From One Teacher to Another

by Happenstance

Copyright© 2014 by Happenstance

Incest Sex Story: A young girl discovers feelings in class that would not only teach her some of life's lessons, but would also later bring her closer to her son.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   BDSM   Big Breasts   .

It all began when she saw a thirty-something tall and lanky man with moppish hair.

Although Marianne was sitting in the last row, his simple act of entering her classroom made her fourteen-year-old heart miss a beat and her palms began sweating. She was transfixed by his big dark eyes, sharp nose and broad shoulders.

All through the lecture, Marianne kept admiring everything about him, including the way he was moving his hands, his well-ironed trousers and even his polished brown shoes.

With all the boys she had fooled around with and the men who had undressed her with their eyes, she had never felt anything like she was feeling right now.

At that time Marianne didn't know, but she had fallen in love at first sight with her teacher, Jeff Clayton.

From the next day onwards, she began sitting in the first row, right in front of his desk, and discovered emotions that would change her life forever.

Marianne was only in the ninth grade, but boys had already touched and squeezed her ripe breasts, couple of them had even put their fingers inside her panties, while she in turn had amply displayed that she was a good sport by touching their cocks and even allowing two boys to shove their raging hard-ons into her mouth.

With the experience Marianne had gained with the boys and the fact that she secretly admired when grown-up men looked at her well-proportioned boobs and her tight ass, she set in motion her plan to win Jeff's heart.

On the third day, she came to school wearing a nose ring and dash of kohl to highlight her green eyes. When she sat down on her chair in front of Jeff, she undid the top two buttons of her shirt and leaned on her desk to provide him a good view. His eyes, of course, went deep into her ample cleavage, tracing the blue veins running down her valley and then disappearing behind the desk.

Where once Marianne spent most of her time thinking about shopping, movie stars, boys and their bulges, she was now always looking for any excuse to talk to Jeff and to stand as close to him as possible.

Whenever she found him alone she would slide next to him and bending forward on her elbows ask him meaningless questions as his gaze admired the assets on display.

Sometimes she would come in short skirt and watch Jeff sneak a peek at the soft skin of her thighs.

Before her eyes fell on his rugged, handsome frame, Marianne was reluctant to carry out even simplest of requests.

But now every wish of Jeff became an order, a command that had to be carried out without question.

If he told the class to finish an essay in five days, she did it in three. If he told them to reference one book, she went over four.

Marianne began hanging on to his every request, treating it as an order that she had to obey no matter what.

One day she found out that he lived alone near the school, so she went to his place in the evening and knocked on the door.


"Have brought pancakes that I baked myself."


"For you."

He stepped out, took the pancakes and closed the door without saying thank you.

Marianne stood there for more than five minutes hoping that he might open the door again but it remained shut.

When she went to bed at night, all she could think about was Jeff. He hadn't invited her in, hadn't talked to her and hadn't even said thank you. But the sight of him standing there in front of her in shorts and T-shirt, his masculine legs, his smell, his rugged arms made her rub her young legs together, made her toss and turn and made her squeeze her pillow tightly. She continued to play his voice in her head and the way he took the pancakes from her the whole night.

Next evening she again went to his house and knocked.

"What now?"

"Lasagne," she said extending her hands.

"Did you make them?"

"No, Mom did," she replied, which was a lie as she had bought them from a shop.

He stepped outside, looked around and waved her in.

Marianne was putting the lasagne on the table when she heard his baritone voice.

"Did I ask you to put them there?"

"No," she replied turning around in surprise.

"Tell me, Marianne, you're always trying to please me, aren't you?"

She just stood there with her eyes lowered.

"Do you want to make me happy? Answer me."

"Yes," she whispered.

"OK. Put lasagne in the kitchen and then arrange the books that are lying in the other room."

After dusting and arranging the books alphabetically she came back to the living room and stood near the couch he was sitting on.

He didn't even look at her and kept watching the game on TV, while she she stood there for more than fifteen minutes looking at his long legs and his black hair as she waited for his next command.

