Dark Elf

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: Being the bastard son of a dark sidhe clan leader is not easy. I had to fight for everything including what littler respect I got. Even being used to humiliate a defeated clan leader by my father was another example. Only you can only take that so long before you rebel and fight back or just go your own way.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

The Nor clan had thought to rebel liked the dozen clans that had sought a rift to a new home. My father had many spies and came upon them as they prepared for war. They were defeated before they even tried to fight and my father killed the clan leader's heir as an example. To humiliate him father said I was to have his only daughter.

The reason it humiliated him was because I was a bastard and of low rank and stature. My name is Dusk and I am a full blood sidhe or dark elf as they had began calling us. I spent all my youth learning the ways of the sword and unarmed fighting. I had even learned the art of sword crafting from enslaved dwarves.

I had earned my name and what little respect I had by slipping into a dwarven mountain city. I had stolen one of the rarest metals they had, dark mytheril. Instead of being a whitish silver color it was solid black and some say ten times as hard as silver mytheril. I had forged a slim curved sword in the eastern fashion and wore it over my right shoulder.

For the last month I had allowed one member or another of the Nor clan to lead me around to show me their resources. That did not mean I did not know what they were doing. They were keeping me away and out of their Keep while the clan leader tried to arrange an alliance using his daughter Kara.

I rode into the ancient Keep that had once belonged to our cousins. It was late and the ones that were supposed to be leading me were still out searching for me. I swung down and glanced at the servant as he came out, "care for him and I will send for my bags."

I started for the main doors as his mouth dropped open and he looked after me. The huge main hall was full of clan Nor as they shouted and when I stopped the room went silent. I started down the great hall as the clan leader stood at the head table, "what are you doing here?"

I growled as I reached the table, "trying to decide if I should send a messenger to my father. I tire of your game clan leader. Now I am tired and dirty and require a room."

He smiled as his eyes flickered around before he gestured to a young human female slave, "you come here."

She moved closer quickly while keeping her eyes down, "my lord?"

The clan leader smiled as he looked at me, "you belong to lord Dusk. His words are law to you. Show him to the minstrels suite."

The room went completely silent, he had just insulted me by giving me a human servant instead of a sidhe of low caste. Also the minstrels suite was always the coldest or hottest in the Keep. Only I knew something he obviously did not and bowed my head slightly, "you are to kind."

I turned as one of his men sneered, "the coward..."

My hand lashed out and the edge caught him in the throat as I continued to walk. He went down gasping and choking for air that would never come. The room stilled as I glanced at the girl, "come show me the way girl."

Her face was white as she hurried to lead me out. I heard the room break out after I left and caught a young sidhe lad that was a servant, "go to the stable and bring my things to the minstrels suite."

He nodded and almost ran down a side hall before I started off after the girl. She stopped at the end of the hall next to an open window. She pushed the door open to a long empty and disused room. I walked in and looked around, "we are going to need a broom and rags."

I looked at her as she started to turn, "go to the Keep herb closet and get a large supply of Willnot."

She looked down but nodded before she left and I began to look around and check the walls. I found the secret door within moments but it took another minute to open it. I pushed it closed and turned at the sound of hurrying feet. The servant lad trotted in with my pack and saddle bags.

I gestured to a low table and once he had set everything down tossed a silver coin. He grinned as he snatched it out of the air, "thank you sir."

I nodded and he turned to leave as the girl returned and hesitated before closing the door. I sighed as I removed my weapons and stripped to just my pants. I took the broom, "start with the bed and everything around it."

She nodded and I knocking spider webs down and then started sweeping. It was not long before we had the room clean and the girl slipped out before returning with several clean blankets. I knew if the clan leader heard he would have her beaten or worse. I finally put the locking bar across the door and stretched.

In the small water room I had filled the pitcher and the wash basin. I caught the trembling girl and stripped her before I removed my boots and pants. I pulled her into the water room and sat her down before I used a clean rag. I got it wet and rung it out before I started to wash her. She kept looked at me strangely and I smiled, "my name is Dusk."

It was a minute before she whispered, "Sara lord."

I nodded, "well Sara Lord we will go slow if you do not mind. I am strange that way and like to be gentle with my lovers."

She frowned and cleared her throat, "it is just Sara ... lord."

I nodded, "I understood Sara Lord."

She looked at me and tilted her head, "are you mocking me master?"

I smiled as I finished and stood her up, "do you already have two names?"

She looked down, "no master."

I rung out the rag and handed it to her as I sat, "so Sara Lord it is."

She knelt and began to wash me as she thought. For a human she was very pretty with long red hair. Her nipples were a pretty pink color that almost called out to me. She was gentle as she cleaned me and when I stood she turned me to do the back. When she was done I turned to wet the rag and wring it out before leaving it on the edge of the basin.

I led her out and into the other room, "have you eaten?"

She hesitated before nodding and I pulled her to the bed and sat her on the edge, "are you pure?"

