A Lesson at Rowanberry

by Sugar Sweet1259

Copyright© 2014 by Sugar Sweet1259

Erotica Sex Story: At the Rowanberry Wifely School for Girls, bedroom activities is one of the major lessons. A classroom of girls are taught the motions of sex through a live display. Afterwards, one of the girls gets some private time with the instructor in his suite.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Historical   Rough   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   School   .

Scene 1

After a long day of mathematics at the Charleston Academy for Girls, Lilly retired to her room. It was the evening just after six and the sky was a bright golden orange around the powder-blue clouds. The block 10 girls (ages 16-19) had just finished their supper and had been dismissed until the next day's lesson.

Sitting at her dark cherrywood desk, Lilly boredly stared out the window. Of course. The girls at the Rowanberry Wifely School for Girls were out playing catch. Charleston Academy and Rowanberry sat directly opposite each other with nothing more than a dirt road to separate the two. Lilly watched the girls with envy. They always seemed to be laughing and having fun at Rowanberry. At the Charleston Academy for Girls, it was always about studying and school work. Even friendships were discouraged; everything at Charleston was competitively centered around competition and rank.

Before Lilly had been sent to Charleston Academy at the age of 14, she would always hear her parents speak of what wonderful wives Rowanberry produced. Lilly always wondered what the girls studied. What exactly were the components of a good wife? As a little girl, she was sure she would attend. Rowanberry was a school for girls who were assigned a wealthy husband at a young age; before marrying at 19, they would attend Rowanberry where they would learn and practice the ideal customs of a wife.

As much as Lilly wanted to marry, her parents had found it more suitable that she attend Charleston, gain an education, and become a teacher. Teachers weren't allowed to marry, yet made enough money to be self-sufficient. Her parents cared little about her producing a child; for Lilly already had two older sisters (Kara and Irene) who had attended Rowanberry and produced children. Lilly had eventually concluded her fate at Charleston was because no man had asked for her hand in marriage

Lilly sighed miserably as she watched the Rowanberry girls, noting the rich maroon color of their Rowanberry uniforms in stark contrast to the dark navy blue of her own. Her sister's uniforms were maroon ... growing up, she had always thought hers would be too. Lilly was about to draw the curtain when suddenly, a man clad in a maroon jacket, tan trousers and a blue scarf emerged from the Rowanberry school. Lilly had seen him often on their terrace and heavily pondered his position at the school. He approached the laughing girls and joined their game. Even from afar Lilly could see the newly overjoyed smiles on their faces. Further intrigued, she opened the window a crack, soon enough, their laughter arrived warm and faint across the grassy terrace.

Unable the repress the urge any longer, Lilly collected her math materials and left her room to finish her homework on the terrace. Sneakily, she crept down the steps and out the door. If a teacher had seen her, she'd have been told to return to her room immediately. Quickly, she darted across the Charleston lawn to a large elm tree close to the road. She ducked in its cover, hoping to blend in among the dark brown of the bark.

The laughing was now much more clear. Lilly sat against the trunk and began her math exercises; the robust guffaws served as a soothing background. When she was about halfway through her second sheet, she noticed there had been an exceptionally long period of silence. She looked up to find the two girls slowly returning to Rowanberry with the ball. Lilly hadn't realized it had begun to grow dark. She was about to pack up when she noticed the man in the tan trousers slowly walking towards her. Nervously, she stayed put. Had she done something wrong? Was she too close to their terrace? The man was now about 50 paces away. His size and facial features were beginning to become more clear. He crossed the road and was now a mere 20 paces away. Lilly shrunk away uncomfortably; she hadn't been around a man in over 4 years. Her breathing had become labored, and soon he loomed over her. His clothing was of rich quality, and his face even nicer. He was unnervingly handsome with a grin full of money, a blond buzz cut, a triangular shaped head, full pink lips ready to kiss, and moderate freckling across his cheeks and nose.

"Hello," he said with enthusiasm, his hands tucked in his pockets.