Finally, he got up and told her that he was going to sleep, so she better go home. With that he went to his room and closed the door.

The next day was a Sunday, so she went to his place early.

Jeff opened the door and without even saying hello told her to go to kitchen and wash the dishes.

She removed the scarf, revealing her cleavage that was bursting out from the tight top and tried to make eye contact with him to draw his attention to her well-developed breasts, but he didn't even look at her.

After washing the dishes and noticing that he had finished the lasagne she had brought yesterday she came to the living room.

Jeff, who was sitting on the couch, asked her to stand in front of him.

"I'll take care of you if make me happy. Understood?"


"Don't talk to me in school. We'll talk here only. Don't tell your friends about us. Was looking at your file. Your pa works in bank and ma is a swimming coach. Don't tell them either. Got it?"


"Good. Now go."

With that Jeff got up and went to his bedroom.

For the next six days, Marianne went to his house every day and did whatever chores he wanted her to do and stayed there until he told her to leave. It sort of became routine except for two incidents.

When she went back Monday, Jeff told her that as long as she was there in the house she was to wear only bra and panties.

That meant she began washing the dishes, vacuuming the house and ironing his clothes only in bra and panties.

He sat there and watched her bend, walk and sit in nothing but bare essentials.

The sight of him looking at her swaying hips, her heaving breasts and the shape of her pussy lips visible under her panties excited her and made her wet. She would bend and move her bum right in front of him as she vacuumed the carpet.

While washing dishes, Marianne would throw water on her bra to make it transparent. She would move her hips while ironing his clothes as Jeff would stand there watching her tight ass and smooth thighs.

One day, she stood in front of him and putting her hands over her bra started touching her perfectly round boobs. She squeezed them, ran her fingers over her pink nipples and caressed her cleavage, but he sat there watching her.

The other incident happened Saturday when she was about to leave for home.

Jeff threw a hundred dollar bill on the carpet and asked her to pick it up with her teeth. She went down on her fours, with her breasts hanging like ripe melons and her tight ass positioned seductively, and crawling toward his feet on her hands and knees picked up the note with her teeth.

He told her to come closer and as she did he shoved two ice cubes into her panties. As soon as he did that, her whole pubic hair region, her pussy lips and even her ass felt like they were on fire. She squirmed, tilted her body and shook her hips but the cubes continued to prick her groin.

Although Marianne didn't utter a sound, not even a gasp, she did look at him and pleaded with her green eyes, but he stood there watching her clinch her teeth and bite her lips as she showed him that she was willing to bear anything to please him.

After what seemed like hours, the ice began to melt, drenching her panties and thighs completely. Jeff took the cubes out and made her lick them.

On the seventh day, it was Sunday; she had just finished ironing his shirt when he called her to his bedroom. This was the first time she was entering his bedroom and her heart began beating fast with both excitement and apprehension.

He was lying on bed and told her to take off his jeans. She climbed on the bed and sitting near his legs took them off.

"Now the underwear," he ordered.

She took it off, revealing his erect cock and his balls resting on his inner thighs.

"Play with it."

Taking it in her palm she began running her fingers on its tip, its whole length and started squeezing his balls. He lifted his bum, parted his hole with his hands and she cleaned it with her tongue.

While her tongue was inside his hole, he said: "Trust and honesty are the most important things. Can I trust you? Will you be loyal?"

Lifting her face from his bum, she replied: "Yes."

"Good. I want you to do something for me. Will you?"

She nodded her head.

"Answer me."

"Yes, I'll."

Moving his hand under his pillow, he took out something.

"Here's a tiny video camera. I want you to place it next to the iron bars on the window in the girls' bathroom in the school. Put it with its lens facing the shower just before they go to washroom and take it out when they come out. Can you do this?"

Marianne's eyes widened when she heard that and just stared at him.

"This's to test your loyalty. If you want me happy, you'll do this."

"But what do I do?" She asked.

