Must Like Pets

by Hannah4SOL

Copyright© 2014 by Hannah4SOL

True Sex Story: Training his pets so they would accept us having sex.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

I met Christoph at the park while he was walking his dogs and I was jogging. I was scared of dogs, and I disliked almost all dog owners; but he came up and talk to me and as I got to know him, I found that he was a pretty cool guy and we shared a love for movies.

When he told me that he could get me any movie I wanted from his home I didn't believe him. I didn't own a computer and thought he just wanted to take me to his place because he had realized I was into him.

I didn't mind. He was tall, with a skinny but muscular athletic body and the kindest face and smile. He was also a non-nonsense person, and I thought he was someone with whom I could have a proper intimate relationship. As a young female sophomore with a body toned by lots of beach volleyball and dancing, all I seemed to attract was douchebags.

And I was tired of it.

When we went to his place I was surprised that he hadn't lied about being able to find all the movies in the world from there. It was my first contact with the internet, and for me it was something like magic. I was so taken by this new discovery that I forgot any idea of sex, but he hadn't.

We ordered pizza and moved to the living room to watch a DVD from his collection. The lack of air conditioning had turned the house into a furnace. I was sweating and I felt like taking off my last layer of clothes, but underneath my blue hoodie and joggers I had only my underwear. And that consisted of a black thong and a black soft cup bra which was keeping my 34DD tits at bay.

When the pizza delivery came and Christoph brought the pizza in the room, I could see the outline of his fully-erect penis pressing against his leg and trying to escape his tight jeans. How had he even answered the door with such a visible erection? The scene was rude and I felt more sweat on my forehead and my cheeks blushing.

Christoph left the pizza box on the table and moved closer to me with his hand on his waist. He stood tall with his crotch inches from my face.

"Do you want to eat some ... Hannah?" he said.

"What?" I answered, knowing he was likely referring to his penis more than the pizza.

The zipper of his trousers made a heavy buzzing sound as he pulled it down. He struggled with his underwear before he took his thick cock out. Then his hands moved over my head and pushed me toward his cock. I took it in my mouth and sucked him.

It wasn't long before Christoph was hard as a rock, and then he pushed me back onto the couch. He pulled my tracksuit down and stretched my thong away from my body to reveal my wet pussy. He wet it more with his spit and, after putting on a condom, he rammed his hard dick inside me.

As I lay back, letting him fuck my pussy, I could finally open my hoodie and let my tits free. He pulled out just before he came and pumped it all over them.

As I was walking home afterward, I felt really satisfied. With Christoph I had satisfied my hunger for human connection, sex and food. Plus, with six DVD's of movies I liked, I was about to satisfy my cultural hunger as well.

When university started I couldn't see him all the time. Although I was dedicated to my studies, I always made space in my calendar to meet Christoph. He always had pizza the internet for movies, and of course he also had his hard cock to please me.

Then there were his three dogs, and that led to things getting weird. Christoph was living in a three-story house all to himself. One of those floors was dedicated to his dogs. He loved those Doberman Pinschers.

I, on the other hand, was afraid of them. I was scared of all dogs, but his dogs gave me the creeps. They always looked intelligent, and I could see them standing still, watching my every move when I was there. I am a small person and there were three of them and they looked fierce.

I swear to god, I feared for my life.

I made Christoph keep them on their floor when I was there, but his dogs didn't like that. The first few times when he locked them up it wasn't so bad, but then it got worse. They would bark, and then stop for a while, making you think that it was over, and then start barking again. It was like an unattended car alarm in the middle of the night.

One day, we were at his bedroom having sex; which was something that we did non-stop when we were together, the barking started and Christoph pulled out and ran down stairs to the dog's floor. I heard him giving them commands, but they wouldn't stop barking.

He was really angry and I heard him saying "I am going to kill them", and that got me scared that he would actually do something stupid. I know men can be deadly violent when something comes between them and sex.

I got up and ran down the stairs to the room where the dogs were. Christoph didn't notice me, but one of the dogs, I think it was Lucy, pointed at me with her snout and that led Christoph to turn around.

"This is Hannah," he said to the dogs, presenting me to them. "She is my girlfriend and we will be spending time together".

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