From below his towering figure, Lilly felt small and petty.


The man's luxuriant smile failed to fade, "I'm Mr. Rowanberry, Head of the school." He kindly outstretched a hand to help her up. Hesitantly, she took it. Even standing he was still much taller than she.

She stared at him suspiciously, "Isn't the head at a girl's school usually a woman?"

He laughed lightly, "Yes, usually. My grandmother unfortunately had all sons. My father was chosen to continue the position, he died five years ago, and as his only son, I was left the successor."


He suddenly took a small step forward, "I noticed your blue uniform; what made you choose Charleston, if you don't mind my asking?"

Lilly shifted, uncomfortable in such close proximity, "Well, I didn't really choose Charleston; my parents did. My two older sisters went to Rowanberry."

"Ah! What a shame your parents decided a different fate for you! We would have loved to have had you at Rowanberry. What's your name, sweetie?"

Lilly blushed, unused to slight sweet-talk, "Lilly."

"Mmmm, Lilly, how old are you?"


"Well," he began, "if you really wanted some education at Rowanberry, there is an option for you to complete your current year at Charleston, gain your certificate, and spend your last year at Rowanberry."

"I really would love to be at Rowanberry sir, but I'm afraid the curriculum would be too different."

Mr. Rowanberry studied her for a few moments before finally asking, "Do you really see yourself as a teacher for the rest of your life? Don't you see a marriage of any kind?"

"Well ... yes ... perhaps after I teach."

"Well then Lilly, you'd best think about taking classes at Rowanberry. I knew a few graduated students of Charleston. They said the last year's curriculum was simply preparing for a life of celibacy and discipline. If you don't desire those lessons, you could talk to the Head and arrange to have your degree this year."

Lilly widened her eyes in shock, "They do that?"

"Yes Lilly, I know for sure."

As Lilly contemplated the new option, Mr. Rowanberry stepped even closer.

"Lilly, the darkness is befalling us. Surely you could sit in on a class at Rowanberry right now, to see if you liked it."

Lilly looked across the road, heavily considering. The school looked like Charleston; large and brick, but half the size.

"Could I really?" She wanted more than anything to leave Charleston, even if just for a few hours.

"Yes, the lesson I'll be teaching tonight is Bedroom Activities. It's a lesson unlike any other, yet one of the most useful."

"Okay," Lilly finally agreed. How excited she was, she had not left Charleston in over 4 years! She would experience freedom, although brief, and would finally learn something about wifely duties; not math, or science, or grammar (all of which she already knew quite well).

"Great!" Mr. Rowanberry proclaimed. He glanced at his wristwatch, "The lesson begins in just 10 minutes, lets hurry over!" He smiled boyishly, and together they crossed the road onto the terrace of the Rowanberry Wifely School for Girls.

Scene 2

After having jogged across the terrace and through the splendid arched entrance of Rowanberry, Lilly was quickly whisked to a closet at the side of the large marble-floored parlor.

"Perhaps we should get you a maroon jacket," Mr.Rowanberry mused as he searched the jackets for one her size.

Lilly stood flabberghasted as she stared down the corridor. While Rowanberry was much smaller than Charleston, Rowanberry was far more splendid. The large cement arches on the outside of the school additionally continued within the school along the corridor. Beyond the marbled parlor, the corridor was floored with a royal maroon carpet speckled with flowers. On either side of the parlor were grand cement staircases which hugged the rounded walls and joined together at the top. Beyond the right-most staircase was an open door. Laughter emanated from within.

"We don't want you to stand out too much," Mr. Rowanberry said as he handed Lilly a maroon jacket. She quickly switched and followed him to the door emanating the lively sounds. Upon his entrance, the girls quieted some, Lilly quickly followed. To her relief, the girls took little notice of her. She eyed an empty seat at the back of the class, and quietly made her way to it. Upon sitting down, Lilly noticed two very beautiful girls; one sitting directly in front of her, and the other to the right. She glanced around the rest of the classroom to find that all of the girls were exceptionally prettier than those at Charleston.