"Just put it there and take it out. Now stop asking questions, and go bring a cloth hanging in the bathroom. Good girl. Double fold it and place it there on the carpet. Get down on it on your knees."

When Marianne went down on her knees, he came near her and pushed his cock into her mouth and made her suck every inch of it, even putting his hands behind her head and gagging her by pushing his dick deep inside her throat. Then he took it out and came all over her face and bra.

Leaving her there like that, he picked up the camera and giving it to her told her to wash herself up, take the camera and bring it back tomorrow.

At night her thoughts were divided between what had happened that day and what he wanted her to do tomorrow.

This was the first time she had seen his cock, this was the first time she had taken it in her mouth and this was also the first time she had tasted his cum.

She wanted to think only about that, but her mind kept going back to the task he had given her.

She knew she couldn't let him down, so finally she stopped thinking about that and putting her hand inside her nightgown began playing with herself.

As her hand caressed her firm and perky breasts, her brain replayed the scene of her going to down on her knees in front of him like some slave, him standing with his hands on his hips and his cock inches away from her hungry lips and the way he made her gag for breath and then completely degraded her by cumming all over her eyes, cheeks, lips and bra.

Rubbing her pink nipples she thought what made it so beautiful for her was the fact that he knew exactly how she wanted to be treated. He understood her completely.

Next day in school Marianne was sitting alone on the steps and thinking that the girls would soon go to washroom for shower. She slid her hand inside her bag and touched the camera. Instead of taking it out from the bag, she withdrew her hand and sat there with her knees tightly joined together and her hands shaking. Biting her nails, she thought about getting caught, about betraying her schoolmates, about her parents, and the shame. But then she thought about him.

Putting her hand again in the bag, she took out the camera, hid it inside her palms and sat there as her heartbeat increased and her body began sweating.

Then just like that she got up and started walking to the washroom with her shoulders straight and her gaze fixed.

Once inside, she quickly put her bag on the floor, climbed on it and placing the tiny camera on the window walked out of the restroom.

Next evening Marianne gave him the camera and Jeff began watching the girls in shower while she washed the dishes.

After doing the chores, she was invited to his bedroom where he asked her whether she had a photo of her dad and mom in her cell phone. When Marianne said she didn't, he asked her to bring one tomorrow.

She cleaned his hole, licked his balls and sucked his cock and tasted his cum as he came all over her face and bra.

He again handed her the camera and told her to bring some more footage of the girls.

The next day when she showed him the photo of her mom and dad, he said they were a good-looking couple.

With that, he got busy watching the girls in shower.

After doing the chores she came back to bedroom and saw him rolling two hundred bills. Coming closer to her, he took off her panties, revealing her completely shaved pussy, then spreading her legs wide he put the bills inside her pussy and fucked her with the roll. Taking out the bill, he told her to open her mouth and made her lick her own juice from the roll.

"Keep it, you've earned it. You're a very good girl. You do whatever I tell you. I'm very happy with you. But I've one more test for you. I know you won't let me down. Take this camera and put it in bathroom before pa and ma take a shower. Hide it somewhere and bring it back tomorrow."

"I can't do that," Marianne blurted out.

Hearing that, he grabbed her hair and shouted: "Yes, you will. You'll do exactly as I say. Put this camera before they enter the bathroom. If you can't do this then don't come back ever again. Now open your mouth and suck me."

That evening she didn't even have dinner and kept thinking about his order. She knew what she was going to do was wrong, but not doing it meant letting him down, not following his command, and maybe losing him forever.

Every instinct told her not to do it, but for her the mere idea of not fulfilling his order was impossible. She knew she would do anything he wanted no matter what.

Marianne did as ordered and came back with the footage the next day.

He plugged the camera into his laptop and connected that to the TV. Asking her to lie down next to him, with her hands stroking his dick, he made her watch the video.

"Is this the first time you've seen your dad's cock?"

When she didn't reply, he slapped her bum so hard that her skin turned red.

"He's big, isn't he? Tell me."

