took a seat and Lilly put a hand on her shoulder to console her. With her head between her hands she heard Lacey walk back up to the front of the room.

"That was painful for all of us," she said, turning off the television, "but not nearly as painful as it was for the thirteen ladies defiled online, through no fault of their own."

"Is that all, until tonight?" Claire asked, still trying to pull herself together.

"That is all. We will leave at 7:00 PM sharp tonight."

The rest of the day seemed to drag for Claire. She went out for lunch with Gabby who did her best to not mention any of the punishments, but Claire could sense the disapproval the entire time. As they were leaving Gabby couldn't keep quiet anymore though. "Claire, you have to bow out of this sorority thing," she said, very seriously. "I'll still be friends with you. Lilly will still be friends with you. You don't need those other girls. If you knew what they had planned..."

"You just don't get it," Claire said, hanging her head. "It's not about them, it's about me. I have to be in this sorority. My family would disown me if I dropped out. I don't have a choice." Gabby shook her head.

"You're making a mistake."

That evening Claire reported to the sorority house as required. A dozen or so sisters were waiting for her in the den, with Lilly noticably missing.

"Tonight," Lacey said, self-importantly as always, "you will be performing at the Violet Rose for two hours. During that time you will be on stage and entertaining the clientele there one on one in the private rooms. Just as the women who were brutally assaulted two years ago, you will not be allowed to say no. You will not be allowed to stop anyone from doing anything to you. The money that you earn will be split among the affected sisters in this sorority."

Claire nodded wordlessly and followed Gabby and Lacey to Lacey's car.

"Wait, I want to go too! I want to make sure nobody tries anything there!" Lilly yelled, running for the car.

"Lilly what did we tell you about interfering!" Lacey yelled back, standing in front of her, hands on hips. "Get back in the house and stay out of this. It isn't about you."

"You're going to let them fuck her aren't you? You're a terrible President, you're a terrible person!"

"Lilly, if you don't back off right now you will be barred from the house, permanently!" Lacey screamed, stepping toward her. Claire rushed between them and grabbed Lilly.

"Lilly, Lilly, calm down," she whispered, holding her tightly. "I'm ok with this. Please don't get yourself in trouble for me." Lilly gave some nominal jerks but didn't really try to tear away from Claire's grasp. They made eye contact, Claire's pleading for Lilly to let it go and Lilly's full of hate for Lacey and the other sisters. Lilly huffed and rushed back inside.

"Now that that's over with," Lacey said, hands still on hips, "let's go."

The half hour drive to the club was mostly silent. Gabby turned the radio on but Lacey immediately turned it back off. Finally they arrived.

"Remember, you can't tell anyone 'no' while you're in there," Lacey said, "and you have to make it the whole two hours. We may or may not have some spies go in throughout the night to make sure you're obeying the rules."

"I understand," Claire replied, dejected. She got out of the car and walked toward the back entrance. A well built bouncer was waiting outside for her. He smiled and showed her in to the dressing room.

"You're the new girl?" a thin blonde with too much body glitter said as she stepped in.

"Just, like, for tonight." Claire put her purse in a locker and looked at the clothes rack.

"Here, wear this," the girl said, shoving a mesh bikini, black and white lace bra, lace panties and short denim shorts to her. "The more you got to take off the more they give you. I'm Sapphire."

"Thanks, I'm..." shit, she hadn't thought of a name yet. A liquor bottle caught her eye. "Brandy." Claire tried to return the girls smile but it looked more like a grimace.

"Nice to meet you Brady!." A muffled voice came over the PA. "Shit, I'm on. Good luck tonight!"

"Thanks, you too," Claire said slowly. Once she was alone she pulled off her clothes and put them in the locker with her purse. Pulling the clearly used underwear onto her self took a lot of willpower but she managed. Once she was had put on some tie-up heels she checked herself out in the mirror. The welts on her skin stood out. A tub of make-up on the counter helped with that. A swig of the brandy on the counter helped overall. A few minutes later a creepy looking guy with sunglasses and a ponytail poked his head into the room.