The two girls in front of her finally acknowledged her presence. They stared at her, their pose mirroring each other. The girl to the right had long blonde hair that tumbled down her shoulders and ended in feminine curls. Her bangs were mostly pinned back which left her pretty face fully exposed. Her bushy eyebrows were unusually thick, her lashes long, and her green eyes vibrant and large. Her friend, the pretty girl directly in front of Lilly, looked nearly identical except that her thick hair cascaded prettily down her shoulders in a black avalanche. Her dark eyebrows were equally thick, her lashes long, and her large brown eyes dark glittering and dangerous. What stood out most about her was the messy splay of dark freckles which contrasted stunningly against her pale, creamy skin. The girls both smiled politely.

"Are you excited?" the blonde asked.

"Um... ," Lilly began, "for what?"

The freckled brunette gasped and moved to the seat directly next to Lilly's. "Haven't you heard? From the graduates?"

The blonde then moved to the brunette's former seat in front of Lilly. Lilly shook her head, beginning to feel uncomfortable. The blonde leaned in close and put her hand to her mouth so as to not be overheard, "It's said, that in this lesson, we'll get to see Mr.Rowanberry naked." A devious smile played on her lips.

"That's what all this is about," the freckled brunette said, referring to the classroom commotion. She then leaned in, "How come we've never seen you around here before?" The blonde nodded in agreement.

"Well, I go to Charleston. I'm only staying for this one class, to see if I might want to switch next year."

The blonde giggled. "You came for the most exciting class! What's your name, anyway?"


"I'm Diana," the brunette said with a smile.

"And I'm Marianne," said the blonde.

"So, are you excited?" Diana continued.

Lilly spotted Mr. Rowanberry at the door, talking with a gorgeous redhead who appeared to be one of the school maids.

"Well ... I'm unsure ... I guess I'm kind of nervous," Lilly said, trying to imagine the Master under his clothing. She felt her cheeks turn red at the thought. The girls smiled.

"I've been awaiting this day for years," Diana blurted bluntly.

"Me too," Marianne added with a wicked grin. The girls then faced forward, Mr. Rowanberry looked ready to start class. When the class grew silent, Mr. Rowanberry stood calm at the front of the room against the large wooden desk.

"Ladies," he began loudly, "today's lesson is Bedroom Activities. If at any point during the lesson you feel uncomfortable, you are free to leave. This lesson will be taught only today; if you leave, you will have to make it up at a later time. You may choose to not participate in this unit all together, but you will then not receive full credentials on your certificate. This unit is very important, perhaps one of the most important in securing your relationship with your husband. Men are very sexual, and if you are not pleasurable in the bedroom, he may cheat on you." A collective gasp sounded around the room.

"Today's agenda will be a live display of foreplay and sex. How this unit is going to work is, after this lesson, you will sign up to meet me for 3 appointments. These appointments will be very private, between just you and I; either at my personal suite, or in your dorm. Whichever you prefer. The first two appointments will not be graded, however I will give you feedback for improvement. Finally, the last appointment will be for a grade, and I will not help you. If you feel you need more practice before the final appointment, you may schedule additional appointments with either me, Julien, or Benji. For those who might have arrived at Rowanberry later, Julien teaches the curriculum for girls ages 14-16, and Benji teaches for girls ages 12-14. They practice in the East and West wing. Now," he abruptly projected, "how many of you have ever seen a naked man before?" Not a hand was raised.

"A penis?" A few girl began to uncomfortably shift in their seats, but still no hands elevated. "Well, today that will change," Mr. Rowanberry concluded as he began to unbutton his sweater.

