Home for Thanksgiving: a Thanksgiving Romance

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2014 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: She had that sweet feeling of going home to her Momma and her sister Emily for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful. Stacy Wilson's hard work had paid off and she was at the top of her game, as COO of a sub firm of a conglomerate. Her Momma June told her that she had a call from the boss, Mr Gainsborough, and she needed to call him. He came that day with business plans and an unexpected romance was born.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .

As she drove along the road, the scenes by the side began to be more and more familiar. It was a treat! It made her smile.

Stacy Wilson was coming home for Thanksgiving. It would be home to Momma June and her sister, Emily, a late life baby for June Wilson. Emily was currently an irrepressible 13 year old, all energy and plans.

This was truly pleasant for Stacy. It was a treat that she gave herself time and again, this coming 'home'.

It also gave her a quite different perspective on the small town. Before, when she was beyond Emily's age a bit, she began to get the idea that the town was going to smother her. She conceived of it all as a trap for her: a boyfriend and a baby by the time she was out of high school. A number of her girlfriends had certainly gone that way and Stacy was constantly promising herself that it wouldn't be her 'fate' at all.

She kept her promise. She made her decision, early on, that education would be the key to her getting more of a life for herself, instead of having one chosen by the town, its limitations and the rattle-brained guys that seemed to be spawned here.

Stacy was a worker. It didn't matter if it was school work or just work, while she pursued her goals, she was a worker. She attacked problems and found ways to defeat them, to get around them. Slowly but surely, she became really good at that.

That kind of attitude and outlook got her into and through college. It took her longer than just the four years but it was because she was working and paying her way, as she went.

It was Stacy's way; the way that she had adopted and she dedicated herself to that.

It also caused her to have a different view of the home town. It was always a matter now of coming home to Momma and Emily. She didn't feel bound by the limitations of the town any more. It was a more nostalgic, if you will, view of the place and she just enjoyed coming home to it now.

That as what she was doing. It was coming to Thanksgiving and she'd cleared her schedule and was bound for home. She'd talked to her Momma and was being watched for by her Momma June and by Emily, who idolized Stacy.

She sang along with music on the radio, as she entered the outskirts of town, passing by the high school. Memories, it all caused memories for her.

She was thin, in those days. As she reflected now, she realized that she was so goal driven that she didn't really take care of herself. She smiled and thought to herself: 'I wasn't thin at all, I was skinny. A skinny, black babe, always left on the back burner."

While it was true that to some young teens, that kind of situation would have been distressing, Stacy Wilson had been all about her goals and those goals led her to the future.

She'd been popular, a treat to be around, and certainly had friends and the lack of romance was not so big a thing to her at all. That much she knew. It never affected her attitude. It never made her morose.

Stacy Wilson was simply goal driven! And here she was driving slowly through town on the way to Momma's for Thanksgiving.

She gave herself time and permission then to smile and be happy about it.

With the accomplishing of her goals, as the time went on, she took herself in hand. She realized that, if she were really going to be successful, as she wanted, she also had to develop herself and stop neglecting herself physically.

Her physical development, her health and image became part of her long term success goals.

It went well for her. During that time, she'd grown about another inch and a half and worked on a kind of diet that allowed her to blossom.

At her present age of 31, Stacy Wilson was a stunner. She was fairly tall, 5'11" and never shed the look of a kind of runner. She did work out and had used that, and over the past five years or so, used a personal trainer to help 'mold' herself.

She wore her hair fashionably tight to her head, and very curly. And for anyone that bothered to look, and there were more and more of those these days for sure, Stacy was very pleasantly built.

As she met success, she allowed herself to dress in a very fashionable way. These things were all part of the kind of world that she'd tried for and had gotten for herself.

It was always, had been always a matter of finding herself or maybe reinventing herself.

At her current age, she simply liked her life.

She'd done sufficiently well in her studies and the way that she pursued knowledge and experience that she'd not only gotten a good job, out of college at age 23 but had risen fairly quickly through the ranks of the company to the position that she held currently: COO at a subdivision of a major industrial giant.

She was respected at the office and well liked. She was certainly one of the 'people to go to' with any kind of problem or situation. She had that kind of reputation.