She was trembling as she shook her head and I knelt and pushed her onto her back and opened her legs. I leaned forward and opened her pussy before I started to lick and then nibble and suck. She shivered and wiggled and lifted her hips. After a couple of minutes I covered her clit and started working on it.

She gasped and shuddered as she humped, "ooohhh!"

I kept it up as she wiggled and humped and moaned and finally I stood and turned her on the bed. I moved over her and between her legs before pushing into her. She tilted her hips and put her arms around me as I settled with my cock buried. I kissed her, "I enjoyed that very much."

She looked at me as her warm pussy squeezed and then smiled, "I enjoyed it also."

I smiled as I began to rub and press and slowly push. She sighed and lifted her hips as she hugged me and after a minute I pulled back for a single long deep thrust. She stiffened and then shook and jerked while her tight pussy clenched, "aaahhh!"

I grinned as I went back to rubbing and pressing into her. Her pussy was wet and slippery and she was breathing hard. It was another minute before I pulled back again and thrust into her twice. She clutched me and jerked, "yyyeeessss!"

I chuckled and gave her a kiss, "want me to fuck you now?"

Sara nodded and I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep strokes. I continued to go slow but buried my cock all the way with each thrust. After several minutes I suddenly fucked her hard and deep. She clung to me as she spasmed and convulsed, "YES!"

Her tight pussy kept clenching as she thrust up and bucked. I kissed her as she began to struggle and thrash and a couple of minutes later shoved into her. I pushed and pressed as I grunted and gushed seed. Sara stiffened at first and then she was jerking and shaking while her pussy constantly tightened.

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and relaxed. I smiled as I watched her pant and continue to shudder. She finally sighed and sagged to the bed and I bent to give her a kiss, "that felt very good."

She smiled as her pussy kept squeezing, "yes."

I nodded and pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her pelvis, "remember to take the Willnot in the morning."

Sara smiled again, "I will remember."

I sucked on a nipple before sliding out of bed, "sleep."

I bent to pull the sheet up before turning to dress. I moved to the back wall and opened the secret door and moved into the passage before closing it. I waited for my eyes to adjust before I started moving and searching. It was almost an hour before I opened a door and looked into a dim bed chamber. There was a single candle burning on a stone table against the far wall.

In the bed was the clan leader's daughter and her face was beautiful. She had long dark hair and I moved to the bed. I pulled the sheet down and off to see her pale body. I moved to the door and quietly put the locking bar in the brackets. I moved back to the bed and undressed before climbing in.

I moved over the girl and looked into her face and she opened her eyes. She did not yell or scream as she looked at me and I gave her a kiss. I began to kiss down her body and she shifted and her legs parted and then she spread them more. I stopped to suck on each nipple before moving down and she shivered.

I stopped and licked through her pussy and she lifted her hips and sighed. I continued to lick and then nibble. I pushed my tongue into her to find her maidenhead gone. I nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit. I sucked and nibbled and teased it with my tongue while she shuddered and humped.

She stayed quiet as I kept licking her and finally after several minutes she gasped and began to jerk and spasm while twisting away. I moved up and pushed into her extremely tight pussy. She put her arms around me as her pussy tightened, "ooohhh!"

I buried my cock all the way inside her and gave her a kiss before I pulled back and started to fuck her. She was lifting her hips and thrusting up as I kept using long deep strokes. She was shuddering as her pussy kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck and kiss her while she moaned and wiggled.

It was several minutes before she stiffened and then began to thrash around. She clutched me as I began to fuck her firmly and grind each time I buried my cock. She would pull me down and kiss me as she yelled and screamed. Her pussy was very wet and slippery as she humped and then started to buck.

It was a little while before I shoved into her and pressed as I gushed and pumped spurts of sperm. She jerked and spasmed while hugging me and hissing, "yyyeeessss!"

When I was done I pulled out and rolled her over before pushing back into her. I fucked her several times before moving off the bed as she smiled and laid back. I dressed and moved to the wall and the open secret door. It only took me a quarter mark to return to the minstrel's suite. I slipped out and looked at the room before closing the door.

I undressing on the way to the bed and slipped in beside Sara and caressed her bare hip before closing my eyes. I was there for a month and each day was filled with insults and delays. I had received two messages from my father and both times the seals had been broken. I knew the clan leader was reading the messages so he knew my father was becoming impatient.

Each morning I would slip away to exercise and return to eat in the kitchen with Sara. I walked into the suite and glanced at the small table beside the door. A folded note lay there and had a seal that was not broken. I checked it before breaking the seal and reading it. I sucked in a breath and looked around and moved to the water closet.

I used a match to burn the message before I left. I used the secret passageways and slipped into what the clan leader was using for his treasury. I filled a large pack with gold before I returned to the room and then went searching for Sara. While I was here I had come to realize my father was no better that the clan leader.

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