"Yes," she quickly replied as she didn't want another slap.

"Look at the way he's washing it with soap. Time to see the cunt that enjoys it," he said as he began watching her mom undressing in bathroom.

"I bet she loves taking it in her mouth. You'll someday tape them having sex. She has a nice bush and look at those tits, they're still perky. Do you think she fucks lots of guys?"

"Don't know," said Marianne as she watched her own mom wash her big boobs and pussy.

"Well, she has a voluptuous and curvy body. I bet she likes spreading her legs and sucking cocks, just like her little whore. Take my cock in your mouth while I watch your mother," Jeff said pushing Marianne's face toward his dick.

She sucked him, cleaned him and tasted his cum as he watched her mother naked.

On Friday, he told her that she will have to stay Saturday night with him, so she better inform her parents that she will spend the night with her friend.

When Marianne knocked on his door the next day, she heard his baritone voice through the door: "Come in."

When she went in she saw him sitting on couch with two other men, who were as old as her dad, with liquor bottles and glasses in front of them.

"Stand here," said Jeff pointing near his feet.

As she walked toward them, her gaze drifted to TV and saw her mom's face and her huge breasts paused on the screen. She knew they were watching her mother take shower. Turning her face toward the men she saw them smiling.

"What are you supposed to wear when you're here?" Jeff asked when she stood in front of them.

Hearing that, Marianne's eyes widened and she just stared at them.

When he saw that she wasn't moving, he said in a calm voice: "Do you want to disobey me?"

She again looked at him and knew she couldn't say no. Lowering her gaze, she began taking off her top and skirt.

"Not bad," said one of the men as their eyes roamed over her body, including her green eyes, red lips and her round breasts.

"Let's see her ID," said the another man to Jeff.

"Sure, George," replied Jeff taking out Marianne's ID from her handbag.

"See, she's fourteen, and I'm telling you she's a virgin, too," he added.

"OK, you know my price. If Graham wants to pay more than we will discuss," said George turning to the other man.

"I surely would. I'll pay five more," said Graham.

Marianne stood there in bra and panties as both men started naming a price for her body right in front of her until Graham outbid George.

"You can have her after I'm through with her," comforted Graham getting up from the couch and signaling Marianne to follow him to bedroom.

Once there, he sat down on the bed and told her to take off his trousers.

When she heard him say that she ran from the room, but Jeff caught her in the living room and asked: "Where are you going?"

"Please, not them."

"Why not us?" George asked getting up from the couch where he was watching her mom on TV. "Is there anything wrong with us?" he added as he dragged her by her hair to bedroom.

"Throw her on the bed," said Graham, who was now naked.

"Hold her, I'll be right back," shouted Jeff.

Throwing her on her back on the bed, George sat down behind her head and held her arms while Graham placed his hands on her thighs and forced her to spread her legs.

Jeff, meanwhile, stood near the bed and started videotaping the whole incident.

"Hide our faces," George told Jeff.

"Of course," he replied.

"Please, let me go, please," Marianne begged.

Instead of listening to her, Graham put his hand on her mouth and with the other hand started taking off her panties.

With her panties off, George turned her on her side and unbuckled her bra.

Sensing that they were not going to listen to her pleadings, she began throwing her legs. Graham, who was little fat, dug his nails deep into her thighs and held her legs tightly as he pushed his cock inside her virgin pussy.

As soon as he did that, Marianne bit her lips hard both in pain and shame.

"Stay still, bitch, we've paid good money for you," said Graham as he began pushing his cock as fast and as deep he could inside her tight hole.

She began crying and bleeding but he ignored everything and kept screwing her until he was filling her with his cum.

With Graham through, he swapped places with George and now it was his turn to enjoy her.

Cupping her breasts, he took her right nipple in his mouth and began pinching her other nipple with his fingers. After sucking her like a child, he bit them lightly and then ran his tongue and lips all over her young body. Keeping his hands on her ripe breasts, he spread her legs and started fucking her.