All of this, she knew, as she reflected on it, helped to make home coming for Thanksgiving that much sweeter.

At an early time in her career with the company, when she started to rise in the estimation and esteem of the company, she'd begun to also fulfill one of her dreams: that of helping her Momma and Emily.

She'd worked with them to buy a small but nice home for the two of them, and made sure that they had the kind of support that they needed.

This was the street now! She drove slowly and, with a happy grin on her face, pulled into the driveway. As soon as she did, the front door swung open and out bounded Emily, already calling to her big sister: "Stacy! Stacy! Momma, it's Stacy!"

Her Momma came to the door next and stood on the porch smiling. It was a bit chilly with the November weather.

Then Stacy had Emily in her arms.

"Oh, Em," she said softly. "How lovely you're growing to be!"

"Like my beautiful sister!" Emily said.

That got Emily a grin from Stacy and a kiss on the cheek.

Then it was up to the porch, with Emily holding Stacy's hand and she had her arms around her Momma.

"Momma, Momma!" Stacy said with unfeigned love.

"Oh, my sweet, sweet girl!" June Wilson answered. "Welcome home! Welcome home for Thanksgiving!"

They exchanged cheek kisses then, and June said: "You look so lovely, my dear! So lovely!"

"Oh, doesn't she," Emily said, joining the group hug. "My big sister's a stunner!"

Stacy grinned then and said: "Okay, my things in the car to bring in."

They went to the car and took her things inside.Emily helped with it all, carrying Stacy's bag.Emily took Stacy's bag to 'her room'. It was always there for her.


Stacy came back from her room and her Momma was waiting.

"Sweetie," June said, "There's been a call for you. It's from a Mr Gainsborough."

"Gainsborough?" Stacy said, "Arthur Gainsborough?"

"Yes," June said, "That was the name."

"Oh," Stacy said then, "He's the owner of the conglomerate. The big boss. What did he say?"

"Well," June went on, "He apologized for calling at the holiday and asked if I'd have you call him back."

"Oh, Momma," she said, "I'd better do that. I mean, if he's calling on a holiday, it must be important."

"My sister the corporate big shot!" Emily said, and grinned at Stacy, who hugged her in return.

"So will you be one day," Stacy said and then it was Emily's turn to grin.

Stacy made the call, it was to his private number.

"Mr. Gainsborough!" she said, "This is Stacy Wilson."

"Oh, Stacy!" he said, "Thanks for calling me back."

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Hey," he broke in then and said: "No 'sirs', and no 'Mr Gainsboroughs for us! It's Art."

Stacy smiled and said: "Thanks, Art. What can I do for you?"

"It's about the Polish manufacturing scheme," he said. "I want ... we at corporate want you to take over on it. I think it'll be our best strategy. It's a huge opportunity for us, with facilities and all in place already, without those upstart costs. And I know that they're hungry to move on to a relationship."

"Thank you, ... um Art," she said, stumbling a little due to the magnitude of the opportunity. "How shall we proceed?"

"I've taken the liberty to fly into your home area, and if you don't mind, I'll stop off for a bit and give you the material."

"And," he went on right away, "I apologize for doing this the day before a holiday."

"Well," Stacy said then, "You'll have to stay to have Thanksgiving with us! Unless you have plans!"

"No plans," he said, "That's so extremely kind of you to offer. Need to run it by the family?"

"Don't think so," she said, "I'll talk to Momma. It'll be her and me and my sister Emily and you!"

"What a treat! What a kindness!" he said. "It's difficult to know how to thank you for this."

"It'll be our pleasure," she said.

She gave him directions then and he said that he wouldn't be too long in getting there. He asked about accommodations locally and she told him of the best places to try. (He ended up at a local, lovely B & B for his stay.)

She went to the kitchen where her Momma and Emily was.

"What was it?" Emily asked.

"Emily Wilson!" June exploded, and got a 'sorry, Momma, Stacy."

"It's fine," Stacy said. "That was the head of our corporate group. He's the founder and boss of the whole conglomerate. He has a special project that Corporate has been working on and he wants me to take it over for them. It's a great opportunity for me!"

