Her Son's Return From Gaul

by Oscar Dante

Copyright© 2014 by Oscar Dante

Incest Sex Story: A tale of welcome when a son, long in battle returns home to his Mother.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   .

Quintus Caerellius Farus walked the halls of the home he had grown up in, but had been away from for so long. Three years in the Roman Legions, thirty-five kills with his sword and spear. Farus knew the path to his mother's quarters well. He knew she was awaiting him. As the Legion marched into the capital he spotted her on the Emperor's balcony, standing by his father, the Empower, Marcus.

The guards at the entrance to his mother's quarters crossed spears to bar his entrance. Farus knew that no man was allowed to enter Clovia's chamber armed.

He laid down his sword, shield, his short sword, a dagger, and a small knife hidden in his leggings. The guards uncrossed the swords and admitted Clovia's eldest son into her rooms.

A slave knelt and said, "Your mother awaits you in her bath." The young girl sprang up and led Farus over a path he had know since childhood. He walked by the familiar pottery, paintings and statues to past rulers of Rome.

The girl drew the curtains and admitted him to Clovia's bath. His mother was seated on a stone chair in the center of the pool of water. Two slaves washed her nude body with sponges from Africa, the softest known.

She smiled in welcome. He knelt at the pool's edge. "Mother, I have returned as you so ordered me three long years ago."

Clovia said, "I see you have become a man in your absence. I see muscles I did not see before, and scars, you were injured?" She asked concerned.

"Nothing to speak of." He said. "Thirty-five enemy of Rome are in their graves from my sword. Mother, please remember, it was you who sent me off to battle, a man." He rose.

His mother whispered to one of the naked girls bathing her. She rose and went to Farus. "I am sure that you displayed your manhood with many women during your days of combat."

Farus ignored the nubile slave girl and kept his gaze to his mother's nudity. "Mother, the last cunt my cock entered was yours."

Clovia sat up in amazement. "How is this so, did not the cunts of the Gaul women attract you, did you not find a reluctant barbarian slut to tame with your cock?"

Farus gazed down on his mother, "Mother, you, and only, you, occupied my thoughts those many nights, the warmth of your memory, the recollection of the pleasure of my last night home, carried me through the battles, and only the thought of returning to your warmth kept me on the path."

Clovia's eyes moisten, as did her cunt. "You are my brave son. A respectful son, who revers his mother. Who held me in your heart these long years. Please, come into the bath with me and let me give you the welcome you deserve." She nodded to the slave girl at her son's side. The young girl began to remove Farus' armor and uniform.

To the other slave, Clovia whispered an order. The girl moved to Clovia's side and slowly rubbed her mistress' soft cunt lips.

"Quintus, my son, I wish I had been so faithful as you, but you know my needs, son. While I have taken many cocks since your departure, yours is the one I dream of as I sleep." Clovia opened her legs more and pushed the head of the slave girl to her need. Farus watched his mother's arousal grow as the girl tasted his mother's flesh.

The slave girl finished her task of undressing her mistress' son. His cock was standing tall, even upward. She glanced at Clovia, who nodded. The girl knelt and took the warrior's cock in her mouth sucking him deep.

Farus stood looking on the woman who introduced him to manhood a night three years ago. Four times she had taken him. He left her at dawn with his seed dripping from her cunt. It was a memory that sustained him and now he was to again pour his seed into his mother's depths.

Farus slapped the slave girl, sending her backwards into the pool. He dropped into the warm water and strode to his mother. Taking the slave girl blocking his way to his mother by the hair he tossed her aside.

Clovia's eyes were filled with lust as her son took her feet and pulled them to his arm's length. She pulled her lips open offering her cunt to his stiff cock.

He was too filled with lust to be gentle, even with his mother, and he rammed his cock into her as he would have a farmer's wife.

His mother screamed at the entry of his huge cock into her well-traveled twat. He yanked her legs to deepen his penetration. His mother's eyes glared at him. "Take me like you would a whore, Quintus. Fuck me as if I were a prize of battle." She begged him as he withdrew and savagely drove his cock deep into her wet cunt.