After raping her, Graham caught her arm and dragged her naked to the living room. There Jeff, who was still filming her, handed the camera to George and came near her.

"Don't create a scene, or I'll show the video of your parents, and your school mates, to everybody in the town," he said patting her long red hair. "Do as I tell you and you won't get hurt. Now go to kitchen and bring the drumsticks."

Marianne walked to the kitchen but her legs were shaking so much that she had to hold the refrigerator door just to stop herself from collapsing on the floor.

Holding the door she began sobbing but was afraid that the men would hear her so she composed herself and picking up the drumsticks went back to the living room.

After placing the plate on the table she was retreating back to kitchen when George called her and told her to sit on his lap while he eat and drank.

"So that's your mamma?" he asked pointing at TV.

Marianne, who was sitting on his lap with her bum on his thighs and her nipples touching his chest, looked at the screen and saw her mom standing naked under the shower.

She nodded yes.

"Jeff, you'll earn a lot if you can get her mother," said Graham in a muffled voice as his mouth was full of chicken.

"Yea, would like to fuck her," chipped in George. "Do you want to fuck your mamma?"

Marianne stayed silent.

"Or, do you want your daddy inside here?" he asked pushing his greasy finger inside her.

"Show his cock to her," said Graham

Jeff took the remote and played the scene where her dad was washing his cock and balls with soap.

"Look at the screen, bitch," ordered George as he pinched her pink nipples hard.

Letting out a scream she started massaging her nipples to soothe the pain and stared at her own dad's dick.

"Time for some play," said Graham picking up her top and cleaning his fingers with it. "Come here and wake him up."

She slid down from George's lap to Graham's and began stroking his cock

"Suck it, whore," he ordered slapping her bum.

With tears falling from her eyes, she took his thick dick in her mouth and began pleasuring him.

Jeff, who had again began filming her, came near her and placed her hand on his erect cock, so now her mouth was full of Graham's dick while in her hand she held Jeff's.

Finishing his drink, George dipped his fingers inside the wine glass and before Marianne could even comprehend he had put his wet finger inside her tight hole.

Then without any warning he pushed her on her stomach on Graham's lap and spreading her legs wide open shoved his cock inside her asshole.

Before she could scream, Graham had put his hand on her mouth and Jeff had pinned her down by her neck.

When George entered her asshole it was so painful that she thought he was going to break each and every bone of her body and that blood would start pouring from her hole.

She began crying loudly, but instead of taking it out or slowing down, George kept pushing his dick as deep as he could while his hands mauled her round and perky breasts and nipples by squeezing and pinching them hard.

He kept fucking her until he could go on no more and then unloaded his cum inside her.

Graham, who was watching the whole spectacle from close quarters as Marianne was lying on top of his legs, threw water on her hole when George was finished and asked her to clean the cum with her top. He then pushed her on her fours on the carpet and began screwing her.

With his hands all over her hanging breasts and his lips on her neck and shoulders, he kept pushing his dick until he was completely drained.

As she lay on the carpet sobbing and panting, he threw twenty bucks on her face and said: "Buy some candies."

"Give us a copy of these videos," he told Jeff.

"Sure, but they aren't cheap,"

"Don't worry about that. Get her mother and you'll earn a lot more."

With that both men left the house.

Marianne thought the ordeal was over, but before she could even get up from the floor Jeff had placed the camera on the table and began fucking her ass and then turning her around and cupping her breasts tightly began pummeling her pussy.

"Don't worry; I'll take good care of you. You're a good fuck," he said as his cock filled her whole vagina. Just bring your mom here and you'll make me happy. Understood, baby?"

Marianne kept her eyes closed tightly as tears continued to trickle down on her smooth cheek.

While both Graham and George came inside her, but when Jeff was about to come he forced her to open her mouth with his fingers and came inside her mouth, on her lips and the cheeks where her tears were still there.

Leaving her lying there on the floor with her face full of his cum and her tears, he got up and walking toward the bathroom said: "I'm gonna take bath, you should leave now."