"Good for you, love!" June said. "How will it work out?"

"Well, Momma," Stacy went on, "He's flown into the local airport, he said, being sure that he could count on me and will be here shortly. I've invited him to have Thanksgiving with us!"

"Ohhhh," June said, "So important a man? Here? Ohhhh!"

"It'll be fine, Momma," Stacy said, "From the times that I've met him, he has always seemed to be down to earth and a pleasure to deal with."

"Oh, this is exciting!" Emily said.

"Yes," Stacy said, "It's about a deal that our corporate group has been working on with a company in Poland, to expand our horizons and take on some international partners. It seems to be at a critical stage and they want me to work on it."

"Grand!" Emily said, and Stacy grinned at her.

Art Gainsborough was there within the hour. He rang the doorbell and a very excited Emily answered the door.

"Mr Gainsborough?" she asked.

"Yep," he said, "That's me!"

"Like the painter?" Emily quipped back at him.

"Yes, exactly!" he said, "Congratulations on being so smart!"

"I take after my big sister, Stacy!" Emily said.

Then it was Stacy's voice over Emily's shoulder saying: "Love, you could at least ask him to come it and continue the contest of wits inside."

Emily grinned, asking Art to come in and then scurried off to tell her Momma that the man was here.

Art Ginsborough had taken the lead that he was given by his Dad, also Arthur, and worked with it, with almost a magic touch, to turn that small start into a major international conglomerate. He was a people person and made it a practice to keep an eye on those who worked for him.

During the past few years Stacy Wilson's performance at one of the company's businesses had not escaped his attention. It had been his decision to ask her to work for the corporate entity, taking over on the Polish negotiations.


It was just then that June came into the hallway from the kitchen.

"Welcome!" June said to Art.

"Mrs. Wilson," he said, "I apologize for invading your home with business on this holiday."

"Pshaw!" June said, one of her favorite expressions, "Having a special guest for Thanksgiving is our treat, our blessing!"

"Well, thank you very much!" he said. "I need to capture your daughter's attention for a little now, so that we can go over exactly what we have in mind for our Polish project."

"Fine," she said, "We have a couple hours 'til dinner will be ready. Will that suit?"

"That will be marvelous!" he said. "It's also my treat to meet Stacy's family!"

June smiled at that and Emily, who was still hovering simply grinned from ear to ear.

"I promise," Art said then, "I swear to make it up to you!"

"There's no need for that," June said but he held up a hand and said: "I insist! Please let me come up with a surprise to say 'thank you' for the hospitality!"

Stacy, at that point, looked at her Momma and nodded her head.

"Fine," June said, "That'll be exciting."

"Goodie!" Emily said, "A surprise for us!"

"Yep!" Art said."A surprise for everyone."

Then he turned to Stacy and she said: "Yes, come this way. We can sit and go over it all before dinner."

They sat and he opened his briefcase, taking the papers out that described their actions and plans for the 'Polish Project'.

He hesitated then and said, a look of chagrin on his face:

"Stacy, I know how much of an imposition this is and I appreciate your willingness to see me today, the day before the holiday, and I am simply blown away by your family and your kind invitation to spend Thanksgiving with you all."

Stacy smiled and said: "Momma has constantly said that there is always room for one more at the table. It's basic to how our family is."

"How nice!" he said, smiling at her.

It was just then, in that smile that he gave her that a part of Art Gainsborough was revealed a bit to Stacy Wilson.

Art had a thing for Stacy, though he was very self contained and kept that kind of knowledge to himself. He'd met her a number of times and had simply, if the truth were told, been struck dumb by the beauty of her, by the litheness of how she acted and moved.

They had even met once at the company gym, which was located in the headquarters building and, on that occasion, after greeting her, he simply cut his own workout short. He didn't think that he could stand being alone on the track with her that day, after watching her run, in her tight black running pants and tee shirt. Her clothes, that day, certainly emphasized her physical beauty, and Art was simply swept away by it.

He'd taken time, after that, to simply sit down and talk to himself about not mooning over one of his employees:

"Get a grip, boy!" he'd said to himself.

He didn't want to be adolescent in his attitude but the truth was that he'd never, ever forgotten how she looked in her running outfit.