At this point, the girls began to look at each other with nervous grins. Eventually, Mr. Rowanberry was shirtless; his blonde haired chest a true spectacle to the innocent, uncorrupted girls. Next, he began to unbuckle his belt; Lilly nervously looked away and squeezed the edge of her desk. She assured herself to not look up again. However, as soon as she heard his trousers fall to the floor, a second wave of gasps, sighs, and intakes of breath circulated around her. She noticed Marianne's back in front of her tense. Marianne turned around to exchange a look with Diana. Her face was a hot red, and her greedy grain an indicator of appreciated satisfaction. Lilly glanced at Diana, whose face was equally red, and sported the same satisfied grin.

Finally, Lilly could no longer resist the urge and looked up at the naked Mr. Rowanberry. When she did, she couldn't stop the loud, surprised gasp which escaped her own lips. She saw it. Mr. Rowanberry's limp sex organ. She then looked to his face. Her heart hammered as his icy blue eyes locked with hers; the glimpse she'd had of his nether parts played over and over in her head. She finally broke the state and stole a longer look at his midsection; this time, taking in everything she could.

"This state my penis is currently in, is the flaccid state. This is how a man's penis looks when he's not aroused with the idea of sex." He then casually walked down the first aisle, allowing the girls a closer look. Lilly sat apprehensively in the third row.

Marianne turned towards Lilly and Diana with a raunchy grin,

"I'm going to touch it when he comes by!" she whispered. Diana gasped in disbelief; Lilly's eyes widened, equally in shock.

Far too soon, Mr. Rowanberry began down the 2nd and 3rd aisles, starting from the back where Lilly sat. Butterflies overwhelmed her gut as the naked man stood just a foot away from her. She stared curiously at his penis, which was small and soft-looking. What also amazed her was the round sac which hung behind it. As Mr. Rowanberry approached Marianne's desk, Marianne quickly turned towards him, reached out and squeezed his sex. The few girls who had seen gasped in bewilderment. Marianne's face, upon touching his manhood, flushed a dark red.

"Marianne," he boomed, "We've had issues with your class conduct in the past. Please see me 10 minutes before bedtime tonight to discuss your detention."

"Okay," Marianne squeaked as she attempted to hide her grin. She then turned to Diana with widened eyes and winked. It was clear that she had been pleasantly enlightened.

As Mr. Rowanberry finished going down the last row, Lilly observed that, somehow his penis looked larger. When he returned to the front of the room, his penis had unmistakably grown, and seemed to be sticking out on its own.

"This is a penis when it is in the erect state. When a man's penis is erect, it means he wants to have sex," Lilly's heart fluttered as she realized Mr. Rowanberry wanted to have sex due to his hard penis.

"Your husband may already come to you with an erect penis, or he may want you to make him erect. It's very easy to get a man's penis hard. A few methods are: get naked in front of him, kiss him very sexually, tell him you want to have sex with him, and touch and caress him ... mostly his nether parts. Josephine!" He suddenly called. The pretty redhead he had spoken with before then entered, still in her maid uniform.

"Gather!" he commanded as Josephine got down on her knees before him. The girls in the class began to get up and circle around. Immediately, Lilly stood and rushed for a place in the front.

"Touching your man's sex parts before actual sex is called foreplay. Good foreplay ensures good sex ... a handjob, Josephine." On her knees, Josephine took one hand, closed it around his penis and began to run her hand up and down his length. The girls were all breathing hard, secretly wishing to be Josephine. They all watched as she began to rub her face against his thigh.

"Oh Mr. Rowanberry ... I need your cock..." she moaned. A willing groan escaped from some of the horny, on-looking girls.

Mr. Rowanberry glanced down at the slutty maid, "Suck it, Josie..."

She then, to many of the girls' surprise, closed her mouth around his cock, and began sucking it up and down.

"Ladies," Mr. Rowanberry continued, "this is called a blowjob. It is considered oral sex. To perform good oral sex on your husband, you must use good technique. Notice how Josie stares into my eyes the whole time. Notice how she uses her hand to stimulate the whole length of my penis, not just her mouth. Lastly, notice how she doesn't forget my balls." He put a large hand on Josie's head and lovingly caressed her hair.