"You're up next kid, what's your name?"

"Brandy," she said, relieved that he appeared to work here and not be a client.

"Fucking original," he muttered to himself as he slinked back to his booth right outside the dressing room. A few minutes later the muffled voice came back over the PA. Claire assumed that was her cue and walked out onto the stage. The room was dark and the floor was a little sticky. The music was blaring on a cheap sound system. About a half dozen guys were crowded around the stage, with another dozen or so scattered in the seating throughout the club. The guys looked younger than she'd assumed they might be, mostly in their late 20s and 30s. She took a few tentative steps toward the center of the stage and felt the brandy start to take its effect.

Claire's experience with strip clubs was basically non-existent, but she'd seen a few movies and was pretty sure she was supposed to use the pole in the middle. She hooked one elbow around it and spun a little. The crowd hooped and hollered a bit. She seemed to be doing something right. Things blurred a little bit more and she turned her back to the largest group of men and bent over, pulling the denim shorts off slowly. A few dollar bills flew up on stage. Maybe she was good at this after all.

Next she unhooked the bra, tossing it to the side and leaving her in a mesh top that made everything plainly visible. One of the men motioned for her to come over to him. She she bent down the man shoved a dollar into her top, groping her a little. She smiled at him and he did it again, grabbing her a little more roughly this time. A bouncer took a few steps toward him and he backed away.

Claire walked back toward the center of the stage and wrapped one leg around the pole, spinning around it some more. The mesh top wasn't hiding anything anyway so she stripped it off as well. A few more dollars went up on stage. A group of guys motioned for her and she bent down next to them. They stuffed a few singles into her panties and she thanked them with a wink.

Finally the DJ announced something that sounded sort of like "Thank you Brady!" she she figured her time on stage was done. She gathered up the money and her clothes and started back toward the dressing room.

"Brady, Brady!" Sapphire called, rushing toward her, "awesome show! Stash the cash and come find me, a couple guys want some alone time with you." She giggled and rushed back toward the men, not wanting them to lose interest. Claire put the cash in her purse, keeping it separate from her money. She didn't count it but it looked like about twenty dollars. She put the bra back on and walked back out and found Sapphire.

"Hey girl!" Sapphire said, smiling. She was sitting on one of the guy's laps. "This is Todd, and this is Steve!" Since she wasn't in Todd's lap Claire assumed that that was her mark.

"Hey, I'm Brandy," she said, awkwardly sitting in Todd's lap. "Nice to meet you." The guy laughed a little.

"Nice to meet you too Brandy. Great show up there." Claire smiled to say thank you. "Do you like giving private shows?"

"Sure," Claire said, panicking a little. "What were you thinking?"

"It's $150 for 15 minutes in the VIP room, right?" Claire looked over at Sapphire, eyes wide. Sapphire giggled again and nodded at her.

"Yep!" Claire tried to sound confident. Todd started to stand up and Claire got off his lap.

"Then what are we waiting for?"

While they were walking back toward the rooms in the back Todd pulled out a stack of money and counted off $150. He handed it to the bouncer who nodded and told them to go to booth 2. Claire took his hand and led him back. There was no door but a curtain over the doorway provided some privacy.

"Have you been dancing here long?" Todd asked, taking a seat on the half-sized couch in the booth.

"It's actually my first night," Claire said nervously. Todd laughed. "Really, it is!"

"I believe you," he said, spreading his legs a little. "I hear that a lot, but for once I think I believe it." Claire smiled and unhooked her bra, sitting it next to Todd on the couch. She straddled him and leaned forward, her breasts in his face. He seemed to like this quite a bit.

"How much touching are you ok with?" he whispered into her ear. "However much you want, I guess," she replied, remembering the agreement and that there could be spies in there.

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