It was only on those very rare and secret private moments that he'd trot out that mental picture of her dressed in her running clothes and view it again for himself.

It should be said, also that he was enough of a true business man that it was only when Stacy's name came up at the Board meeting to head the Polish Project, that he readily agreed. He hadn't, indeed, proposed her name only because he had a secret, private infatuation with her. That hadn't been the case at all.

He smiled at her then and said: "You've taken me in like a long lost family member."

"Good!" she said, flashing him a wide grin that almost caused him to make a fool of himself on the spot. But he had reserve enough to back himself off from that.

"Okay," he said, "Here's what we have in mind, where we've begun and how it is all proceeding."

He laid out for her the whole 'Polish Project' scenario. She had questions immediately, and he was extra pleased by that. Her questions were to the point and showed insight and quick thinking. It made him smile.

When he'd made the whole presentation, he looked at her with a questioning face.

"So, what do you think?" he asked.

"This is exciting stuff!" she said.

She was waiting now to see exactly what he had in mind with it.

"Well, the Board discussed it and your name came up to head it for us. I'm afraid it'll mean some travel. We'll need you to be in Warsaw at least once a month. I hope that's not a restriction for you," he explained.

She smiled: "That wouldn't be a problem at all for me. I might enjoy the possibility."

He smiled back at her. "Well," he said, "I think that we'll begin next week, if your schedule allows it, toward the end of the week. We'll travel to Warsaw together and get your position with them established."

Her grin widened. "Great!" she said.

"Why don't I just leave this material with you, so that you can digest it and come up with your own approach?"

"Thank you," she said, "I mean, Art, thank you for all of this, especially for the confidence that you've shown in me with this."

"We won't go wrong, with you working on this, I'm sure," he said.

Then he reached into his briefcase and pulled out a folder. "This outlines what we're going to do for you," he explained.

It was a salary and benefits summary.

"We're upping you a full grade with the company," he said, "And that will put you on the Board."

Stacy gasped, when she read the material. "This is so generous!"

"You've earned it in what you've done for us up to now and what we're sure you will do for us with this 'Polish Project'," he said.

Just then June stuck her head in and said: "Children, dinner! Big business can wait."

She got a grin from Stacy and an accompanying one from Art, who went in to have dinner with June and Emily.

Over their dinner, Stacy and Art explained what he was proposing for her, with the 'Polish Project'.

"Sounds exotic!" June said and Emily was simply antsy about Stacy's chance to travel abroad for the company.

"She and I will go exploring the possibilities next week," Art said, and then, with a twinkle in his eye, he said to Emily: "But once it's settled, maybe she'll take you with her for one of those trips."

The scene that followed, with Stacy grinning and nodding her head 'yes, ' was atomic, with Emily running from person to person with hugs and kisses and no small amounts of squeals.


The dinner conversation was very pleasant. Art went out of his way to encourage Emily to talk, who loved being given so much attention.

After dinner, they all helped with the clean up and June, after it was all done, asked: "Well, children, any plans?"

Stacy looked at Art and asked: "Want to go out for a drink?"

"Might be a nice idea," he said.

"There's a little jazz place not far away that has a trio nights. It's very pleasant."

"Sounds like a plan," he said. He turned to June then and said: "You don't mind?"

"Not at all," she responded, "You two go and enjoy yourselves; I suspect you'll be talking about business much of the time anyway."

Stacy just grinned, joined by Art, who also had a broad smile on his face.

They took Stacy's car and went to Cabot's, where the Jerry Alden Trio was playing that night.

They sat and ordered drinks and were engaged in a simple but pleasant conversation.

"This is being such a holiday treat for me, Stacy," Art said.

"I'm so glad," she responded.

"I was afraid that I would be trespassing on your territory just to come and get the business taken care of!" he went on.

"We're happy to have you, Art, really!" she said, placing her hand on top of his.

It gave his system a jolt that he wasn't quite ready for. His latent ideas sprang to life again and he was afraid that he was about to make a fool of himself. He pushed it all back to the back of his mind again, and smiled at her, asking:
"Would you like to dance?"