"As for sucking technique, when you are sucking a man's penis, you don't want your teeth to touch his cock ever. It is very painful, and you husband will not like it. Use your tongue and focus on the tip of the penis, which is called the head. The underside of the head is where a man gets the most pleasure ... the goal of the blowjob is to make him orgasm. In order to achieve this, you will have to gradually suck harder and faster." As Josie began to suck harder and faster, Lilly felt a sudden weakness in her legs. Her vagina ached with want, and strangely, her cunt even felt moist.

Mr. Rowanberry's face was now very red, and his breathing became very labored. Lilly noticed a few girls who had slipped their hands under their skirts; they were massaging their vaginas through their panties. Unable to resist the urge, Lilly too began to touch herself under her skirt. Mr. Rowanberry was now wildly thrusting his hips at Josephine, who had placed both palms on his thighs an attempt to calm his movements.

"Ahhhhh..." he groaned as he took his penis from Josephine's mouth. Josephine tilted her head back and opened her mouth. He then began pumping his cock at an incredible rate, and, with a few heavy grunts, ejaculated strings of translucent white liquid onto Josephine's face. Several girls jumped back in surprise.

"Oh yes..." he exclaimed as he milked the remainder of his fluids into Josephine's mouth. Josephine greedily ate the substance and licked his cock clean. She then stood up, and they passionately began to kiss. She pressed her body against him as his hands massaged her buttocks through her dress. As their passionate French kissing continued, Lilly noticed that Marianne seemed to have forgotten her setting; her blouse was entirely unbuttoned as she openly toyed with her erect nipple.

Suddenly, Mr. Rowanberry broke his kiss with Josephine and hopped up onto the desk. He sat back, and hungrily watched as Josephine knowingly began to undress. She swiftly unbuttoned and slipped off her uniform, exposing a pair of unusually large, perky tits, and a round, plump arse. Jealousy flashed across the faces of some girls, others simply stared in wonder. She was particularly curvy with a perfect amount of soft, alluring fat.

Mr. Rowanberry lasciviously feasted his eyes on the nude woman before him. Without much delay, Josephine climbed onto the desk atop Mr. Rowanberry. Positioned over him, she slowly lowered herself down, and soon, his cock disappeared inside her folds. A loud moan escaped her lips. She then leaned forward and placed her hands near his head. Eagerly, Mr. Rowanberry began to suck at her nipples; she groaned once more and began a frenzied humping that violently shook the whole desk.

"Ahhh..." Mr. Rowanberry groaned as the veins in his neck bulged. His hands newly fondling her fleshy ass.

"Ohhh..." Josephine groaned as she wildly thrusted atop him. Lilly watched dazed as the penis moved in and out of sight, in and out of Josie's sopping pussy. A loud squelching sound soon materialized, along with Josephine's moans which grew louder.

"Oh ... Mr ... Rowan ... berry... !" she exclaimed breathlessly as she ravenously pounded him. Mr. Rowanberry watched fixedly as Josie's tits wildly danced above him.

"Oh ... Oh, Oh!" Josie yelled as she began to ride him faster and harder. The wood desk creaked loudly in protest. It took only seconds more of her animalistic movements until she finally squealed with pleasure, grabbing his balls with one hand, and her clitoris the other. Mr. Rowanberry gave Josie's buttocks a hard slap before commanding they switch positions.

When Josie's face finally came into view, Lilly saw that it was red, puffy, and tear stained. Josie laid on her back as Mr. Rowanberry moved over her.

Lilly herself quickened the pace of her masturbating when Mr. Rowanberry's muscular, square ass came into view. He kissed at Josie's neck for a few moments before finally guiding his hard cock back into her hungry womb.

"Ahhh..." Josie immediately groaned, one hand lovingly on the back of his head, the other on the small of his back. With his head buried in her neck, he began thrusting with slow, passionate movements. Josie closed her eyes in bliss, massaging his back.

"Do you want it, baby? Do you want it hard?" Some of the girls groaned at hearing his barely audible, naughty whisper.

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