"I have waited for this day for three years. No woman can ever please me like you, Mother. Take your son's cock."

Clovia pulled her knees back to offer her son all of her pussy. "Fuck me! Take what is yours my darling son, take your mother's hot cunt and rip me open with your big cock!"

Farus had three years of seed stored in his balls. His need to empty his essence into his mother's depths grew. He howled and tamed deep into Clovia's molten center. Driving his cock deep he flooded his mother's' cunt with the load he had carried for so long. His eyes rolled up into his head as he gave his mother every drop of his long carried load.

Clovia's cunt clutched at her son's cock and her climax tore through her body. Her screams filled her quarters, and all slaves knew that the son had pleased his mother.

Farus laid over his mother recovering from his climax. He gazed into her eyes and kissed her softly, his tongue playing with hers as she had taught him.

"Mother, I have missed you so." He said tenderly.

"And I you son." She eased him off of her and he saw the damage he had done to her cunt. The lips were red and swollen and his seed decorated the lips like icing on a cake.

He reclined next to her as she rolled over and laid her head on his chest.

"Quintus, I must discuss with you the celebration tonight." She said playing with his newly grown chest hairs.

"Such things bore me." He said.

"Politics is never boring, son. This celebration will be your introduction as a leader in Rome. You must impress, or there are those who will try to thwart you."

Farus laid his hand on his mother's hip and drew her closer. "I would rather spend the evening with my cock in your cunt." He smiled.

"As would I, son, but we cannot avoid this duty." She said.

"So what must I do, Mother, to satisfy you, besides giving you my cock one more time." He caressed her round ass.

"You will need a suitable partner at the celebration. A woman of wealth and promise, perhaps a suitable wife." She said as she played with her son's soft cock.

"I wish no wife, Mother, I only long for you." He said earnestly.

"That is impossible, and son, the acquisition of a wife, in no way interferes with our pleasure. If she is of suitable temperament it could add to our pleasure."

"That would be exciting to push my wife's mouth onto your cunt, as I take her from behind." Farus lauded.

"You see, son. A wife can be useful to us." His mother's fingers encircled his cock feeling new life pumping into it.

"So what woman are you matching me with?" He asked feeling his cock harden.

"Alicia Casta, she is the daughter of a Senator who needs to support your father."

Farus nodded, "And this girl, how closely does she resemble a milk cow?"

Clovia laughed, "Not at all, she is a ripe plum of sixteen. I have her here if you wish to inspect her."

"I will examine her mother, if you desire." He pulled his mother's mouth to his for a lingering kiss.

"The let us go to my bed chamber, I have her waiting there." Clovia rose and walked up the steps out of the bath. Farus watched his mother's body as she walked away from him. His cock at full staff. He followed her out and the slaves dried them off and put on their robes.

Farus followed his mother to her bed chamber, the place where he had achieved his manhood three years before.

A young girl in a stylish robe stood in the chamber with a wine goblet in her hand.

His mother said, "Alicia Casta, my son, Quintus Farus."

The girl bowed and held her pose.

Farus touched her shoulder and said, "Rise." He saw she was lovely, a flowering woman already with full breasts. He spun his finger and she slowly turned to display her round bottom.

"Quintus, she will bear you many children, she has full breasts to feed them, and wide hips to bear them." She turned her gaze to Alicia. "Show my son, what he is getting."

The girl pulled her robe down and it fell to the floor. She stood nude as Farus walked slowly around her. She appeared nervous and her hands kept moving to her breasts and cunt to conceal them. He felt the weight of her breasts, jiggling one. He ran his hand along her arm. "She has soft skin, Mother."

He cupped her pussy and gently felt for entry. It was bared to him. "She is a virgin, too."

Farus smiled at his mother. "She will do."

Clovia nodded to the girl, who lifted her robe and straightened it. "You may go." Alicia turned at left. She smiled that her new husband would be so handsome and manly, though she feared her future mother-in-law.

"You have chosen well, Mother." Farus nodded to his mother.

Clovia had a slave bring more wine. As they sipped it from golden goblets, Clovia gave a beckoning smile to her son. "I have a present for you." She brushed his arm. "Something to amuse us."

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