He went on, as if by necessity: "Stacy, tell me if you don't want to; if you want to simply keep our relationship business and friends. It'll be okay with me and no fuss at all."

She got a huge grin on her face. It was the first time that she saw him discomfited at all. She covered his hand with hers and said: "I'd love to dance."

Art, at 6'2" was a little taller than Stacy, and at 39 was an extremely attractive man. She fit into his arms for the dance very comfortably. She simply put her hands on his shoulders and snuggled herself against him.

For Art it was the beginning of the answer to an oft repeated dream. He'd spent so much time talking to himself and declaring that a lovely Afro-American woman like Stacy wouldn't want a white guy like him 'sniffing around'. They were the words that he used. But this felt so fine!

She was humming in his ear, as they danced and listened to the music.

When the dance was finishing, he knew that it was time to say something.

He screwed up his courage and, leaning his head back a bit, spoke: "Stacy, I need to ask if you're okay with this, I mean you and me like this. I am so at sea with the possibility of getting this close to you, not knowing if it would be something that you'd want, that your family would want, all of it. I don't want to do anything that ruins our business relationship, where you're one of the true lights, but getting this close to you has been a fantasy of mine for so long. I'm afraid that I'm about to make a fool of myself."

They were off to the side of the dance floor, in an area of shadows.

He stopped there, not knowing what else to say.

Stacy responded by simply lifting her face and kissing him.

If the hand touch were a jolt to his system, the kiss set him fairly on fire. He responded and wrapped his arms around her tighter.

The kiss finished and left him panting. They moved their faces apart and he was grinning at her. She reached out then and licked his lips with her tongue. He was startled and almost stammeringly pleased.

"Stacy," he said, "I will never get over how beautiful you are! I've thought that from the beginning, and keeping my opinions to myself has been a full time job for me."

"Love the way you talk to me, about me!" she said, kissing him again.

His mind went stumbling on: "Will you mind terribly, will it be okay, I mean..." he began and kind of screwed up his courage to continue: "What I'm trying to say and being so adolescent in the process, is that I'd like to have permission to kind of spoil you."

"Spoil?" she asked softly.

"Yes," he went on, "I mean do things for you; treat you the way that I believe you should be treated."

"Not doing to bad from where this girl is standing!" she said.

His grin was broad and this time he lowered his head for the kiss.

She met him half way and almost as soon as the kiss started, she was licking his lips and snaking her clever tongue into his mouth.

For him, right then, for him, who'd been known to her previously as the man who was the 'big boss' and owner, it was like the sun was suddenly shining, as their tongues met and performed a kind of age old invitation to love.

They were left clinging to each other and, truth to tell, panting.

"Oh!" she said to him in a quiet voice, "Didn't see this coming! Not at all! Had my own private thoughts but they seemed like only that to me: private thoughts."

"Kissing you is miraculous!" he said to her, smiling. "It opens doors, lights the lights and just makes it for me!"

"Hmmm," she responded, licking his lips, "Sweet talker! I'm with a sweet talker!"

Others in that corner of the room had noticed them and there were some titters but there were also others who were busy with their kissing and holding. It was the atmosphere of the place that aided such delights.

They sat again at their table, and she put her hand over his.

"Art," she began, serious now, "I need to ask; I think only once but I need to ask you: Does it bother you at all, in the slightest, that I'm black?"

He gave her a returning penetrating look and said: "No! It delights me that you're, as you say, 'black' and that you're beautiful! It delights me that you are, what was the old word for it? Ah, statuesque!"

This made Stacy giggle behind her hand.

She leaned his way and asked, grinning: "Like this black gal's boobs and booty?"

He chuckled and said: "I'm never very far ahead of you at all! Am I?"

She grinned and said: "Art, my friend, lover to be, you're in good hands, I'll take such good care of you!"

"Ohhhh," he said, with a sigh, holding her hand.

"Got a lot to think about here," Stacy said.

"Yes, we do!" he agreed.

"Call it a night?" she asked.

"Yes," he responded, "Call it a night!"

"Lovely beginning though!" she said.

"Yes, lovely beginning!" was his answer.

While they were still sitting at their table, a voice, nearby, rang out: "Stacy Wilson! Hey!"