Although it was dark outside, she didn't want to stay there for even a second, so grabbing her top, which had stains all over it, and her skirt but leaving her bra and panties behind along with the twenty bucks, she slowly dragged herself out of the house.

As there was a searing pain in her pussy and asshole, she was barely able to walk, but somehow reached her house and then lying down on the grass near her garage spent the whole night crying softly.

Marianne didn't go to school that day or the next, and on the third day heard from a friend that Jeff had left the school and town without telling anyone. There were some rumors that he was wanted by police or somebody.

After few days Marianne started feeling better and began going back to school but just when she was settling down she missed her period and discovered that she was pregnant.

Since she didn't want her parents to know or the town to talk, she ran away from home to another state and gave birth to a boy whom she named Keith after her own dad.

Doing all kinds of jobs and somehow surviving, Marianne began raising Keith, who turned out to be a good-looking kid. During that time she did date some men but all were short-lived relationships and she resigned herself to be a single mom.

Marianne was living in a one-bedroom apartment in a run-down building with Keith, who was now fourteen, when she met a woman at the neighborhood store.

The woman initiated the chat and told her that her name was Christy and that she lived on the floor above Marianne's apartment. She even took her to her place and made coffee for her.

Christy told her that in her spare time she made figurines that she sold to shops but her primary income was the rent she got from some shops she owned.

Soon Christy started inviting Marianne more often to her place and both women began spending hours together talking about job, men and everything in between. They started going for shopping, for dinners and even walks together.

Marianne felt comfortable with her and enjoyed her company a lot. After couple of months things began to change, although Marianne either didn't notice or didn't care.

Christy started giving her small errands to run, such as bringing medicines, groceries and other such chores.

Marianne never said no to her maybe because Christy was also giving her some money and presents every month to help with Keith's fees, books, clothes, etc.

Slowly the gifts got expensive as she gave a cell phone, laptop and even a PlayStation for Keith.

One evening Marianne was at Christy's apartment and was looking at the dress Christy was wearing when Christy caught her admiring her.

"Like it?" Christy asked as she twirled in the dress.

"Yes," mumbled Marianne noticing that the black mini dress was completely exposing her smooth thighs and was tightly cupping her bum. Since there were just two thin straps holding the dress together, her neck, shoulders and back were bare, too.

But the most risqué part was at the front: the dress had a ultra-low neckline, which meant her whole cleavage and all of her breasts except the nipples were totally naked.

"So, what do you think?"

"It's nice," answered Marianne as her eyes wandered over Christy's slender legs and well-proportioned breasts.

"Have bought it for a party that's this weekend. You're also coming with me."

"What will I do there?"

"Listen Marianne, when I say something don't ask questions, OK? Never do that. When I tell you to do something just do it. I don't want you answering back. Understood?"

"Yes," she replied with her head bowed.

On Saturday, she went to the party in a purple evening gown that kept her assets, especially her voluptuous boobs, well hidden.

It was a small party of around twelve people, and after couple rounds of drink they decided to leave.

In the cab, Christy placed her arm around Marianne's shoulders and drawing her closer kissed her lips.

This was the first time that a woman had kissed Marianne, but instead of pulling away her body responded to her touch.

Christy locked Marianne in a tight embrace and caressed her back as her tongue went deeper inside Marianne's mouth. They continued kissing and touching each other in the lift and then Christy led her to her apartment and to her bed where Christy laid her down on her back and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

She untied her black hair and lay down next to Marianne, wih her five feet and five inch frame that was just two inches shorter than Marianne pressed closely together.

"Is this your first time?" she asked when she saw Marianne curled up like a child with her eyes closed.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Don't worry, will teach you everything. Do you know what laoshi means?"


"It means teacher in Chinese. From now on you'll always address me as laoshi, got it?"

Marianne opened her eyes and nodded in agreement.

Christy cupped Marianne's voluptous breasts and began playing with her nipples as her lips explored her smooth stomach, her thighs and her mouth.