Stacy turned and saw an old friend Reena Sikes. "Hey, girl!" Stacy said. "How are you?"

"Oh, as usual," Reena said, "Struggling."

Then Reena turned her attention to Art and said: "And who is the gorgeous man you're with? Did you buy a toy boy?"

It set the two of them giggling right away. It was Art who stepped in and said: "Actually, Reena —- nice to meet you, I'm Art Gainsborough, her boss."

Reena looked fairly sick right away.

"Oh, sorry," she said, giving Stacy a pleading look.

But Stacy just laughed and said: "No, Reena, he's my toy boy!"

Then Stacy said: "Sit! Tell me how you are."

Reena said that she only had a few moments. She talked for a bit with Stacy and Art.

"Where you working, girl?" Stacy asked.

"Am out just now," Reena said, "Company folded! Not much work any where."

She mentioned the name of the company and Art said: "Yes, heard about that."

Then he went on: "But why not come and talk to us? I'm sure that we'll have something for you."

"Mean it?" Reena said to both of them.

"Mean it," Stacy said and got a cheek kiss from Reena, after which Art got one too.

(Reena did visit Stacy at work and was hired.)

When the two of them got to the car, after that, he said: "On the business matter, we need to talk about accommodations in Warsaw. Maybe we need to rent an apartment. Get something more permanent, if the plans go well."

"Sounds like a good idea!" she said.

He was smiling, as they drove away. She asked: "Okay, tell me why you're smiling!"

"Trying to imagine you naked!" he said.

"Ohhhhh," she whispered. "Man's got a dirty mind!"

"Oh, I do!" he admitted.

"Well, you hold that thought; I think that that kind of time is coming."

Her answer made him want to make one thing clear.

"Stacy," he said, "I want you to know, need to say right upfront here, that my intention is for no short time affair. I'm not thinking of that at all."

They were sitting at a light right then, and she leaned over and kissed his cheek: "Like that thought!" she said, "Just like it, like it a lot!"

June was up, when they got home. She greeted them at the door.

"Well, did you have a good time?" June asked.

"It was lovely, Momma!" Stacy said.


"Well, I'll leave you two and say 'Goodnight' to you, Mr. Gainsborough."

She left them, after giving him a hug and thanking him for being so nice to her Stacy.

"It's absolutely my pleasure!" he said.

"You be here for Thanksgiving tomorrow?" June asked.

"Yes," he said, "Thank you very much!"

Then it was kisses at the door for the two of them. She held onto him then and said: "Hate to see you go! This has been such an eye opener for me, making conflicting emotions understandable. It's been so grand!"

"Yes, it certainly has been!" he said, kissing her once more.

"Planning on some day in the future, keeping you and not letting you go!" she said, "Show you some black boobs and booty!"

"You're on!" he said, and went to the car.

June was waiting for Stacy, when she went back into the house. Emily was already in her room.

June took one look at Stacy and, opening her arms, said: "Oh, Sweet Girl, you talk to your Momma about this. What happened?"

"I kissed him, Momma!" Stacy said.

"Of course you did!" June answered, "Handsome man and so taken with you!"

"But, Momma, I never noticed that!" Stacy answered,

"Too close," June said, "You were too close to notice. Plain to me though! That man is gone on you!"

"Felt so strange at first, Momma," Stacy said.

"Tell me," June said. "Tell about the 'strange'."

"You know, Momma," Stacy went on, shaking her head now. "I mean him being white and all."

"And did that bother you, Sweet Girl?" June asked.

"You know, Momma, it didn't! At first it felt strange, when I was tempted to kiss him. We were dancing and it was lovely and all but then, when I did kiss him, it seemed natural and wonderful. Just that way!"

"Good!" June said, "There's no need to let that skin color thing interfere."

"He asked me about that," Stacy continued, "But I told him that it didn't matter to me."

She giggled then and said: "What mattered was the way it felt, when he kissed me."

June smiled and opened her arms, letting Stacy come into them. For Stacy it felt warm and wonderful.

"What?" came a voice from the door way, and there was Emily standing, looking sleepy.