When Christy's fingers reached Marianne's pussy, the wetness surprised her.

"Has it been long?" she enquired taking her fingers that were dripping with juices out.

"Yes," Marianne admitted.

Christy lowered her head and slipped her tongue inside as her hands caressed Marianne's erect nipples.

With Christy's tongue in her and her hands on her big boobs, Marianne began experiencing ecstacy and arousal for the first time in her whole life.

As she became more aroused, her moaning grew louder and she tried to move Christy away from her drenched pussy, but Christy ignored her pleadings, her constant moving of her legs and kept eating her until Marianne collapsed in total exhaustion and orgasm.

"Honey, you drowned me in floods," said Christy smiling and wiping Marianne's juices from her mouth with the back of her mouth.

"Sorry," Marianne murmured.

"Don't be silly, I loved it. You taste delicious."

After that evening, Marianne started spending most of her time with Christy. She even told her how Jeff had sold her virginity and how he, Graham and George had raped her.

Christy took Marianne to a house in a leafy suburb where she was met by three men and three women in the living room. After introductions, they sat down with drinks in their hands and began discussing their children's school problems.

In the middle of the talks, a woman, Sara got up to refill her glass and then sat down on the thighs of Andrew, a man sitting opposite Marianne.

Marianne averted her eyes when she saw him putting his hand inside her orange blouse.

"You're a lucky man," said Andrew to Tim, as he freed Sara's small and perky breasts from her black bra.

"That's true. I've got the best wife," he replied as he watched Andrew rub his wife's pink nipples.

"Am I not hot?" Erica asked getting on her fours and crawling toward Jason.

"Of course, you're. That's why Andrew loves you," said Jason as he lifted her skirt with his feet and caressed her well-developed bum.

Andrew, whose hands were squeezing Sara's naked breasts, signaled to Christy with his eyes and said: "Time to taste new meat?"

Christy got up from the couch and holding Marianne's arm took her to a room.

Placing her arms on Marianne's hips said: "They are my friends. You'll have to make them happy."

"What will I have to do, laoshi?"

"You'll do whatever they want. And remember, you've to make them happy. Now wait here."

Leaving her there, she went out and said: "She's ready."

Andrew entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Be gentle with her," Christy said leaving them together.

"Take off your clothes," ordered Andrew, who was standing behind her.

With her head bowed, she unbuttoned her shirt and then let her sarong slip to the ground.

"And the rest?"

Hearing his loud voice made the hair of her neck stand in fear.

Putting her hands behind her back, she unbuckled her green bra and dropped it near her feet.

She wanted to turn around just to see his face but was afraid of his reaction so kept her bowed and removed her green panties.

"Place your palms on the bed and bend," Andrew growled as he took off his clothes.

Coming near her, he tightly cupped her breasts that were hanging like ripe melons, and then spreading her legs with his legs he shoved his cock inside her.

Although she hasn't had a cock in years and was dreading the moment, but as soon she felt it filling her she wanted it more.

Andrew began fucking her slowly, he took out his dick just until the tip, waited for a second or two, and then shoved all of it inside her.

Then he picked up pace. His hands began squeezing, caressing and pinching her voluptuous breasts and erect nipples as his cock went faster and deeper.

Just then Christy walked in with Tim carrying completely nude Erica. They left the door wide open.

Christy lit a cigarette and sat down on a chair to watch all the action.

Erica had Tim's cock in her when Andrew took his out from Marianne's vagina and spread his cum all over his wife's stomach and boobs.

"Make her clean it," said Christy pointing at Marianne.

Andrew grabbed her hair and pushed her face toward Erica's body.

Without even raising her eyebrows, Marianne began licking each and every drop of his cum. When she was finished, Andrew shoved his dick into her mouth and she cleaned it, too.

For a second she thought it was over but before she could even turn Tim had put his hand behind her neck and had buried her face in the pillow.

He began taking off his clothes, and Erica got up to get the cream but Christy stopped her.

"Do her dry."

Tim slapped saliva on his cock and parting her cheeks with his hands he shoved his dick in her asshole in one strong thrust.

Marianne let out a scream as his cock tore through her but the others heard only a muffled voice because the pillow absorbed her pain.

When Andrew was fucking her he had started off slowly. Tim, on the other hand, began banging hard and fast. Holding her by her hips, he rammed it so deep that her legs started shaking and she began fearing rapture of her ass.

In the middle of all this she heard Jason, Lesley and Sara talking. She understood that all of them were there watching her getting her hole fucked nice and well.

Tim was about to come so he turned her around and opening her mouth forced her to swallow his cum right in front of everybody.

After licking him completely clean, Marianne closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath, her huge breasts were heaving and both her holes were aching.

But they didn't even allow her to get a break as she saw Jason climbing on top of her. She automatically spread her legs and got ready for another pummeling.

Jason lifted her ass up in the air and tightly cupping her breasts rammed his cock inside her.

Unlike Andrew and Tim, he liked talking.

"Enjoying it?" Jason asked.

When she didn't answer, he lightly slapped her cheek and said: "Are you?"

"Yes," she mumbled.

"You like getting fucked, don't you, bitch?"

She didn't want to reply but he was pinching her nipples hard, so nodded her head and said: "Yes."

"Oh, you're a good whore, a really good one. Will make you taste my cum, too. You will drink it. Oh yes."

He continued talking dirty to her, whore and bitch being his favorite words, as his hands kept squeezing, cupping and pinching her voluptuous breasts and as his cock kept screwing her pussy.

Just like Tim, he too came inside her mouth and on her face and then made her lick his dick dry.

While she was licking him clean, she heard Christy say: "OK, girls your turn now."

Lesley, Sara and Erica stopped playing with each other and Erica took a pink dildo from Christy that she had taken out from a drawer.

She strapped it around her hairy pussy and shoved it inside Marianne's vagina. Sara, meanwhile, sat down on Marianne's face and made her eat her shaved pussy.

Once Erica was through with her, she exchanged places with Sara and forced Marianne's to eat her. Then Lesley fucked her with the dildo.

Finally, it was Christy's turn. But unlike the other two women, she chose a different route.

Strapping a large red dildo, she told Marianne to go on her fours and then pushed the dildo as hard and as deep she could in her ass.

This time there was no pillow to muffle her voice. Marianne begged Christy for mercy, threw her arms around and held the bed so tightly that her knuckles became red. But Christy was in no mood for mercy.

She and her dildo turned out to be more painful than even Tim's cock. In the middle of pummeling her ass, Christy said to Erica: "Get the bowl."

Erica placed a large bowl on the floor and Marianne watched as first Jason, then Andrew and then Tim masturbated into it.

Erica lifted it and put it in the center of the living room.

"Let's go," said Christy taking out the dildo from Marianne ass, which had turned red.

Grabbing her by her hair she led the way as Marianne crawled behind her on her fours.

"Clean it," she ordered placing her leg on Marianne's neck and pressing her face toward the bowl.

"Next week will be your turn," she told Sara, who nodded her head.

Marianne hunched down and began licking the cum-filled bowl. She licked the cum off the edges, from the center and from every corner.

After making sure that Marianne had cleaned it nicely and had swallowed all of it, Christy released her grip on Marianne's neck and told her to put on clothes as it was time to go home.

Two days later, Marianne received a call from Christy asking her to come to her apartment.

"Tim's waiting for you in the bedroom, go service him," she said when Marianne arrived.

"OK, laoshi," she replied putting her handbag on the floor and walking toward the room.

She was sucking Tim's cock when Christy entered the room and asked Tim, who was lying naked on his back, whether he would like a cigarette.

"How's our girl?" Christy said giving the cigarette to him.

"She's a nice piece of ass."

"Yes, she's," agreed Christy as she rubbed her hand over Marianne's bare bum and left the room.

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