"Sweetheart!" June said, "We were just talking about Stacy's evening with her Mr Gainsborough."

"Date?" Emily asked, grinning.

"Seems so!" Stacy said.

"Oh, goodie!" Emily continued, "Stacy has a boyfriend."

"Stop that!" Stacy said, "No one said anything about a boy friend."

Emily continued to chant her phrase about Stacy having a boyfriend, until June told her to give them hugs and go to bed.

When she hugged her big sister, Emily whispered: "I love you, Stacy!"

"I love you too, honey," Stacy returned.

"I want to be just like you!" Emily said, giving Stacy a cheek kiss and then one for her Momma before going off to bed.

June and Stacy sat and talked for a while. They talked about the exciting new opportunity that Art came to talk with Stacy about.

"Oh, Momma," Stacy said, "It's a whole lot more money for me!"

"Good for you, Sweet Girl," June said, "You deserve it!"

"Well," Stacy went on, "We're getting closer and closer to the time when Emily will want to go to college and we need to be prepared for that."

June hugged her then and said: "What a blessing it is to me to have girls like you and Em! What a blessing!"

"I love you too, Momma," Stacy said, "I'm off to bed now."

She was just about to get into bed and took her cell phone to put it on the night table. She smiled and had a thought.

His voice was a bit sleepy sounding, when he answered the phone.

"Hi!" Stacy said. "Know who this is?"

"I bet I can guess," Art said.

"It's the early in the morning, black gal who's not wearing many clothes person," she said with a giggle.

"Got my attention now!" he said, chuckling.

"Tryin' to understand this," she said, "Just tryin' to understand it."

"Yes, it seems new and exciting," he answered.

"And speaking of exciting," she broke in. "Nightgown and panties both pink here!"

"Oh what a marvelous picture that gives!" he said.

They sent kisses to each other and they each then settled down to think a bit about what had happened, was happening to them.

He arrived the next morning for the Thanksgiving feast. June and Stacy, assisted by Emily, were already hard at work getting the dinner ready. They planned to eat at noon.

The doorbell rang and Emily ran to get it. Art was there with a hand full of roses for all three of them.

"Momma! Stacy!" Emily called, "It's a man carrying flowers." She grinned at Art, when she said that.

Then June and Stacy came into the room and he presented the flowers to them, with some for June, some for Stacy and some for Emily.

"Flowers for all the pretty ladies of the house!" he said. Then explained: "I didn't know what to bring, so I just brought flowers.

That got him a hug from June and one from Emily and an extended hug from Stacy, accompanied by a kiss.

"Hi there!" she said to him softly, once Emily and her Momma had gone into the kitchen.

"Pink, eh?" he whispered in return.

"Yes, and very effective, if I do say so myself!" she said.

"Take any pictures?" he asked pleasantly.

"Hmmm, no, I didn't," she replied.

"Too bad!" he said, "How can I know if it was really pink?"

"How can you know if I was wearing anything at all?" she asked.

She put her head on his shoulder then and said: "Oh, Art, I am so at sea with this. I mean that you and I seem to be an item. I wouldn't have believed it in a thousand years."

"I've been trying to get closer and closer to you," he said, "And just didn't know how to do it."

He hesitated then and said: "I really, really just came here to get the Polish thing underway."

"Goodie for me, then, and the Polish Thing!" she said, brushing his lips with hers.

Just then a grinning Emily was standing in the doorway. "Momma says enough snogging; she'd like you both in the kitchen."

"Snogging?" Art asked.

"Yes," Emily said, grinning, "Snogging!"

"We're moving in that direction," Stacy said, and took Art by the hand.

The day was almost idyllic. They enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast and then all joined in with the clean up. They spent some afternoon time watching tv, and at least for a while, Stacy and Emily watched some football with Art. It was very pleasant.

They had a supper that evening of left overs and it was a tv movie for the balance of the evening.

Stacy walked him to his car, when the evening was finished.

"What a lovely day!" he said, "It as such a grand thing for you and your family to allow me to join you. I really had no such idea, when I decided to come here. The Polish Project was what was on my mind."

"That all that's on your mind now?" she asked.

"I guess not, beautiful Stacy!" he said, bending his head to kiss her.

She clung to him, trying to get as close to him as possible.

"Stacy, I never planned this part of it; always admired you, looked at you this way from afar, and I'm fairly atingle at what has happened," he admitted.

She kissed him then, saying: "Isn't it grand though?"

"Oh, yes," he said, "Grand."

"Maybe I'll call you late again tonight!" she said, "That was so nice last night."

"It was!" he said and kissed her one more time. "You're so special!" he said and she smiled.

"You certainly treat me that way!" she answered.

"And I'll continue to do so, if you'll allow it," he replied.

"Feel free!" she said.

He laughed and said: "My, my what an image that brings to my overheated mind!"

She giggled and said: "Mr Gainsborough, I'm gonna take care of you soon."

Then she got a sly smile on her face and took one of his hands and pushed it down so that it was resting on her butt.

"Feel free!" she said again.

He played with her butt cheeks, sighing all the while and said: "Oh, this boy is so much over his head!"

"Glad you realize that!" Stacy said, "Got you with my sneaky black whiles." She giggled then and he laughed, as, after one more kiss, they parted.

It was late, when his cell rang.

"Hello," he said.

Without any introduction, she said to him: "The answer to the question that you're too much of a gentleman to ask is: 'only yellow panties'."

"I can see you grinning over the phone," he said. "You've got my total attention."

"Wish I had you!" she said.

"Would be nice," he responded.

"Art," she said then, a bit more serious, "Just don't know what this 'you and I' will be like, when we get back to work and all."

"Stacy," he replied, "This is no mere 'Thanksgiving Fling'!"

"I don't think so either," she said, "But I had to say that."

"I know," he responded, "We'll be fine! Even back at work there will be no 'turning back' for us. That's just the way it is."

"Thank you, you sweet man!" she said. Then she giggled again.

"Yes?" he asked, interested.

"Gonna take my panties off now and play with myself!" she said.

"Oh dear!" he groaned.

"Want you to do the same!" she said.

"You mean take my panties off and play with myself?" he asked, chuckling.

She giggled and said: "I'll get you, you bold man!"

"Counting on it! Goodnight, sweet Stacy! Enjoy what you're about to do!"

"You too!" she said, then, before ringing off, she said: "Breakfast in the morning? Momma and I have some things that we need to do that we always do the day after Thanksgiving. Some folks to see, to take some food and all."

"Breakfast it is!" he said.


He was there early in the morning for breakfast. He got a 'welcome' hug and kiss from Stacy and a hug from June. While they were sitting to breakfast, a sleepy Emily wandered in, still in pjs.

"Oh, Art, er Mr Gainsborough is here!" she said, heading off to get a robe.

As they ate, they talked about the day.

"So, you and your Momma have plans?" he asked.

"Yes," Stacy said, "Some old folks who we always look in on the day after Thanksgiving. It's to make sure they're okay and that they have what they need and all."

"Wonderful!" he said, then he turned to Emily and said: "What do you say, Pal, should you and I go shopping?"

Emily skyrocketed: "Shopping? Just you and me?"

"Yep!" he said, "We're not afraid of the crowds!"

"No, we're not!" she echoed, looking like the world had just taken on bright colors.

She grinned at Stacy and her Momma and asked: "May I?"

"Of course, love," June said, and Stacy nodded her head.

"Then it's a plan!" he said. "When you're ready, we'll begin our adventures."

Turning to Stacy and June, once Emily had flown out of the room to get ready, he said: "I'll take really good care of her!"

Stacy leaned over and gave him a kiss. June put her hand on his and said: "You wonderful man!"

"We'll make it lunch out too, if that's okay," he added.

"That'll be a treat for her!" Stacy said with a smile.

June was in the kitchen doing the clean up, when Stacy and Art walked into the living room. He hugged her and whispered to her: "Being nice to your family, which is so easy for me, is all part of my campaign to get into your pants!"

She put her hand up to her mouth and was giggling right away.

"Getting closer and closer!" she said.

In just a little bit, June and Stacy were packed and off to visit friends with their food baskets.

Emily bounded into the kitchen, just before June and Stacy left, getting hugs.

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